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Shun's Path...
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Author:  Zobot257 [ Tue Jun 21, 2011 7:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Shun's Path...

As the Heroes are split, so are their stories. What has happened to Shun while the rest of the group is away?

starwar009: anyway, assuming no one else already has a session going on, I can start any time it's convenient for you
Zobot: That's fine. Give me a few moments to wrap up what I was doing and we'll starty.
starwar009: cool. whenever. going to have to reboot photoshop anyway
Zobot: Ok... we're cool
starwar009: alrighty!
starwar009: btw, how much time has passed since we were heading for the village?
Zobot: Alright... when we last left our hero, Shun was lost in time and lost in space, floating in an endless ether of confusion and misdirection... oh wait, that's NEXT week. Sorry.
starwar009: heh
Zobot: Anyways, for reals this time... How much time? About 2 hours.
starwar009: right, and most of that was marching or solving a puzzle, no motes recovered anyway.
Zobot: Yup....
Zobot: Meanwhile... Desus was lost in time and lost in space, floating in an endless ether of confusion and misdirection...
Zobot: Desus: *Floating upside down in a timeless void* ...kwar?
starwar009: Shun:*checking dragon's eye* ...huh.
starwar009: anyway, Shun, deposited into a hallway... will probably look around to see if anything looks like a trap
Zobot: Seriously, though, upon entering the doorway, Shun finds himself in a long, brightly lit hallway. Pipes of some sort run along the ceiling, and doorways line along the hallways... the place looks disturbingly sterile. No dust even at along the corners of the floors. No noise except for a slow sloshing sound from the pipes above you. Small spheres embedded in the ceiling of the hallway glow with a bright blue light, illuminating the hall.
Zobot: The end of the hallway is far beyond you, just barely within sight. There doesn't look to be anything there except for two large steel doors.
starwar009: Right, shun'll check a few of the doors along the hallway. first checking at any windows they might have, then trying the handle to see if they'll open. opening them just a crack to look inside
starwar009: if a few of them don't open he'll just head for the door at the end
Zobot: As you approach one of the doors, there's a voice. "Let me get that for you." As the door pops open slightly, allowing you to push it open if you wish. Inside you hear the sound of cloth pressing against metal, scrubbing back and forth.
starwar009: Shun pauses for a moment. "Great. more dissembodied voices. You do realize dissembodied voice, that *I* have hands and am therefore capable of opening doors, unlike living vocalizations. Just pointing out the irony." He pushes the door open and peers inside, holding himself ready to move if something tries to eat his face.
Zobot: It's not a NEW voice... it's the voice of Ini again.
starwar009: ohhhh... right. can I retype? same basic premise though.
Zobot: Sure
Zobot: Go ahead.
starwar009: Shun pauses for a moment. "Thanks, though I have to point out; You do realize dissembodied voice of Ini, that *I* have hands and am therefore capable of opening doors, unlike living vocalizations. Just pointing out the irony. And yes, perfectly aware you're not Ini and are in control of the doors, but if I didn't snark at you the world would likely end from shock." He pushes the door open and peers inside, holding himself ready to move if something tries to eat his face.
Zobot: Inside you see... a small creature. Shun's pretty certain it's a demon, except he has no idea how he'd know that since it's unlikely he's ever studied demonology. It has a misshapen, bulbeous nose covered in warts, a hunched body, beady little eyes, and six legs, spread in front and behind it's body like some manner of cenipede crossed with a centaur. It's torso looks entirely too human, save for in scale, in which it resembles a little person in shape and is wearing no clothing except for what seems to be a large collar around it's neck that consists of four pieces of an unknown green metal etched in glowing red runes, held togeher by glowing green motes of energy. It's currently scubbing the floor.
Zobot: The floor fo the room, which, to be specific, looks like a fairly lavish, if small, bedroom. There's a large queensize bed, a dresser in one corner, made of steel, and a mirror and a closet.
Zobot: The demon looks up at Shun, narrows its eyes, and turns back to its work. "Oi, isit only yew?"
starwar009: Shun looks over at the demon and shrugs "Possibly. who's room is this?"
Zobot: He wipes along the floor. "Ona the mortals? Nobody 'ses it now. Whadda want, anyway? shouldn't onna yer lot be off kissin' 's own glowy behind roit now?"
starwar009: "Don't think I'm quite that flexible." Shun grins and nodds towards the row of doors outside. "So, the rest of these rooms on this hall bedrooms too? Or are you restricted to this room?" he motions vaguely to the collar.
