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The Mad Sci Notebook
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Author:  Jingleheimer-Schmitz [ Mon Mar 16, 2009 8:04 pm ]
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Bad BAD Idea Someone Needs to Talk Me Out Of:

It was a bright sunny morning as Claire went to check the mailbox. It was a warm spring morning a few months after the incident and the change of seasons mad it easier to put what happened behind her. Besides, she was checking mail for the Mistress, an event likely to bring lovely little explosions. Even her Blight-Of-The-Month club couldn't match the toxins Mistress got in the mail from her enemies.

She was a little disappointed when she opened the mailbox and all that was inside was a single piece of paper.


Dr. Jei's
Late Night Music Lessons

Serenade Her Window At Night
And Her Love May Be Yours By Morning

Free Instruments To The Most Tragic Love Stories

Contact at the following Number or Address. Walk-ins Welcome


With the slightly ominous picture of the accordions photoshopped over the contact information, Claire turned to the back of the page.


was written on it in black sharpie scrawl. "Um, Mistress...?!" Claire called out as she headed for the door.

Jane Narbon stretched luxuriously. Since her nightmares ceased, she had taken to sleeping in late in the mornings. Certainly it seemed she would have enough nightmares for the day with Claire running through the house downstairs. But she was well-rested and quite ready when Claire came to her door.

"Yes? What is it Claire?" she asked sitting up in bed.

"Um, I think you have a new 'Secret Admirer'..." She held a crumpled paper in her hand.

Author:  That Guy [ Mon Mar 16, 2009 8:10 pm ]
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Professor Tinker wrote:
Eric: Bad! Bad Demon! No mechanization unto ultimate infernal power!

Professor Thaddeus Guy: You'll do.

Thaddeus: Who???

Professor Thaddeus Guy: Time traveler. Just came back to make a comment.

Author:  Zobot257 [ Mon Mar 16, 2009 8:25 pm ]
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Professor_Tinker wrote:
Eric: Bad! Bad Demon! No mechanization unto ultimate infernal power!

Malachi: What are you talking about? *Raises an eyebrow* My evil scheme is to build humanity up into a new golden age of understanding, compassion, and purity, and then drag your race's collective great great great great great great great great great grandchildren into a new dark age of depravity, unlearnedness, and corruption. I'm not deliberately working towards ultimate infernal power. Although, if an opportunity presented itself...

Radiant: *Groans* One day, devil, you'll slip up. and I shall have just cause to stain my righteous blade with your tainted blood.

Malachi: *Chuckles* Oh Radiant... I'm sure you will. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm almost fashionably late for the charity fundraiser for the Orphans of Mad Science Foundation. Someone has to ensure that those poor children who lost their parents due to the perversions of science are taken care of, you know. Ta ta... Wait, is that Eric Tinker? YOU ended up in the depths of hell? I'm shocked. I'm genuinely surprised! I haven't felt this way in a hundred years... you were the media's golden boy for about 5 years back in your day! Don't tell me you were evil the entire time, you scam! Actually, do tell me. I'm quite uninformed about the goings-on in Hell these days... comes from not having been there for over a hundred years.

EDIT: To Jing: Doooo it! Doooo it!

Author:  FriendlyTroll [ Mon Mar 16, 2009 10:49 pm ]
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Professor Zobot wrote:
Malachi: *Chuckles* ... Wait, is that Eric Tinker? YOU ended up in the depths of hell? I'm shocked. I'm genuinely surprised! I haven't felt this way in a hundred years... you were the media's golden boy for about 5 years back in your day! Don't tell me you were evil the entire time, you scam! Actually, do tell me. I'm quite uninformed about the goings-on in Hell these days... comes from not having been there for over a hundred years.

Eric: Actiually, i chose to go to hell. The *plan* was to wait there for my wife. But then I had to make a deal with the devil and then next thing I know I'm up in the big fluffy place *up*stairs and being told that I have to be an Angel. And then i got really really mad and said a lot of things that I don;t think you're supposed to say in front of the Big Guy.

