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 Post subject: Jan's Path...
PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2011 10:32 pm 
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As the Heroes are split, so are their stories. What has happened to Jan while the rest of the group is away?

Zobot: So yeah... we cna start this shizzle whenever
Tinker: Bring it on. I might be a little distracted, but I will do my best.
Zobot: Well, who do you want to pick, kupo? Jan or Baoshi?
Tinker: Hm... I;m going to say Jan. I'll have more enjoyment doing Baoshis when I;m better rested.
Zobot: Fine by me... Jans is shorter anyway
Tinker: Works for me. Lay on, McDuff
Zobot: Ok... we join Jan as he and Sarge get lowered down towards a door by the splitting lift.
Tinker: Janglances around, patting Sarge a little as the group is split. Hes annoyed, but not completely shocked. Better then the floor just dropping out.
Zobot: Ok... the door slides open as... er, one second
Tinker: Righto.
Zobot: There! Sorry, just had to post up Shun's sidestory thingy
Tinker: Not a problem.
Zobot: ...can you see Andrew Tinker trying to tame a Lunar?
Tinker: Yep.
Tinker: The scary part is is he sucseeded.
Zobot: Wait, WHAT?
Zobot: Ok ok... I'm done with the crazy for now... you know what? I'm really not feeling this right now. Can we take a raincheck?
Zobot: For some reason I'm just... gah. Gah
Tinker: Sure thing.
Tinker: Weeks wide open, dude. Take some time to recharge.
Zobot: Gah. I just feel tired and burnt out and just wanna play minecraft
Tinker: The go an; do it, dude. :-)
Zobot: Thanks
Tinker: Go chill some. You got my blessin'.
Zobot: I appreciate that...
Tinker: Anytime. :-)
Zobot: I'm honestly starting to get burnt out on DMing... not that I don't have ideas but yeah... been too long since I've been a player.
Tinker: *nods* Well, its to be expected. its been a long campain, and being a DM is hard work. If you ever need to take a week off, everyone;d understand. Maybe I could run a one shot thing, like Jane did.
Zobot: Eh, it's almost done, and then someone else gets their shot.
Zobot: Not that I won't be sad to see it go, but I just gotta muscle on through to the end.
Tinker: Yeah, but don;t muscle on through so much that you aren;t having fun running a session.
Tinker: Then its not as fun for us, either.
Zobot: I'm having FUN. It's just that Shun's took longer than I expected it. I need like a 30 minute break or so to change gears
Tinker: Ahhhh. I dig it. Sorry, sorry. ^^ Just you said being DM was getting tiring. We can do mine another day.
Tinker: GO play minecraft.
Zobot: Ok, ok, I'm good
Tinker: Coolies.
Zobot: Ok... Jan's door opens up into what looks to be a massive hallway made of Jade of all types. Down it, at the far end, there's a door... which is noteworthy because the hallway itself seems to be constantly invaded by the presence of pistons which sweep in from the right, probably crushing anything that gets in their way as they slam against one wall
Tinker: Jans going to take a moment to observe the pattern of the pistons.
Zobot: "I sent the other Dragon Blooded down this pathway, so I imagine you'll have lots to talk about." says Ini-mech
Tinker: "Mm. Oh, the usual. Favorite restaurants. How annoying armor is, even when you've attuned. Hair tips." he says dryly, counting hos long there is between the pistons htting the wall, and when they retract.
Tinker: (brb)
Zobot: k. Lemme know when you're back
Tinker: (Back)
Zobot: Ok... eventually, you're going to ahve to cross the Pistons. Which is an Athletics + Dexterity check, adding a die becuase you're studying their pattern. More dice if you stunt
Tinker: He;d just go afte figuring how long they retract for. Lesse...
Tinker: ((I'll be a little slow, since I had my eye dialated. Its making it a titch tricky to see. ^^ ))
Zobot: It's alright. We're prolly not going to finish all fo this tongiht anyway
Tinker: Stunt: After checking the pattern of the pistons, Jan settles into a comfortable sprinting stance, eyes narrowed. He gently tucks sarge into a pocket, waiting for the precise moment just before the pistons slam home- running forward at full speed to pass by as each one retracts in turn, ready to dodge and weave if necessary.
Zobot: Ok... add an extra dice
Tinker: <a href="">1d10=7, 1d10=4, 1d10=1, 1d10=7, 1d10=3, 1d10=1, 1d10=4, 1d10=10</a>
Tinker: ...Sorry.
Tinker: 4 sucsesses
Zobot: Sorry for what?
Zobot: Anyways, Jan makes it to the other side, slams the door open quickly, and then shuts it again just before a piston wrenches his arm
Tinker: (Html tangle))
Zobot: Ah, k
Tinker: He takes a deep breath, and looks around- shaking his arm out and muttering something vauge about just being glad he doesn;t wear a hat.
Zobot: Ok. Jan's in a large pipeworks room from what he can see... the constant hum and click of machines in the darkness around him.
Tinker: Hes goig to try and find a wall or a pipe to keep one hand on, let his eyes adjust, and walk foward.
Zobot: "I realize I never actually clairified why I split all of you up." Ini rambles as you wander along.
Tinker: "No, not really. Thatd be interesting to know. Some kinda trial?"
Zobot: "That's somewhat correct. This Manses function changed somewhat when the sidereal Ini bonded her mind to it... part of this was a definitive motivation to prevent anyone unworthy from accessing the secrets of the Manse and the treasures within it. Particularly the last Invention of the Great Creator."
Tinker: "Yeah, sounds about right. Some big invention. On one hand, you don;t want anyone finding it. You also don;t want it just being there forever. So, you make sure it might only get found by the right person. Lock meets key. Problem is... there;ll always be picks in the world." he said idly, walking out further as they talk.
Zobot: "But... the purpose I have has... changed. The Manse has changed. I don't know why I'm telling you this. Originally I believe Ini's desire was to wait until her Circlemates were exalted again and found there way there, preventing anyone else from taking it. They never came. Now... I have a marked maliciousness to that goal. Preventing anyone from plundering the Manse seems to be a higher priority. I don't know why I am telling you this.
Zobot: As Jan navigates, make a wits + investigation check
Tinker: 3 sucsesses
Zobot: Ok... he sees nothing of relevance at first, save a puff of steam to the face as he finds a door. "And that's why dividing you all into a range of traps and setting you all up to fight each other seemed like a great idea."