Zobot: He finally stops cleaning the floor and slings the rag over his shouder flame, which for some reason doesn't burn it inot a crisp. "Nah. Ah clean wot needs cleanin' 'round 'ere. 's me lot in life." he starts trudging out of the room. "Yeah, all the rooms 'ere was fer tha humans, 'cept for the fancy laydee." He storms off.
starwar009: Shun watches the demon go. "Which one was for the 'fancy laydee' ?" He asks, still leaning in the doorway and making sure nothing's sneaking up on him.
Zobot: ???
starwar009: Shun watches the demon go. "Which one was for the 'fancy laydee' ?" He asks, still leaning in the doorway and making sure nothing's sneaking up on him.
starwar009: (sorry, random disconnect. been having a couple today for some reason)
Zobot: The demon skitters towards the next door. "That Marn laydee wot was sleepin' wit the Sage." He opens the door and starts to walk in.
starwar009: Shun shrugs and follows a few feet behind. "Yes, rumor mongering from a thousand years in the past, that's what I need. This her room, or is it another one? I don't have a lot of time to waste in all likelyhood."
Zobot: He waves his hand. "Piss off."
starwar009: Shun grins and walks in behind the demon. "Yanno, I bet you haven't had to clean up after actual living people in a while. Would you rather I remind you how messy we can be, or would you rather I be on my way?"
starwar009: not sure if that needs a roll)
Zobot: The demon turns back to you. "Least'd gimme somthin' new to do 'round here..."
starwar009: (sorry if I keep flickering. :( internet's being uncooperative in general today)
Zobot: 's alright. need a repost?
starwar009: nope. don't think so
Zobot: K
starwar009: Shun winces a bit. "Did not consider the boredom factor... Oh well, I'll leave you to that and go find something interesting to do. probably coupled with something that wants to kill me. been that kind of day." Heads along the hall, looking to see if any of the doors look special.
starwar009: besides the ones at the end of the hall
starwar009: Shun stopps and runs back real quick and pokes his head in the door. "Oh! Did you see anyone else come through here?"
Zobot: "Bah. The udder glowy guy was more fun 't argue with, yah slimy tog."
starwar009: Shun grins. "Only because I don't offend easily tiny. What'd the guy look like? Certain kind of shiny?"
Zobot: He scowls. "One of dose voidy solars. Nonna my bizness, 'cuse he wasn't trackin dust in. More fun t'argue with, tho."
starwar009: Shun thinks a moment, "He get really angry quick? Sounds like Scars to me. Anyway, thanks for the grumpy help sardonic little guy!" He heads back down the hall looking for any door that might be the fancy lady's room and towards the end of the hall
Zobot: "Have fun dyin' t' the horney guy 'r whatever."
starwar009: Shun's laughing at that one. "Sure sure, wanna come watch and make commentary?"
Zobot: He cackles. It sounds like a chuckle, but a bit too wicked to be one, so it's a cackle. "Can't. Me's bound."
starwar009: Shun nods. "Ah, the collar. and I'm not particularly interested in finding out what you'd do without it. Can't afford a surprise at this point. Maybe later." He shrugs and heads for the row of doors now.
Zobot: Ok... the doors are all pretty unimportant. You can search them if you want, but it'd require a investigation + perception check to find anything of worth. The door at the end is different.
starwar009: sure, just to be thorough.
starwar009: ok, 1 success. doubt anything important there.
Zobot: Nothing you can find, no. The double doors at the end of the hall are larger, with big rings instead of door knobs. One a sign, in old realm, reads "Commons Area".
starwar009: er... Shun doesn't read old realm
Zobot: ...disregard that, then! It makes no sense to you!
starwar009: awesome. navigating blind. :D
starwar009: Shun pulls on the rings to the doors and pulls them open, looking around to see what's inside
Zobot: Ok... One sec
starwar009: kk
Zobot: Ok... behind the door, there's a large room filled with a lot of rotting furniture. Sitting on a little couch, nearly immobile, is a figure you are probably familiar with, out of character at least. And therefore we will abstain from describing her, save for that she's completely broken. The room is entirely lit by bright blue lamps. Standing in front of her, looking curiously at h, is a tall long black haired man wearing a slick blue suit, holding an odd instrument. "Welp, no real need for to leave these old things laying around."
starwar009: Shun looks over at the man and then at the dissassembled figure. He checks the rest of the room briefly before clearing his throat. "So you must be the one the little cleaning demon enjoyed arguing with more." He states with an amused tone. "So, what's your name buddy?"
starwar009: by the way, he's activating his iron kettle body. 4m personal, 1wp)
starwar009: I don't think it's obvious...)
starwar009: nope, it is. oh well)
Zobot: The man turns around towards your general direction. "Huh?" He turns around. "Oh, hey. You're that guy who got Child all bent out of shape, ain'cha? She did say you had a grating voice..."