The Devil: Ch. Never you mind what I'm doin' with the boy, Mally. Yo go on and make your little plans, teh grown-ups are talkin'.

Author:  Zobot257 [ Sat Apr 04, 2009 5:40 am ]
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Since lately there's been some talk about Elleb, I thought I'd sit down and talk a bit about how the fae, at least in my mind, work. This isn't necessarily how EVERY one of Elleb's kind works (it's pretty hard to pin down a set of hard and fast rules for an entire race of highly magical creatures) but it's the set of rules that Elleb follows as a general rule, and it's likely that any other fairy spirits I could hypothetically introduce would follow the same/similar ones. Beware...this is going to be another one of my long winded essays, so those with short attention spans or a lack of interest in this subject should go elsewhere to find entertainment.

To begin with, let's talk about physiology. The fae don't have physical bodies like mortals do. They are beings that originally came from a place (For a very loose definition of place) of existence where perception and thought dictates form and identity. Thus, in that realm, if you perceive something to be threatening/monstrous, it's likely that it actually sees itself that way, or at the very least that it's trying to trick you. In that sense, fae spirits are more like living thoughts than actual creatures. The fae don't live in any specific universe, they exist in the spaces between them, which has given more than one scientist a headache to deal with. And they aren't the only creatures that do stuff like that, just the most well known. Anyway, when entering a universe, a fairy such as Elleb has to use some of their magic to craft a shell of a material form around them, so that they can interact with their surroundings. Without such a form, they can't exist in a physical universe for very long, unless they seek refuge inside a living being's mind. (Which can actually be QUITE dangerous if said living being is conscious and/or aware of their presence, but more on that later) Fae can eat and drink, but they derive little sustenance from it. To survive, a fairy requires two things: magic and emotions/concepts. The fae can draw strength and energy from emotions or concepts, and can naturally absorb such things from mortals or other life forms around them that innately radiate them. They have even found a way of distilling emotions and concepts into a physical-ish form so that they can be stored for a later date. (As indicated by when Elleb gave Andrew Tinker a small vial of liquid Truth) Different emotions and concepts actually can have different effects on the Fae (Such as truth being an intoxicant) but to prevent any deliberate weaknesses, they have a pretty good system of filtering out anything they don't want to absorb, and thus be affected by. The fae have a particular affinity for music and dancing (both of which are very emotional, very energetic, and very creative, all of which stimulate them) and cupcakes. (there's a REASON they were once called fairy cakes)

Magic is another matter, because it's much more important, and at the same time much less. Any fae spirit naturally absorbs ambient magic from their environment around them. It's a harmless process that doesn't threaten anything. In fact, it's quite necessary for them to do so: a fae spirit doesn't age like a mortal would, but rather grows older and more mature the more magic they've gathered into themselves, and would actually regress if they used too much of it. They also don't quite learn in the same way that mortals do: the more magic a fae spirit has amassed for themselves the more they intelligent, sophisticated, and wise they become, and vice versa. In this sense Elleb is essentially the equivalent of a 5 year old to her own kind: very young, very inexperienced, and very weak. However, at the same time she's older and more experienced than most mortals are by their 12th year, if not quite as mature. So why do the fae use magic, when using it drains it away from them? The answer is simple: a) because it's how they've adapted and how they've lived for as long as they've existed, and b) because they can safely use a certain amount of magic at any given time without threatening their physical and mental state. This amount grows the more mature and more powerful one of their kind gets. (Elleb, for example, is quite weak by design, but can still manage enough to do a few things quite easily. This is also an example of why she hasn't yet learned how to speak English, or any mortal tongue. It's because she's too young and not a complicated enough entity yet to really grasp any mortal languages. How she's capable of reading is another thing entirely.) A fae spirit can also cannibalize a source of magic such as a magical item or a mortal magical creature (ask yourself... what REALLY happened to the Dodo?) in order to gain a great surge of magic and possibly mature faster. It's worth noting that Elleb is aware she could try and do this to Frederic in order to grow more powerful. She just hasn't, and has no intention of doing so. She actually likes Frederic, and wouldn't want anything bad to happen to him. In any event, from everything I've said thus far it should be pretty easy to believe that these creatures don't really think in the same way mortals do. How could they? The very nature of their existence is so vastly separated from what humans and even ordinary animals deal with.

