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 Post subject: Wei's Path...
PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2011 8:18 pm 
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As the Heroes are split, so are their stories. What has happened to Wei while the rest of the group is away?

On the 22nd: wallycaine: Hey there
Zobot: Yo
wallycaine: Hey... how're you?
Zobot: Not bad. And yuo?
wallycaine: Pretty good
wallycaine: Watching My Little Pony... with my little brother
Zobot: I....see
Zobot: So what's new?
wallycaine: Not much.
wallycaine: Shun's story was pretty interesting
Zobot: You liked it? Glad to hear
wallycaine: Yep ^_^
wallycaine: Did you see my PM about it?
Zobot: No... I should prolly check
wallycaine: It's nothing much... just wanted to point out a few combat errors >_>
wallycaine: Hope you didn't mind
Zobot: Ah.... Thanks for the tips. I'm PRETTY sure that you can spend willpowers like that, but I'd have to look it up first
Zobot: But thanks
wallycaine: It specifies you can spend for an extra success out of combat
Zobot: Ah. Aaaaah
wallycaine: *nod* But its only like one line, so it's easy to miss
wallycaine: And I'm usually pretty free for Wei's section, except from 5-10
wallycaine: Today I'm free all day, though
Zobot: 5 to ten? Isn't that now?
wallycaine: Yeah, I'm off today
Zobot: Well then today's likely the best day to do this, yeah
wallycaine: Probably ^_^
Zobot: Ok. Give me a minute to get into the proper mindset
wallycaine: No problem
Zobot: Ok. I'm good.
Zobot: We join Wei on a platform, facing a door.
wallycaine: Wei: *pokes the door*
wallycaine: Wei: *will then open the door*
Zobot: The door opens up to reveal a darkened hallway which curves to the left. There's a constant whirring of clockwork around you, and the air smells faintly of brimstone
wallycaine: Wei: *sniffs* Huh... Weird... *walks around the curve*
Zobot: "It's not that strange given where you're heading." Says the Ini-cthon shade, who while not following you, seems prefectly capable of maintaining disembodied-voice presence whenever you are.
wallycaine: Wei: Well, I don't know where I'm heading, so therefore, I think it's strange
Zobot: The smell of brimstone grows stronger, as Wei walks into... well, at first it looks like some manner of underground magma vent. However, upon closer expectation, he can see that magma is being carefully funnelled alongside the pathway you're walking in large, gleaming troughs of Oricalcum, somehow being pulled uphill as you advance into an enormous room, walking along a catwalk across an enormous lake of magma below you, pouring from the troughs downwards. One look at your scenery, and all the disused tools you see on "islands" in the Magma lake below you tell you the truth. This entire area is an entire forge. A literal place inside a Manse to manufacture and produce Artifacts and other Wonders. At least of the Oricalcum variety. You can see apparati on the islands below for producing Oricalcum, and Wei even seems to feel an odd familiarity with how he would USE them.
Zobot: Unfortuantely, he's precluded by a single problem... it doesn't seem like there's anyway to get to the islands unless you can fly, or swim through magma. And the catwalks don't seem to go down to them, but rather extend across the entire lake and go to doors going further.
wallycaine: Wei: Huh... I could probably get to thase, but getting back... *sigh* I don't suppose Iniperson's willing to help me get some of those tools?
wallycaine: Wei: *keeps walking along the catwalk anyways*
Zobot: "The Forges aren't directly under my control, but I do have some presence here. I suppose you wish to get down to one of the Oricalcum Production Vats without viewing the other Magical Material forges, yes?
wallycaine: Wei: I don't know... whatever's easiest? I dont' want to put you out too much...
Zobot: "No, no. it is no trouble at all." And then, rising out of the magma up towards one of the catwalks are small panels, forming stairs that gradually lead down to it.
Zobot: In a spiraling pattern.
wallycaine: Wei: *gingerly steps on one of the platforms, checking to make sure that it still isn't hot from the magma*
wallycaine: Wei: Thanks a lot...
Zobot: The panels cool rapidly. However... midway down the stairs, one of the panels abruptly slides downward beneath your feet, falling to a vertical 90 degree angle perpendicular with the floor beneath you. Make an athletics + dexterity check
Zobot: "Sorry, but you're in no danger of falling in and this is more fun for me after nothing happening for thousands of years."
wallycaine: <-Roller
wallycaine: Three successes
wallycaine: (That enough?_
Zobot: You only needed 2. Wei manages to land on his feet on the stair beneath him (I did say they were aligned in a spiral pattern) and not trip, stumble, fall, or get harmed in any way, and successfully navigates down to the island.
Zobot: Ini-Shade grouses a bit, but otherwise seems amused
wallycaine: Wei: *sigh* Warn me next time, and I'll do a flip instead!
Zobot: "No, but I will promise not to hinder or impede your ascent back up, should you so require it.
wallycaine: Wei: ...Eh, do what you want. Maybe I'll try dancing my way up, to keep you entertained
wallycaine: Wei: *looks around the island*
Zobot: Ok.. make an investigate + perception check
wallycaine: (You had to pick his worst stat, didn't you? :D )
Zobot: (H3h3h3.)
Zobot: (Also, My Little Pony?)
wallycaine: (...Shush, you. It's a good show)
wallycaine: ...Two sucesses on two dice
Zobot: (Actually, if it's the new show, I'm inclined to agree that it's better than would be expected. I'm not really a fan, per say, but at least it's amusing to watch)
Zobot: (It's just surprising to hear)
wallycaine: (*nod* The New show.)
Zobot: (If Ini-Shade gives off nostalgia for the Castle Heterodyne crossed with Xykon from The Order of the Stick, then I'm doing a good job. :-) )
Zobot: Ok... Wei finds what was so interesting... schematics. Old, tattered, and looking to be wrinkled and falling apart, but imprinted on some kind of highly efficient, nonflammable first age fabric, are what look to be schematics for a weapon of some sort.
wallycaine: Wei: Ooooooh...
Zobot: You can make a Craft (Fire) plus Intelligence Plus any relevant specialty to understand them.
Zobot: Add two bonus dice if you speak Old Realm
wallycaine: Four sucesses
wallycaine: Wei: Huh... I can't read it, but... maybe there's something there?