Zobot: He's holding an odd curved instrument, shaped a bit like an S, made entirely of soulsteel, with fiddly bits. The top starts small and curves, growing larger and larger until it barrels out to an enormous opening on the other end.
starwar009: Shun grins and does a little half bow. "The one and only. I tend to have that effect on people. To my great amusement." He's not showing off his weapon, yet, as he walks in. "So, I believe introductions are in order, don't you?"
Zobot: He reaches back to scratch his back. "That's a bit insensitive, ain't it? We don't really get names, you know. Not cool, man."
Zobot: "But I know whatcha mean. You can call me by my stage name, Soothing Melody Which Eases Souls Towards the Abyss. An' you?"
starwar009: Shun shrugs with a little smile. "Insensitive's what I am. And well, I like to keep the name thing fluid. more fun that way. For you, we'll go with Grating Voice Disrupts the Coda.(Coda's the last bit of a piece of music, usually the climax)" He motions towards the device in Melody's hand. "Based on your name and that weird looking thing, I'm guessing you use music."
starwar009: brb)
Zobot: He chuckles. "Sure... and since you didn't give me your name, I guess that makes you Lucy." He folds his arms. "Tell you what, Lucy-Lou, if you can touch me I'll show you the weapon I use when the music gets boring. The way Child talked about you I figured you'd be in charge of your group like I am with mine. 'sat true?
starwar009: Shun looks amused at Melody. "In charge? I'm far from in charge. That's for the level headed folks. I'm the one who suggests the crazy plans." He grins and snaps his fingers as though he just remembered something. "Speaking of which. Care to tell me how you came to be working for MoW-MoW? Before you ask, it's simply to help me decide if I should just knock you out, or kill you."
Zobot: He raises an eyebrow. "Oh, we're fighting now?"
starwar009: Shun shrugs. "In a minute we will be." He grins and takes a seat on top of one of the ruined couches a few feet away. "Unless you want to skip right to it. But then I'll have to deal with the unfortunate marr on my concious of not knowing if killing you was the right call." He acts, poorly, like this thought distresses him.
Zobot: He shrugs. "You wanna know why I'm working for Mask of Winters? What can I say. I could tell you a heart breaking story about being on the lower rung of civilization and seeing people who didn't deserve it getting famous for being crap at what I do all too well. I could tell you that Masky respects talent and cleverness over birth or any kind of status and gave a me shot when the last guy who I thought did knifed me for singing something he didn't like. Wouldn't be lies, but it ain't the reason." He grins. "I'm doin' it because I recognise the winnin' side, Lucielle. Or... maybe you'd rather be called Shun?" He tilts his head. "You've been irritating long enough that Snowy-Face finally decided to make a point of learning everything about you and your band, Lucy. Mask of Winters has intelligence like you wouldn't believe. So, did you know your dad knew how to summon demons before he even met his wife?"
Zobot: He chuckles. "Or how one of your buddies wasn't even supposed to exalt? Or what your lady's old man did to earn his inn?"
starwar009: Shun nods thoughtfully. "Shun will work as well as anything else." He steps down from the chair slowly. "Oh I'm sure they've all done things they regret, or don't but should, like you. Heck, I've done things I really shouldn't have. it's part of life." He shakes his shoulders, a little like a dog shaking water off it's back and two lengths of gold appear in his hands. "Why don't you tell me what they did hmmm? Then we'll address your missinformed "Winning side" comment"
Zobot: He shrugs. "Aaaah... most of it's boring. But there was this one thing..." He goes on to describe a potential future one-off quest where the players play as the parents of the main characters of this campaign, which is exciting and amazing and not to be described here due to potential spoilers and the possibility of details being inaccurate to what happens when it actually happens. "But that's not the point I was trying to get at, Lucy-Lou." he shrugs. "If just being around and causing Child and some of the other cats some trouble got you on the radar, what do you think he'll do if you actually upset him?"
starwar009: Shun blinks, surprised, then takes a deep breath and starts laughing. "Really? That's what you're going with? Base threats? Damn, I almost miss talking with Child, including the part where it left me almost dead. It'd be an improvement over the philosophical and moral challenge you represent. Please tell me you're at least halfway smart, otherwise I'll feel bad for picking on you so much." He shrugs with a grin. "Really, I'll upset him? Would you like me to let you in on a secret?"(more coming)
starwar009: He leans in slightly, whispering conspiratorially. "One day, I'm going to do more than upset Mow-Mow. I'm going to return to Thorns. I'm going to destroy that giant fortress of his, and for good measure, kill Mow-Mow." He grins and stretches an arm. "Any last minute scoffs and snarks before we start beating the life out of each other?"
starwar009: "Hmmm, cowardly musician?"