Now then... the term "Fae spirit" has been used continuously in this essay, mostly because it describes a wide variety of creatures other than just fairies. Some types of unicorns and dragons (well, except for the ones mad scientists make themselves using science) elves, sylphs, nereids, dryads, green men, even the occasional kitsune (Although those latter ones have also been classified as oni at times... the distinction gets blurry when you begin to deal with oriental mythologies) all technically fall under this category. Sayasuke blatantly doesn't, however, due his genesis. Although he has a well established history and his own supernatural powers, the fact that he was Written into existence means his powers work differently from a fae spirit's. His powers are largely fictional (this doesn't mean, however, that they don't have an effect on the real world, because they do) and while they may seem and even behave like magical ones, a fae spirit couldn't cannibalize him to grow more powerful. (The fact that he could easily defeat them notwithstanding, anyways)

Now then, it has been noted before that the fae are rampantly amoral. This isn't to say that they're evil, just that the concept of dividing behaviors into "good" and "evil", or even just "right" and "wrong" is alien to them. The fae are primal, whimsical, and by their very nature usually creatures of untamed passions; had they never came into contact with mortals the idea of morality might never have occurred to them. In their basic state, among the fae there is only Want, and when that Wants of one conflict with the Wants of another, they naturally struggle against each other. The queen of the fae (Don't ask about the king. It's just not a subject that's safe to talk about) imposes some sorts of order upon all the other creatures within her power, but fae civilization is very loosely organized and mostly the monarchy doesn't actually do much in terms of regulation. The monarchy was actually originally a structure the fae adopted off of a mortal race a long, LONG time ago... the reasons why can be summed up by the phrase "Hey! We could do that too if we wanted to! See? See?" and the fae spirits just never really forgot about it. Of course, the fae are naturally very curious about how mortals live and behave, and frequently love to observe and meddle play with them to see how they'll react. Often, a fae spirit will choose to live among humans, and sometimes even deign to serve one, deliberately so that they can study the creatures that they're so fascinated with.

are the ones who are trouble.

The best, and yet also the worst, of the fae are the ones who have been among mortals long enough to have adopted human like traits and behaviors. These are the ones who will decide they want a mortal lover and then steal a loving husband away from his wife, ensorcelling him so that he doesn't even remember he ever loved her at all. These are the ones who will grow fascinated by killing and butcher humans just to feel the strong surges of emotions they give off as they're in the process of dying. These are the ones who will manipulate nations into causing wars and good people into committing atrocities. These are the sorts of fae who will steal children away to their realm until they lose interest, and then drop them back in their home worlds thousands of years later, when everyone they ever loved has died. But at the same time these fae can also become the kind who work with humans to make everyone's lives better. They can be the kind who heal wounded heroes, or offer sanctuary to frightened travelers in the night. They are the ones who will craft great and powerful magical relics to grant to good people, and the ones who grant wishes and blessings to those that deserve them. They are the fairy godmothers, the Elronds, and the Colonel Beowulf's of story. Elleb is actually an example of this sort; she has started to show signs of growing a bit more human in the time she's spent with her adopted human.