Tinker: "Maybe you got bored. Its hard to have something you;re supposed to be doing, but then it doesn't happen. You strt thinking of new things to do." Hes going to open the door, and if it opens, throw himself to the wall on either side of i.
Zobot: Ok... We're gonna call it here, for the moment. Finish it tomorrow, ok?
Tinker: Sounds good to me.
Zobot: That's fun. Let me know when you wanna do your sidequest stuff
Tinker: Kee.
Tinker: brb
Tinker: I think I could go for it now.
Zobot: Sure, gimme a sec. Looking something up
Tinker: kk
Zobot: Ok, Jan or Baoshi?
Tinker: Hmm... I suppose Baoshis is more plot important and will take more time to do...
Tinker: Lets finish up Jans first I hhink.
Zobot: Ok... So when we last left Jan, he was just about to oepn a door..
Tinker: And talking to a AI that seems to have gotten the 'testing itch'.
Zobot: Smart of you to see that
Tinker: I beleive Jans action was to Open the door, throwing himself to the side.
Zobot: Inside... Jan finds a large warehouse-ish room... there's moving parts everywhere, conveyor belts creaking and etching runes into large sheets of shiny metal.
Tinker: Jan takes his short daiklave off, and waves it vaugly in the air in the doorway- checking for holorgrams, illusions, motion sensing cannons, and wombats.
Zobot: There's a constant grinding noise of machinery, and small impish demons are working on the lines, hammering things into them.
Zobot: No wombats, no, but as he waves his daiklave in, he gets a better view. On the far end of the factory line there's another door, and there's a large room overlooking it all to the northeast.
Tinker: Jan is going to sheath his Daiklave, retreat for a moment to think, and walk back inside with as much authority and calmness as he can muster- attempting to walk right past the factory line. "Don;t mind me, boys. Just here to do the routine inspection. Lookin; good here, scuse me..."
Zobot: The demons don't seem to really care of him, except to utter several vulgarities involving phrases such as "piss off" and "posser"
Zobot: Where are you going?
Tinker: Up to the overlooking room, to see if theres a way up into it.
Zobot: Ok... the room itself is accessable via an iron door, but it's locked. If you can figure out a way through you can get in, but breaking it would be an act of extreme martial arts and picking the lock would be an act of larceny.
Zobot: There's a small gap under the door, though
Tinker: it big enough for Sarge to get under?
Zobot: ...that's just bleeding clever right there. Yes, Sarge could probably get under it if he squeezed.
Tinker: Jan'll listen against the door to see if anyone is inside first.
Zobot: Ok... make a perception + awareness chec
Tinker: Two sucsesses.
Zobot: Ok.. he doesn't hear anything specific under the sounds of the factory
Tinker: He takes out sarge then. "Alright, Sare... squeeze under and see if you cna unlock the door. If theres danger, you scoot right back out here, or cry out, y;hear?"
Zobot: Sarge does the little salute he's been practicing to his superior officer. "Bwi!" he crouches down and begins crawling under the door. it's actually somewhat adorable to watch, as he squirms and twitches and pushes, "bwi"ing all the way.
Zobot: "You aren't supposed to be in there, you know."
Tinker: Jan tries to restrain a chuckle, watching fondly. "Nonsense. I;m just inspecting back here. Dragon Blooded are s'posed to do the inspecting, am I right?" he says, taking more or less an educated guess at something logical.
Zobot: "Oh, I don't actually care, I just feel like I should inform you that I am obligated as a result of this level x-2 infraction to create nonsentient elementals, exactly 3 of them, to attempt to stop you. If you defeat them all I am permitted to continue not caring."
Zobot: "So do you have any preferences and/or vulnerabilities to any sort of elemental?"
Tinker: "I am especially weak to elementals of a pacifistic and poetry writing nature." he deadpans, pressed agains the door...
Zobot: (Brb, bio)
Tinker: (k)
Zobot: At this point, Sarge has crawled under the door... having shed several scales along his tail in doing so, however.
Zobot: Sarge: B-bwi! <TAIL!> *Whibbling and clinging his tail*
Tinker: "Ahh, shoot. I;m sorry, Sargie." Jan scoops up the tiny scales, pocketing them. "Daddy can fix that, with a little glue.
Zobot: And then, on the other side, Sarge begins to scramble for the doorknob, trying to climb the door, as there's a whooshing noise and three miniature tornados with fists and angry expressions form around Jan
Tinker: "....don;t suppose any youf you lads are much for poetry?" hs deadpans, pushing his back up against the door.
Zobot: Join battle check
Tinker: Right.
Zobot: What'd you get?
Tinker: Five.
Zobot: One sec. Typing something up for Fuzzy
Tinker: kk
Zobot: Ok... they got a 3, a 2, and a 5.
Tinker: ((brb))
Zobot: k. Lemme know when you're back
Tinker: ((back))
Zobot: Ok... Jan and Wind Elemental 3 go first
Tinker: Jan cracks his neck, and enters the Golden Janmisary Form for five motes, allowing him to treat rolls of 0 on damage dice as double sucsesses, and spend a reflexive mote to reduce damage from any attack against him by two dice (to a minimum of one), (redice by five dice down to zero against creatures of darkness, but I don;t know if elementals count).
Tinker: He also lashes out at the nearest elemental with what seems to be a wildness, but a careful, racticed execution, following his style with care- executing the sacred motions.
Tinker: GOlden Janmissary Form is a Simple acion, so do I need to deduct for Flurry?
Zobot: Yes.
Tinker: Right. 10 total, minus 2, rolling 8.
Tinker: Tch. Two sucsesses
Zobot: Ok... Jan misses, as the Gusty Group discombobulates and recombobulates.
Tinker: "Tch.... serves me right for getting lax. Last chance for poetry, technichaly non gendered entities I-greet-with-respect."
Zobot: "To faciliatate guilt free murder, these Elementals have no sense of self."
Tinker: "I will greet them with respect wether they have a sense of self or not. They are spirits of a sibling to my essence, after all."
Zobot: The Gusty Gook that you attacked bellows and dives at Jan, attempting to buffet him.
Zobot: 7 successes:
Zobot: Jan's DV?
Tinker: 3.