Zobot: You can't READ it, but being a smith of no small talent, Wei is able to grasp the finer details of the construction
Zobot: This is a mace made of Soulsteel, Moonsilver, and Oricalcum, with a Soulsteel ball fitted into an Oricalcum hilt, with Moonsilver details on the hilt to channel essence and moonsilver spikes fitted into the ball. It appears to be... not of Exalt design.
Zobot: This weapon is... the concepts behind it are a bit over Wei's head, but he knows how to make it if he so chooses. And what it'll do
Zobot: Anything slain with this weapon should theoretically be instantly banished to the Cycle of Rebirth. Instant reincarnation with no risk of becoming a ghost. Undead or those who are no longer living take aggrivated damage innately from it, and if destroyed are instantly reincarnated.
Zobot: The title is simply "Penance"
wallycaine: Wei: ...Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnteresting
Zobot: He's not entirely sure how powerful such an effect would be, but it doesn't look like anything he's ever seen before, even among first age artifacts.
Zobot: Also, the mace would be the size of him if he made it to scale
wallycaine: Wei: Huh... *calls out to Ini* You know anything about a mace named Penance?
Zobot: "Accessing..."
Zobot: "Penance... the Giant's Toy, Autocthon's answer to the Great War and the demands of aspects of him to right the wrongs he caused... designed but never crafted. Designs are X-7 classification level, Priomordials only permitted to lay eyes upon."
Zobot: This, of course, makes little to no sense to Wei.
Zobot: "Why do you ask?"
wallycaine: Wei: ...What's the penalty for violating X-7 classification?
Zobot: "Accessing... apparently I am obligated to manufacture Elementals to attempt to kill you once if you look upon a copy of the design, and I am required to make as many attempts as necessary to exterminate you if you access the schematics from the Forges database and/or attempt to copy them from that database, as well as I am required to attempt to violate your inner regions with a potato wedged down your throat. Do you have any supernatural resistances to any specific element?"
wallycaine: Wei: Not as far as I know... So I guess I shouldn't go looking for those designs? *rolls up the plans, and puts them in the backpack*
Zobot: "...we both know that you just put a copy away into your backpack right now. I'm going to shape several elementals into existance to kill you now. If it makes you feel any better, there's nothing personal about it, just programmed obligation. If you survive, I am permitted to continue not caring about any misappropriated technology you may be currently carrying on you."
Zobot: And at this, an alarm sounds, and three sets of claws begin pulling themselves out of the lava around you.
Zobot: Roll for Join Battle.
wallycaine: Wei: *sigh* Well, fair enough. *pulls out his sword*
wallycaine: Four successes
Zobot: Ok. One sec... juggling Dusk here too and I gotta post for her
wallycaine: Fair enough ^_^
Zobot: Ok... they got 2, 5, and 3 respectfully
Zobot: Three Flame Mephits crawl out of the magma, looking mad
wallycaine: Wei: ...I knew I should have told you I resisted fire.
Zobot: "My apologies, but there was just all this magma, and it was begging for things to crawl out of it."
wallycaine: Wei: Oh, I figured... It's no problem, just thinking...
Zobot: Brb
wallycaine: Kay
Zobot: Ok. So back. Sorry
wallycaine: (No problem)
Zobot: Anywho, Evil. So the second fire mephit goes first, then Wei, then the thrid, and then the first.
wallycaine: *nod*
Zobot: The now-christened first Fire Mephit is going to pounce at Wei, gurgling and bargling, as it attempts to claw through your armor.
Zobot: Er... typed in the wrong dice. They only have 9 dice, not 14. it's what Chic's up against that has 14 dice for something. Sorry, rerolling
wallycaine: (Did Wei have enough time to pull out his sword?)
Zobot: I'll give it to you, sure
wallycaine: (Just checking ^_^)
Zobot: ...apparently my insane luck just really has it in for you. With 9 dice he still rolled 8 successes. ><!
wallycaine: Don't worry, I'm prepared this time!
wallycaine: Wei: *has 11 DV*
Zobot: did I let you get so overfed these days? I should inform you, though. Now that you're near enough to the mephit, of it's aura.
wallycaine: (You gave me a shield that gives +3 to DVs)
wallycaine: (And I figured there was more... there's always more)
Zobot: Er... they have a heat aura. Standing within 3 yards of them causes you to feel extremely fatigued. Unless you have charms that protect against fire and/or heat, you suffer a 2 penalty to all die pools around htem.
Zobot: They STILL miss, but it's debilitating. Good thing it doesn't stack
wallycaine: *nod* Cool, cool
wallycaine: Wei: *wipes his forehead* So, I just have to beat up these three, and I'm good?
wallycaine: Wei's turn now, right?
Zobot: Yup....
wallycaine: Wei: *makes two attacks*
Zobot: "That is correct. It's also conscience free murder. They were specifically created not to develop senses-of-self until they're at least three days old."
wallycaine: Wei: ...Well, thanks for that at least
wallycaine: Seven successes?
Zobot: ...I'm going to have to put you up against a Dragon someday, Aren't I?
wallycaine: (Hey, hey... we'll see how I do against your other antagonists first, kay?)
Zobot: (I'm kidding. Seriously, I'm out to challenge you, not murder you. Killing players is only fun if it's not malevolent)
wallycaine: (I know ^_^)
wallycaine: So, DV?
Zobot: They have a DV of 7
Zobot: Fourteen dice? So you typically roll 16?
wallycaine: (Typically roll 18, -2 for the aura, -2 for the flurry)
Zobot: (...0.o)
wallycaine: So the first one misses ^_^
Zobot: (And then minus 3 for the next one?)
wallycaine: *nod*
wallycaine: ...Wait, does the DV of seven include the -1 for his attack?
Zobot: Er, no. So you hit on the first one.
wallycaine: Alright... and I hit with one success on both then
wallycaine: Soak?
Zobot: Their lethal soak is crazy-high unless you have a water-element attack, though. 14L
Zobot: They're based off of custom Elementals in the Imperial Manse design
wallycaine: So just Essence dice
Zobot: Yup. They ARE minions, though
wallycaine: It lies, it's three damage
wallycaine: *forgot to check the damage box*
Zobot: Lol. Ok... Wei's sword strikes true... and the creature explodes, literally. You're in melee range and attacking with a sword, so you take it's essence in damage, unsoakable.
