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 Post subject: The Maidenterviews: Zixin's turn (Updated!)
PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:26 pm 
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This one is incomplete because Trillian doesn't store group chat logs, at least not that I can find. Doh!

Zobot: Zixin wakes up surrounded by darkness. In front of him stand five Maidens, each of them Resplendent in their own way. The Yellow Maiden smiles at him. "Welcome to the void of your dreams! If it's alright, we would like to ask you some questions!"
madgirlkate: Are we not doing this in chat?
Zobot: Do you want to? I can if you want, but to save time, I asked people in chat if they wanted to do them in private and then have me repost them
So I could do several ones in parallel
madgirlkate: Oh, ok.
That's fine.
I was just confused.
Zixin: *looks around* ...please don't tell Mama on me!
Zobot: The second maiden smiles. "I promise, we will not. You're safe here, young man."
madgirlkate: Zixin: ...what do you want to know?
Zobot: The Purple Maiden folds her arms. "Just a few questions. We'd like to get to know what sort of person you are. At least more than we do now."
madgirlkate: Zixin: ...I make things?
Zobot: The Red Maiden nods. "Duely noted."
madgirlkate: Zixin: *finds this an accurate summary*
Zixin: you want me to make something out of starmetal?
Zobot: Red Maiden: Maybe later. I could use a new Diremaul.
Green Maiden: But for now, please just answer our questions.
madgirlkate: Zixin: *meep* Sorry, Mis.
Zobot: The five maidens circle each other, each drawing a CARD.
madgirlkate: Zixin: *...what did I do*
Zixin: *trying to figure out what on earth a diremaul is*
Zixin: *...or what in the stars*
Zobot: (He can make an occult + intelligence + any religion specialty if he wants)
(To identify these gods)
madgirlkate: (shoot, can I have the link to the dice roller? I cleared my web history recently)
madgirlkate: 2 successes
(oops scratch the comments about his mom and starmetal, I guess)
*figured he'd know more because half-caste stuffs, but I guess not*
Zobot: Ok. Zixin knows that these are definately Gods, rather than anything else. If they're Gods who can enter dreams, they're either gods OF dreams or they're very powerful.
madgirlkate: Zixin: *what did I doooooooooooo
Zobot: The Yellow Maiden approaches Zixin, holding a card...
She asks her question. "Have you ever had to shoulder a burden for someone close to you?"
madgirlkate: Zixin: there any way you can tell me what the questions are for, so that I can answer them more appropriately?
Zobot: The Yellow Maiden smiles. "You are, at this time in your life, approaching a point where your choices, and those of the people around you, will impact many. There will be a tremendous influence for many a year to come. And as such, we would like to understand more of who you are and why you are who you are.
madgirlkate: Zixin: *wishes that hiding were an appropriate response to the questions* ...I use a large amount of free time to make Slays armor that he could wear into combat, so that he would be less likely to be injured. Does that count?
Zobot: Yellow Maiden: That is acceptible. *She taps the card on Zixin and it vanishes, and she walks away*
The Blue Maiden approaches, holding another CARD.
madgirlkate: (I know this is unrelated, but are any of them wearing anything made of starmetal/can I make a craft check to notice that?)
Zobot: (You may. Craft (FIRE) and Intelligence, since you're inspecting their equipment)
madgirlkate: (4 successes)
Zobot: (Add any relevant specialties. I'll give Zixin a one die bonus just off the bat for you having so many different craft skills)
madgirlkate: (oh, shoot- I need to reroll, then. Is craft (armorsmithing) a relevant specialty?)
Zobot: Yes
madgirlkate:, that really did a lot. 5 successes.
Zobot: My apologies. My computer crashed
madgirlkate: O.o
Zobot: Yes, the Red Maiden is wearing Starmetal armor. The Green Maiden has a Starmetal circlet on, and the Blue one is wearing rings with starmetal on three of her fingers, each inlaided with various gems. The Yellow Maiden seems to lack any of it and the Purple Maiden has no starmetal but has a soulsteel scythe
madgirlkate: Zixin: *will try to look into making a starmetal goremaul*
*assuming you meant goremaul and not diremaul*
Zobot: (Yes. Sorry. Brain frazzled)
madgirlkate: (it's cool)
Zobot: The Blue Maiden smiles and asks her question. "You derive great joy out of crafting. What kindled the fire of this interest in your heart?"
madgirlkate: Zixin:'s something I can do that enables me to make other people happier. *thinks* And I'm sort of good at it but people don't mind that
(is it ok if I brb?)
Zobot: Sure!
madgirlkate: brb, then
Zobot: lemme know when you're bakc
madgirlkate: back, sorry.
