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 Post subject: A thing with tiny Hue and monks
PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:52 pm 
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Established Mad Scientist
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I'll take it down in a few days, or move it if people want it left up. Think I played Hue too young, but Chic was perfect. Anyone who wants to make their own monk should let me know. I will be eternally grateful to them!

(09:16:42 PM) Snail: Would you be interested in coming up with an Immaculate monk and having that monk interact with tiny Hue?
(09:17:27 PM) Snail: I've decided to ask several people, and if more than one says yes I will have multiple monks. Which would be cool.
(09:18:16 PM) chicgeek: Hmm. Sure, why not? Do I need to make up a character stats and all, or just a name and persona/
(09:18:22 PM) chicgeek: ?
(09:18:28 PM) Snail: Name and persona. ^^
(09:18:36 PM) chicgeek: *phew*
(09:19:00 PM) Snail: Hee. Only do it if you think it would be fun/useful for you, though.
(09:19:46 PM) Snail: Basically, you already know about Hue showing up regularly to the local temple. It would be someone there.
(09:20:06 PM) chicgeek: Esme, has short stubbly hair, black but now graying somewhat, thinnish, arms corded with muscle, probably some faded scars.
(09:20:27 PM) chicgeek: Esme: *grins, pats Tiny Hue on the head and slips hima rice cake*
(09:20:33 PM) Snail: Dang, that was fast.
(09:20:38 PM) chicgeek: ^^
(09:20:59 PM) chicgeek: I had a lot of sale valentine chocolate. ^^
(09:22:21 PM) chicgeek: I put away the clean dishes in the tray! And did a little bit of work on a water pistol.
(09:22:26 PM) Snail: Yay!
(09:22:39 PM) Snail: Nice job. ^^
(09:22:48 PM) chicgeek: :-)
(09:23:45 PM) Snail: tiny Hue: !
(09:24:40 PM) Snail: ((Esme a guy or a girl? Or something else?))
(09:26:25 PM) chicgeek: Esme is female. I see her as kind of retired from going out with the Wild Hunt, she's at the temple now. Not so old she can't still kick ass when needed, but not young. Probably a teacher of some sort? And yeah, I know Esme isn't really an Exalted type name,
(09:26:57 PM) Snail: I don't think there is a defined Exalted type name.
(09:27:06 PM) chicgeek: True, true.
(09:27:24 PM) Snail: tiny Hue: *little bow* Thank you ma'am.
(09:28:14 PM) chicgeek: Esme: S'alright, kid. *takes a swig of sake*
(09:29:06 PM) chicgeek: (I can see her telling wild stories of adventures that may or may not be true to a eager eyed tiny Hue)
(09:30:07 PM) chicgeek: Esme: You need some meat on your bones. Can't concentrate on stories with a growling stomach, right?
(09:30:46 PM) Snail: tiny Hue: Um um... *hops a bit because he almost tripped... again* Yeah. Thankee.
(09:30:49 PM) chicgeek: (heh, it occurs to me the abbot may have Esme related headaches sometimes. )
(09:31:50 PM) Snail: tiny Hue: *wants a story, but too nervous to ask*
*walks in a little circle*
*sits down to eat the rice cake*
(09:34:11 PM) chicgeek: Esme: *sitting down, legs stretched out comfortably before her* Ahh, the sun feels good.
(09:34:47 PM) Snail: tiny Hue: *nodnod* Uh-huh.
(09:35:48 PM) Snail: tiny Hue: *sitting as close to formal and proper as he can manage, and wiggles*
(09:36:13 PM) chicgeek: (tiny Hue is adorable)
(09:38:49 PM) Snail: tiny Hue: Um... hey how comes the sun's so nice but the sun demon people and the sun god are bad? Do the dragons make the sun behave?
(09:41:15 PM) chicgeek: Esme: *picks up a stick and scratches a doodle in the dirt* Kid, have you been working on your letters? Why don't you show me? *hands Hue the stick with a smile*
(09:44:31 PM) Snail: tiny Hue: ...Okay.
