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 Post subject: Baoshi's path...
PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 6:14 pm 
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As the Heroes are split, so are their stories. What has happened to Baoshi while the rest of the group is away?

[17:12] Zobot: Anyway, Exalted?
[17:12] Tinker: Ah, sure..
[17:14] Zobot: So. Baoshi.
[17:14] Tinker: Indeed. Whos last words, I beleive, were 'I really hate riddles....'
[17:14] Zobot: Well... Baoshi's standing outside a door, like all the rest.
[17:16] Tinker: Hes going to take out his staff, and use it to poke the door open, suspiciously.
[17:16] Zobot: The Door slides open automatically, to the staff's touch
[17:18] Tinker: He'll move forward,using the staff to tap out the ground in front of him.
[17:22] Zobot: Ok... you enter a long hallway, which is very narrow and only leads one a small platform that clearly has no ceiling
[17:23] Tinker: Baoshi is going to prod it with his staff a little, before he gets on.
[17:24] Zobot: Ok, it starts raising up, carrying Baoshi upward.
[17:24] Tinker: He crouches, hilding his staff upright- half wondering if it won;t jsut continue into the ceiling.
[17:25] Zobot: "I can tell what you're thinking... and for the reference, I'm not just going to kill you. It's less interesting than what I've got in store."
[17:26] Tinker: "All the same, I think I will keep my gaurd up."
[17:26] Zobot: As Baoshi ascends, the walls began to pull out, making empty expanses around him. And widen... until he's on a lift surrounded by darkness
[17:28] Tinker: " I wonder where I am, on the manse...."
[17:28] Zobot: "You could ask.
[17:29] Tinker: "Allright. Where am I, then?
[17:36] Zobot: The air around Baoshi begins to get... dusty. Looking up, he sees strands of some substance stretching acround everywhere above him... they look like cobwebs, except more and more detailed and complicated and orinate, with glistening bits of Special Stardust suspended in them
[17:37] Zobot: "You're in the Weavery."
[17:37] Tinker: "....Hn... wha.... n?" Baoshi peers out, tryig to make it out. "....not... patterns..."
[17:38] Zobot: "You're starting to get it.." The Manse hums musically
[17:38] Tinker: "Is this a *fate* web?"
[17:39] Zobot: "We'll make a Vizier of you yet."
[17:40] Zobot: The lift stops with a lurch on a large metal catwalk stretching out into darkness. You can't see very far ahead of you and it doesn't appear like there's a lot of light sources around... around you, there's thousands of patterns. Thousands of little strands of webbing.
[17:42] Zobot: It's a lot smaller than what it reminds Baoshi of, of course. And not very well lit. And less grand. But the fact that it's here...
[17:43] Tinker: Baoshi has to take a moment to cover his eyes, adjusting... using the staff to tap the catwalk and make sure it's sturdy, walking out to look over the sides... "Its amazing... a small Fate woven in the Wyld. Who could have...?"
[17:51] Tinker: (( ? ))
[17:52] Zobot: The catwalk is sturdy. It's destination, however, is still unknown.
[17:52] Zobot: But Baoshi can see faint shadowy things skittering along the webbings around you
[17:54] Tinker: He leans over the edge here and there, loking at the movement... slowly making his way down it, marveling at such a thing. Its not like there could be a second loom.... could there?
[17:56] Zobot: Suddenly, one of the shadowy entities gets within your limited vision. It's a spider. And it looks shocking enough, EXACTLY like Oolong.
[17:56] Tinker: "!!?!! H.... Oolong?"
[17:56] Zobot: Who has never really looked similar to the other pattern spiders. It doesn't seem to pay Baoshi much heed, however, as it starts kneeding threads of the loom together.'
[17:56] Zobot: In fact, he seems almost beneath it's notice
[17:58] Tinker: "....Oolong?" Baoshi taps ooling gently, as if checking that hes really there, before keeping on walking... hoping to find the answer to this mystery.
[17:59] Zobot: Oolong, who has remained as Baoshi's necklace or whatever, unfolds and looks up at Baoshi, clicking inquisitively.
[18:01] Tinker: Baoshi points over the edge, showing him... "Are these... the same kind of thing as you? I mean, I know you;re sort of a pattern spider..."