Zobot: No problem
Ok... anyways
madgirlkate: ...? We just did the star.
Zobot: Er. Sorry.
The Red Maiden approaches, carrying her card as if she's afraid to tear it.
madgirlkate: Zixin: *AGH WHAT DID I DO*
Zobot: The Red Maiden: "Life is often sacrifice. Have you ever had to give up something you wanted for someone else?"
madgirlkate: Zixin: ...Miss? Should I be answering according to the question, or the spirit of the question?
Zobot: Red Maiden: You can answer the question however you want.
madgirlkate: Zixin: *wishes they were just asking him to make the goremaul. he can handle making a goremaul*
Zobot: The Red Maiden sits there, trying her darndest to get Zixin to look her in the eye
madgirlkate: Zixin: I have to give up things I want often, when a Dragon-blooded wants them, or their pride is on the line. I SACRIFICED my study of linguistics to make my father happy. *nooooope no eye contact with the Goddess nope nope nope*
Zobot: The Red Maiden thinks for a moment. "I suppose that fits." She turns and walks off
The Green Maiden approaches.
madgirlkate: Zixin: *aaaaaagh she said he could answer the question however he wanted* *why is hiding not an appropriate response to these questions why*
Zobot: "What do you feel has been your greatest creation to date?"
madgirlkate: Zixin: ...can I pick two?
Zobot: The Green Maiden nods, allowing this
madgirlkate: Zixin: The armor I made to protect Slays, and the great fire element manse for the Dragon-Blooded Mnemon. *one he's most glad he made, and one that's the most technically impressive*
Zixin: *could've done a third using an additional value of 'greatest', but was pushing his luck as it is and the Goddesses seem to be getting cross with him*
Zobot: The Green Maiden smiles. "Which one did you like making more?"
madgirlkate: Zixin: ...I liked making them in different ways.
Zobot: The Green Maiden grins. "I was just trying to get you to pick. I like your response."
She turns and walks off, as the Final Maiden approaches.
madgirlkate: Zixin: *meep to this entire thing*
Zobot: And stops. And looks at the CARD she's holding.
madgirlkate: I know who Sol is?
Zobot: You may know who Sol is. You can make antoher check with 2 bonus dice.
Another occult + Intelligence plus any religion specialty
madgirlkate: 7 successes
Zobot: Sol is another name for the Unconquered Sun, the Greatest of all the Gods, who rules over all the others... supposedly, the Patron of the Sun Kings, who abandoned them for their corrupt and decadent ways.
Immaculate Lore paints him as either a buffoon, neglectful, or ignorant. Other legends make him more... benevolent, albeit distant.
The few legends Zixin has heard of him are largely unflattering, but in every legend he's a figure of IMMENSE power, if not appropriately endowed mentally...
Prof Zobot: Cue the Sun
(12:23:12 AM) madgirlkate: Zixin: *AGH WHAT DID I DO*
(12:23:32 AM) Tinker: In the darkness... there was Light.
(12:23:38 AM) madgirlkate: Zixin: *meep*
(12:25:06 AM) Tinker: Specificaly, a warm, golden light, that resolves it's self into a seated figure, sitting in a humble wooden chair, which seems to be perfectly white. The figure in it seems bigger then the Maidens, wearing battered watchmans armor with golden hues. His face is impossible to see, masked by a kind of soft light, which somehow does not hurt the eyes to look into .
(12:25:57 AM) Tinker: Somehow, you feel like you're looking at a middle aged, handsome, dark skinned man. An authority figure, with signs of age. Even as you see the light you cant look through.
(12:26:13 AM) madgirlkate: Zixin: *looks at the new figure's shoes, because meep* ...s-sir?
(12:26:14 AM) Tinker: Sol: Well... deal me in, hmm.
(12:26:54 AM) Prof Zobot: Purple Maiden: Oh my.
(12:27:10 AM) Prof Zobot: Purple Maiden: *Blusing a bit* Sol... I didn't believe you could enter dreams.
(12:27:41 AM) Tinker: Sol shrugs, and one gets the impression he winked. "Well... I cant *fail* to enter dreams, can I? Now, my turn, isnt it..."
(12:28:12 AM) Tinker: He leans down, and touches Zixins chin, pulling his face up. "Sometimes, the world will suffer for not noticing you. You'll have to learn that." he chucks his chin with his fist, smiling st him. "Now, a question... If you could make something right, for you, someone else, the whole of creation... what would it be?"
(12:28:25 AM) Prof Zobot: The Purple Maiden stands back and watches
(12:29:12 AM) madgirlkate: Zixin: ... *choked squeaky noises*
(12:29:37 AM) Tinker: Sol: ... *shrinks in size a little, and lets sixin move his head again* Does that help?