*draws out letters* Ko, Ki, Ku, Ka, Go, Gi, Gu, Gan... *goes through each one carefully, getting very upset when he briefly can't remember the symbol for "Mu" *
(09:47:32 PM) chicgeek: Esme: Good job! I know some grown ups that couldn't get that through their thick skulls. *winks at Hue* Dirt's good to use to practice writing. And plants need dirt-no rice cakes or sweet plums without dirt to grow them in right?
(09:49:10 PM) chicgeek: Esme: But sometimes...did I ever tell you the one about the rouge earth elemental?
(09:52:07 PM) Snail: tiny Hue: Nuh-uh! *scoot scoot* Will ya tell me? *biiiig hopeful smile*
(09:57:33 PM) chicgeek: Esme: Heh. Well, we'd been traveling, and ended up at this little town at the ass end of nowhere. Not much to it. We went to the only inn, and they had to shoo a couple of chickens out of the front room before we could sit down. Camping would have been as comfortable, But, we were tired, and it was a roof and a fire. Well, we made ourselves as comfortable as we could, but no sooner had I gotten something to wet my whistle the headman came up to us, wringing his hat in his hands. And what do you think he wanted?
(09:58:00 PM) Snail: tiny Hue: What?
(10:03:14 PM) chicgeek: Esme: To beg our help. Seems there was this earth elemental giving them fits. It wanted prayers and offerings, and when it didn't get got surly. Oh, everyone started chiming in with stories! I had to yell at them to shut up and make them go one at a time! *takes a swig* It boiled up out of the earth under the inn's chicken coop and smashed it to smithereens. Feathers everywhere! Old Widow Lan was hanging out the wash, and it rumbled under the ground, making a tunnel in the ground like a big mole, and woosh! Down came the clothesline. Mud all over the laundry.
(10:04:38 PM) Snail: tiny Hue: *little gasp* That's horr'ble!
(10:06:48 PM) chicgeek: Esme: But then, when the villagers still wouldn't give in and turn away from the Immaculate went for the well. Now, there was only one well, so that was a serious thing. Can't drink mud. So of course it was our Empress given duty to put a stop to it.
(10:07:25 PM) Snail: tiny Hue: *firm nod!*
(10:13:40 PM) chicgeek: Esme: *hands Hue a plum* It never had a chance. Lord Sha'zen was with us, and he had the best command of fire of any Dragon I've met. *leans forward* Even if we did call him Old Horseface behind his back. Anyway! The elemental was losing the fight, so in desperation it formed man shaped creatures of clay. I went *leaps up and mimes slashing* but it reformed around the cuts. So I kicked *kicks out* and I gave iot all I had! *air punches, and swift moves!*
(10:15:17 PM) chicgeek: Esme: *settles back down* No lowly elemental can stand against the chosen dragons. Heh.
(10:17:08 PM) chicgeek: Esme: Now, you asked about the sun? Sunshine *is* good. Like the earth is good, and necessary. But those foul demons who worship it, who fight against all that we hold dear, they aren't.
(10:18:12 PM) Snail: Hue: *thinks, then little bow* I think I get it. Thank you ma'am.
(10:22:39 PM) chicgeek: Esme: *nods, pats his head* Alright, old Horseface-er, the Abbot looks like his indigestion's kicking up again. *stands up, stretches* I'd best see what he wants. Keep practicing your letter, Kid.
(10:22:53 PM) chicgeek: *letters*
(10:23:20 PM) Snail: Hue: Okay! I will! Is it okay if I tell the elemental story?
(10:24:14 PM) chicgeek: Esme: *grins* Have at it.
(10:26:08 PM) chicgeek: (hee, I hope you get some of the others to be monks, too)
(10:26:29 PM) Snail: (Esme was great! Thanks so much!)
(10:26:49 PM) chicgeek: (Sure! It was fun.^^)
(10:27:07 PM) chicgeek: (Dang it, I may have to make her up now.)
(10:29:13 PM) Snail: Bwahahaha!