Zobot: ..and it rolls 0
wallycaine: (What's it's Essence?)
Zobot: (2)
wallycaine: (Fair enough... Wei has Hardness 5, so it gets zero anyways)
Zobot: er... um... Hardness doesn't apply here. It works like Elemental Bolt or Elemental Burst. They ignore hardness except in specific circumstances
wallycaine: Fair enough
Zobot: Regardless... \whats your speed again?
wallycaine: Four
Zobot: so you go on tick 5, and these guys both go before you
Zobot: The second one inhales and begins breathing a gout of flame at you.
wallycaine: ...I'm assuming I can't parry this?
Zobot: ...except that it inhales some dust and beings to cough and wheeze, literally missing its next action. (The first botch we've EVER had! Wow!)
Zobot: Ok, Monster three is going to rush in and try and claw you
wallycaine: ...Botch times three, no less
wallycaine: And yeah, that makes sense
Zobot: He only got 5 successes, so he just scrapes along Wei's armor, which unless it's magical material, has large glowing semi-molten gashes along the chestplate now
wallycaine: It's jade, so it's fine
wallycaine: So Wei's next up?
Zobot: Yup!
wallycaine: Wei: *puts on his best "Oh no you didn't!" face on* ...You're gonna regret that.
wallycaine: Wei: *swings at the one who attacked him*
Zobot: They both did that
wallycaine: (The one who's actually within reach... IE the non botching one)
Zobot: Ah
wallycaine: (Seven sucesses, so just barely hit again)
Zobot: Yup! Roll damage
wallycaine: Two damage
Zobot: Ok... he explodes
Zobot: 2 successes! Wei takes searing heat stroke and minor burns
wallycaine: Wei: *shakes his fist at exploding monsters*
Zobot: Ok... The one who was breathing fire at you wasted it's next action choaking, so you go again
wallycaine: Wei: *clomps over to that one, and swings twice*
Zobot: Ok, take your roll
wallycaine: (Seven successes)
Zobot: Hit!
wallycaine: One extra as usual?
wallycaine: Two lethal!
Zobot: It explodes!
wallycaine: It goes boom!
Zobot: and 0 damage!
Zobot: Battle over!
wallycaine: Wei: /o/
Zobot: "Thank you. The remaining survivor may now disembark the murder platform at his leisure.:
wallycaine: Wei: Why thank you! *starts dancing his way up the spiral stairs, singing a song*
Zobot: So what now?
wallycaine: Wei sings and dances his way back up the stairs, since he did promise GlaDos the manse
wallycaine: Singing this:
Zobot: ...tha'ts just classy right there
Zobot: "Because this is impressively pleasing, I promise that the next time I could attempt to kill you, I won't."
Zobot: Brb!
wallycaine: (Kay!)
Zobot: (Back, sorry. There was a spill)
wallycaine: (Tis fine!)
wallycaine: Wei: Awww, thanks. I strive to be entertaining!
Zobot: Ok, so what now?
wallycaine: Wei: *walks further along the catwalk* ...Unless you think I should try getting down to some of the other island?
wallycaine: *islands
Zobot: "That is your decision, and I cannot comment on it."
wallycaine: Wei: *stops* What can you comment on? *looks over to see if there's any other islands near the catwalk*
Zobot: All the islands actually are near branches of the catwalks. "Any number of things, with the proper clearance. For you, I can give rather stirring rendition of ancient poetic epics, complete with annotations, I can discuss ancient history, the design of the Manse, speak rather brazenly about the Imperial Manse and how inferior it is, as well as a great deal of other things."
Zobot: "What would you like to know?"
wallycaine: Wei: Oooh, ooh, tell me about how Inferior the Imperial Manse is! ...And follow it up with something about the design of the Manse, specifically the Forge.
Zobot: She begins to rant about the Imperial Manse, in ways which seem largely juvenile and childish. "And that COLOR Scheme?!? Who does she think she's trying to fool? Anyone would realize that it's gaudy."
wallycaine: Wei: *nods along with her nomments*
wallycaine: *comments
Zobot: "What do you wish to know about the Forge? Long ago, this was where the Great Maker came to craft his wonders. The first of the Guardians was made here.
wallycaine: Wei: Hmmm... Do you know what the various islands are used for?
Zobot: The mass production of Oricalcum. Can't you tell? There's a supply of gold on the island to the farthest east."
wallycaine: Wei: I figured, I just was wondering... Wasn't sure if any of them were more specialized. Feel like taking me down to another one of the islands?
Zobot: "Further on in the Forge there are other apparatai that are designed for other purposes, but Oricalcum was in such high necessity by the Maker for his construction, and for his illness, that he needed it constantly... Which island?" (There's one to the far east of you, one to the southwest, and one to the northeast, not counting the one you visited
wallycaine: Wei: ...I don't suppose I can make you pick?
Zobot: Nope.
wallycaine: Wei: *shrug* Worth a shot... *points to the southwest one* And while you're at it, what's this about the Maker being ill?
Zobot: The panels rise up again. "The Great Maker was always the frailest of the First Ones. He was sickly since his form was crafted."
wallycaine: Wei: *nods* Oh, okay... *starts walking down the panels once they're settled*
wallycaine: Wei: ...And any chance you could let me know once I've used up my free chance to not have you try and kill me?
Zobot: "Is it more fun if I let you know? No."
wallycaine: Wei: I figured, but you know, I figured I'd give it a shot
Zobot: Ok, down at the island, you can make anotyher check
wallycaine: ...Perception again? >_>
Zobot: Yup-kupo!
wallycaine: One sucess
Zobot: You find nothing out of the ordinary, but the tools you'd have if you worked here are REMARKABLE.
Zobot: If you used this to create and shape Oricalcum, you could make it literally in hours.
wallycaine: (Just for making Oricalcum, though? Not for shaping the artifacts afterwards, right?)
Zobot: Shaping would take another hour on top of the two it'd take for making.