(12:30:37 AM) madgirlkate: Zixin: *squeak* ... *deep breaths* *squeak* *TRYING*
(12:32:10 AM) madgirlkate: Zixin: I th-think- *meep* *speaking fast* I would like that only those who were sufficiently kind, just, understanding, and with the best interests of others at heart Exalt into Dragon-Blooded.
(12:32:15 AM) madgirlkate: Zixin: Sir. *squeak*
(12:32:40 AM) madgirlkate: Zixin: *wishing he knew when Gods were asking trick questions and looking for someone to smite*
(12:33:00 AM) Tinker: Sol: .... *smiles*
(12:33:21 AM) Tinker: Sol: Beautifully answered, little star.
(12:33:28 AM) madgirlkate: Zixin: *squeak*
(12:33:43 AM) Tinker: Sol: I think the Empire should have been so lucky.
(12:34:47 AM) Tinker: Sol: Which is to say, good answer.
(12:34:58 AM) madgirlkate: Zixin: you- *squeak* sir.
(12:36:18 AM) Tinker: Sol: *seems to fade into a lingering sparkle* Look for those people you described. True ore smelts to good armor, under the right blacksmith, right? *vanishes*
(12:36:52 AM) madgirlkate: Zixin: ...yes sir.
(12:37:43 AM) Tinker: Theres a lingering chuckle, which seems, somehow, to be the sound of things shining. "Good lad."
(12:37:49 AM) Tinker: And that is all, as the Sun Sets.
(12:38:46 AM) madgirlkate: Zixin: *eep*
(12:39:08 AM) madgirlkate: Zixin: ... *wonders if the Red Maiden actually wants a starmetal goremaul, or if she was just saying that*
(12:39:24 AM) madgirlkate: Zixin: *because pondering on that is preferable to being incredibly alarmed*
(12:39:57 AM) Prof Zobot: The Maidens all smile. "The way is set. The die is cast."
(12:39:57 AM) Prof Zobot: "
(12:40:41 AM) Prof Zobot: "A new strand for the Loom, and a new outcome."
(12:41:06 AM) Prof Zobot: The purple maiden nods. "And with that, please stir." She reaches down and baps Zixin's forehead lightly with the butt of her soulsteel scythe
(12:41:21 AM) madgirlkate: Zixin: *eeeeeep*
(12:41:22 AM) Prof Zobot: And Zixin awakens in his bed, remembering nothing of this.
(12:41:56 AM) Prof Zobot: We'll be starting soon... Tinker, please leave the chat. I need to tell Kath one thing in private
(12:42:02 AM) Prof Zobot: And I'd rather have this chat unbroken
(12:42:34 AM) Tinker: Yassir.
(12:42:47 AM) Tinker: SolOOC: *tapsdances out*
(12:42:49 AM) Tinker left the room.
(12:43:33 AM) Prof Zobot: Ok. When Zixin wakes up, he's holding five orinate CARDS that seem to be made of cardstock with Starmetal lining the edges in a delicate filigree.
(12:43:46 AM) Prof Zobot: Holding them each FEELS like fate. Zixin doesn't know how he knows that, but he does.
<Card Information Omitted>
(12:46:46 AM) madgirlkate: Zixin: *hoping he doesn't have to eat a card to use it*
(12:46:53 AM) Prof Zobot: You can tell that you want to use them in chat publically if you want, or you can IM me in private
(12:46:54 AM) madgirlkate: Zixin: *starmetal is not the most edible of things*
(12:46:55 AM) madgirlkate: Ok.
(12:47:00 AM) Prof Zobot: Once you announce it's used, Zixin's card vanishes
(12:47:04 AM) Prof Zobot: Any questions?
(12:47:26 AM) madgirlkate: What happens if Zixin takes one of the cards apart?
(12:47:53 AM) madgirlkate: Also what happens if he loses a card?
(12:47:57 AM) madgirlkate: Or can you not tell me those?
(12:54:03 AM) Prof Zobot: Well... if you take a card apart? Well... you'd have to find out
(12:54:08 AM) Prof Zobot: Same with losing it
(12:54:38 AM) madgirlkate: kk

We've learned a lot, but this still isn't going to be easy. But I don't think the elder star's confidence in us was misplaced. I know we can do this! We'll set things right! ...somehow.

"There is a fine line between a good King and a Despot. A King is best when His subjects barely realize that He exists. When His work is done and His will is fulfilled, they will say, 'We did it ourselves.'"
-Xin Yun

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