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 Post subject: A Day at the lab.
PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 9:34 am 
Brilliant (but still Mad) Scientist
Brilliant (but still Mad) Scientist

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This came up from a different forum when me and somebody else where going back and forth in a spontaneous mad scientist conversation that took place in a lab. I wrote this story to be basically a one sided conversation. And yes Miss Clay in the story is modeled after Agatha in Girl Genius.

The Mysterious Monster part 1

*yawn* What a night. I should do something about that bed, it is getting old. I probably need to make it again too. You can't get good beds this time of year. Ok where are my pants? Ah here they are. I need to clean my clothes again too. Or I can just have my lab assistant do it. Yeah that would work. Hey where is my coat? I thought I placed it on this chair. Miss Clay, where is my coat? You sure it is in the closet? Ok I will take a look. What do you know, she was right. Strange, I don't remember placing it there. Oh well.

Miss Clay, can you get today's to-do list for me? Thank you. Why is the harmonic engine on the list, didn't we finish it last week? Yeah I remember that accident and it still is not my fault. The fly wheel got melted from the discharge? Wow I didn't know that. that should be easy to do. And after that, we can work on the enigmatic typewriter.

-few hours later-

Just a little more...................there! finished. Wew I am starving. Got so excited I forgot to eat breakfast. Wait did you hear that? It sounded like metal clanking on metal. Give me that Gravity engine over there. You better grab something too. No not that one! you do want a lab to work in right? Here use this one. Now follow me and quietly. Sounded like it came from Lab 2.

That humming, i recognize that, somebody has activated the Inclined Trans-dimensional gateway! The fool! Don't they know how dangerous that is! Come on we got to stop them!

It is just around that corner. Crap. See that stain on the wall, that is blood. The machine is still on I got to shut it off now! Wew it is off. I hear a moan, it is coming from that corner. Why it is one of my old college mates, Anderson, what happened? Why in the world did you want to sneak into my lab to use this thing? No you can't control where it goes. There was a reason why I said no to your requests to use this to further your experiments. Something came out of it didn't it. Yeah I kinda figured when I saw the blood. His blood is on your hands, not mine. Now we have a creature from another dimension loose in my lab. Anderson? A pity he had to die.

We are going to need bigger guns. We are on a classic monster hunt now. Turn here, this is where I keep my most dangerous weapons. What happened to the lights? That thing must have wrecked the power generator. Here wear this, these goggles will allow you to see in the dark. I know it is a little loose, it was meant for a more robust head.

Ok choose your weapon. I am going for my favorite one. This is "Betsy" She was my first and favorite invention. A little on the heavy side but boy does she pack a punch! No I don't know what to expect, the last time I used that gateway, I closed it before any creatures on the other side could get through. I am not even sure if these weapons would even hurt it let alone kill it.

We need to keep this thing from escaping the labs. the first thing we need to do is work our way to the front door and bar it close. then the rest of the doors that lead to the outside world. Ok lets go and stay close, Last thing we need to do is get separated when that thing is on the loose.

To be continued.

A break in the action

The story continued. Will our mad scientist prevail?

The Mysterious Monster part 2

The hallway looks clear. try to go as quietly as possible, we need to stay alert. this room is clear. here is where the guest room is. So far I don't see any signs of the creature. Wait look here. See this, it looks like some sort of slimy material. Look there is some more on top of the door frame. This thing must be pretty big. Hmm it seems to be eating away at the wood too. Must be acidic or something. We are dealing with something nasty.

I see the front door. I don't see the creature anywhere although it does seemed to pass this way. Cover me, I am going to check the door and lock it. here I go. The door seemed to be untouched. There it is locked, the only way through this is with massive brute force. Shuuush! I think I see it, over there near the living room. Follow me and be quiet.

There it is. Man it is big! It still have not noticed us, good. Fire on my mark ok. 1, 2, 3! *KAFLOOM!* We hit it! Crap it is still alive, run! No not that way, this way! In here! Stay still, hopefully it will past us.

Wew it worked. Our weapons didn't even phase it. Gonna need a different sort of weapon. Quick, to the main lab.

Man it looked like that thing was here before us. This place is a mess. Hopefully it didn't damage the reverse polarization ray gun. You know what it looks like right? The one with the heavy backpack attach to it yeah that one. Help me search for it.

You found it? Ah thank you. What luck, it is still working. here help me put it on. make sure it is snug back there. Ok lets go find that creature, the one I just noticed in the doorway. Get out of the way! *ZAP!* It is recoiling! It's working! *ZAP!* After that monster! Don't let it escape! *ZAP!*

It went this way! *smash!* Crap it just smashed my gun! Run away again! I will slow it down by throwing the backpack at it! *FUMP!*

Is it dead? I was around the corner when the backpack went off. I will take a look, be prepared to run or cover me.

Miss Clay, you can come out, it is pretty much as dead as dead can get. not much of it left. You know what this means right? Yep clean up time. I will fix the generator and you start cleaning this up. After I am done I will come back to help. at least it was not as bad as yesterday when we had to deal with that invisible slime creature from Alton right?