Tinker: Soak is 10 lethal, 12 bashing.
Zobot: Ok.. so he does just his essence in bashing... so 2.
Zobot: No damage!
Zobot: (can we use this die roller? its more simple.)
Tinker: Sure.
Tinker: Jan smiles a little, closing one fist. "See what a little respect does for you?
Zobot: Heeheehee
Zobot: Speed on that flurry?
Zobot: The second gusty gook misses Jan
Zobot: The third one...
Tinker: (really sorry, I know this is basic, but how do you calculate speed again?))
Zobot: (If it's a charm, it's 6 unless the charm's description says otherwise. If it's an attack, the attack has a speed stat that tells you how fast or slow it is)
Tinker: (speed 6, then.)
Tinker: ((Allo?))
Zobot: (Sorry. I just had to recopy and post up Wei's story. Also, the two other mooks attacked Jan and missed. Your turn)
Tinker: (Quite fine.)
Tinker: Jan whips a leg up to kick an elemental upside the generalized chin area, using the door to gain leverage for the blow grunting a little with exertion as he prays that Sarge moves up the door fast...
Tinker: Hot damn. Seven sucsesses.
Zobot: You hit! It's dodge DV is a 6. So you have one raw success over
Tinker: Rolling 8, with the charm allowing 10s as doubles...
Tinker: Five sucsesses.
Zobot: Ok... so you destroy it
Zobot: It was only a minion.
Zobot: It explodes itno a buffet of air. NORMALLY, this would harm Jan, but...
Zobot: But what element is Jan again?
Tinker: Water.
Zobot: Then he's resistant to Fire innately. so ok, I have to roll it's essence in potential damage
Tinker: Fair 'nuff.
Zobot: damage! A botch, so it actually implodes
Tinker: Jan blinks a little. "...huh. You know, I hadn;t actualy seen onna hese do *that* before.'
Zobot: Ok... the other two attakc again but miss... *Sigh*(
Tinker: Jan Dodged as well as he can against the door. "Sarge? Are you okay back there?" he calls out, grasping his hands together and swinging them like a hammer, smacking a wind elemental harshly.
Zobot: Sarge is twitching his wings tightly and flapping as much as he can, trying to fly a little bit, and somehow, by pure virtue of willpower and determination alone, somehow lifting his body off the ground and is fluttering towards the doorknob.
Tinker: ....Jan gains 11 sucssesses for his blow.
Zobot: That's a direct hit
Tinker: +5 raw damage?
Zobot: Ok.. it's soak is a 6
Tinker: 6 sucsesses.
Zobot: It asplodes.
Zobot: Like the last one
Tinker: ....Jan glances to the side, swearing hes overhearing the demon workers making bets.
Zobot: One success... Jan takes a point of bashing damagre.
Zobot: And actually, the demons have a hot little betting pool going on... with side-bets about if Sarge can even push the doorknob enough to turn it
Zobot: Jan as 2 to 1 odds, Sarge has 1 to 20
Tinker: "Tch. I;ve had worse in a hurricane." he snorts.
Zobot: Ok.. the final gusty gook attakcs!
Zobot: Five successes. your DV?
Zobot: Alright. Well... the last Elemental is pounding at the door, but it's pretty strong and it can't seem to br8k in.
Zobot: Sarge: Bwi! *Is useful!*
Tinker: Jan: Good lad, Sarge. *picks him up*
Zobot: Ok... Jan's found himself in what, to him, probably looks pretty nonsensical. There's all these metal things with lots of switches, levers, glowing lights, and glowing buttons covering them. There doesn't appear to be any windows out, and all the instructions are written in Old Realm. The room is dark, dimly lit only by a flickering light above him, and the glowy buttons.
Zobot: Any furhter detail would require an investigation + perception check.
Tinker: Jan: ...I really should have learned Old Realm, Sarge.
Tinker: He;ll take the check.
Zobot: Ok, make yer roll
Tinker: Five sucsesses.
Zobot: Sarge: *Looking up from Jan's pocket* Bwi! *Knows Old Realm! ...but in his teeniest form really doesn't understand how to communicate beyond Bwi's and the occasional peep.*
Tinker: (using the page you sent me)
Zobot: (kay)
Tinker: Jan: Hrm. Maybe I can take some rubbings.
Zobot: Desus: *Is in a long Scooby Doo-esque chase scene on HIS sidequest through the Manse, running away from the Mutilating Manse Monster with a bunch of friendly humans who have been hiding in the manse for years*
Zobot: Ok! Jan's investigations give him a pretty good feel for the room. Including...
Zobot: ...ok, ok, to be honest his initial discoveries are all accidental. While he's taking a rubbing of some of the labeling he bumps a switch and finds that it controls the lights. The entire room flares up as the switch above you gets very bright. Another button, tentatively pressed, gives you a real-time holographic desplay of the entire room outside you, including an angry elemental pouncing at the door you've locked ineffectually.
Zobot: A third experimental button press appears to do something... entirely strange. It plays some rather unusual music:
Tinker: Jan: ... catchy.
Zobot: Eventually, however, Jan discovers some rather interesting things... including a large stone made of Jade and covered in many weird lined etchings, with an unusual symbol emblazoned upon one side.
Zobot: A circle, bisected by two pairs of crossing lines into four equal sized chunks.
Tinker: Jan: Hm! This seems important. Any ideas, Sarge?
Zobot: Sarge nudges it with his head. "Bwi!" He perks right up. <Jade! Nummy!>
Tinker: "Nooo, nonono." Jan takes out hsi bag of jade scrap, and picks sarge up- feeding him little peices of he jade.
Zobot: Sarge is mollified by this and happily nibbles on the jade scrap as he sits at the bottom of Jan's pocket.
Tinker: Jan turns the stone over a few times, looking around to see if it slits in somewhere.
Zobot: He can't see anywhere where it'd go, but I didn't get to mention the last thing he noticed. At the edge of the room, in a corner, there's a glinting of silver.
Tinker: Jan will investigate, cautiously.
Zobot: It looks to be a small moonsilver earring. A small hoop with a small golden bead dangling in the center of it, suspended by a thread of silk.
Zobot: (Also: This: ... re=related)
Tinker: The earring is suspended, or the golden bead?
Zobot: The golden bead. The hoop of the earring itself looks to detatch at one point and fit through a pierced ear.