Zobot: It's literally some of the most impressive forge equipment you've ever seen.
Zobot: (Yes, I know this is blantantly impossible)
wallycaine: Wei: *blinks a few times* ...I... I might hang out here for a bit
wallycaine: (I figured, but... It's awesome, so I won't complain)
Zobot: (They're designed by Autocthon. Conventioanl rules of the game go out the window)
Zobot: (You still need gold to produce any Oricalcum, though)
wallycaine: Wei: *Inward SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*
wallycaine: Wei: *looks towards the far east island*
Zobot: Heck, even producing part of the material for that Mace wouldnt' take that long
wallycaine: (Didn't you say there was oricalcum on the far island?)
Zobot: I said there was a gold stockpile there, or at least Ini said so
wallycaine: Wei: Can you leave this one up after I go back up to the catwalk?
Zobot: "Its less impressive if they don't sink back inot the lava, but yes."
wallycaine: Wei: Don't worry, I'll let you sink it into the lava later, okay?
Zobot: "Very well."
wallycaine: Wei: *is going to head up, and head over towards the Far east island*
Zobot: Ok. On the far east island, make a perception + investigate check
wallycaine: Wei: *one success!*
Zobot: Ok... Wei, if there's a gold stockpile here, you don't see it. In fact, you just see ordinary equipment like the other islands
wallycaine: Wei: *pokes around a bit* ...Didn't you say there was gold over here?
wallycaine: Wei: I mean, I don't blame you if it walked off, but you seemed to be up on things?
Zobot: "There should be. I am unable to recall if it has been raided since the Manse was last inhabited, but there should be a sliding panel that reveals a wealth of gold to one side."
wallycaine: Wei: Where's the sliding panel? *starts searching the sides again*
Zobot: Make another roll
Zobot: You have new information, so you can check again
wallycaine: No bonus for the info? (Just checking)
Zobot: Nope.
wallycaine: (One success again)
wallycaine: (short of something ridiculous, that's about the best you can expect from him)
Zobot: Ok. Fortunately, with the new information, you DO manage to eventually find it. It takes a while, though. Far off in the distance, there's a loud "Booming" noise and Wei feels the faint vibrations of something that shook the facility as he pries open and finds... about 12 bars of pure gold... not a true "stockpile" since the hidden compartment is mostly empty, but enough to make at least 3 artifacts unless they're excessively large
Zobot: it'd make 1 suit of Oricalcum Superheavy plate if you decided, if you used all of it, or something else entirely
wallycaine: Wei: ...Shiiiiny. What's that booming noise?
Zobot: "An unauthorized entrant forcing it's way in using an exceedingly powerful second circle sorcery after someone disabled the Manse's external defense grid and the locks securing the Base-level hatches I didn't let you enter."
Zobot: "Beyond that I have no data. It's in the region of the facility I have no control or perception in, due to the Sun's Guardian's meddling."
wallycaine: Wei: Fair enough. So it's not right near here?
Zobot: "No. It's in the region where I sent the Holy One's exaltation, as well as the teeny jade Dragon and my own reincarnation."
wallycaine: Wei: ...Wonderful.
wallycaine: Wei: Decisions decisions... try and show up sooner, or show up with presents...
Zobot: It's hardly a decision. There's no way to get over there from here in less than two hours. The man bearing Kabuto's tainted Exaltation is closer, as is Toshiro's rebirth. You are the farthest away, even if I were so inclined to facilitate your journey there. Which I am not.
wallycaine: Wei: ...So basically, i'm gonna show up and help clean up the damages
wallycaine: Wei: *sigh*
Zobot: "That's assuming none of the other unaccounted for variables are factored in, including the voided solar within your region, or the other Guardians, or the Star's Chosen, or any of my other security systems I have no direct control over.
wallycaine: Wei: ...Voided solar within my region?
wallycaine: Wei: I don't suppose you have more info on him, and or his location? *has started walking back up the steps again*
Zobot: "Oh, yes. He's a large idiot with an Axe for a hand. He's been waiting for you in the Armory beyond the Forges ever since I told him which path you had been sent on. Grinning like it was Hogswatch.
wallycaine: Wei: Ahh, fair enough.
Zobot: "Hogswatch being an ancient Primordial-issued holiday you know nothing about, of course."
wallycaine: Wei: Of course. I think I get the simile, though
wallycaine: Wei: *walks over to the other island, with the forge tools*
Zobot: Ok... what are you gonna make?
wallycaine: Hmmm.... give me a minute to think?
wallycaine: Sooooooo many options
Zobot: Go ahead. You can make a max of three artifacts, two if you make the part of Pennance, even if you scale it down to your size.
Zobot: Tell me what you decide to make and I'll tell you how much gold it'll take to make the oricalcum to make it
Zobot: And if it's feisiable. Remember, you mgiht be limited by character knowledge
wallycaine: Alright... How long has it been since the fight?/How much essence have I regained
Zobot: For example, YOU may know that Essence-powered mech armor exists, but Wei certainly does NOT>
Zobot: Since the fight with the elementals?
wallycaine: No, the fight outside the village
wallycaine: (And yeah, I figured no mech armor or such shenanigans
Zobot: Ah... well... 2 hours, by now
wallycaine: So normally I'd recover 8 per hour, so... four recovered total?
Zobot: Yes
wallycaine: Kay
wallycaine: (How many artifacts Slots would Articulated Plate take up? I know you said Superheavy would be all three...)
Zobot: (Still requires a great deal of material. It'd take all three. In fact, I may just write out Superheavy altogether with the material it takes)
wallycaine: (And Reinforced Breastplate?
Zobot: (2)
wallycaine: (And Lamellar?) (Mostly for benchmarks/ideas)
Zobot: still 2, since you have no other materials, you'd have to make it entirely out of oricalcum
wallycaine: *nod* That decides it, methinks
wallycaine: Wei: ...Screw it. It's my Shiny stuff, and I need it now! *starts making Articulated Plate*
Zobot: Articulated Plate is going to take longer, but it's certainly possible. It'll take roughly four hours and another half hour to don it without any help or any charms to do it for you
wallycaine: ...Actually, because I just can't justify Wei being that selfish, Reinforced Breastplate and a Sky-Cutter
wallycaine: Sorry, just realized I couldn't really see Wei doing it All for himself...