(10:30:10 PM) chicgeek: :-P

 Post subject: Re: A thing with tiny Hue and monks
PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:59 am 
Established Mad Scientist
Established Mad Scientist
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Another thing with tiny Hue and monks.

(12:22:13 PM) Demo: yep ^.^ Funishi Shem. Also known as Old Fu. He's basically a stick thin ancient old monk who mostly just leads the prayers and tells parables. He's got a bad memory outside his stories though and constantly mixes little Hue up with some other child he used to know when he was younger... maybe his own son? not sure.
(12:23:58 PM) Snail: Ooo, he sounds neat. And a little sad.
(12:24:27 PM) Demo: he is. lots of regrets in his old age I think.
(12:26:45 PM) Demo: ......yyyyyep. definitely mixing hue up with his own son. his son who ended up becoming an anathema, and he had to kill himself as a member of the wyld hunt. He keeps thinking Hue is that kid as Hue grows up around the monestary.
(12:26:58 PM) Demo: *has decided old Fu is a very sad character*
(12:27:05 PM) Snail: Oh gosh...
(12:27:25 PM) Demo: sorry, too sad? ^.^;
(12:27:33 PM) Snail: Nonono.
(12:28:10 PM) Snail: There's no such thing as "too sad". Just "meaningful sad" and "meaningless sad".
(12:28:31 PM) Snail: Meaningless sad is bad, and meaningful sad is good. This is the latter.
(12:28:43 PM) Demo: heh, righto ^.^
(12:29:57 PM) Demo: Old Fu:*hobbling down from the pulpit after a sermon, sitting heavily in a chair at the side of the now empty room, seeming to be asleep* ...Hello little Hue. *smiles lightly, eyes still closed and sitting back in his chair*
(12:32:01 PM) Snail: Hue: Good mornin' Mr. Fu. *tries to be very polite, even if it's not always in quite the right way for a temple*
(12:34:47 PM) Demo: Old Fu: oh is it still morning? *chewing on nothing as he thinks* I must be losing my touch if my sermon didn't last into the afternoon. Ah, such is the price of age.
(12:36:51 PM) Snail: Hue: Only by a little bit, Mr. Fu, and you started early. Thas why not erryone was in till you weres already talkin a while.
(12:37:51 PM) Snail: ((I'm not sure I should keep trying to write an accent, but if I do I think it'll be extra S's and a loss of T's and V's.))
(12:38:27 PM) Demo: Old Fu: oh I see. Advantage of age, sleep isn't as important and early mornings come easier. *amused smile.* (go for it ^.^ accents can be fun)
(12:39:34 PM) Snail: ((I want it to be a little like GB's, as if they have the same origin somewhere, but still noticeably distinct.))
(12:43:35 PM) Snail: Hue: I liked the sermon, but I didn' understands about the part with the bakers tha shouldn' makes candles. Can yous explains it?
(12:43:38 PM) Demo: (internet trouble, back)
(12:43:50 PM) Snail: ((wb))
(12:48:18 PM) Demo: Old Fu: of course. *sits back, thinking a long time, almost seems to be asleep before suddenly talking again* The Fourth Noble Insight. It teaches us that we must find pride in the work we do. In our place in the world. A baker, with his talent in baking bread knows nothing of making candles. He must find joy in his bread, not in changing jobs. Or he will make a poor candlemaker and a poor baker.
(12:52:01 PM) Snail: Hue: Oh. I see. Tha makes sense. ....Whaddif yous dunno what you ares yet, or you're not good at anythin?
(12:56:39 PM) Demo: Old Fu: *nods slowly for several moments* Yes that is the difficulty. That is what youth is for. You search and try to find what you are. If you do little Tem, then you work hard and put your everything into it and you will find satisfaction in your work. If you cannot find the one thing you are meant for, then work at what you can with that same pride and dedication. You may find your calling has found you anyway.
(12:58:10 PM) Demo: Temo Shem would be his son ^.^
(12:58:27 PM) Snail: ((...Weeeeeh.))
(01:00:14 PM) Snail: Hue: ...Um... um. *decides at last minute not to tell Old Fu that he called him "Tem" again*
(01:01:30 PM) Demo: Old Fu: Does that help little Hue?
