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 Post subject: demothesis's exalted story wrap up post collection
PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2012 8:40 pm 
Brilliant (but still Mad) Scientist
Brilliant (but still Mad) Scientist
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About an hour after starting, Endless Depths, Shining Mind and Zoe manage to get the doorway system back up. The system hums to life, all the doors flashing once as they reconnected. An instant later, before Zoe or any of the rest could react, something burst through the doorway in front of them. It was huge, a black blur with an odd technicolor streak trailing it. Then Echo came to a halt at the broken out window overlooking the complex, strange winking flashing staff in hand. His eyes darted around the huge underground cave and back to the group, before the staff seemed to vanish entirely. "Zoe. Report." He stated simply, obviously still on guard in case something wasn't immediatly obvious, voice serious for once as several others filed through the doorway.

Eventually the hallway contained the full group. Sai, Zoe, Grang, Kyra, Peri, Hue, Ti, Flim, Rassilon, Echo, and M'lady.

It didn't take long before the situation had been explained and Echo nodded, stepping to the window again, staring down at the shadowland. "Well Zoe, that's quite the bragging point you have now~ The first primordial in thousands of years and you and your friends beat it in combat~" A moment later he murmurs something else to himself quietly. "This reaction was never recorded in the history books... possibly because of the nature of the cavern...but then..."

While Echo is lost in thought the rest of the group was able to meet again in a situation that was not life threatening. (going to let everyone chat with each other and me for a week or so before doing one last post to close up any loose ends after everyone's tied up whichever they can themselves, try and make a copy of events to save if you're not chatting with me, I'm hoping to actually know what's happening with everyone. :P )

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 Post subject: Re: demothesis's exalted story wrap up post collection
PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 8:12 am 
Mad Scientist Unbelievable
Mad Scientist Unbelievable
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...I have no idea what to do with Ti. Argh. I'll try to be around on Aim or the MSW chat more. It would be beyond cool if we could all get together sometime in a chat. But I know this is a horrendously busy time of year! Work, school, ect ect ect.
Zobot, I know you want to start the new game around January 5th, and you've been making yourself available to help people work on characters, which I appreciate. But December has just been so busy it's been hard to find time to take you up on it.

.. not how Science works, love. 1st, you build the machine, then it tells you what it's for.
Do you think I had the 1st idea what a squidhole was when I invented it? Certainly not! I was just messing about! That's when the very best & very Maddest Science gets done. I thought,Why, this alabaster octopus looks like it wants a nice transmission inside it,& fairly soon I had a thing that obviously had a Use, though what that Use could be was a total mystery.
(Sameness Engine) I haven't the 1st notion of what it's for! That's not why I made it-I made it for the sheer joy of making something new! It's getting up to tell me what it wants me to do, though, I can just feel it. It's been giggling a lot at night.
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