Tinker: Jan'll pick it up, still a little careful.
Zobot: *Meanwhile, in the background, just behind Jan, a Tardis appears, piloted by 3 tiny gods, and then vanishes just before he turns around.*
Zobot: ...ok, the idea of the Cleeselets pinching a TARDIS is giong to probably become canon somehow.
Tinker: Agreed.
*** "Tinker (InsanityLuc)" signed on at Fri Jun 24 19:38:53 2011.
Zobot: Sorry. had a spot of trouble
Tinker: S'alright.
Zobot: So anyways... back to the point... What is Jan doing now?
Tinker: ((I've seen more then one Dr. Pony, actualy.))
Tinker: Jan is going to pick up the earring, and try it on- yes, he has peirced ears.
Zobot: Ok... It does nothing unless attuned, but he gains +1 dot in FASHION.
Tinker: He;ll try attuning it, just to see what it does.
Zobot: Ok... but it's a moonsilver relic. You can't attune to it naturally, you have to make a check.
Zobot: That means twice as many motes (so in this case 2) and a wits plus lore check with a threshold of 3.
Tinker: Ooookay. Whats the check?
Tinker: Okay.
Tinker: ((I don;t know a lot of this tff offhand. Sorry.))
Tinker: Ten sucsesses.
Tinker: Jan: *Lore+Wits=Nine.*
Zobot: (Don't worry about it, dude. I had to look it up myself. I just know where it is after Wally drilled it into my head time and time again. That being said, I wasn't trying to be b/witchy, just pointing out the rules)
Zobot: (if I came off as mean, I apologize)
Tinker: (S;alright. :-) ))
Tinker: Jan: *maxed his lore!*
Tinker: How many motes?
Zobot: Two motes. It typically only costs 1 mote to attune
Tinker: Righto.
Zobot: Ok... the activationf of the Moonsilver ring is acutally pretty minor, but interesting. It gives the wearer the ability to see in darkness of natural or unnatural nature.
Zobot: They won't be able to see as they would noramlly, but they can navigate by seeing the comparatative heat levels of diffrerent objects and entitiesw
Tinker: Jan: Hm! Useful, that. And it means a lunars gone through here.
Tinker: Hes going to investigate the corner he found it in.
Tinker: Five sucsesses.
Zobot: It's... well.. pretty empty, except for some scraping of claws, etched into the metal of the area
Tinker: "...Thats worrisome."
Tinker: He;ll check to see if theres more clawmarks, and where.
Tinker: Three sucsesses.
Zobot: Ok... well, three successes and the brighter lighting make it pretty easy to tell... there's writing in claw carved into the wall.
Zobot: Sarge: *Is bored and crawling out of Jan's pocket to explore*
Tinker: Can he read it?
Zobot: Old Realm, unfortuantely. And very illegible.
Zobot: Well, poorly carved, anyway.
Tinker: "....Sol *damn* it...." Jan grumbles, and copies down the text as well as he can.
Zobot: Ok... you got a copy of it. Meanwhile, Sarge is playing on the console amidst the shinies.
Tinker: Jan glances over, making sure hes okay.
Zobot: Sarge is fine, but he's been playing on the console and just now his tush fell down on a big shiny red button... which caused a lot of rumbling, and then nothing
Tinker: "....nertz." he checks the three ee model thing.
Zobot: From what he can tell, it's either... Sarge disabled the external Manse defense systems that could obliterate the entire outside region, or he just powered up the vibrating massage chairs in the eastern regions.
Tinker: "....Either way, seems good to me. Hey, Sarge, any other bright ideas?"
Zobot: Sarge: ...bwi? *Points at the carved Jade Thingie in Jan's pocket with a talon*
Tinker: Jan: *holds it up* besides eating this?
Zobot: Sarge: ...bwi? (Let the DM make a quick intelligence check)
Zobot: Sarge: *Pounces over to the holographic imaging and points at it* Bwi! <Pretty!> *At this point it's obvious... Sarge is pointing to the fact that the the display of the factory-ish area outside has shifted to another room... a glistening area made of a weird crystalline structure, with alcolves with levitating crystals floating in each of them. Fuzzy is walking through it and there's something in the shadows lurking near her.
Tinker: "...Fuzzy? Oh helling HELL... where is she?" he glowers at the display, looking around for a refference.
Zobot: Er, there's no direct context. It's all entirely in old realm!
Zobot: At this point, though... does Jan speak High Realm?
Tinker: Yep.
Zobot: He can make a Linguistsics + Intelligence check to see if he can get a rough approximation of what the displays mean after studying them for so long
Tinker: Two! Nertz.
Zobot: Jan can make out some similar forms of the odd verb or so, but this is complicated and a bit difficult to understand. As Jan is looking around, he sees what can only be described as a large, angry, female werewolf pouncing at Fuzzy, and then the display changes to a new view.
Zobot: A large, black haired man wearing intimidating soulsteel armor, with a single hand and a large soulsteel axe mounted to his other arm, going through what looks to be an armory.
Tinker: Can he repeat the linguistics check?
Zobot: I'm afraid not... the displays on the holo-monitor are pretty similar, and the writing on the consoles is all unchanged.
Tinker: he can;t try and understand it better?
Zobot: Well, usually a second check is onl allowed in contexts where new information has come up that alters your perception of the situation. But I'll say if you want to spend some time studying these runes you can make another check wtih a single die bonus as a stunt
Tinker: (also, I;m afraid I have to go for a bit in about 10 minutes, since I have to help with something)
Zobot: It will take about a half an hour, though.
Zobot: (that's fine See you soon!)
Tinker: (( Back))
Tinker: (( And ... 6fcvzdU%3D ))
Zobot: Awww...
Tinker: I know, right?
Tinker: And Jan wont take that long. He;ll search, specifical, for a map.
Zobot: Ok... so how are you looking for a map?
Tinker: Open any drawers, eamine surfaces, look for anything that appears to have the outlines and basic scematics of a map. and also, Jan clears his throat. "Scuse me? Manse-Spirit? You still up there?"
Zobot: " My apologies, Insignificant yet strangely Compelling Terrestrial. My focus is/was/will-be elsewhere. What do you wish?"
Tinker: "Whats this room for, and is there a map of the place around here?"