Zobot: He looks at you flatly. " you realize I wasn't threatening you, right? I was threatening that something would happen to your family or your friends families. Like a certain bear's parents, or someone's Inn keeping father... I mean, threatening an EXALT would be rather pointless."
starwar009: Shun nods. "I got that thanks. Of course he'd threaten those we know. And because you're a coward and think like one, you think that'll make me scared. It doesn't. It makes me angry." His smile is gone entirely as he takes a single step forwards. "A hostage is a weak bargaining chip, in person or otherwise. He'll kill them anyway once he's got what he wants. If I turn aside they'll die with thousands of others, millions even. If I stand and fight and keep crushing his cowardly servants(more coming)"
starwar009: "Then they stand a chance of surviving. So, my best option is to fight you and Moa-Mow's servants. And I will. So come here coward. I will show you something new to be afraid of."
Zobot: Is Compassion Shun's dominant virtue?
starwar009: nope. it's Valor
Zobot: K. Ok. The man shrugs. "Can't blame a cat for trying. Alright." He closes his eyes and begins to channel essence. Roll for join battle
Zobot: What was that Exalted die roller again?
starwar009: ugh, only 3. not my best join battle.
Zobot: Tied with him
Zobot: He's currently 15 yards away
starwar009: ok, so we go at the same time?
Zobot: Yup
starwar009: Alright, Shun's moving forwards the 5 yards his movement allows.
Zobot: Ok. That's your tick 0 action. On tick 0, he uses inauspicious inner aegis, his body darkening as his anima forms around him into large, sleak black armor with white music notes etched all around it. Wrapped around his back, a cloak the color of dried blood, as he gazes at Shun, eyes dialated. "Welp, I'm in my state outfit. How about you?"
starwar009: right. so how many ticks does that action take up? the five yards was 1 tick for shun)
Zobot: Speed 4.
starwar009: thankies.
starwar009: well shun's taking two more move actions for ticks1 and 2, then attacking tick 3. simply thwaking Melody accross his face. He looks bored. "I'm good thanks." having already activated iron kettle body when he first entered the room.
starwar009: 5 successes.
Zobot: (Suggested music:
starwar009: (I wish youtube loaded on dialup ^.^)
starwar009: so, did I manage to get through?
Zobot: Let's see... dodge of 3, essence of 4, dexterity of 4, the armor hasn't technically happened yet since you go faster than he can summon it, so no mobility penalty, so... 11 / 2 = rounded up 6, he dodges. sidesteping and striking a pose. "Lucy-Lou, if you're gonna be on stage, you gotta get a bit faster feet."
Zobot: Wait, he gets -1 for his action...
Zobot: which reduces it to five, so... I think you hit with zero successes.
starwar009: still no good.
starwar009: defense offense ties go to defender
Zobot: Ah. Oh well.
Zobot: How fast is your attack?
starwar009: speed 5
Zobot: Ok. So you go on tick 6. He goes on tick 4.
starwar009: er, no, Shun goes on tick 8... he attacked on tick 3. I hate having to correct myself into worse situations... -.-;
Zobot: Gah... I forgot it took you three ticks to act.
starwar009: yep sorry ^.^;
Zobot: He grins. "Wrap your ears around this groove."
Zobot: Ok... he's using his combat charm, "Aria of the Killing Winds of the Underworld." As he does, he puts his saxaphone to his lips and begins to blow. His anima banner, an enormous laughing skull laughing around his body, burning brightly as he plays, pointing the end of the horn at your face.
starwar009: ok
Zobot: Ok, as the music plays, Shun feels the air around him begin to blow faster and faster and faster, pushing you backwards... he got three successes against your dodge, which is?
starwar009: 6
Zobot: Ok... somehow Shun is able to roll out of the way of the enormous burst of sound that leaves a dent in the floor below you
starwar009: Shun grins, "Need to work on your own speed. I mean really. missing with sound of all things?"
Zobot: Ok... a five tick action, so you go again on tick 8 before his action on tick 9
starwar009: right. simple attack again.
starwar009: 9 successes! woo!
Zobot: Ok... so you hit him...
starwar009: right, 4 successes? due to action penalty?
Zobot: Yup.
starwar009: ok that's 17B raw damage
Zobot: Ok,his soak is 13.
starwar009: alright 4 dmg to roll
starwar009: ...*facepalm* nothing
Zobot: Ok... He's going to waste the essence to try doing it once more.
starwar009: kk
Zobot: But he's spending a willpower to channel his valor, which is 2 dice.
starwar009: *nods* right
Zobot: Nine successes
starwar009: ok, so 4 over
starwar009: one sec
starwar009: ok, continue
Zobot: Ok. He adds only 1 success, but the point is that for the intents of calculating knockdown or knockback, he doubles his raw damage.