[18:01] Zobot: Oolong looks down at the spiders, then back up at Baoshi. "/Yes/"
[18:02] Tinker: " this a Fate Web?"
[18:03] Zobot: Oolong begins to scuttle down off of Baoshi's hand and crawl up some of the strands.
[18:03] Zobot: It clicks at some of the other spiders, who click back at it. Then, it turns back to Baoshi. "/Yes/"
[18:04] Tinker: "...Another loom?"
[18:04] Zobot: "/The/Difference/is/in/scope/"
[18:07] Tinker: "I see. But still... making fate- not just *extending* fate, into the Wyld... well, al the same, we have something else to attend to. Cmon, Oolong. And... remind me to pick you up some polish, or something.
[18:08] Zobot: Oolong begins to click and beign to skitter back to Baoshi, crawling up and settling around his neck as is usual
[18:08] Tinker: Baoshi moves alon the catwalk, his caste mark showing up a little now, enough to cause a glow- taking it as fast as he dares.
[18:08] Zobot: ...well FLUX
[18:08] Zobot: MSW is down.
[18:09] Tinker: .... Oooh dear.
[18:09] Tinker: Ah, hold up.
[18:09] Zobot: We'll likely have to run the game in a chatroom window tonight
[18:09] Zobot: If we can
[18:10] Tinker: ....wait, nertz.
[18:10] Tinker: Hm, looks like your right.
[18:11] Zobot: Yeah... well, it's not immensely important at the moment.
[18:11] Tinker: *nods*
[18:15] Tinker: So, Baoshi Jogs down he catwalk.
[18:19] Zobot: As he does, he notices that lattices of catwalk break off going everywhere around this entire web of fate. It looks like the catwalks, which are likely less old than the web itself, it looks like the shadowy spider shapes are starting to gather around Baoshi's section of the catwalk
[18:22] Tinker: He stops and leans over the side again... holding out his hands to them. "What it is?" he asks, looking around... noting where the catwalks are positioned.
[18:22] Zobot: They're starting to click. First, out of order and confused, and then, more and more, in time with each other.
[18:22] Zobot: Click click click click click click...
[18:23] Zobot: click CLICK click....
[18:24] Tinker: Baoshi listens intently, looking at Oolong. "...what are they doing?"
[18:24] Zobot: Oolong looks up at you. "/Insufficient/Data/"
[18:24] Zobot: The Spiders have begun to encircle Baoshi.
[18:24] Zobot: click CLICK click CLICK click....
[18:26] Tinker: Baoshi holds still, and holds out his hands to them... tring to work out whats happening. Him being there? A sidreal?
[18:28] Zobot: Then, suddenly, the clicking starts to make sense in Baoshi's mind. All that time meditating in the Room of the Loom may have just taxed his sanity, or maybe, just maybe...
[18:28] Zobot: "/FIVE/endings/SHALL/baoshi/BRING/"
[18:28] Tinker: He freezes, and listens intently, barely breathing....
[18:29] Zobot: "/in/FOUR/dire/BATTLES/shall/HIS/voice/SING/"
[18:30] Zobot: "/THREE/secrets/SHALL/his/SHOULDERS/bare/"
[18:32] Zobot: "/and/TWO/journies/ACROSS/the/IVORY/stair/
[18:34] Zobot: "/ONE/era/OF/serenity/SHALL/come/AT/Baoshi's/END/or/THAT/of/ONE/he/ONCE/called/FRIEND/"
[18:35] Tinker: Baoshi swallows a little, spooked by the prophecy, as it might be...
[18:37] Zobot: At this, the clicking grows for a moment, before the spiders begin to disperse.
[18:37] Zobot: apparently now disinterested in the mop-headed boy wiht his mother's staff
[18:39] Tinker: Baoshi takes a moment to recover, and rubs his forhead. "....prophecies. Well. No point dwelling now." he takes a momenet to say a smal lprayer to Fate, and even a little to its flirty cousin Luck, and takes off at a job down the catwalk again.