Zobot: "I'm not allowed to tell you about that room. In fact, I'm not even allowed to acknowledge that that room exists to you. In fact, just close the door and walk out and pretend you never saw anything inside it."
Tinker: "Oh, so its an *important* room. I mean, with all these shiny buttons in here..."
Zobot: "Yes.. if you could... not... push any of those, that would be ideal."
Tinker: "What buttons? You jsut said the room doesn;t exist."
Tinker: "However, if I had some idea of where a map miht be in the none existent room, or directions to the armory, I might be willing to exit its non area."
Zobot: Make a manipulation + presence check.
Tinker: Three.
Zobot: "...look, buddy. If I agree to make you a map, will you leave that room alone?
Tinker: "With the understanding that, should the map be inaccurate, I trace my way back here. No offense meant."
Zobot: "...fine."
Zobot: Some of the lasers outside begin to shift, as a large sheet of thin steel is carved into a rough map of the entire manse. And by rough, I mean EXTREMELY detailed
Tinker: Jan decides not to mention the carved peice of stone he got, and the handfulls of rubbings of most of the surfaces... ad the clawed in message. He collects Sarge, and carefuly unlocks the door- dodging to one side quickly to try and get the wind elmental to rush in past him.
Zobot: The Elemental at this point is gone... I stopped investing the expenditure of Essence needed to keep him maintained.
Tinker: "In my experience, better to look foolish then to not be paranoid when you need it. Thankee though." he walks out taking the map and working out where he is on it.
Zobot: Ok. You're currently in the Manufacturing Division, which looks to continue for a good deal further, with various significant divisions which seem to indicate what's behing built. The VATS are nearby, and in the opposite direction seems to be an enormous Library.
Tinker: Jan takes out a peice of his scrap jade he uses to feed Sarge, anduses it to draw a slightly tinted scratch around where he is now. Does he know what VATS stands for?
Zobot: Not a clue.
Zobot: Sarge: Bwi! *Pouncing at the piece of jade*
Tinker: Jan: *feeds it to him, and heads or the Vats, ornow*
Zobot: You can plot a course to the VATS, yes.
Tinker: Then to the Vats, just to see what it is. At a jog.
Zobot: Ok... as he jogs, make a Perception + Awareness check
Tinker: Nertz. Two.
Zobot: It's enough.
Tinker: Wooo!
Zobot: Ok... as Jan is approaching the Vats, midway through the Factory, he... well, he senses it first. The undead. It's a chill in the air and a feeling of unspecific dread
Tinker: He slows a litle, eyes narrowing.... tucking Sarge a little further into his pocket.
Zobot: He can see them next. An entire group of ghosts, holding trembling mortals as...
Tinker: Now he speeds up.
Zobot: (Suggested music: A young woman clad in loincloth and with hair that's a mix of green vines and blond hair, built like an amazon goddess, is wrestling with a man in large, spiky black shades, clad in a blood red cape and dashing evil boots, as well as a Karate Gi.
Zobot: The woman is surrounded by a tornado of leaves, spinning around her, which appears to have slashed at the skin of his cheek, as in one swift motion, he grabs her by her arm when she tries to throw a punch, and uses the force of the blow to throw HER across the room, slamming her into a conveyor belt, sending bits of machinery and what look ot be bits of glass the conveyor belt was omving flying everywhere.
Zobot: One of the people being held hostage, a young girl, starts weeping as this happens.
Zobot: As the woman, who we shall hence call the Amazoness, starts to stagger to her feet.
Tinker: Jan lets out an outraged roar, and makes a flying run at the man in the red cape, putting all his speed into the run.
Zobot: Dynamic Destroyer of the SetOOC: I have an awesome entrance!
Zobot: Ok... roll for initiative and brb
Tinker: Incidentally, is it still the same Scene as when Jan fought the wind elementals?
Zobot: No. It's been about an hour.
Zobot: ...two hours
Zobot: If that heals any bashing health levels, mark them back on
Tinker: Damn. There goes Golden Janmisary form.
Tinker: Duly noted.
Tinker: 5
Zobot: Ok...
Zobot: 7. he goes first.
Zobot: Well, jan isn't trying to conceal his presence at all, so Dynamic notices him. He turns and folds his arms. "Another one? You're doing this wrong, you know. The battle cry your people on the Isle shout out is "Ten Thousand Dragons Fight as One" not "One Dragon Fights as Ten Thousand."
Tinker: ((Did you mean Jan does first? Or this guy does?))
Zobot: Er... this guy rolled 7 successes. He goes first.
Zobot: But he's already got his form up, so he's holding his action and watching Jan. "So, who are you?"
Tinker: ((Just to double check, Jans going now?I apologize for being so thick about it.))
Zobot: Yes. It's Jan's turn
Tinker: "One ten thousandth of a dragon, apparently." Jan snaps, spending five motes to move into form again- and I should note hes in Anima Flux at this point, chunks of ice whipping through thudering tides around him.
Zobot: He grins. "Good. You actually know how to fight. Unlike Barbarian-<Censored for content> here..." He says this as the woman attacks him, and-
Tinker: ((I was going to have him take a flurry.... ))
Zobot: Oh, er... nevermind. Go ahead.
Tinker: ((Sorry, i was was trying to type up a Stunt.))
Zobot: (Ok. I'll hold my typing then. Lemme know when you're ready)
Tinker: Jan moves quickly, almost skidding against the grond as he moved between the man and the fallen woman, gritting his teeth to try and move fast enough at the same time as he expends the motes- his anima glowing with harsh ice winds as he aims a kick at the man- his heel glowing with the Janmisary form... even as he knows it probably won;t land properly...
Tinker: ((Annnnd thats it. I'll just roll witht he -2? ))
Zobot: (Add two bonus dice)
Tinker: Nine sucsesses.
Zobot: Ok... his dodge after acting is an 8, so you WOULD hit normally, but he's using his Martial Arts Excellency 1 to buy 4 dice and add them to his parry attempt. Whatever successes he rolls push up his parry.
Tinker: Righto.
Zobot: 3 successes. His hand shoots up and catches Jan's heel, death essence diffusing your holy energy. "You know there's a reason why the Wyld Hunt sends Dragon Blooded in groups of at least three, right?"