Zobot: You need to make a Dex or stamina plus athletics or resistance check
starwar009: kk
starwar009: 4 successes
Zobot: Ok, you succeed by matching his essence, so you only get knocked back five yards, per the charm, and are not knocked prone. Now we roll for raw damage.
Zobot: what's your soak? If it's above 5, then he just does his essence of four.
Zobot: I'm assuming it's beyond 5.
starwar009: it is. 11B/9L currently
Zobot: Hopy crit.... 3 successes
starwar009: Lethal or bashing?
Zobot: It's bashing.
starwar009: Shun stumbles back, staying on feet. "See, there you go. You're not completely useless."
starwar009: also: I'm an idiot. I meant to use iron skin concentration and completely forgot
Zobot: "Hey man, we can end this anytime you wanna just close your eyes and let me play you to sleep."
starwar009: "Yes, this sounds eerily similar to the last lay down and die offer you gave. pass."
starwar009: alright, Shun's attack again right?
Zobot: Yup.
Zobot: His takes five ticks, so he's going again on tick... 13.
starwar009: wait, he's got to use the tick before Melody's just to get close. so they'll be attacking at the same time.
Zobot: "Lucy-lou, I meant what I said. This is me kidding around. You could at least learn to stop cracking wise with someone who you can't even hit."
starwar009: Shun's still looking amused. "Can't hit? hah."
starwar009: Shun's using his first martial art's excellency and a wp to channel Valor. adding: 10 and 3 dice to his next attack. all ten motes coming from his periphial putting him at the 15m banner level.
Zobot: Niiice.
starwar009: so, an attack of 23 dice... fingers crossed on this working.
Zobot: Good luck
starwar009: 15 successes.
starwar009: I think that's something. :)
starwar009: and that's against his dodge of 5 right?
Zobot: Yuuup.
starwar009: so 10 extra + 3 str +10B=23B
Zobot: He's not specifically a combat specialist...
Zobot: more of the "weird exalt" sort.
starwar009: heh, neither is Shun. He's just really close to being one
starwar009: ahhhhh, right ^.^
starwar009: what's his soak?
Zobot: 13 b.
starwar009: ...2 successes... bah. bah I say.
starwar009: brb)
Zobot: k...
starwar009: back
Zobot: He coughs as you slam into his stomach, cracking his armor. He actually coughs blood. "Hah! Ok, you got me. Right. Time for us to get down to business. Stretching out these rickety legs is going to do me a world of good!" Ok, he's tossing aside the soulsteel Sax and holding out an arm.
Zobot: Incidentally, I apologize for this. There's only so many characters I can think up before they start being a menagerie of cliches, and you got one of the less original ones by far
starwar009: (hey it's fine. I understand. You lot keep killing off my fighters so I'm running out of cool ones)
Zobot: (This is why I give my exalts escape plans, usually)
starwar009: I had one for Madness... but he got killed the turn before it would have occured.)
Zobot: A glowing ball of darkness appears in his hand, spreading out, forming a wicked scythe with a red blade growing out of a skull's mouth. The full scythe is larger than he is, with a black handle and an odd green aura. Shun can tell it's not soulsteel... in fact, he somehow knows it's made out of a person's very psyche by a Yozi.
Zobot: He grins. "Ok Stringcutter... we're on center stage."
starwar009: before you roll your attack, shun's using his 1st excellency to up his parry. using 5 dice.
Zobot: You already used a charm and he's flurrying
starwar009: yes. this charm.
starwar009: he can use it multiple times in a turn
Zobot: Oh... ah yes
starwar009: ^.^
Zobot: Touche, Demo
starwar009: I'd like him not to die. :P
Zobot: Ok, his Melee is five, and his dexterity is four, plus his Scythe Specialty of 2 and his Demon-scythe has accuracy +4. So before the flurry rules apply he's got 15...
Zobot: he took 2 actions... so this one is at -3. So he's got 12 dice.
Zobot: Roll your specialty, but remember you only add successes.
Zobot: not dice
Zobot: Er... you don't add your total dice, just the successes you roll
Zobot: Sorry if that was vague
starwar009: his parry at present is: Dex5+ma5+staff+5/2=7-1=6 +3 successes=9parry
Zobot: Minus your action?
starwar009: ah right 8 parry
Zobot: Ok... so twelve dice. He's got this, but he's spending a willpower to add a success to his pool
Zobot: Ten successes
starwar009: right. so 2 exctra
Zobot: Ok, his strenght is 3, and the scythe adds 6L, so he's got... 11.
starwar009: one sec. did his wound penalty get applied earlier... assuming he has one at two damage.
