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 Post subject: Exalted Campaign 3: Fuzzy's Teaser
PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2013 8:24 pm 
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Fuzzy's Teaser Trailer Thingy!

Ok. So let's start... first, let's establish something. Fuzzy's been going ten years between Campaign 1 and Campaign 2. Is there any activity or goal or thing she's pursuing during that time period?
madgirlkate: Ummm... well, she's not gonna be particularly mobile like Dusk or Shun, but she'd still bap dragon-bloodeds/immaculate monks that came by if they were jerks, and help out anathema (and bap them if they were jerks, too). And raising the babies.
madgirlkate: She'd probably be teaching if she had free time, I think?
Zobot: Alright. That's respectable.
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: *is a Mommy now!*
Zobot: Ok, then... how this is going to work is like this.
Zobot: First, I'm going to pass on something Fuzzy's overheard that's rather significant.
Zobot: Then, after that, we'll get to a more immersive system
madgirlkate: Ok.
Zobot: Fuzzy's been bapping Immaculate and Dragon Blooded for several years, and she starts to notice something.
Zobot: There's less Immaculates in Chiascuro, the city that she and Wei are in, every year.
Zobot: It's not that people are actively kicking them out, but they're just not coming around or something.
Zobot: In fact,although the Immaculate order has always had a presence in the city, with moderate success in influencing the populace, it seems like not only are there fewer of them in later years, but one monk that Fuzzy knew of in the city that wasn't as active in the less desirable actions of the Immaculate Order, Prelate Hong Zhu, vanished in the middle of a night.
madgirlkate: Oooooh.
Zobot: Now then... towards the end of the 10 year period, Fuzzy is teaching some people in the city when suddenly... a small sparrow lands on her head.
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: *keeps teaching*
Zobot: This draws some attention, as the bird stays on her head, sitting there patiently.
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: *will finish the lesson unless people stop paying attention*
Zobot: Ok... There does seem to be some distraction, as the bird starts preening it's feathers. It seems like some people are whispering.
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: ...did I do something backwards again?
Zobot: One of the people listening, a young delzahn male, steps up. "Um... miss?" There's a loud groan from several of the others. "Well... we were sort of wondering when you'd notice.. there's a bird on your head."
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: Ooooh... maybe it's lost.
Zobot: There's several cries of anguish. One person is muttering about how he lost some jade scrip over this
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: ...does that mean that everyone understands the lesson? The bird isn't on the syllabus, but I can teach more stuff if people are getting bored.
Zobot: The man shrugs. "If you're... um... ok with it..." he sits back down and listens
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: Oooh, don't worry about that! It's not a raptor, so the talons aren't dangerous enough for it to hurt me beyond some minor scratches. *back to the lesson*
Zobot: Ok... once the lesson ends, the bird persists in sitting on Fuzzy's head.
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: *will gather up the materials and walk home*
Zobot: Ok... once she's back home, the sparrow flaps off her head and lands on the ground, where it hops to the right twice, preens its feathers, and then looks up at Fuzzy expectantly
madgirlkate: Is the house secure?
Zobot: It's Fuzzy and Wei's house. I may as well ask you that question. But aside from me being snarky: Yes, it's largely secure. People can't stare in though windows because there's shutters and it's probably got two stories and is relatively sound-defeating
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: *picks up Fire from her nap* So did you want something? If you were just bored we have some books.
Zobot: It peeps at her, then clears it's throat, and looks up at her. "Um, is it safe for me to speak?"
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: I dunno. Probably. I do it a lot and I'm still ok.
Zobot: It nods. "Ok... um, well, I was supposed to relay a message."
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: What's the message?
Zobot: "Um... your presence is requested up at Elder Echo, of the Lunars, territory for a matter of a lot of importance."
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: Oh, yay!
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: Wait, is it importance like something is trying to kill everyone or importance like he found a new recipe for tiny cakes?