Zobot: Ok... what's a Sky Cutter again? What book?
wallycaine: Main one, it's the Artifact Boomerang
Zobot: Ah. Oh, I forgot
wallycaine: Tis fine :D
wallycaine: So Wei will make those, and put on the Breastplate as soon as it's done
Zobot: Ok. You've exhausted your supply of gold.
wallycaine: Wei: ...I hope you'll warn me if mr. Axe hand decides he's had enough waiting?
wallycaine: KAy
Zobot: No. He is still waiting. Although he's now breaking the things he can't use.
wallycaine: Wei: Welp... I guess it's time to interrupt him
wallycaine: Wei: *once he's done making things, heads up the stairs and down the catwalk*
wallycaine: (And putting them on, of course
Zobot: Ok.
wallycaine: (Also, how long/motes recovered at the rate of 2/hour?)
Zobot: 4 and a half hours. So yeah... 8 motes
wallycaine: Wei: *back to full!*
wallycaine: Wei: *immediately starts using charms as he walks towards the armory*
wallycaine: (Wei's using Fivefold Bulwark Stance as he heads down)
wallycaine: (*poke*)
Zobot: Ok... well, you pass through other areas of the forge as Ini-shade guides you to the Armory. You find a huge alchemical laboratory, for mkaing Jade, you presume. And an odd apparatus far out at another rooms exterior, which appears to let the mists of the Wyld into an enclosed container for some reason... and even odder devices, looking like machines of some sort...
wallycaine: Wei: *oohs and aahh's on his way through the guided tour*
Zobot: One sec
wallycaine: (Fine!)
Zobot: Ok... eventually, you enter into the Armory... which has seen better days. There's doors to the east and west, as well as the entrance where you were. Most of the equipment hsa either been stolen a long time ago, or stolen by the man standing right in front of you. Maimed Hand Which Grasps the Axe of Desolation. Above you lay scaffolding and a great deal of pipes and riggings, stretched all over the walls. Roll a perception + awareness check."
wallycaine: Two successes
Zobot: Ok... notice nothing.
wallycaine: Wei: *standing in front of Maimed* ...I don't suppose that asking to to admit your obvious inferiority, and stand down so I don't have to break a sweat hurting you would work?
wallycaine: Wei: Besides, you don't have backup this time. Nobody to carry your unconscious body back home once I've beaten you yet again.
wallycaine: Wei: So why not make this easier on the both of us?
Zobot: Maimed grins. "You sure do know how to keep a guy waiting." He cackles. "You know, ever since our last scuffle, I haven't quite been able to lick the desire for vengence. He laughs. "I really, really REALLY hate you."
wallycaine: Wei: Awww, that's nice, but I've already got a kismesis
Zobot: "And after finding all this amazing first age technology, and after Mask of Winters bestowed me wiht my new Axe, I wanted nothing more than to get vengence on you with it. To rush off and hunt you down like a dog."
wallycaine: Wei: Awww... how nice. Instead, you've sat here like a coward while I was hanging out in the next room over... silly you
Zobot: His grin hasn't faded. "But talking with Child made me realize I was being childish. Vengence is a zero sum game that only ends with me dying.
wallycaine: Wei: *nods* Probably one of the slightly more intelligent things you've said all night. You'll probably erase it when you open your mouth next.
Zobot: "So I'm not going to fight you at all. I just wanted to see your face off before I wander off to kill every single one of your friends one by one by one. I'm going to let HER deal with you instead."
Zobot: And then, from up above, a flurry of death Essence arrows flies down at Wei in an unexpected attack
wallycaine: (Can I make another perception roll, since he pretty much dropped a hint the size of an anvil?)
Zobot: (The "let her do it" thing and the attack are meant to happen at the same time, but go ahead)
wallycaine: (Don't worry, I probably won't get any sucesses)
Zobot: (I'm just trying to be fair)
wallycaine: (Two again, so not enough)
wallycaine: (I'd assume)
Zobot: (She's night caste and a bit of a stealth sniper, unlike Henshin)
wallycaine: *nod* ...Can I channel a virtue on a join battle?
wallycaine: Or should I wait to roll that?
Zobot: Conviction, sure.
wallycaine: I was thinking/hoping Valor, because it will give him a chance to fight Maimed, if he's fast enough
Zobot: Mmm... it's a stretch, but sure.
wallycaine: Alright
wallycaine: Three sucesses on the roll
wallycaine: But first, Sneak attack?
Zobot: Yeah... one second
wallycaine: How many attacks?
Zobot: Two from the scaffolding above
wallycaine: (is just going to subtract for Reflex Sidestep Dodge now)
wallycaine: Wei: *spends two peripheral*
Zobot: ok... so 16 dice minus 2 for the first attack, and minus 3 for the second...
wallycaine: *nod*
Zobot: ...three successes.... I'm guessing your charm means you don't get unexpected attack'd?
wallycaine: *nod*
wallycaine: That's all it does, but it means I get to apply my full DV
Zobot: One second while I look into the charm.
wallycaine: Pg. 227
Zobot: Not your charm. Hers
wallycaine: Ahh, sorry
wallycaine: I could help you look it up :P
Zobot: (For those who are interested, Dusk and Shun's stories are now up)
wallycaine: (Very cool)
Zobot: So back to the attack. One more sec
wallycaine: No problem
Zobot: Ok... Bloodthirsty Arrow reduces DV by one, but it doesn't reduce it enough to hit
wallycaine: *nod*
wallycaine: So second attack?
Zobot: only 4 successes
wallycaine: Wei: *swats aside the arrows* Did you think you could stop me with stealth? I'm here to END YOU!
wallycaine: (Turn order?/When's Wei's turn?)
Zobot: Ok... roll for their initiatives. Sorry
wallycaine: Well, Wei got three
Zobot: Ok... give me a moment.
wallycaine: No problem
Zobot: Maimed got 3
Zobot: Final Wind got 5 successes
wallycaine: Right... but shooting me was her action
Zobot: True
wallycaine: She sets the initiative order... so I guess she just kinda auto goes on 0?
wallycaine: *nod* So we go on to tick 2, I guess?