Zobot: Err... he's at -1, but he added a success, remember?
starwar009: right. sorry.
starwar009: shun's lethal soak is 9 presently. so the essence is your best roll.
Zobot: 4 dice.
Zobot: Right. 1 L
starwar009: ok, second attack, shun's going to use another 5m on his excellency
Zobot: Ok, he flurried, so he's at -2.
starwar009: -2 for onslaught?
Zobot: Ok... so yeah, he's got -4.
Zobot: Plus his -1 for his wound penalty
starwar009: ok, I'm confused. how does Shun have -5 to his parry? -1wound, -1 attack and...?
starwar009: sorry... -.-;
Zobot: Err... wait... I thought we were talkinga bout my guy.
Zobot: He just flurried, so he's at -2 dodge for taking two actions, -1 for his wound penalty... wait... onslaught doesn't apply here, so he's just at -3.
Zobot: And his "flurry" was using a charm and attacking once. The rules of the summoning charm allow for it
starwar009: ok. what's the onslaught penalty against shun's parry?
starwar009: it seems to be missing from the index
Zobot: er, just one, because he's only attacked once
starwar009: right
starwar009: shun's got a parry of 5 now. his excellency gave him one success
Zobot: Ok.. so for his last attack, he has 9 dice
starwar009: right
Zobot: He only got 3 successes. He misses
starwar009: phew, righto.
starwar009: alright. for the ticks until Melody acts again he takes a die of Lethal damage due to Shun's anima flux
starwar009: not sure of the speed on that thing
Zobot: What anima level are you at?
starwar009: he's used 25m of periphial. he's at the 16+ level
Zobot: Ok, roll your 1 die. it's unsoakable except by charms, which he's not wasting
starwar009: er, no. 1 die for every tick.
starwar009: so if it's speed 5, then 5dice
Zobot: Ok... so roll 5 dice
starwar009: wasn't sure what the speed on the sythe was. sorry. ^.^;
Zobot: it's 5
starwar009: right. well, 4L dmg
starwar009: forgot to check the damage box on my roll. ^.^;
starwar009: "See, *that's* how you use air to fight!"
Zobot: Ok... at this point, he's... He laughs. "Pfft... ok, I shouldn't have held back. Guess I was just a backup singer..." he falls to one knee. "Guess you got me. But you know, that crazy Ebon Blooded guy is looking around for you. If you got hurt at all from me, you won't stand a chance against him alone...
starwar009: Shun looks down at Melody, poised to continue the fight. "And what are you proposing?"
Zobot: He grins, coughing up blood. "Hey, I'm pretty much finished. Ebon will beat the tar out of you anyway whatever I do. Hows about this... if you knock me out and let me live, I'll tell you something that you should probably know."
starwar009: Shun smiles very lightly. "I heal fast. But sure." He takes a few steps back so that he's no longer killing Melody with his anima Flux. "Make it quick."
Zobot: He grins. "Fine... Kabuto had a mortal lover... Ebon was telling us about it. I don't konw what her name was... Marin or something. Anyway... and guess who her soul's ended up reincarnating as?"
starwar009: Shun shrugs "Why should I care? Child? That'd be properly ironic."
Zobot: He shrugs. "That's why she wasn't in charge of this mission. Mask thought she'd do something stupid like tip you off."
starwar009: Shun frowns, looking almost uncomfortable. "Imagine that." His face hardens and he steps forwards again. "Hold still and I'll knock you out quick"(as an honest person I feel I'm required to inform you that Shun does not plan on simply knocking Melody out. So he's technically telling the truth, but it might be considered a deciption. ok probably a deception)
Zobot: He shrugs. "Go ahead, then."
starwar009: Alright, shun's taking a swing at Melody's head. not exactly aiming, but anyway. rolling
starwar009: 6 successes
Zobot: He's not trying to dodge
starwar009: ok, so 6 automatic successes?
Zobot: Pretty much
starwar009: Also: I'm stupid part two: serpent sticg staffs are piercing dmg.