Author:  chicgeek [ Sat Apr 04, 2009 9:33 am ]
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Professor Zobot wrote:
To survive, a fairy requires two things: magic and emotions/concepts.
The fae can draw strength and energy from emotions or concepts, and can naturally absorb such things from mortals or other life forms around them that innately radiate them. .
The fae have a particular affinity for music and dancing (both of which are very emotional, very energetic, and very creative, all of which stimulate them) and cupcakes. (there's a REASON they were once called fairy cakes)

Jane toys with her appletini while watching Andrew on stage, belting out his own jaegerish version of "I'm too sexy for my shirt."
"Say, Chic-just why did we we start meeting for kareoke once a week?"
Chic grins. "I dunno....because it's fun?"
Jane shakes her head. "No, I mean...whose idea was it originally?"
Chic pauses, thinking. "Hmm...Wally, maybe? I don't really remember. Just one of those things that sounded like a good idea."
Jane gives a rare smile of pure pleasure. "I suppose you're right." It is a good idea, wherever it came from. Speaking of good ideas...she's remembering dropping in at Chic and Wally's that morning, for coffee, gossip, and general muahaha'ing. Chic had just made cupcakes...again. When she asked her why, she replied-"Oh, just bringing them into M with me later. Easier than pie, or cake-no plates or mess, just grab one. And you know what a sweet tooth Xerox has, not to mention Andrew. Don't know why I didn't think of it before."
"Chic, we should all start getting together sometime on the weekend for coffee and pastries. Kick back, be lazy. What do you think?"
" you mean at my place, or at a cafe?"
Jane smiles evily. "Depends-do we want to terrorize the locals, or have access to a lab? Either, I guess."
"Well....maybe. Especially if everyone'll pitch in and bring stuff from the bakery, if we're at my place. So I can kick back, too!" The idea is growing on her. The new shop in town has the best stuff. Scones, pie, cupcakes...
"Now, come on Jane-it's time for our duet!"
The two stride to the stage, a new idea left to settle into the back of their minds. Before the night is over, everyone will think of it.
Up in the rafters, a little fae is giggling...

Author:  FriendlyTroll [ Sat Apr 04, 2009 10:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Sci Notebook

Brilliant essay, Z. And it lines up pretty well with what I assumed about the Fae- and I'll add an extra bit here... the people who have had contact with Fae. How and why.

The Viktor Twins: They actiually visited teh Fae realms via a method of semi-dimensional travel that is easiest to refer to as 'Ethereal'. That is, a method that allows a physical being to temporarily adapt an ethereal form outside of their bodies to travel with. Mind you, since this *is* the Viktors were talking about they have some long complicated word for it, but at any rate the method is basically achieved with a certain compound mixture.
.... with, you know, lead, two types of poisonous mushrooms, a unicorn hair, dew gathered from under the bloods moon by a maiden of shadows, and the breath of a virtuous tyrant. But they will personally assure you that i';s all *totally* scientific.

Harp and Wicket: Now, these two actiually just met fae by chance- they grew up together in Venice, which I like to think is a favorite place for Fae to visit. One of my favorite books is one on the ghosts of Venice, and as far as I am concerned it is the spookiest place on earth. And when Wicket and Harp were kids, both of them basically just explored the city, finding old graveyards and empty buildings. One of these explorations landed them in the middle of a tiny little grassy field that had sprung out of a long forgotten building, filled with the lights and glimmers of the Fae under moonlight streaming through broken windows and a fallen-in roof.
Now, think for a moment about Harps personality. Yeah.

Andrew: Now, technically this should be Andrew and Eric, but Xerox only got to speak with one of them about it. When Andrew was little, he got to go with his Dad on Adventures sometimes, and it was on one of these occasions that they found, in the basement of a just-defeated Villain, a tiny little Fae trapped in a bottle. Andrew let it out, but it was too weak to make it home- it was practically a baby. So Andrew ended up taking care of it untill it could make it back.

Also... as a note on Sayasuke, while he isn't the sort of Magic that a Fae could absorb, he *is* Magical. Just his Magic is m\Faith-Based, so it functions differently. Although a Fae *could*, *technically* absorb some of his shadowstuff... but it's not a very good idea.

Author:  Zobot257 [ Sat Apr 04, 2009 12:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Sci Notebook

Oh, almost forgot... there's a few other minor things I figured I'd mention...

