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 Post subject: Exalted Campaign 3: Wei Teaser
PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:05 pm 
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Wei's Teaser story, submitted for people's witnessing!

Zobot: Anyways... so this is the ten year frame between the first campaign and the second. During that time, before we begin, refresh my memory. Is there anything Wei wanted to do or any activity or goal he was pursuing during that time period?
Wallycaine: Protecting Chirathingy
Zobot: Chiascuro?
Wallycaine: Yes
Wallycaine: Basically, acting as the local "supernatural protector"
Zobot: Interesting. I like it
Wallycaine: Along with raising Fuzzy and his kids, iirc
Zobot: Makes sense. Well, how this is going to go then, first and foremost, is that I'm going to tell you something Wei will be hearing about and possibly seeing.
Zobot: Then, we'll get into something more interactive
Wallycaine: Alright, sounds good to me
Zobot: Chiascuro has always been a barbarian culture. Ruled by the various tribes of the Delzahn, who control the main city named Chiascruo and the surrounding lands which they developed on. Other people live there, but the Delzahn rule it, and control most of the higher level roles in government. Their culture predominates, and although the city-dwelling Delzahn flirt with the idea of civilized compared to their roving tribal cousins, they are still a BARBARIAN culture. They respect strength and prowess in all things. As of the groups actions in the last campaign, Fuzzy and Wei are both considered honorary Delzahn in Chiascuro; they are effectively nobility in the city and are allowed to do things such as hold government positions, own land, and so forth.
Zobot: This has allowed Wei to go places the non-Delzahn can't inside the city proper, and see things many of them wouldn't see.
Zobot: And, as the years pass, notice a trend.
Zobot: The Delzahn in the city are mobilizing in a way he hasn't seen before, especially in later years. They seem more organized, more secretive. As if they're preparing for something.
Zobot: And Wei has noticed, especially in the younger Delzahn men and women, who are a bit less careful and cautious... something rather unusual. Many of them appear to be using Essence actively, like an Exalt would.
Zobot: Applying it to their actions, using spiritual power to make day to day activities easier. It's very rudimentary compared to what Wei can do, of course, but it's almost impossible for mortals to do this, and never in this sort of number
Wallycaine: (Do you mind if I pass some of this on to Kate? Since Fuzzy'd be getting similar vibes?)
Zobot: (Yes, you may. I was going to bring it up in her thing too)
Wallycaine: (Cool, cool. She happened to be asking about what's goin on anyways, so...
Zobot: Fair 'nuff. Let her know that I want to talk to her about her thing too, when she has time
Zobot: Anyways... the Delzahn have always been warlike. In fact, it's actually considered unusual that in the last 100 years they haven't been involved in any wars at all! There's a lot of old stories about the Delzahn war hordes of old, who conquered a lot of the south away from capricious Raksha, dangerous ghosts, and the Scarlet Empire.
Zobot: But the most recent Chieften of the Delzhan has, in his exceedingly long life, preferred negotation and diplomacy. The Delzahn's forces have been more defensive in the past 100 years and almost never left their controlled territory en masse
Wallycaine: Interesting...
Zobot: The only major military campaign they were an aggressor in was the attempted "Retaking" of Thorns started by Lookshy, which most of the major military forces in the Scavenger Lands participated in, save the city state of Great Forks
Zobot: Which ended poorly.
Zobot: Thorns remained under the Mask of Winter's control, and he has since then been entering negotiations with other countries to be formally recognized as an independant state
Zobot: But enough of that! Back to Wei
Wallycaine: *nod*
Wallycaine: Shun's got his work cut out for him
Zobot: Shun has a dragon. I have to challenge you guys SOME how
Wallycaine: :P
Zobot: Anywho... there's something else, but before we begin, I need Wei to make 5 Integrity Plus Charisma checks.
Zobot: You may add any specialties that grant bonuses to mental defenses.
Zobot: You may also channel the Temperance Virtue
Wallycaine: (So basically, all the stuff that's useless to me :P)
Zobot: You can also use Valor or Conviction, I suppose
Zobot: They apply.
Zobot: But there's a prupose to this
Wallycaine: Would I be able to channel valor on each one? Like, basically, are they spaced out or right after each other
Zobot: Hmm.... yes. They're happening over the course of several months, so yes
Wallycaine: Alright, thanks
Wallycaine: Six successes on the first
Wallycaine: Five on the second
Wallycaine: Five on the third
Wallycaine: Four on the fourth
Wallycaine: And Three on the fifth
Wallycaine: Thanks for letting me channel, otherwise I would have been rolling 3 dice each time >_>
Zobot: Ok. Here's what happens. Over the course of a string of several months, Wei begins to suffer.. black outs. There are points in time where he'll just suddenly fall over, unconscious, and wake up after time has passed, with no idea what's happened to him
Zobot: They're rare, maybe once a month, but after the first few, Wei starts to get sort of... flashes... of coherance. Images of an enormous sword that seems to be made of a patchwork of different metals swinging through the air, or of faces contorted into visages of terror, or of red spattered across walls.
Zobot: Of heavy breathing and a variety of unusual smells.
Zobot: The feeling of running for miles on end, and the feeling of horrible hunger.
Zobot: As they happen more and more, not only is it a growing cause for concern, but the visions grow more clear.
Zobot: And whenever Wei wakes up, he's always missing a bit of essence.
Wallycaine: ...I don't suppose Wei can get Fuzzy to watch him?
Zobot: He can
Zobot: But he always seems inert. His body is motionless, never doing anything
Wallycaine: Alright, fair enough. Figured he'd eliminate the obvious answer, though :D