[18:47] Zobot: Brb. Dinner
[18:49] Tinker: kk
[18:52] Tinker: ((brb))
[19:13] Zobot: Back
[19:20] Zobot: Anyways... Baoshi continues onto the catwalk, walking beyond it... and then, he passes by the broken, battered body of what looks to have been a black-haired man wearing Green Jade armor., who is lying against the body of a white haired man in soulsteel armor.
[19:22] Zobot: The second body is found a bit further ahead than the first
[19:29] Tinker: ((Back))
[19:30] Tinker: He stops, looking at the two bodies... checking the green armored man for a pulse.
[19:32] Zobot: The Green armored man has no pulse, and in additon he has several lacerations around his neck
[19:33] Tinker: He winces, and gently arranges him on his back, hands over his chest, saying a small prayer. He duitifuly checks the pulse of the second man...
[19:34] Zobot: The other man is also dead, but this one appears to have been due to blunt trauma. As his weapon is coated with blood, it doesn't take a Legalacerator to guess that he may have killed the other man
[19:37] Tinker: Baoshi grumbles, but preforms the same action for the other man, turning him on his back, and saying a prayer for his soul. Baoshi looks around... looking for a hint of some third party.
[19:38] Zobot: make a Perception + awareness check
[19:41] Tinker: 3 sucsess.
[19:46] Zobot: Ok... he can hear someone breathing up ahead. Deep, heavy breaths. Like someone is tired after exerting themselves
[19:48] Tinker: Baoshi loks between the figures, and takes a gamble. "Hello?"
[19:49] Zobot: Standing there, looking tired, is Shota. The very first Sidereal Baoshi ever met. Well, him and Uzuki.He looks... tired, the Caste Mark of Journies emblazoned on his forehead
[19:53] Tinker: "Shota, Uzuki!" Baoshi exclaims a little, faintly shocked to see them... before remembering the puzzle upstairs. He glances back again- that makes sense.
[19:54] Zobot: Shota turns. "'s you."
[19:56] Tinker: "...what can I say, I;m an adventuresome vacationer." he says dryly, shrugging a little.
[19:57] Zobot: He stands up from where he was sitting. "It's amazing, isn't it? Another whole Loom, out here in the middle of nowhere."
[19:59] Tinker: "....Its something of a shock. Another web of fate, on its own. And the generators, outside- I wonder if this all could be used to reclaim a deadland. Are either of you hurt? I keep banadages on me, these days."
[20:04] Zobot: Er... Shota's the only one there. Uzuki's not there. I just mentioned that those were the first two Sidereal baoshi met
[20:05] Tinker: Oh. It was phrased very vaugly.
[20:05] Zobot: I konw. Sorry
[20:05] Tinker: Make that "Are you hurt."
[20:05] Zobot: He's quiet. "...a little. I had to hold back when I was helping the Dragon Blooded.
[20:06] Zobot: "I couldn't go all out until the Abyssal got him. But you shouldn't be being so nice."
[20:08] Tinker: "...I'm in the habit, what can I say. Should I be worried, here?
[20:08] Zobot: "You have to know why I'm here. The message got delievered."
[20:11] Tinker: "...yeah. But we're still both Sidreals, aren;t we? You aren;t an enemy of creation or anything. We;re just... not on the same side, right now. So I won;t reat you like an enemy, until things come to a conflict."
[20:13] Zobot: He looks at Baoshi blankly. Then he starts to laugh
[20:15] Tinker: Baoshi snorts a little. crossing his arms. "....yeah, yeah, I know how it sounds..."
[20:15] Zobot: "No, it's to be expected. You don't think like they do."
[20:16] Tinker: "Eh... define 'they'. Or maybe don;t- I;m starting to catch on that theres a lot of theys. "
[20:17] Zobot: He's looking at you. "The Sidereal. The real ones. You don't act like we do, think like we do... hahahaha... it's just so ridiculous."
[20:18] Zobot: "I can't believe this... all this time, decieving you and your friends into thinking I was with the Gold Stars... trying to get you all to trust me... Kejak finally granted us Terminal Sanction on both of you... and then I realize I don't have the heart to go through wiht it.".
[20:20] Tinker: Baoshi stares at him, having been about to say something.... now looking a little like hes been punched in the gut, the color drained from his face. He has to take a dee breath, forcing himself to recover.