Tune in next time for another day at the lab!

 Post subject: Re: A Day at the lab.
PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2009 11:54 pm 
Brilliant (but still Mad) Scientist
Brilliant (but still Mad) Scientist

Joined: Sat Feb 07, 2009 3:40 pm
Posts: 473
Now sure what you gentlemen and gentlewoman think of these but here is another one. And yes I do get some of my inspiration from what has happened here.

The Mad Squirrel part 1

Welcome to another airing of ANOTHER DAY AT THE LAB!

Where we last left our deranged heroes, they where in the park testing out their latest creation.

Ah what a beautiful day Miss Clay. The birds are singing, the sun is out and it is not sweltering out here. Maybe I should go out more often? But then there is little work I can do out here except testing. Ok hand me the icongolizer disruptor.

Ah there is a squirrel! A perfect target! Don't worry Miss Clay, they are only squirrels, nobody would care that much anyways. I do have a heart, just not right now. You better stand back, this might get messy. *Zing!*

Ack that did a number on that poor squirrel. Eww, even the smell is pretty bad. You better take some samples Miss Clay. Be careful, don't get any of that...... stuff on you. We have no idea what it is or what it would do if it touches the skin. I wonder how much of it is squirrel.

Ok now to test the other one. Yeah the one we stole from Dr. Geromino. I have no idea what it does but now is as good of a time to try it out as any other. Well there is only way to find out how safe it is. Look another squirrel! *Swoomp*!

Woah! What a head rush! I must have blacked out for a while. Wait a minute. I don't remember those trees being that high. Hey there is Miss Clay! And there on the ground next to her is..... my body? I don't get it. I am here not there. I better check my self. AHHHHH!! I got fur all over my body! And A tail! I AM A SQUIRREL!!! NOOO!!!!!!

Will our furry friend be able to turn back to his old self? Will Miss clay notice the difference? Will he succumb to the urge to collect nuts? Tune in next time for another adventure in: ANOTHER DAY AT THE LAB!


The Mad Squirrel Part 2

We now return to our little adventurer and his hairy situation that would make anyone nuts! Please stay tuned for another exciting show of ANOTHER DAY AT THE LAB!

We need a new announcer.

Ok just calm down. I just need to think this through. What happened? Well I am guessing since I am in the body of a squirrel and there is my body which is now starting to stir, I must have did a conscious swap or something. That is strange. How could that happen? Must have some dilating dionizer or something. Wait! There is the swapper over there! I must reach it!

Got it! Now to to take aim at me. Wow that is a funny thing to say. Have to make this quick, can't hold this up forever. *Swoomp*!

Man I will never get used to this. Now to see if this is my body or not. At least I am human, the coat seems different, am I wearing glasses? What is on my chest? Are those breast?! I must have missed and hit Miss Clay by accident! Ok I got to find Miss Clay! I don't see the squirrel anywhere. I better look around quick!

Ow. Ow. Ow. Man how can woman run with these things knocking into stuff. it hurts. It is a good thing Miss Clay does not wear high heels. Ah there is a squirrel with the swapper I bet that is Miss Clay. Miss Clay please calm down, it is me, your boss. what you got there is a swapper. It swaps the mind of the shooter and the target. Now the easiest way to go about it is if you aim at my body and swap the squirrel out of my body. Here let me pick you up and carry you back ok. Then we can swap back to our own bodies.

Ok there is where my body is supposed to be. We better look for it. Ugh where can it be? Ah! there it is! In the tree up there. Now we better coax it down before we swap since the body might fall out of the tree and that would be a bad thing. Best way to do it is with a little bait.

Ok the bait is set now lets back up and give it some room. There see it is working! Fire Miss Clay! *Swoomp!* *Fizzle!* Crap! The swapper broke! Miss Clay? Did it work? Good. But I do have some bad news, the swapper broke but don't worry I can fix it, back at the lab and it may take some time. Like a week or so actually. Now don't you get angry with me, we deal with this sort of stuff all the time what makes this so different?

Will our intrepid mad scientists be able to fix the swapper? Will Dr. Geromino take his revenge for his missing swapper? Will our mad scientist learn how to run properly? These and many other questions best left unanswered might be covered in the next episode of ANOTHER DAY AT THE LAB!

 Post subject: Re: A Day at the lab.
PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2009 5:21 am 
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Poor innocent squirrel.

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 Post subject: Re: A Day at the lab.
PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2009 9:29 am 
Brilliant (but still Mad) Scientist
Brilliant (but still Mad) Scientist

Joined: Sat Feb 07, 2009 3:40 pm
Posts: 473
Well I needed something to show his mad science side. And the squirrels will get their revenge later.

I have like 4 more of this series done but so far these two are the best.

 Post subject: Re: A Day at the lab.
PostPosted: Thu May 14, 2009 10:45 am 
New Madsci

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Up until "trans-dimensional gateway" this sounds frighteningly like some labs I have been in.

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