Tinker: "Actualy, i was raised in a very small cave, under a rock. Please, enlighten me. Done looking up my robes?" he asks dryly, rage turning hsi tone shap and short.
Zobot: Destroyer: Not much to look at anyway. *He pushes Jan back, and then rears up.* Prepare for the first of the Whims of Those Who Serve Oblivion Destroyer style's secret techniques!
Tinker: Jan recovers, cracking hs neck a little. "I'll be sure to take notes, fancybritches."
Zobot: He lifts his right hand, which is glowing with death essence, and raises it to his side, sliding his cloak away, as he charges forward and attempts to punch Jan in the chest.
Zobot: He's using "Shattered Dreams of the Neverborn", a charm.
Zobot: 8 Successes!
Tinker: Tell me when we;re on stage seven.
Zobot: What's your dodge DV?
Tinker: 3. (( And I reffer to this bt of Golden Janmissary: Additionally, the warrior can spend
one mote refl exively in Step 7 of attack resolution to reduce
the damage from any attack against him by two dice, to a
minimum of one. Using this technique against creatures
of darkness reduces the damage by fi ve dice instead, to a
minimum damage of zero. ))
Zobot: ...interesting. Well... it's just as well that this charm doesn't directly attack you, then
Tinker: ...well.
Zobot: So I'll ask again... what's your dodge or parry DV?
Tinker: I said. Three.
Zobot: Oh.. ah... ok.
Zobot: So he's got five successes... is Jan wearing any armor?
Tinker: Yep. Artifact Breastplate. 10L/9B.
Zobot: The soak on both bashing and lethal is reduced by 3 as the fist slams into the armor, and death essence assails it's integrity, corroding it supernaturally.
Tinker: ....the Moonsilver in his Skin?
Tinker: &#@!$.
Zobot: The effect DOES wear off at the end of the scene, and the armor will go back to nomal, but the effect does stack.
Zobot: He's not powerful enough to break it permanently yet. That's another charm.
Tinker: ....Since I presume that having a tattoo corrode hurts.
Zobot: Probably. Plus, Echo might disapprove
Tinker: Jan stares down. "...You... you... you CORRODED MY EMPRESS DAMNNING ARMOR!" hes... not happy. Even as a cold, logcal place starts pointing out how he could very well die, now.
Tinker: How many ghosts are there?
Zobot: 4.
Tinker: Right.
Zobot: brb, bio
Tinker: k
Zobot: "The Neverborn of the Underworld crave destruction, and their most secret of martial arts emulates and embodies that whim." He strikes a DYNAMIC POSE as he pulls his fist back, flakes of moonsilver splintering off and falling to the floor. (DM's NOTE: this is purely for dramatic effect. No mechanical disadvantage) "Any defenses you have will be shattered. Any strength you have will be cancelled. Any hope you have broken against my inassailable cliffside of doom! And it's a spikey cliff too!"
Zobot: He smirks. "Show me POWER, Terrestrial! This isn't fun yet!"
Zobot: What's your anima banner at? What level, I mean?
Tinker: I think we;re up to full iconic aura here.
Zobot: How many motes of peripheral have you spent?
Tinker: Total, since the wind elementals, or just now?
Zobot: This fight. Enough time has passed since the Wind Elementals that THOSE effects would have died down
Tinker: Ah. Then five, actualy. (I don;t suppose I gained... any motes, since then...? *knows probably at most like two)
Zobot: Two hours, you gain 4 per hour normally, you're regenerating at 1/4th that value, so you've regained 2 motes
Zobot: Ok, Thanks. it's Jan's turn, by the way
Zobot: (You ok with Dr. Beard watching?)
Tinker: Jan cracks his neck without touching it, spitting to the side. "Maybe you wanna totter back to yer daddy and ask to borrow a roll 'a coins, featherpunches." Jan winds up for a square smack against the jaw, his fist flaring a literally blind golden light, as he expends seven motes- three motes to initiate, and one each to spread the effect of LONE SPARK LIGHT THE CONFLAGRATION to the ghosts around them.
Tinker: ((Not at all.))
*** Creating conference...
*** profzobot has joined the conversation.
*** Kemmetmau has joined the conversation.
Zobot: What does that charm do again?
*** insanityluc has joined the conversation.
insanityluc: Jan cracks his neck without touching it, spitting to the side. "Maybe you wanna totter back to yer daddy and ask to borrow a roll 'a coins, featherpunches." Jan winds up for a square smack against the jaw, his fist flaring a literally blind golden light, as he expends seven motes- three motes to initiate, and one each to spread the effect of LONE SPARK LIGHT THE CONFLAGRATION to the ghosts around them.
Zobot: *What does that charm do again?)
insanityluc: (( ... flagration Scroll of the monk P 50 ))
insanityluc: (( I figure giving th epage number is easier then copy-pasting it all in here.))
insanityluc: ((Either way it doesn;t affect the initial attack roll.))
Zobot: Ah. Cool... well... what did you roll for hit?
insanityluc: SON of a.... 7 sucsesses.
Zobot: ...does the charm still have it's secondary effects if it misses?
insanityluc: doesn;t say either way.
Zobot: I'm going to rule that although he's unharmed, his ghosts all get lit aflame.
insanityluc: Right. Then wach flaming ghost suffers dice o aggrivated famage equal to Jans essence, which ignores armor, inside golden flaming pyres. It;ll happen again on Jans nect turn, then dim, then vanish.
insanityluc: So, thats two dice of aggrivated damage.
insanityluc: Also from Golden janmisary Style, rolls of 10 on a damage dice are two sucsesses. So. Rolling for the nect tick...
insanityluc: ....failure.
Zobot: Well... they're all extras, so...
Zobot: Er, sorry?
insanityluc: ... yeah, Jans not going to make it.
Kemmetmau: ((Meep.))
insanityluc: Welp.
Zobot: What's your essence at?
insanityluc: 10 personal, periphial 0.
Zobot: He grins. "Is that it? No shining brightly? No great last strike?" He's going to move his hand back. "I'm low on essence...time to finish this. In just two blows, you'll be dead, I predict!"
insanityluc: "...I;m still standing, aren't I? Come on then. Hit me, you great nihilistic cowardly son of a decayed solar soul!"