[20:21] Zobot: He starts to sit down. "It's entirely ridiculous."
[20:23] Tinker: Baoshi looks down at him, and holds out a hand. "...well. I can;t really take something as small as being sent to kill me personaly, at this point."
[20:25] Zobot: He looks up at Baoshi and starts laughing again. "Whoo... you would have been better off as a solar."
[20:27] Tinker: "So the Maidens won at cards that day. You;ll get a bg in your mouth laughing this hard..." he snaps, rolling his eyes a little. "You want to stay here, alright. But look. For what its worth.... at the point, you;re just going to have to deal with me forgiving you."
[20:28] Zobot: He sighs. "Not so fast, kid.. There's something I wanna get off my chest before you leave."
[20:29] Tinker: "Can I convince you to let me slap a bandage on you while you say it?"
[20:30] Zobot: For a moment he hesitates, and then smirks. "Go ahead."
[20:32] Tinker: "Tch, tch... donlt give me that look." baoshi takes out a roll of bandages. "We only have so many sidreals. Am i supposed to say I let resources get wasted?" he;ll take a medical check.
[20:32] Tinker: Six sucsesses.
[20:34] Zobot: Ok... while you're patching him up, he speaks. "Do you know, Baoshi, why a Sidereal Exalts? Each of the different sort of Exalted are selected from mortals because of their own qualities... strength of character, will to live, a strong bloodline..."
[20:35] Tinker: "....fate, right?"
[20:35] Zobot: He watches you work. "You've probably been told that a Sidereal is destined to Exalt before they're born, yes. And that's not entirely untrue. But it's a little lie we tell young recruits. A lie that is the truth."
[20:36] Tinker: Baoshi makes a slight face at the phrasing, carefully winding a bandage.
[20:36] Tinker: "So, what is it, then?"
[20:36] Zobot: "A Sidereal exalts because they are a person with no past... and no future. Someone who can be easily removed from being a necessary factor in the Loom of Fate. Someone who doesn't need to fulfill some destiny. Someone who the world easily forgets."
[20:37] Zobot: "Because they are called to exist outside the normal operations of the world, and it is required that they are willing to shed all their mortal ties. It's a necessary part of the job.'
[20:39] Tinker: Baoshi blinks a little, pausing a little at the new information, to digest it. "...That... makes me a little relieved, in a way. Maybe even glad."
[20:40] Zobot: "We are meant to be the unseen hand behind the World... the guardians who keep it safe, the maintance people who fix what is broken... the writers who pen in the stories. Sidereals aren't supposed to be Sidereals unless they've given up all their mortal ties and resigned themselves to the fact that everyone they were once friends with may be better off if they never remembered them. That's why, when you were born, you were not fated to be a Sidereal."
[20:42] Tinker: ".....huh?" Baoshi blinks a little, looking at him, just back to confused again. "...thats not the way it works... right?" he ties a bandage in place, making sure its tight.
[20:42] Zobot: He smirks. "You're beginning to see with more than just your eyes. But I was there when you were first concieved. I saw the new strands of fate to the loom
[20:44] Tinker: "...not to play down the enormity and sheer mind breaking insanity of that statment, I have to childishly interject: Ew."
[20:44] Zobot: Shota: It wasn't like that! I mean, shortly after any sidereal becomes pregnant, it is tradition to check the child's ultimate fate and destiny. It's practical." He scowls.
[20:46] Tinker: "Sorry, sorry... you cant give me a line like that and not expect a quip.... its all so serious, that otherwise I might get twitchy."
[20:47] Tinker: "....wait, you mean my mom?"
[20:47] Zobot: He folds his arms. "You were never meant to be a Sidereal. The Exaltation should never have taken hold of you in the first place. Even as a young boy you never showed any of the signs. You made friends and grew very close to them. You had people who cared about you very deeply. You had friends in villages who remembered you. You wouldn't ever vanish quietly out of fate."
[20:49] Tinker: Baoshi has to school himself to not look a little guilty, sitting back a little to listen. "...well. Then I did. So... what happened?"