The fae don't kill each other. It's not that they can't, it's more that they won't. The idea of death, of never being able to think or perceive or feel again, is one of the most abhorrent things that they are aware of. This is one of the reasons why fae spirits usually try to amass as much magic for themselves as they can. More magic means more complicated and lively and farther away from ceasing to exist. At worst, you'll see a Fae creature trap another one, or torture an unwanted rival, or bind them and leave them in the hands of mortals, or place them someplace unpleasant. But they don't kill one another. Humans are another story, however... Fae don't have physical bodies. Their idea of death is literally a ceasing of existence. But humans are odd to them: They have a soul, but it's all trapped up in some odd fleshy shell thing. Ending the life of a body isn't something most fae have a hang up about, because it's not really KILLING to them. The human creature will still exist on some level, even if they aren't cooped up in their physical form anymore. And most fae don't understand that humans can't just create another physical shell like a fae could. And the fae don't really... have... a natural life span. They don't have bodies to decay. There's never been a fae spirit that has died of what could be called "natural causes." The only way a fae spirit can die like that is if they willingly and totally decide that they want to stop existing. And they have to commit to it totally and utterly to make it happen. And then they cease to exist any further. It's a rare phenomenon, and no mortal has ever actually seen it, but it happens once and a while.

This doesn't mean the fae can't be KILLED, however. Destroying the physical shell a fae spirit creates around themselves won't kill them. At best it'll just inconvience them by sending them away from the universe they were manifesting in. And at worst they'll have enough power to make another physical body and then plot vengeance on you. If they remember the affront long enough to bother. But Iron is another story. Cold Iron, the chief weakness of the fae, burns them when it touches them. A fae spirit whose physical form is destroyed by a weapon of cold iron is gone for good. Permanently. It should be noted, however, that the purity of the iron in question is critical here: Anything that's only 10% or less actually iron won't have any effect at all, between 10 to 40% will, at worst, leave a nasty rash or a couple of irritating welts, and it gets worse and worse from there. There are plenty of other weaknesses that the fae have, (including that old stipulation that fairy magic can't cross glass that keeps bothering Elleb) but they won''t be touched on here, due to the fact that the writer is lazy.

One last thing to mention here... fae spirits and people's minds. People once made the remark that Elleb's ability to enter someone's head was "creepy." Truth be told, it's not really something to worry too much about. "A man is a god inside his own mind", or so the old saying goes. Essentially, if a fairy tries to enter the mind of a conscious, aware person, it'd be very difficult, if not impossible, for them to avoid being noticed. Beyond that, the person is in near-complete control of their own mental world, and thus can easily fight off the invading presence. In fact, it's even possible to kill a fae spirit inside someone's head if the spirit themselves is careless enough and the person whose head they're in is strong willed enough. (See: Samual Vimes) Doing anything at all to a person's mind while inside it takes a LOT of power for a fae spirit, and isn't something to be done lightly. Taking all this into account, Mad individuals actually have a slight disadvantage in fighting off intruding fae spirits, mostly because they typically aren't fully in control of their own genius. An unconscious person, however, is a different story. The less activity is occurring in the brain, the easier and safer it is for a fairy to enter and the easier it is for them to do things in. Even still, doing anything PERMANENT to a person inside their own mind takes a lot of effort. Usually, for fae spirits it's just a lot less hassle to deal with mortals in the physical world, where the mortals don't have the proverbial "home turf advantage."

That is, unless they wanted to prove a point. A notable example of this can be seen in an old story. A certain figure from a far off fantasy universe got it into his head that he wanted to make a name for himself by killing the queen of the fairies. He actually managed to enter her domain with a sword of pure cold iron. To punish him for his arrogance, the queen entered his mind while he was conscious, subdued all his mental defenses (Without destroying them, a feat in itself) and then subsequently tore apart at his identity, bit by bit by bit until there was absolutely nothing left but an empty shell. It's something only she or the king could have done out of all her kind, and even for HER it was draining enough to almost cause her to regress to a lower state. The queen can be nice to those that are nice to her, but she does NOT take assassins kindly.