Zobot: And then... suddenly, during a moment where he's working at a forge, Wei blacks out, and wakes up, holding an enormous sword that looks to be made in various places of iron, and steel, and moonsilver, and oricalcum, and various other colored things he can't seem to identify. The tip of it is currently embedded in a body with pointed ears. A body which is currently collapsing into raw spiritual energy. A nearby man, also with pointed ears, dressed in what appear to be ostentatiously fancy clothing, is screaming in his ears as he's backing away towards a wall
Zobot: ...what do you do?
Wallycaine: ...Wei pulls out the sword, and tries to figure out what's going on with the pointed eared guy in front of him (the one collapsing into spiritual energy)
Wallycaine: If he seems like he'll be able to move fast enough, he'll attempt to bind the thing's wounds.
Zobot: Do you have any lore or occult? If so, roll that plus knowledge. you may channel
Wallycaine: (I assume you mean Intelligence?)
Zobot: Er, yes.
Zobot: Sorry, fuzzy headed
Wallycaine: It's fine. What were you thinking I could channel?
Wallycaine: Or was that just a general "I can channel a virtue"
Zobot: In this case? It depends on quick thinking and action, so conviction or valor I'd see as resonable, but you can do anything
Zobot: With a good explaination
Wallycaine: Since he's attempting to help, can I do Compassion?
Zobot: I'd... say yes.
Wallycaine: Alright
Wallycaine: Four successes
Zobot: Ok. Well, when one kills a Raksha in creation, they typically either turn to stone (because their bodies lose so much spiritual energy they calcify, which isn't a real death for them, but may as well be) or if it's quick, they collapse into a pattern of essence, their physical bodies rapidly decaying and breaking apart, becoming absorbed by Creation
Zobot: Or so the Immaculates say. This seems like what's happening
Wallycaine: "What are you doing here?"
Zobot: He's already dead, his body's lost too much essence to stay stable.
Zobot: that being said, the man screaming is focusing, levitating rocks out of the earth, and hurling them at Wei.
Wallycaine: Wei will attempt to deflect them with the sword, while turning to face the screaming guy.
Zobot: It's not a very good attack. They're small stones and Wei is armored in what appears to be shining golden rainment. Plus, he has an enourmous double bladed sword.
Wallycaine: "What are you doing here?
Zobot: "Just... just.. back off! I'm instant death!"
Zobot: He blinks. "Wait... why did a behemoth talk?"
Zobot: " can talk?"
Wallycaine: Wei raises an eyebrow. "...I'm a behemoth?"
Wallycaine: Wei shakes his head. "...Help me figure out what's going on here, and I'm not planning on hurting you."
Wallycaine: Wei: *master of the threat through poor grammer*
Zobot: The man stops and thinks. "Um... well... I do want to keep existing... ok. But what do you mean what's going on here? You've been rampaging through our domicile, murdering anything fae."
Wallycaine: "...Huh. And if I told you I'd been having bad dreams, and I literally just blacked out to wake up to thos?"
Wallycaine: *this
Zobot: He thinks for a moment. "Assuming I believed you? I'd say I'm the luckiest Creationborn Raksha in twenty centuries."
Wallycaine: Wei nods. "Sounds about right." He sighs. "You wouldn't happen to know a Raksha named Saffron? I've got a bit of a headache, so hopefully that's enough of the name to remember..."
Zobot: He shrugs. "Doesn't ring a bell. Is he of the Ruby court? I don't know much about Raksha outside it." He scowls. "It sounds like you're some sort of linked entity. But that's crazy, since no one would create a Behemoth with part of their own mind. I'd say it's far more likely someone's making you talk like a puppet to try and get something out of me."
Wallycaine: Wei blinks a few times. "...What do I look like? Specifically, do I have any symbols on me?"
Wallycaine: Raising his arms, he looks at his hands.
Zobot: He thinks, clearly confused. "Um... you've got some bright golden symbol emblazoned on your forehead... is that what you mean?" Wei's hands don't look at all like Wei's hands. They're a bit bigger, and there's a scar along his right hand running down between the thumb and the pointer finger. Also, he seems to have less of a tan
Wallycaine: "...It wouldn't happen to look like an Eclipse, would it?"
Zobot: He scowls. "You look like the figure from that old Eclipse Knight story my parents told me to keep me in line. How if we ever let the Sun's Champions come back he'd come and gobble me up and childish what not. Except for the sword. You're supposed to have some giant, shining golden blade as big as you are."
Zobot: He droops a bit. "I guess they were right..."
Wallycaine: Wei chuckles. "I think I'm slowly working on it." Raising the blade, he looks down at it more closely. "I think... you better run." Looking down it's length, he looks back up at the Raksha. "I'm not sure how much longer I'll be in control..."
Zobot: Aaaand then Wei blacks out and wakes up
Wallycaine: Wei sighs. "...That guy is so screwed."
Zobot: aaaand that's it. What did you think?
Wallycaine: Very interesting. I think I'm pretty sure what's going on, and I think Wei does too... but still, really cool
Zobot: Saffron: ...if I find out about this in game I may just wet myself
Zobot: ...Saffron, dangit. Quit sneaking into chat.
Zobot: Saffron: I think I live here
Wallycaine: I don't remember which court Saffron is... and yes, yes he does
Wallycaine: Wei: *waves*
Zobot: Saffron isn't... REALLY with any court. He's not much of a joiner when it comes to Raksha. More of a free agent.
Zobot: He's loosely affiliated with the Pearl court, which is where he entered, but he hasn't visited "home" in ages.
Wallycaine: Right, irght, I remember vaugely now

We've learned a lot, but this still isn't going to be easy. But I don't think the elder star's confidence in us was misplaced. I know we can do this! We'll set things right! ...somehow.

"There is a fine line between a good King and a Despot. A King is best when His subjects barely realize that He exists. When His work is done and His will is fulfilled, they will say, 'We did it ourselves.'"
-Xin Yun

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