Zobot: Yes
wallycaine: Wei: *steps forward, and unleashes a bolt of golden energy from his sword* You will stop this here!
wallycaine: Wei: *using his combo on Final wind*
wallycaine: Wei: *as he releases the bolt* Hide from the Blazing Light of Justice!
Zobot: Final Wind: ...oi.
wallycaine: Wei is surrounded by his mantling hawk aura, as he shoots the beam towards her with all of his power.
wallycaine: (Spending thirteen motes total, two willpower)
wallycaine: (Because I'm launching it from my sword, does my sword specialty apply? It says a pool of Dexerity+Melee+Essence, but doesn't specify specialties)
Zobot: (Not for this specific charm. Specialty doesn't apply because a specialty for swords focuses more on the conventional use of a blade)
wallycaine: (Figured, just checking)
wallycaine: Seven successes
wallycaine: Undodgeable, unblockable
wallycaine: (I forgot to mention that part before, so if you want to use charms, feel free)
Zobot: (No, no... she used a charm. She can't really defend like that. Her soak, however, is a solid 12 wiht her armor.)
wallycaine: (Is that against aggravated damage?)
wallycaine: (Assuming she's an abyssal, of course)
Zobot: She is... and no, it's lethal.
Zobot: So she's taking 6 aggrivatedc
wallycaine: ...Wait, so what's her aggravated soak?
wallycaine: (Has to figure out his damage roll)
Zobot: Err..sorry. I was calculating it wrong. I'm tired
Zobot: Her armor is 10L, so 10B
wallycaine: (It's fine. What's her Armor's Lethal soak?)
Zobot: *10A
wallycaine: (Alright then... so 9 damage dice after soak)
wallycaine: Four aggravated damage
Zobot: Ok... unfortunately, we have to call it here. But we'll pick up tomorrow or friday?
wallycaine: Kay, that works
Zobot: G'nighyt
wallycaine: WeiOOC: *does a happy dance that he got to unleash that combo and have it hit!*
Zobot: I thought it's hit before.

On the 23rd:
Zobot: Peep?
wallycaine: Meep!
Zobot: Hey! What's up!
wallycaine: Just got back from work!
wallycaine: And you?
Zobot: Just working on my minecraft temple
wallycaine: Nice!
Zobot: Wrapping up, though. Ready for Exalted inna bit, if you are
wallycaine: Sure am ^_^
Zobot: Ok. Sorry about that. Just taking my first ever portal to the nether for a test spin, and glad I did!
wallycaine: Yay!
Zobot: Oh, did you read Dusk's side-quest?
wallycaine: Not all the way yet
Zobot: Anyways... back to the game. Wei vs. Final Wind, as she is suspended up in the scaffolding while Wei's on the ground.
wallycaine: Yay!
Zobot: Roll your five dice, by the way
Zobot: Actually.... she's going to uyse her Daybreak Caste anima banner to reduce it by 2 health levles.
wallycaine: (...I thought she was night caste?)
Zobot: Wait, that's the other girl. Sorry.
Zobot: Nevermind
wallycaine: Tis okay
wallycaine: 3 more aggravated
wallycaine: So... 7 total? >_>
Zobot: Thankfully, I've learned from fighting Wei before. She's got 3 purchases of ox-body, as well as the charms she needs for her combo
wallycaine: Heh... good, good
Zobot: So she's at -2. Barely
Zobot: Speaking of which, what is Wei at? You took 2 lethal damage back there, if I recall, from the elementals
wallycaine: -1... I've been factoring it in
Zobot: Just keeping track.
wallycaine: *nod* Tis a good thing to do
Zobot: Ok. She's coughing and scowling. "...Lucky shot. It won't happen again."
wallycaine: Wei: Of course it won't. *He smiles* The next one will kill you.
Zobot: Next character goes. It's Maimed. He's moving over to a lift, which is carrying him up to the second level of the armory wiht all the purloined equipment he's taken from it.
wallycaine: WeiOOC: Stupid Lifts!
Zobot: IniShadeOOC: I considered dropping him, but he promised he'd have dynamic fights with several other people if I let him leave.
wallycaine: WeiOOC: But, but, they won't be as dynamic as his fight with me!
Zobot: Final Wind OOC: Um, you're still fighting ME, you moran! Keep your head in your game.
wallycaine: WeiOOC: Pish posh. Minor details. You're up next, right?
Zobot: Final Wind's turn. She's using her combo "Death Comes on the Winds of Adorjan" to both attack and defend.
Zobot: You'll find out what it does, but it's a combination of 4 charms.
wallycaine: (Fair enough!)
wallycaine: (Single attack, or more than one?)
Zobot: Ok... Sorry, I was calculating.
wallycaine: Tis okay
Zobot: So it's 4 for both effects of Splinter of the Void, 10 for her Archery Excellency 2 (adding 5 successes), 6 for Splinter of the Void, plus 1 willpower....
wallycaine: (You have splinter of the void listed twice...)
Zobot: Her bow Er... sorry, the second one should be Piercing Ghost Barb
wallycaine: (Tis fine, just figured I'd check
wallycaine: (So twenty motes spent)
Zobot: her short powerbow gives her +2 Accuracy and she has 2 dice specialty in it, and her anima banner is going to be burning. She can't really afford to do this twice, but if it works it works WELL
wallycaine: (Is it one shot?)
Zobot: Just to be sure, she's also going to burn the extra point of willpower and add her valor, which is 2. (And yes, it's one shot)
Zobot: And there IS a fourth charm in this combo, btw, but it hasn't come into play
wallycaine: (Wei's going to spend ten motes on his DV, then)
Zobot: So 2 plus 2 plus 2 plus 10... 16 dice, minus her -2... so she's got 14 on you
Zobot: What's your DV?
wallycaine: DV is 12 against her, if I can parry
Zobot: Can't.
Zobot: Piercing Ghost Barb makes this attack unblockable except by unarmed Parries. (Page 122)
Zobot: Also, due to one of the effects of Splinter of the Void, your DV is lowered by 1.