Zobot: He's a flashy Kamina-esque pomp, so he's going to waste another charm on you. Grevious Agony attack. If it hits, in additon to normal damage, it also adds something extra
insanityluc: Jan braces himself, desperatly praying the amazoness gets those kids away. "Come at me, Sun King gone Dark!"
Zobot: 6 Successes.
Zobot: So that hits...
insanityluc: ((...this is a bad time to realize I;ve been calculating Jans DV wrong, but its still pretty low.))
Zobot: (What is it?)
insanityluc: ( 6 )
Zobot: Ok... so he's got a hit with 0 raw successes.
Zobot: this adds his strenght of 3, so he's got just 3 damage.
insanityluc: Thats good.
Zobot: He hits for one. The effects of Grevious Agony Attack come into play.
insanityluc: Well, even with his armor knocked down, its 7/l and 8/b.
insanityluc: Shit.
Zobot: Jan is overcome with wracking pain, and for the next action, he drops prone and shifts to Inactive Status. This lasts until their next action
Zobot: ...or five ticks, if that's shorter
insanityluc: Five ticks- Jans last acction was speed 6.
insanityluc: Can he still speak?
Zobot: Yes
insanityluc: "You... call that... an ultimate... attack?"
Zobot: "Hmm hmm hmm... brave, but YOU'RE the one on the floor writhing."
Zobot: He's advancing on Jan... his charm takes six ticks, so he and Jan will actually go on the same tick this time. Except that soemone else goes first.
Zobot: They've been holding their action this whole time, but now is the time to act.
insanityluc: "You;re the one... tourturing a old soldier."
Zobot: SARGE crawls out of his Daddy's pocket, scrambling onto Jan's chest.
insanityluc: Jans eyes widen, in sudden fear. "Sarge, stay... "
Zobot: Dynamic Destroyer: ...what the frig is this? A little lizard?
Zobot: Sarge: Bwi! Bwwiiiii! *Bwi's about how his Daddy isn't the only one who will take a stand against ickiness. He's cut from the same stone. IN his case, literally.*
insanityluc: Jan: *gritting hsi teeth to try and force himself up*
Zobot: Dynamic: I have no idea what is going on. But if this thing is important to you.. I'll smash it. *His fist glows with death essence..*
Zobot: And Sarge inhales.
insanityluc: "Damn it don't you dare!"
Zobot: Ok. Sarge is using his Dragons Suspire attack... which is, quite literally, a small localized wave of water coming from his mouth
Zobot: Low damage, but knockback.
Zobot: IF it hits.
Kemmetmau: ((SARGE used WATER GUN!))
Zobot: (Yes, pretty much)
insanityluc: (If Jan survives this, he's etting more white in his hair. )
Zobot: ...he barely hit.
Zobot: Sarge actually hit.
insanityluc: Holy...
Zobot: Because elemental attacks apparently ignore parry, and this guys' dodge is crap
Zobot: ....that's the last time I base a chibi-dragon's breath weapon off of the Legitimate statistices for a Dragon in this game, I'll tell you that
insanityluc: Wooo!
Zobot: Ok... so he has 2 raw damage. This pretty much means he just does his essence in bashing damage (2) but that's multiplied by 2 for purposes of knockback
Zobot: Sending Dynamic Destroyer flying back a good 10 yards
insanityluc: Jan blinks a little, and looks down. ", thats a damn dragon. <3"
Zobot: And making him land prone as the little dragon, maw open and body trembling with exertion, uses up all his essence and 1 willpower just to make a stand.
Zobot: his body glistening with what appears to be a small anima banner of it's own... basically just making him super shiny.
Zobot: Sarge slumps over, exhausted from the exertion, landing limply on the floor next to Jan and panting.
insanityluc: "...thats my *boy*."
insanityluc: As soon as he can, Jan is going to carefuly pick Sarge up, and gently slide him in his pocket, standing up.
Zobot: Ok... Dynamic is actually not looking that good
Zobot: He was dinged up before the fight began, and now he's... well, he took a hit square on the jaw
Zobot: At this point, Amazoness has finally gotten close enough to make actions against Dynamic.
Zobot: Even with her -2 wound penalty.
insanityluc: Go Amazoness!
Zobot: tick, right after Jan.
Zobot: Jan's turn
Zobot: Dynamic used his standing up
Zobot: Tinker?
insanityluc: Jan gets up, still shaking a little with pain. He drags his willpower together, taking strength from Sarges brave stand. He takes a deep breath, and gathers up the power (three motes) to preform another martial arts attack, one that could stand to paralyze his foe. "Rotten! LEAF! ARRESTED!" he aims a swift rabbit punch- right up and under to the neck.
insanityluc: (Page 30, I think. The player of any creature of darkness struck with this
attack must roll to prevent that creature’s knockdown. If
the attack infl icts enough raw damage to cause knockdown
normally, the roll’s diffi culty increases by two.
Against any target, the attack need only infl ict a number
of levels of damage equal to the target’s (Stamina – 1) to
make the creature risk becoming stunned. The diffi culty to
resist being stunned is equal to either the attacker’s Essence
or (the damage infl icted – the target’s Stamina)—whichever
is higher.
insanityluc: ((Is there a minus for having to get up?)
Zobot: Oh wow.
insanityluc: ?
Zobot: Standing up is considered an action in it's own right, which would constittue what you're doing as a flurry
insanityluc: Fair.
insanityluc: Nine dice, then.
insanityluc: Seven sucsesses.
Zobot: Mkae your roll. I'll roll to prevent knockdown
Zobot: Ok, that definately hits
Zobot: His parry DV right now is a 5.
Zobot: So you have 2 raw successes
insanityluc: Right in the neck. <3
insanityluc: FIve sucsesses!
Zobot: Ok... he failed knockback, but it might not matter
Zobot: Well... he's dead.
Zobot: Darn, Amazon-chic was going to use her last charm to attack him. Ah well.
insanityluc: ...Holy...
Zobot: He started out at his -1 health levels.
insanityluc: ....well, that;d explain that.
insanityluc: Jan stands panting, his fist probably rather bloody from the blow. He carefuly sets his hands together, still shaking a bit from the pain. "....please return to the wheel of rencarnation." he mutters, turning to look around at the ghosts. "Drop 'em."
Zobot: At this point, the ghosts.... well, they'er acting on their own volition without a master to direct them
Zobot: NORMALLY this would mean rampaigng.