6extra+3str+10B=19B vs a halved B soak
Zobot: Lol
starwar009: it's always frustrating when I notice something like that late on
Zobot: Yeah
starwar009: oh well, them's the breaks
Zobot: Yup....roll for damage
starwar009: so, 6B soak. that's 13 dmg dice
Zobot: roll
starwar009: 5 successes
Zobot: Yeah. HE's good and unconscious.
starwar009: Right. Well, Shun, having a bout of concious and honestly feeling guilty about heavily considering breaking his word and killing the guy, slumps him over his shoulder(which protects from the effects of the anima Flux.) "You are so very VERY lucky, you know that?" He grumbles and drags the guy out to one of those rooms in the hall and plops him down on a bed.
starwar009: Shun just couldn't go through with it. he's pretty sure his group would be appalled. and he doesn't want to break his word.
starwar009: "Oi, mr grumpy! Can you lock this door?" He's yelling for that demon, standing a few feet from the door to not damage it
Zobot: The demon nods. "Sure. Why not? More work. More work..."
starwar009: Shun grins. "Oh, and if a crazy ghost shows up looking to kill me. Feel free to point out my room. I'm sure you will anyway." He trudges into one of the other rooms and closes the door. settling down to rest and heal... hopefully not to be ambushed in his sleep. not a lot of options...
starwar009: so, with 3B... he'll want 9 hours of sleep... and hope for the best on not getting attacked.
Zobot: Ok... with that... Shun Dreams.
starwar009: and you said essence took 4 times as long correct?
Zobot: Yup.
starwar009: right... that's 16m for 8 hours... and 2m for the last hour... assuming he's not interupted
Zobot: Guardian Star of the Creator: S-i-i-i-igh...
starwar009: oh boy...
Zobot: In any event... as he sleeps, Shun hears echoes....
Zobot: Step... step...
Zobot: Day 12: The exploratoin of the facility has begun in earnest, and I am leaving the direction of that project in Kusari's capable hands. As was expected, a building meant for the Creators has little comfort for man. Already we have encountered bizarre abberrations, entities of steam and smog who are similar in scope to elementals, but-
Zobot: Step... step...
Zobot: -ected factors in the design of Creation, perhaps?-
Zobot: Step... step...
Zobot: -ay 23: And things were going so well. The number of casualties has forced us to take a step back on exploring the labaranthyne facility. Despite the variety of secrets we've uncovered throughout the Forges and the Weavery, merely returning to the base camp is continually dangerous even along known routes. At the advice of Toshiro and Sakura, we have begun renovating the facility, and I have set aside my considerably important research on the nature of souls to assist the Knight in the task of repurposing the Manse for human habitation. A pity, but a necessary one.
Zobot: step... step...
starwar009: ShunOOC: I swear, if that's you melody, I will rip your bloody head off.
starwar009: (the steps anyway. :P )
Zobot: D-- 24: We are not alone.
Zobot: Step... step...
Zobot: Day 67: These guardians! The implicit nature of their design is similar to... Marin thinks they are best left alone, but if we can just capture ONE of them... they know the Manse better than we, but the Knight and Karrin are hungry for vengence after what they did to-
Zobot: Step... step...
starwar009: ShunOOC:... oooooh. right.
Zobot: Day 74: Analyzing the componants of these creatures is unbearably frusterating. I'd forgotten what feeling confused felt like-
Zobot: Step... step...
Zobot: Step... step...
Zobot: Day 124: Crafting an exaltation... is such a thing even possible? What ARE we? The interation between an exaltation and the implicit spirit within a mortal vessel seems to circumvent well established rules. Marrin continues to grow worse, despite treatment. Only the exalted are unaffected by the Wyld sickness.-
Zobot: Step... step...
Zobot: Day 145: But after altering their logical circuits they grow entirely docile. I can learn nothing more from them, but I have a greater task before me... As I am, the reasoning and logic behind many of the Great Makers works still eludes me. We are but ants, and we know not the intricacies of the masonry we undermine. But one thing... one thing may still work. The others have been told that it is necessary due to the implicit vulnerability of the unbonded Exaltation. Perhaps that is why they are doing it, perhaps they have ulterior motives of their own. But I cannot create this design alone, and any duplicity they hide in their motivations I care not for... for if I am right, it's possible... possible... that one vessel can undergo an apothesis more than once.
Zobot: Step... step...
Zobot: Day 213: It was necessary.
Zobot: Step...
Zobot: Day 217: This must be close to how a primordial must have been, in youth. There is fighting going on below, but my purpose is clear. I am so close to understanding how we are made. Before this day is through, the secret of the Exaltation will at last be within my grasp...and then no one will need suffer any more.
Zobot: Shun wakes up, which he finds odd, because he wakes up STANDING.
Zobot: He was having extremely boring dreams of someone walking down a cold corridor, while a cranky old man's voice was narrating something in the background. And he's not where he left.
Zobot: *where he slept.
starwar009: Shun:... welp... Note to self: do NOT go to sleep in the crazy manse.