Zobot: She. Is. A. Sniper.
wallycaine: (Well, in that case, I'm not spending ten motes on DV :P )
Zobot: Er, you DID declare it
Zobot: And I hate to say it, but this is metagame knowledge
Zobot: you have no idea what charms she's using unless you have lore and can identify them
wallycaine: Zobot, you have to declare anything that effects the charms have on my ability to block before I use any charms
wallycaine: Period
wallycaine: That's why I had to tell you my attack was undodgeable and unblockable before I should have rolled hte attack
wallycaine: You don't have to say the charms, or the other effects of them, but you have to tell me if it's unblockable or undodgeable
Zobot: Alright, valid point
Zobot: Ok. You can repurpose your essence expenditures if you want
wallycaine: It basically becomes "Not spending on DV"
Zobot: Ok.
wallycaine: But yeah... Wei will dodge
Zobot: Anything else to decalre before I roll?
Zobot: ...I forgot the link to the site...
Zobot: ><
Zobot: Ok... that's... wow.
wallycaine: WeiOOC: *disliking his compassion flaw right now*
wallycaine: *shrug* Not surprised
wallycaine: DV of 11
Zobot: I SWEAR I'm not cheating...
wallycaine: (I know... it's still a little ridiculous :P )
Zobot: Ok.. so with her 5 successes from her excellency, that's seven. Plus the 2L for her power bow
Zobot: She doesn't add strength or anything else for a ranged attack, lucky for yot
Zobot: so 9.
wallycaine: (She still adds strength
wallycaine: (It's a bow)
Zobot: ... ok, then 11.
wallycaine: 14 L soak
Zobot: Er, Piercing Ghost Barb removes all soak except innate soak
Zobot: Page 122.
wallycaine: (So 2)
Zobot: Hundred Paces Bite also drains you of essence equal to her essence rating of 3
Zobot: You lose 3 personal essence for her hitting you
Zobot: So she rolls 9 dice
wallycaine: (Alright, Wei's filled up on -1 boxes)
Zobot: The bolt vanishes, as a strong gust of wind blasts at Wei... he's briefly surrounded by a tornado, and then suddenly the air surges at him, as an arrow of black essence embeds itself in his gut.
Zobot: Your action
wallycaine: Wei: *cracks his neck* Not too bad. You won't get the chance again, though.
Zobot: Final Wind: Just close your eyes and say good Knight.
wallycaine: (How high up is she?)
Zobot: (She's about 14 yards up)
wallycaine: Wei jumps up, grabs a piece of scaffolding, swings around it once, and lands with a slash at Final Wind, spinning on one foot to swing at her again.
Zobot: Final Wind: Aaah!
wallycaine: (He's activating his jumping charm)
Zobot: Ok...
wallycaine: (So minus 3 on the first one, -4 on the second)
Zobot: Eep...
wallycaine: Eleven sucesses on the first attack?
wallycaine: ^_^
Zobot: Final charm of hers: Flickering Whisp Technique
wallycaine: (...You do have to declare that Before I roll, usually)
Zobot: (Sorry, juggling three games.)
Zobot: (I'll wavie it on the first attack as a sign of good faith)
wallycaine: (Tis no problem, you can have it)
Zobot: (She's REALLY low on essence now.)
wallycaine: Alright... so what's it do? I think I remember, but double checking
Zobot: Er, perfect defense
wallycaine: Figured
wallycaine: So move on to the second attack?
wallycaine: (Also, she spent a point of Willpower on it, right?)
Zobot: Yeah... she's got just 6 motes of essence left
Zobot: And yes, for the combo. The perfect defense doesn't cost it
wallycaine: (Flickering wisp technique has the spectral keyword, so unless we're currently in a shadowland, and I didn't know, yes, it does cost another willpower)
Zobot: Ah... good point, I missed that. I'll mark it off. She's at half willpoewr
wallycaine: (She's good on that until her next action, though)
wallycaine: (Alright, second attack! Any charms before I roll?)
Zobot: She's got the essence for JUST one more use of her perfect defense. May as well use it
wallycaine: Alright, so she flickers out of the way again.
wallycaine: Four ticks until my next action
Zobot: Final Wind: I told you... You're fighting ME.
wallycaine: Wei: *smiles* Not for much longer.
Zobot: Final Wind: Grr... there's no way I'm letting Child and her stupid clique show us up! Even if she is older than me.... *She draws her bow back and a bolt of black essence forms in it as she scurries backwards on the rafters and fires at Wei.
Zobot: She's got just 3 essence left, so she's going to use that three on her Archery Excellency to purchase 3 successes
Zobot: So she's got 12 dice.
Zobot: Oh for the love of...
wallycaine: ('s two motes per sucess, isn't it?)
Zobot: ...ok, she buys 1 success, then.
wallycaine: Wei swings his sword, and bats the incoming missle out of the air. "Maybe you should give up, before you hurt yourself."
wallycaine: Wei: *12 DV*
Zobot: Final Wind: Look, do you know who I work for? If I don't beat the tar out of you Horn Freak is going to rupture my ear drums with his smartassedness. And then Mask of Winters will rupture my ear drums.
wallycaine: Wei: ...No, I don't know who you work for, but it seems ruptured ear drums aren't that bad. Besides, you certainly tried... *points at the arrow wound*
wallycaine: (Wei's turn?)
Zobot: Yes
wallycaine: Wei: Besides. I am sick *takes a swing* and tired *another swing* of you slowing *another swing* me down! *one last swing*
wallycaine: (Four attacks)
wallycaine: (No charms, right?)
Zobot: (nope!)
wallycaine: (Five successes on the first attack)
wallycaine: (Her DV?)
Zobot: (Her DV is... hm... let me double check... she doesn't have magical material armor, but she's pretty good at dodging... it's a six before wound penalties. So you hit)
wallycaine: So 10 raw damage
wallycaine: Her Soak's 12, right?
Zobot: Yup
wallycaine: One more damage!
wallycaine: Seven successes on the second attack, so four extra
Zobot: She screams. "Gah!"
wallycaine: Raw damage won't be enough to get through, so essence again
wallycaine: One more damage! /o/
wallycaine: (What's she looking like?)