[20:50] Zobot: "You even lack the ruthlessness any proper sidereal should have. We're in charge of a house of cards here. We have to be willing to make the decisions that people would regret making. Take the necessary steps that people will hate us for. But your mother... she DID something. Maidens only know what, but she convinced Jupiter to lay claim to you before the Unconquered Sun ever thought to turn his gaze. You OUGHT to have been a Solar. They're the only ones who can get away with that Power of Love and Friendship stuff and keep living."
[20:55] Tinker: Baoshi listens, with a faint scowl... before shrugging "....well the Maiden decided to take me then, didn;t she. And you;re all stuck with me for now.And I;m stuck with you all, too."
[20:56] Tinker: "...maybe I;m just willing to take the nessesarry steps you guys will hate me for too."
[20:56] Zobot: "She told me... she told me it was the only way. And I think she was right. If you were anyone else... if you had been even slightly different... I think... I don't think I would have batted an eyelash at killing you."
[20:57] Tinker: He softens a little, and drops the scowl.
[20:57] Zobot: "Hated myself for it. I would have. But I would have done it."
[20:57] Zobot: "She made me promise. She said I had to make you hate me. That I had to lie to you. Decieve you. Because if you ended up fighting anyone else in the final battle, there was a chance you'd..." he closes his eyes. "A mother will do anything for her child.:
[21:00] Tinker: Baoshi chuckles, a little... "You... sound a little like Grandfather. He used to say that about her, too. When I was little." he sets the staff out accross his knees. " know, I bet... if I could know her. We'd... get in a lot of arguments."
[21:00] Zobot: (Fun fact: ORIGINALLY this encounter was going to be this big epic-ie Riku Vs. Sora Kingdom Hearts-y battle. But the way that Baoshi reacted to Shota surprised him and me.)
[21:02] Zobot: He yawns. "She used to say, before it ended, that if there was a kind person running the Sidereal like Kejak or Ayesha Ura are... that maybe something could be done to fix Creation again. Not just keep it running in a holding pattern, but to FIX some of what's been broken."
[21:02] Tinker: ((...I was a little surprised too, honestly.))
[21:03] Zobot: "I used to call her a fool for saying that."
[21:03] Tinker: "Heh... and now?"
[21:04] Zobot: He lays back and closes his eyes. "But I couldn't do it. I broke my promise, Reysa. I couldn't be the villian he was supposed to defeat. The evil you saw him triumph over. So what do your visions say now?"
[21:06] Tinker: "...." baoshi smiles a little, a bit sadly.
[21:06] Zobot: He yawns. "Spiders take me away... this is too troublesome. Hey kid... if you ever manage to master one of the beginners Martial Arts, it might not be TOO much of a waste of time to teach you some of the stuff we don't let anyone under age two hundred even know about. Hurry up and Master the Violet Brier of Sorrows."
[21:06] Zobot: He yaws again. "I think... I'll take... a nap..."
[21:08] Zobot: "Before you go... time works differently up here, so close to these spiders and their spinnings. You might not be old enough to sense it yet, but something bad's happening below. If someone happens to smash that Beartrap or whatever it is before I wake back up, 's no skin off my nose."
[21:09] Tinker: "...sounds like a deal, Shota." he stands up, leaning on his staff a little. "...tell you what. After this is over, we can go for a drink, and I can tell you how i accidently flailed my way into a decent set of fake credentials. You;ll laugh. Now, if you;ll wish me luck... I have to go turn panic into some decent ass kickery. Stay safe, Shota."
[21:09] Tinker: "...well. Something like that."
[21:10] Zobot: Shota starts to snore, loudly... and what does Baoshi do now?
[21:11] Tinker: Suspect hes faking it, and run down the hall- trying to head downstair at full, panicking speed.
[21:12] Zobot: Ok... as Baoshi finds some stairs at the end of the other end of the Catwalks... and takes off... as a vent explodes, and... Baoshi's side-story ends!
[21:12] Zobot: You gain 4 ssxp for the side-story.

We've learned a lot, but this still isn't going to be easy. But I don't think the elder star's confidence in us was misplaced. I know we can do this! We'll set things right! ...somehow.

"There is a fine line between a good King and a Despot. A King is best when His subjects barely realize that He exists. When His work is done and His will is fulfilled, they will say, 'We did it ourselves.'"
-Xin Yun

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