Author:  FriendlyTroll [ Sat Apr 04, 2009 7:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Sci Notebook

On Classifications
As is well known, M hires both Mads and the Creations of Mads. Any rescued, found, or contacted Creation is helped through rehabilitation and offered either a Job at M, or a roughly equal monthly support check until they can manage on their own. Anyone who chooses to remain at M has a high chance of becoming an Agent- many do so because they appreciate the equality inherent at M, and the chance to try and help others/Still fulfill their Directive.

As has been mentioned before, the Commander of M, Primary O Xerox, is a a great defender of Artificial Intelligence rights. Some of his earliest influential acts were sweeping reform of hiring policies, health benefits, and the legal classifications of 'Human', building on the precedent set by Lovelace vs Madblood case.
Among these changes was the clarifications of Artificial Intelligence: Organic Intelligence, Biological Intelligence, Non Biological, and Digital Intelligence, to be exact.

Organic Intelligence: Any sentient being created without outside manipulation and minimal to no Scientific interference. Someone born using Artificial Insemination is still a OI, as is a naturally occurring Mutant.
Examples: Andrew Tinker *technically* counts as a OI despite his famillies origin, as even the application of Jagerbrau occurs naturally. Jane Narbon is *also* a OI, as the 'Seahorse' method of childbearing has been deemed 'Minimal Scientific Interference'.

Biological Intelligence: Any Sentient Being composed of 'Biological' matter, created by more than minimum Scientific Interference. A cyborg (Defined here as: Digitally Augmented Sentient) is still a BI, unless they wish to be re-classified.
Examples: Frederic is a BI, and so are Tinkers Delta, Gamma and Epsilon. So is one 'Caliban', due to [CLEARANCE LEVELS NOT SUFFICIENT] events. Technically, Chic counts, as what happened before her birth was more than Minimum SI.

Non-Bilogical Intelligence: Any sentient being not made and composed of biological matter, typically (but not necessarily) created *by* Science. Includes the definition 'Digital Intelligence', which is a very specific type of NBI.
Examples: 'Lemon' X. is a Digital Intelligence. One 'Sayasuke Okami' is a Non Biological Intelligence, as is the Fae Elleb.

Author:  Zobot257 [ Mon Apr 13, 2009 4:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Sci Notebook

Because I've gotten a question regarding the whole "David with Zobot inside him" thing. (YOU know who you are.) I figured I'd sit down and discuss it. Please note that I'm not trying to make anyone follow any sort of rules about the supernatural in this game... it's just how I've seen this particular situation working out.

The general gist of it is this: An organic, sentient lifeform of most sorts is made up of 3 things: Body, Mind, and Spirit. It's through the interactions between these 3 elements that form what people call a "Soul." When a person "dies", (i.e: the body ceases to function the soul becomes a complete thing and departs to the afterlife, where it faces Judgement and then an afterlife that it's built for itself during it's time on earth. So essentially, stuff most people have already been assuming in this game. If a being lacks any of these 3 elements (again, Mind, Body, and Spirit) a soul will not emerge, and they do not merit an afterlife, unless they somehow acquire the missing elements before their time on the planet is up.

But what's really important here is the issue of the Soul itself. I imagine that the soul has no direct control over a person, but rather is a reflection of that person during their entire life: Specifically, the appearance and temperament of the soul reflect on the behaviors and personality of the person while alive. Think of a soul like Dorian Gray's portrait. (Which is actually a fairly decent analogy, now that I think of it) So someone who spent nearly their entire life being a good person will have a soul that is more or less good-natured and nice, with maybe one or two negative traits. The soul would essentially still be that person. And it would work the same with with someone who spent their entire life doing evil.