(01:01:49 PM) Snail: Hue: Yeahs.
(01:04:48 PM) Snail: Hue: Mr. Fu can you tell a story? Maybe a story abouts doing stuffs the right ways an havin pride in your works? Or another story.
(01:06:37 PM) Demo: Old Fu:*chucklesm which turns into a short cough* of course. Have I ever told you the story of Pasiap's first work?
(01:07:12 PM) Snail: Hue: *shakes head solemnly* Nope.
(01:12:19 PM) Demo: Old Fu: Pasiap, the immaculate dragon of earth was a gifted builder. The elemental dragons gave him great skill in building and build he did. He started by building a fortress to protect many mortals who had remained unwavered by the anaethma's honeyed words in the beginings of the great uprising. They had nowhere to go, but refused the anethma's offer to join them or die. Pasiap, seeing their plight came in the dead of the night and raised mighty walls around them, stymying the anethma's advance. In their confusion of the great walls Pasiap and the mortals struck and drove them away.
(01:13:52 PM) Snail: Hue: Woooow. *based on OTHER stories he's heard, those must have been some amazing walls*
(01:15:22 PM) Demo: Old Fu: Pasiap did not take pride in his walls, they were rough and ugly, no sweeping lines or fancy ornamatation. He took satisfaction only in their purpose. They protected the mortals.
(01:16:27 PM) Demo: Old Fu:*whispering under his breath as he stares at space* Listen this time Tem... You don't need to shine, you just need to do your best and the dragons... I will be proud...
(01:19:47 PM) Snail: Hue: ...
*runs off for a minute*
*comes back a little later with a little tray, on which is one cup of lukewarm tea*
*pushes tray up next to Old Fu*
Sorry i's not hot, they mades it a while agos.
(01:21:03 PM) Demo: Old Fu:*blinks* oh thank you Hue. *sips*
(01:25:31 PM) Snail: Hue: *sits by Old Fu* I'll tell folks abouts Pasiap an the walls. I's a good story. S'it okays if I adds to it a littles though, like tellin how mebbe the battles went and stuffs? Only people lissen better when you tell em about all the lil bits like what it smelled like in th'air an how people felt an all the fightin cause fightin's essiting.
(01:26:49 PM) Demo: Old Fu: *nods thoughtfully* just make sure they understand the importance of the walls.
(01:28:01 PM) Snail: Hue: *nodnod* I will. No point in tellin' if I don't.
(01:29:01 PM) Demo: Old Fu: of course. *smiles, sipping tea*
(01:29:25 PM) Snail: Hue: *managed to not entirely miss the point!*
(01:31:56 PM) Snail: Hue: ...Seems to me likes, likes in stories, i's hard. Cause they don't works less people lissen, but yous needs to make em lissen to th'right parts.
(01:33:29 PM) Demo: Old Fu: *nods* Storys are easy little one. Stories with purpose are very hard.
(01:35:56 PM) Snail: Hue: ...Is tellin stories a job, Mr. Fu? Like bakin or buildin walls? Mumma says i's not real work an i's only lazy people who jus tell stories, but monks tell stories, an I know monks don' jus tell stories but... um... um...
(01:39:02 PM) Demo: Old Fu: Stories can be a job. Stories are hard work and when you tell them well, they're worth your pride.
(01:42:07 PM) Snail: tiny Hue: ...*too shy to hug, but sort of leans toward Old Fu*
(01:44:15 PM) Demo: Old Fu: *smiles and pats Hue's head as he stands, leaning on his cane* I should see to the library. Want to come help me with reading the titles and putting them back in the right places Tem?
(01:46:23 PM) Snail: Hue: Sure! I've been practicin my letters. *figures by now Old Fu is just gonna call him Tem sometimes and that's okay.*
(01:48:50 PM) Demo: Old Fu: *smiles* excellent. *hobbles back to the little library of the temple*
(01:53:53 PM) Snail: Hue: *follows, hopping a little*

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