Zobot: But seeing someon practicing a holy style means they're in serious danger of reincarnatoin here...
Zobot: So they're going to let go and start running.
insanityluc: Jan'll let them for now, since hes exausted and it means the mortals are safe. He's going to turn, and offer a hand to the woman. "...hello, soldier."
Zobot: The woman grunts at you
Zobot: "Who... are... you..." She grunts in old realm
insanityluc: ((For convinience can I assume he gets the gist?))
Zobot: (Yes)
Zobot: As she grunts at him, Dynamic Destroyer's body glows with a mysterious black light.
Zobot: As a small sphere of glowing death energy rises up from his body, swirling around, trying to move away... but something seems to be preventing it...
insanityluc: Jan- oh right his flux. He doesn;t move closer. He bows, deeply. "Name... Winter Storm. Honored." he says, in mostly high realm... and looks back, sensing motion.
Zobot: and then, rigidly and without much apparent enthusiasm, the black sphere starts drifting downward, towards the center of the Manse, at it's lowest point.
Zobot: Slipping through the floor and vanishing.
insanityluc: "...what in the name of seven..." Jan makes a swipe for it, cussing a little as it vanishes.
Zobot: He can't reach it, unfortunately, but the woman nods. "<You... stronger... than... me...>
Zobot: She falls to one knee. "Came... save... tribe."
Zobot: "<Take... tribe...home?"
insanityluc: Jan looks at her, and reaches out a hand, pointing at her, and then himself, "...Warrior. Warrior. Please. Stand. We gaurd." he asks, and looks around- retrieving the map. "...have children. Went, further inside. Will help, Tribe. Must go back, then. My... young."
Zobot: Sarge: *is going to nap for a week after this, probably, rubbing his talons against his eyes*
Zobot: Amazoness: ...t-thank. *She stands up and walks over to start speaking to her friends in an incomprehensible language*
insanityluc: Jan gently pets sarge, feeding him more jade chunks,a nd tries to work out a path to the exit on the map.
Zobot: Ok... you can navigate to the VATS pretty easily... As you're moving, you hear a voice in the air. That's NOT Ini.
Zobot: "Hello, is this thing on? Alright... my name is Lucent. I hope you can all hear me."
insanityluc: Jan stops, listening.
Zobot: "I'm trying to reach a woman who came here... her name is Mei! I have urgent business with her. Will she please come to the Vats as soon as possible? I'm afraid she's keeping her friend waiting."
Zobot: "For some reason her crying friend thoguht it would be a good idea to hide in an incinerator and won't come out unless Mei comes to get her."
insanityluc: Jan looks back down to the map, and gives a little look of sliht suspicion. He looks back, at the woman. "....Stay... behind me." he cautions, just in case, and makes hsi way to the Vats.
Zobot: "I really hope no one else thinks to come down... I'm afraid it simply HAS to be Mei. Otherwise, the incinerator might activate... and oh dear. I don't want to think about that."
insanityluc: Jan breaks out into a run.
Zobot: Ok.. as Jan and the woman make their way to the VATS... well... they encounter a friend!
Zobot: And that's the end of Jan's sidestory. Which is the farthest, chronologically, of everyone's.
insanityluc: Wooo!
Zobot: His ended a bit later tahn everoyne else's did. Otherwise that message would have broadcast in Shun and Wei's stories as well
Zobot: They'll have to wait a bit in saturday's game to catch up.
Zobot: What did you think?
Kemmetmau: *clap clap*
insanityluc: That was *intense*. I will be honest, I figured I wa snicked fair and square.
insanityluc: But it was so very cool!
Zobot: Honestly, I had the Amazon in there to help Jan, but everyone started wiht wound penalties;
Zobot: She didn't ever get a chance to strike.
Zobot: And Sarge actually hitting... I wanted to give him a chance to do something assuming Jan fell, but I never expected him to HIT.
Zobot: He was supposed to be like Gamzee, without the creepy evil side
Zobot: Just adorable and generally useless
insanityluc: Only then he is awesome!
insanityluc: Jan is goign to find him a dang slab of blue jade now.
Zobot: ...and now I'm imagining Jan using Sarge like Vimes used a loaded Swamp Dragon in one of the books.
Zobot: Holding him like a little cocked gun...
insanityluc: Hah! You know he would, too.
Zobot: Welp, I've got to go finish Jane's side-story.
insanityluc: Good luck!
Zobot: oh, I should probably give Jan his capstone... I completely forgot!
insanityluc: Wooo!
Zobot: It's fairly minor... but for helping him, the amazoness is going to present him with a Jade Pendant wiht a hearthstone in it'
insanityluc: He accepts it, with another deep bow.
Zobot: The Heartstone is useless rightnow, but the pendant allows one to regenerate essence at a faster rate.
Zobot: See the book for details. The core one
Zobot: It's the secret to how she's been the strongest in her village!
Zobot: Well, one of them
Zobot: She can regenerate essence faster than her fellows.
Zobot: Actually, everyone in that village is essence-awakened. It was a plot point that sorta never came up
insanityluc: Heh. He will thank her respectfully.
Zobot: But she and her dad (and potentially her daughter) are the only dragon blooded there. All of them wood-aspect
Zobot: Well, hope you had fun.
insanityluc: I did indeed.
insanityluc: Well done, Z.
insanityluc: Baoshis tommorow?
Zobot: Sarge: *Would be sweating heavily and feverish, if a little living jade thingy could sweat or overheat*
Zobot: Yup. And Fuzzy's.
Zobot: You're the last two.
Zobot: And Baoshi's is... less long.
Zobot: He already got his capstone, so yeah.
insanityluc: *nods* Already had that.
insanityluc: Jan: *has one hand around Sarge as he runs*
insanityluc: Also, i want to write a back story with Jan dealing with a wheatley-esqu manse spirit.
Kemmetmau: Thanks for letting me sit in.
insanityluc: Anytime.
*** kemmetmau has left the conversation.

We've learned a lot, but this still isn't going to be easy. But I don't think the elder star's confidence in us was misplaced. I know we can do this! We'll set things right! ...somehow.

"There is a fine line between a good King and a Despot. A King is best when His subjects barely realize that He exists. When His work is done and His will is fulfilled, they will say, 'We did it ourselves.'"
-Xin Yun

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