Now consider David's situation. His body used to be Zobot's. However nice and kind he is now, his soul still reflects all the bad that Zobot DID during his lifetime. David's been his own nice person for about half a year by now, I'd estimate. So the soul is still mostly a reflection of Zobot, but as time goes on, assuming that David keeps trying to be a good person, everything will add up and his soul will gradually start to become more and more like him. (Hence why the Shade of Zobot is so put-out by the fact that David didn't die. Not only does it mean he doesn't get to get on with it, but it also means he's going to grow more likable.) Since the soul is a reflection of the person, it doesn't have any direct control over them. At best, The Shade of Zobot has a slight subconscious impact on David: as he said before, he's the part of David that tells him fighting is fun, and encourages him to get into dangerous situations. But in the end, whatever David does is his own decision.

The Melodramatically Heroic Side of David, however, isn't in the same boat. He's not a reflection of David's soul, just another aspect of him that operates on a subconscious level. Since they both have generally the same level of effect on David's thought processes, Melodrama and The Shade of Zobot can see and interact with each other.

Even though the soul is a reflection of the person, that doesn't mean that nothing bad would happen if you lost it. A person without their soul is essentially an empty shell... they've lost a defining aspect of what makes up them, and that generally tends to cause one to grow catatonic. Although there's always the 1% who become crazed emotionless killing machines, but that only tends to happen in badly written horror movies.

So there you have it.

Author:  Jingleheimer-Schmitz [ Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Sci Notebook

Writer: Sorry I haven't been on, TVTropes Will Ruin Your Life. On that note, Colonel Makepeace and Rival Scientists

Writer: After reading The Nice, I thought Johnathan might want a magazine rack around the place eventually. Of course, he'd want publications in a field that would appeal to his customers, but that would depend upon their position in their field...

Writer: I wanted to check who worked in a field big enough to have a magazine and who considered themselves too far outside the mainstream.

Author:  chicgeek [ Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Sci Notebook

Heh. A field doesn't have to be very big to have a magazine. Until I started working at a store that handled periodicals, I never dreamed there were so many magazines out there! You name it, someone's published it.
And as far as mad science? Y'know, making up magazines could be fun...

Author:  That Guy [ Tue Apr 28, 2009 7:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Sci Notebook

A quick note-

M would not be called in to deal with something happening in London. Scotland Yard-Calamity Division is only a special part of London's police force. It is there because London is frequently attacked or otherwise inundated by Mad forces.

A subsection of the police force was split off to deal with such problems. Most large and populous cities have a variation of it. For example, Tokyo has their Cataclysm Division.*

Great Britain presumably has a government office similar to M, as well. M and organizations like it deal with Mad Scientists and their creations (only occasionally becoming involved in crazy disasters). CDs are there to deal only with the disasters and will hand over any Mad's or creations to government bodies capable of dealing with them.

Xylon should probably have one, but the Mayor is cheap and lets M deal with such problems.

*I don't think we should try to include the Megatokyo-verse in let's just say Tokyo CD has the same name in both verses.

Author:  Zobot257 [ Wed Apr 29, 2009 4:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Sci Notebook

That Guy wrote:
A quick note-

M would not be called in to deal with something happening in London. Scotland Yard-Calamity Division is only a special part of London's police force. It is there because London is frequently attacked or otherwise inundated by Mad forces.

A subsection of the police force was split off to deal with such problems. Most large and populous cities have a variation of it. For example, Tokyo has their Cataclysm Division.*

Great Britain presumably has a government office similar to M, as well. M and organizations like it deal with Mad Scientists and their creations (only occasionally becoming involved in crazy disasters). CDs are there to deal only with the disasters and will hand over any Mad's or creations to government bodies capable of dealing with them.

Xylon should probably have one, but the Mayor is cheap and lets M deal with such problems.

*I don't think we should try to include the Megatokyo-verse in let's just say Tokyo CD has the same name in both verses.

I expected something along these lines, but it's good that someone pointed it out. Thanks, That Guy!

Author:  Kate [ Wed Apr 29, 2009 5:49 pm ]
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Boxxy started out as an Xbox at M. This lasted about 6 months (which, to be fair, is longer than Xboxs usually last at M) until Claire decided that the controller was too annoying and Xbox games should be virtual reality sims with holograms. She would've just hooked the Xbox up to the holodeck, but she wasn't sure what Professor Moriarty would say. Anyway, since it was M, she took a bunch of stuff she found and attached it to the Xbox, re-wrote a few old programs one of her cousins had taught her, and created the virtual reality sim she wanted.

