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 Post subject: The Maidenterviews: Oddmund's turn
PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:23 pm 
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Zobot: Anyways, we should start!
Ok. Odd wakes up surrounded by darkness. In front of him stand five Maidens, each of them Resplendent in their own way. The Yellow Maiden smiles at him. "Welcome to the void of your dreams! This is the starting point for a great journey!"
insanityluc: (for the record, Oddmund was tapped to play Son Wukong, because of his tail, quite a few times, but he always wanted to play the Monk)
Oddmund blinks, and shakes his head firmly, sitting up. "...These dreams usualy just involve a biiiig peach tree."
Zobot: The Blue maiden smiles warmly. "My apologies. Next time, ok? Would you mind terribly if we asked you some questions, dear child?"
insanityluc: Oddmund considers this, and smiles brightly. "Well, shicks, Im not much on education, but I can talk some, m'am."
Zobot: The Blue maiden giggles a bit. "I love your accent! Alright..."
The five maidens circle each other, each drawing a CARD>
insanityluc: Oddmund: ... is this a chilrins card game? Daddy says i aint to play nuh more of these.
Zobot: *Snerk*
Green Maiden: No... it's part of our power. We can use these cards to see your past, in parts. And we can use them to offer you a blessing, as well.
insanityluc: Oddmund: Oh! Well... shucks. Thats fine, then.
Zobot: The Yellow Maiden approaches Odd, holding a card, The Star
insanityluc: Oddmund: ? *tilts his head*
Zobot: The Star
(Back, sorry)
insanityluc: (its fine)
Zobot: The Yellow Maiden asks her question. "You've traveled your entire life. Have you ever discovered something while traveling that caused you to change your course?"
insanityluc: ((Sorry, I was up a moment.))
Zobot: (Ah, ok)
insanityluc: Oddmund: I usualy wasnt in charge of where I went. I went with the troupe, and with my Mama, and sometimes my papa took me with him where he went, when he went places. I guessn' that Ah am as much as a leaf on the wind, most my life. But when ah found th' man in the road whod been beaten, ah found the path of protectin them what cant for themselves.
Zobot: The Yellow Maiden smiles. "I like that answer."
The Blue Maiden approaches Odd next. She holds another card.
She smiles. "What is the happiest memory you have of your mother?"
insanityluc: Oddmund scuffs his foot, and thinks a moment.
Oddmund looks up, and smiles. "I cant choose a happiest memory. She is my mama, and ah am happy with her. I know that like my nose on my face. But the verreh first time I remember her, when ah was held to her chest under her soft, thick kimono, in the sunshine, and she was sing to me.
Oddmund: That will hafta do as th' verreh happiest.
Oddmund: *bows his head* Sorreh it aint such a good answer.
Zobot: (brb)
insanityluc: (kk)
Zobot: The Blue Maiden smiles, bending over and kissing Odd on the forehead. "You're such a sweetie!" She turns and leaves.
The Third maiden approaches Odd, Her aura red, her hand holding a card.
insanityluc: Oddmund: * ^^o.o>>*
Zobot: The Red Maiden asks a question. "Not everyone can get along with each other easily. Can you tell me of a friend that started off as a foe?"
insanityluc: Oddmund: Oh! Um...
Oddmund: eyah. There was a monk, once, who came to see our show... at the start, he woudn't laugh, an we was... we was gettin nervous. So I made him laugh. *smiles*
Oddmund: He came backstage, after.
Zobot: My apologies My computer crashed)
insanityluc: (Ahhh, its okay)
Zobot: The Red Maiden smiles. "Maybe you'll meet him again someday." She turns and walks off
The Fourth Maiden turns and approaches Odd, holding a CARD
insanityluc: Oddmund: ...I like heights...
Zobot: The Green Maiden smiles. " do I, actually. I've always liked towers. Can you tell me of a time when you had to keep a secret from someone to protect them?"
insanityluc: Oddmund: .... *bites his lip* Hyum....
Zobot: Green Maiden: Remember, "No" is also an answer."
insanityluc: Oddmund: ...then I cant say I has. I don't lie, even when its th' verreh hard...
Oddmund: I kin bend the truth. Even when i accidently do something bad.
Zobot: The Green Maiden nods. "I understand. You may find someday that you may have to hide the truth. Even lock it away, for your own sake or for others. But I hope you never have to carry that weight."
insanityluc: Oddmund: ...b-but I would!
Oddmund: I wont tell... NO one Slays a demon. If I hafta. I;ll... l-lie.
Zobot: The Green Maiden pauses, pursing her lips. As if thinking about this answer. "Mmm... I think I like that answer. I approve."
insanityluc: Oddmund: *smiles*
Zobot: She turns and walks off.
The final. Purple Maiden, approaches Odd. She holds a CARD.
insanityluc: Oddmund: Hee!
Zobot: She sounds weary and looks frusterated. The card she holds limply, as if carrying something she finds distasteful.
insanityluc: Oddmund: *smiles~*
Zobot: Her question sounds more forced than anything Odd's heard out of any of these maidens. He gets the impression she'd rather be asking ANY OTHER QUESTION. "If you had one regret out of what you've made of your life so far, what would it be?"
(FWIW, by the way... Zixin drew the Sun as his last card)
insanityluc: Oddmund: .... *ears droop*
(oOoh. should I tag in?)
Zobot: (Yes, but not yet. Zixin's on his second card.)
insanityluc: (kk)
Oddmund: ... I dont feel like ahm anything spectacular. I could be. But even after I promised my papa, ahm still hidin. Doin good. But... I worry I might be wasting my time, and Im supposed to be doing something more with myself. Im the only child of my parents, and if i fail them.... I'll become a hungry ghost of regrets.
Oddmund: I regret being so small.
Zobot: She nods. "That is an acceptable answer." And she drops the card on Odd's head, as it vanishes.
The Five Maidens stand before Odd.
Yellow Maiden: The path is set before you. Your Destiny can now be woven.
Blue Maiden: A story of joy and happiness, sorrow and tears.
insanityluc: Oddmund: ... Would th purple lady like another one?
Oddmund: She seemed real unhappy.
Zobot: Purple Maiden: I would, but my feelings are... immaterial. It was The Question That Had To Be Asked.
insanityluc: Oddmund: ... theres prolly other questions what need to be asked.
Zobot: The Green Maiden nods. "Yes, but not then or there. She drew the card. It became part of the Blessing we are preparing for you. If she had cast it away, you would lose it forever."
insanityluc: Oddmund: *nods* Its a Rule, then. Everyone has rules t have shape. Thank you.
Zobot: Purple Maiden: That power does not allow for redraws, no.
insanityluc: Oddmund: *smiles* Y could make it be. But then it wouldnt be nuthin.
Zobot: The Red Maiden nods. "We each have Rules we must follow. The Sun must shine. The Moon must change it's face. We... we must watch. And you must WAKE UP!"
The last two words sound like they're not her voice
Odd hears it again. The words "WAKE UP" being shouted again, by someone else
As he's startled awake by someone he knows, finding five special CARDS pressed against his hands

We've learned a lot, but this still isn't going to be easy. But I don't think the elder star's confidence in us was misplaced. I know we can do this! We'll set things right! ...somehow.

"There is a fine line between a good King and a Despot. A King is best when His subjects barely realize that He exists. When His work is done and His will is fulfilled, they will say, 'We did it ourselves.'"
-Xin Yun

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