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 Post subject: The Maidenterviews: Rain's turn
PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:20 pm 
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Zobot: Ok. Rain wakes up surrounded by darkness. In front of him stand five Maidens, each of them Resplendent in their own way. The Yellow Maiden smiles at him. "Welcome to the void of your dreams! We're happy to see you here!"
chicgeekmsw: (her)
Zobot: (My apologies)
chicgeekmsw: Rain: *blinks*
Rain: *bows* Greetings!
Zobot: The Green Maiden laughs. "Mmm... so very polite! I like that."
chicgeekmsw: Rain: So, what brings you to my dream? Or, what brings my dream to you?
Zobot: The Red Maiden sniffs. "We are... preempting your dream. We would like to know a bit more about you and who you are. Would you be willing to answer our questions?"
chicgeekmsw: Rain: *nods* Yes, why not.
(Does Dream Rain have any idea who these maidens are? Occult 4 lore 2)
Zobot: (You can make a check if you want)
(Rain's the only person who will be remembering this dream. She's got god's blood, it's harder to keep things from her using Godly charms0
chicgeekmsw: (I think I would like to check. What do I roll for this?)
Zobot: It'd be Intelligence Plus Occult plus any religion specialties.
I'd give her a bonus die for this being her specific specialty
chicgeekmsw: 8,3,1,2,4, 4,5,3 (1 success) *snerk*
Zobot: Ok. All she knows is that they're definately gods, and if they can enter dreams, they're powerful ones.
chicgeekmsw: *nods*
Zobot: The Five Maidens circle each other, and each draw a CARD from a Deck
The Yellow Maiden approaches Rain, holding a card.
The Moon
I mean... THE MOON
(Sorry, back)
chicgeekmsw: ('sokay)
Zobot: She asks a question. "You grew up marked. Though others know what it is like to be different, you had one foot in one river and your second foot in another. Did your parents and the roles they played in your life ever make you confused about what you wanted out of life?"
chicgeekmsw: Rain: Oooh, yes. Two very different worlds, indeed. My mother and her family-rice farmers. I would be helping with the harvest, like any other farm child. But the other children didn't have the 'friends' I did. *smiles*
Rain: But, I found my path, and am content with it.
Zobot: BRB
my apologies. my computer screwed up.
Anyway... the Yellow Maiden smiles. "You found your own path. I like that."
She walks off. The Second Maiden approaches, holding another CARD
The Blue maiden smiles. "Miss Rain. Can you tell me what you've felt the most important decision you've ever made was?"
chicgeekmsw: Rain: *thinking* Honestly, my life hasn't been evenrtful enough yet for that. It'd be easy to say, leaving home. But...I think the most important one was when I was little. One of the girls was teasing me, you see. Then, her mother swooped in, scolding her. She was...frightened. Thought I would compalin to my father, and have him keep the floods from their fields. And it made me think. I could have threatened that, had them scared of me. It honestly hadn't occured to me until them. I didn;t. Didn't threaten them, didn't let myself get picked on, either. Finding that middle place...that was my important decision.
Zobot: (Ok, back)
The Blue Maiden nods. "I understand. But there's been joy too, right?"
chicgeekmsw: Rain: oh, yes!
Zobot: She smiles and hugs Rain, and then turns to walk off.
The Red Maiden approaches, her CARD in hand.
Red Maiden: Your position is both a burden and a rank of privilage. If you had your way, what would you accompish with your power?"
chicgeekmsw: Rain: I would be strong enough to protect what's mine.
Zobot: The Red Maiden smirks and nods. "A respectable answer."
She turns and walks off.
The Green Maiden approaches
Her card, she holds delicately, like she is afraid to drop it.
Or bend it. Or rip it
She smiles, asking her question.
"What do you feel is a bad habit you would never tell anyone about?"
chicgeekmsw: Rain: *smiles* That would be telling.
Zobot: The Green Maiden smirks, which starts to twist on her face, as she breaks out laughing
She walks off.
The Final Maiden, looming and with a Purple Aura, approaches Rain
Holding a CARD, of course.
She holds this card gingerly, as if she values it very much
"What do you feel is your greatest strength and your greatest failing?"
chicgeekmsw: Rain: ....They're almost the same thing. My greatest failing is overconfidence. My greatest strength is being confident. *wry smile*
Zobot: The Purple maiden nods. "That answer is... very impressive of you to note."
She turns. "The cards have been drawn. Her fate is spun."
"And now, I believe, your dream is done." She taps Rain on the head with her black, ominious dream... as Rain opens her eyes to find that she's falling out of bed and heading towards the ground.
She lands with a thud, five CARDS scattered along the floor beneath her
Now I need to tell you what Rain knows and what she doesn't know.
chicgeekmsw: Rain: ...Ow. *rubs butt, picks up cards, gets up*

We've learned a lot, but this still isn't going to be easy. But I don't think the elder star's confidence in us was misplaced. I know we can do this! We'll set things right! ...somehow.

"There is a fine line between a good King and a Despot. A King is best when His subjects barely realize that He exists. When His work is done and His will is fulfilled, they will say, 'We did it ourselves.'"
-Xin Yun

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