Zobot: The sparrow shifts. "Um... well... I think they need help running in circles and waving their arms in panick. And trying to decide whose in charge. That's what most of them are doing with the Elder gone."
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: ...Echo's not there? *sadface!*
Zobot: Sparrow: He's vanished. Missing. Gone away. No one knows where he is. And his library is in shambles!
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: Oh no! *sadface!* I'll come help you find him.
Zobot: The Sparrow fusses with it's feathers. "Um... actually, they've sort of, um... well, see, when an Elder vanishes, there's a decision of what happens next, and... um... well, your presence is being requested for the other Lunar Elders to consider having you take his place.
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: That'd be silly. I'm not an Elder. Or a jackel.
Zobot: The Sparrow tilts it's head. "Not literally. His place in the Thousand Streams River. Continue his work. Finish what he began. Lead the young bucks."
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: There are a bunch of deer lunar now?
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: Wouldn't it make more sense to find Echo?
Zobot: The sparrow hops. "They're doing that too, but... if they don't find him, someone has to take his role. You're too young to normally be considered, but... in a note the weird prickly lunar lady found, you're one of the names he was going to put up for consideration to take over if he ever fell..."
Zobot: "I think you can help find him too, but the other elders want to meet you... "
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: Ooooh... I guess I can do that. Although most of the ones I meet think I'm weird for some reason. Can I bring the babies? *brushing Fire's hair*
Zobot: Sparrow: I don't know if they would mind or not. Most lunars like pups.
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: I'll bring them and bap anyone who's mean to them. *putting Fire in a clean outfit* So did Echo say why he was missing or anything?
Zobot: Sparrow: I don't know! Um, I'm really sorry. I'm just Elder Tamuz
Zobot: *Elder Tamuz's messenger
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: Ooooh. Tell him I say hi!
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: Wait, are you allowed to relay messages to him, or only for him?
Zobot: Sparrow: I'm really not more than a little sparrow. I sort of deliver messages for him and deliver messages. I don't know a lot about Lunars! Elder Suichi tried to EAT me!
Zobot: The Sparrow covers its head with its wings. "I can take a message, just... please don't eat me..."
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: I wouldn't eat you! If I asked you to relay a message and then ate you, the message wouldn't get relayed.
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: You should tell Elder Suichi not to eat you, though. That doesn't sound very nice.
Zobot: Sparrow: Um, Ok.. I can remember a message... I think....
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: come you're a messenger if remembering messages is difficult? *gets some seed out of the cabinet for the bird*
Zobot: Sparrow: Um.. well, generally, Master Tamuz does this thing where he pokes my head, and then the message just stic-Seed? Food?
Zobot: It flaps to Fuzzy's shoulder and looks at the cabinet. "Food?" Seed?"
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: Seed-type food. *pokes the bird's head to see if that helps the 'say hi' message stick, and offers the seed in her hand*
Zobot: It starts gently pecking at the seed, eager.
Zobot: It peeps. "Thank you! I'll try really REALLY hard to remember your message! I will! I will!
Zobot: Sparrow: What is it?
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: Tell him I say hi.
Zobot: It nods and peeps. "Ok! Hihi! I can do that!"
Zobot: It takes wing and begins to flap off
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: *waves!*
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: *finishes getting Fire and Glow dressed*
Zobot: Ok... so that's what I've got planned. What did you think?
madgirlkate: Looks good. ^^
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: *sad that Echo is missing!*
Zobot: SargeOOC: 'Uzzy! *Learned to call her that from Desus*
madgirlkate: Fuzzy: *pat pat*
Zobot: Ok. Gotta upload this, then

We've learned a lot, but this still isn't going to be easy. But I don't think the elder star's confidence in us was misplaced. I know we can do this! We'll set things right! ...somehow.

"There is a fine line between a good King and a Despot. A King is best when His subjects barely realize that He exists. When His work is done and His will is fulfilled, they will say, 'We did it ourselves.'"
-Xin Yun

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