Zobot: She's... pretty cut up. But still in her -2 health elvels.
wallycaine: *nod* Just making sure I haven't killed her yet :D
Zobot: (I literally had her take nothing but 1 -1 and 2 -2 health level optoins. She's got a lot)
wallycaine: (I figured)
wallycaine: Seven successes
Zobot: (Brb, bio)
wallycaine: (Kay)
wallycaine: (5 extra, 14 raw damage, -12, so Essence again)
Zobot: Roll
wallycaine: Two lethal damage
Zobot: She's twitching. "I... I..."
wallycaine: Wei spins around, and slices her with his last attack (8 successes)
Zobot: Nice
wallycaine: (Her DV's 1 for this attack, right?)
Zobot: (..yes)
wallycaine: Alright, so he actuallly does above minimum damage for once
wallycaine: One lethal damage
Zobot: Ah
wallycaine: Yep... that's his turn
Zobot: Ok... she scowls. "One... last... trick..."
Zobot: She's aiming specifically at one of Wei's arms, trying to unbalance him and cause him to fall. It's a called shot!
wallycaine: (Always fun!)
wallycaine: (What's the penalty on that, again?)
Zobot: (For this, since she's targeting Wei's arm, it's -2)
Zobot: (In an attempt to cause a crippling attack)
wallycaine: *Nod*
Zobot: so she's at -4, and if she hits she inflicts a Crippling penalty instead of typical damage.
Zobot: But she's going to burn a virtue... specifically, her Conviction. 4 dice.
wallycaine: *nod* Makes sense
Zobot: So 12 dice.
Zobot: er... 14. Forgot her bow adds +2.
wallycaine: (Always good to remember!)
Zobot: ...four successes. What's Wei's DV with the penalty and his 4 attacks?
wallycaine: Wei's DV: *still 12!*
wallycaine: (Fivefold Bulwark Stance makes it so any actions that would reduce his DV, including attacks, reduce it by one less)
Zobot: She misses. Only 4 successes
Zobot: What's Wei's essence at?
wallycaine: (How much he has left?)
wallycaine: (Five personal, 11 peripheral)
wallycaine: (Wei's turn again?)
Zobot: (Yes)
wallycaine: Wei: *three attacks, pulling so he deals Bashing*
wallycaine: Five sucesses, so barely hit?
Zobot: Yes.
wallycaine: (What's her DV now?)
Zobot: ...not above five.
Zobot: 3, I believe
wallycaine: (I thought she was at -4 wound penalty?)
Zobot: (No, still at -2, but her last -2)
wallycaine: (Ahh, okay)
wallycaine: (Her bashing Soak?)
Zobot: (11B)
wallycaine: 11 Raw, so essence
Zobot: Yes
wallycaine: No bashing damage on the first one!
wallycaine: Next attack! ...12 successes >_>
wallycaine: 19 raw, so 8 damage?
Zobot: Yup. Roll
wallycaine: Three bashing
Zobot: Ok.. .she's down. She starts to slip, her body failing her as she falls unconscious, and she plunges towards the floor below
wallycaine: Wei: *knows it probably doesn't matter, but swings down to catch her before she hits the ground*
Zobot: Ok... make a dexterity + athletics check.
wallycaine: Three successes
Zobot: Not enough... She lands, doing a faceplant on the ground, and with a loud snapping noise... is dead.
wallycaine: Wei: *sighs* ...I wish she'd just given up. It wouldn't have been that hard...
wallycaine: (So... about a minute or two have passed?)
wallycaine: (Since Maimed went upstairs)
Zobot: As she dies, Wei witnesses an odd sight... her body glows faintly with a black light, and then... rising from it... is what appears to be a glowing pattern of Essence. Wei can just barely see it as it rises out of her... it tries to whizz away but then... starts moving downward, rigidly, fading away.
Zobot: It vanishes from slight, pasing through walls, as it moves downward
wallycaine: Wei: ...Weeeeeeeeeeeeird
wallycaine: Wei: IniManseThingy! What's the fastest way for me to follow Maimed? *runs over to the lift he took*
Zobot: IniManseThingy: The lift he took, but it's in operation now. He's heading up towards the Weavery, at the peak of the Manse. Where Toshiro's reincarnation went
wallycaine: Wei: *pokes his head into the shaft for the lift* And how fast are these lifts?
Zobot: "As fast as I want them to be. There's a maintance shaft nearby that can get up to them if you wish, but it is filled with machinery. You'd have to carefully dodge it.
wallycaine: Wei: Well, I'm willing to try. Any chance I could get you to slow him down enough for me to catch up? *Starts looking around for the maintenance shaft*
Zobot: "That depends. Is there a reason I should?"
wallycaine: Wei: Because honestly? Big dramatic fight with me getting there just as he thinks he's about to beat up my friend all by himself is probably more entertaining than just him beating on Baoshi, or trying to.
Zobot: "...fine, but I want another song out of you."
wallycaine: Wei: Fair enough!
Zobot: Ok. she directs you inot a Ventilatoin shaft that goes straight up. Wei will have to crab-climb up it.
wallycaine: Wei: Toonight, I'm gonna have myself a real good time... I feel alive! And the world, turning inside out, yeeeeah! *starts climbing and singing*
Zobot: Ok... make a Stamina + resistance check.
wallycaine: Wei: I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky! Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity! *leaps from one wall to the other*
wallycaine: One success
wallycaine: (I was also planning on having wei use his climbing charm to increase his speed up the shaft, if possible)
Zobot: You may.
Zobot: What does it do?
wallycaine: Allows him to jump 16 yards as a move action, once every five ticks
wallycaine: So pretty much, he'd climb for a bit, look for a good spot to jump to, and leap
wallycaine: Singing the entire time, of course
Zobot: Ok... well... as you reach the top of the shaft...
Zobot: You encounter antoher member of your party! Wei's side-story ends here. To be continued saturday!

We've learned a lot, but this still isn't going to be easy. But I don't think the elder star's confidence in us was misplaced. I know we can do this! We'll set things right! ...somehow.

"There is a fine line between a good King and a Despot. A King is best when His subjects barely realize that He exists. When His work is done and His will is fulfilled, they will say, 'We did it ourselves.'"
-Xin Yun

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