Zobot: Ini-Manse: Are you sure? It was more interesting to watch than the fight.
starwar009: Shun:*looking around for whatever likely wants to kill him this time.*
starwar009: so... how long was he asleep and does it count for health/essence recovery?)
Zobot: Shun is now in another room... staring up at what looks to be a book published by GIANTS. He's in an enormous hall, surrounded by what look to be giant BOOKS with stone pages, all spread open, the words on the pages made of glowing essence runes. There's countless smaller, more paper-y books around as well, but most of them are rotting and the smell is terrible. He's entirely awake and any damage he's had has been healed... and clutched against his chest with both arms is an old tome.
Zobot: He was staring, absantmindedly, at one of the large stone books in particualr
starwar009: does shun remember the narration? And I need the time so I know how many motes he got back... he's rather low at the moment.)
Zobot: Yes. he does remember the narration, it's been a solid 8 hours, and you've healed all damage except the lethal level
starwar009: Shun: I'm sure it was more fun for you. All I got was a narration by kabuto, most likely. *he examines the large stone book a little closer*
Zobot: Oh... there's also some exits to this room as well... Down the hall past all the stone books, there's an open door leading back to the room he was in, which he somehow knows. There's also a doorway, closed, to his immediate east and one to his west.
Zobot: Ok, make a intelligence + lore check.
Zobot: Subtract a die because you do NOT speak the language these are written in
starwar009: 4 successes
Zobot: Link to the website?
Zobot: Ok... that's enough
Zobot: Shun, you have no idea what the writing here is saying, but given the pictures and schematics... you can make an educated guess.
Zobot: You're preeeeeeeeeetttty sure what you were staring at is a schematic, of sorts, for creating a soul.
Zobot: ENTIRELY out of Essence.
Zobot: You have no idea how it works and suspect you could devote your whole life to studying just this and never understand more than half of the principles behind it
Zobot: It's COMPLEX
starwar009: "Ok... right then. So that's what Kabuto went nuts over I guess." He looks down at the tome he's apparently holding. "Alright, and what's in here?" He checks the book, expecting a bunch of first age writing.
Zobot: You expected right. But Shun has a decent idea of this, looking at it. They look to be principles of sorcery. Some of which he recognises from what you understand of the subject, even though you don't speak Old Realm
starwar009: Shun nods to himself. "Right then. Moving on." He heads for the east and west doors respectively, checking carefully what's past each in order.(and rolling for willpower recovery)
Zobot: Ok, go and roll
starwar009: 1 success)
Zobot: Ok... you regain one willpower. Moving on.
starwar009: yep
Zobot: Guardian Star of the CreatorOOC: S-i-i-i-igh..
starwar009: ShunOOC: yes yes, I'll get to you. assuming you're the half dissassembled automaton/person in the other room)
Zobot: Ok.. the left door leads to what seems to lead into an enormous library of a more... mortaly size. Again, the smell of rot is powerful here, and you see more of the little demons you saw before skittering around, organizing books.
Zobot: It looks to be a bit of a maze...
Zobot: As for the door to the east...
Zobot: The door to the east leads to... to... well... the end of your sidequest, as you encounter one of your friends!
Zobot: We'll get to that later. For now, gain 4 SSXp for the session, as ususal
starwar009: kk, drat. sorry miss Star.
Zobot: it's ok. You can get back to her later.
Zobot: The book itself is actually Shun's capstone... a tome with what essentially contains 2 first-circle spells and 1 second-circle spell
starwar009: ohhhhhhhhhh, cool
Zobot: We'll get to what they are later. What did you think?
starwar009: I thought it was a lot of fun. ^.^ definitely got a bit worried after Shun fought Melody. pushing ahead could have gotten him killed/captured, but resting might have put him behind schedule...
Zobot: Well, there was more to explore, but everyone's thing works like that.
starwar009: yeah, he'll probably check on the dissassembled lady at least. and if he meets a friend, try to secure Melody more properly.
Zobot: Oh, Melody's quite gone. Abyssal charms.
starwar009: heh, well he's running lower on essence at least and doesn't recover it. :D
Zobot: They have a charm which gives them extra incapacitated levels that come into play before their "real" one. They heal faster and make you look dead
starwar009: ahhhhhh, I see. Well, he got his one chance. Shun's not big on multiple chances.
starwar009: anyway, over all it was great fun and it was neat seeing Kabuto's decent. ^.^
Zobot: Yeah.
starwar009: and he doesn't seem like just a mad scientist now. he had his reasons. Which won't help Shun's opinion much.
starwar009: but still, good to know.
Zobot: Well, he WAS a mad scientist... just less of an evil one.
starwar009: yeah. ^.^

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