Of course, there were a few problems. First, she only knows a few programs for this sort of thing, and all of them tend to result in some level of an AI. Second, she didn't realize this, since she doesn't fully understand everything she coded. Third, with the amount of processing the Xbox has to do to modify a game and then render it in 3D holoprojections, it has to have pretty powerful hardware. So Claire thinks Boxxy's just a little bit sentient, although he would probably be able to get citizenship through M.

Currently, he wants to attend college, mostly because he wants to see what people who play Xboxs are normally like, and he gets the feeling that Lemon, Primary, Claire, and then intern hive mind don't really fit that. High school seems a bit too restrictive in terms of schedule stuff. He got a bunch of textbooks from somewhere and has been reading through them so he could hypothetically start next semester, although he isn't sure how to get admitted, pay for it, or tell Lemon or Claire what his plan is.

As far as capabilities go, he can project just about anything within a 5m radius, and has solar panels, but would need to spend an hour or two each day plugged in if he were to use his laser or holograms heavily. Or if it were cloudy or he were inside most of the day. The laser's the only thing he has that's any good offensively if someone's outside his 5m range, although he might be able to get creative with throwing rocks or something if he thought of it. (but the laser's pretty powerful, so that probably won't matter) He currently doesn't have any system in place for eating or other energy generation beside the solar panels, and he probably won't at any point in the immediate future. He *really* doesn't like being modified- he finds it very uncomfortable- and only tolerates Claire tinkering a little bit because she was the one who put him together in the first place. At Crash's suggestion, he's started calling her 'Mom' mentally, although he's still not sure what she'll think of that, or even if she'll freak out about him being really sentient. He does kind of want her approval, though.

He also likes Wii and PS3 games, for some odd reason. And he still hasn't gone onto Xbox live.

Author:  Kate [ Mon May 11, 2009 5:47 pm ]
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The Umbra Family, Part II (with less mystery)

Children of Mark Umbra

Anson- Currently living in China, so he was the one who had to steal Claire's last letter from the Chinese government. He specializes in force manipulation. He's also kind of a jerk. He's married, against his will, to a man name Steven. Both of them figure that it would be faster to kill the other than to fill out divorce paperwork, although neither has succeeded yet. Everyone else keeps trying to convince them that they should have a formal wedding. This hasn't happened yet either.
Isaac- He specializes in electronic interfaces into the neural system. He stays in Russia most of the time and doesn't visit the US very often because he gets teleporter-sick.

Children of Thomas Umbra

Aruther- Claire's favorite cousin, because he tended to be nicer to her than everyone else. He's got the best grasp of 'normal' and 'common sense' of this generation, although that tends to fly out the window if he gets left alone. He's also the only one besides Claire who's really strong. He specializes in computer software programming, specifically AIs. Arther lives in the US.
-> Crash- Arthur's first creation. He tends to be more impulsive and reckless, and isn't quite as into sneaking around as his aunts and uncles. He likes to hack into and crash random systems. He also doesn't like being disconnected from the internet.
-> Burn- Crash's younger sister. She's quieter and more timid than her brother, although she is really nosy. Unlike Crash, she actually has a job, which means she's away from home a lot. This, in turn, means that Crash usually stays with Arthur, which neither of them really minds (although Arthur complains about being interrupted while he's trying to work).

Children of Anna Umbra

Jennifer- If you ask Interpol, she's a math teacher in France right now, and best friends with another teacher at the school, Yvonne. To be fair, she does teach math, but she has other business in France. Her specialty is mind control, with a focus on emotions, and she prefers to go about things in a very indirect manner- getting other people to do her work for her.
Edgar- Technically he should be working in Italy right now, but he's lazy and gets teleporter-sick, so he generally stays in the US. His specialty is biology, generally involving mutations and sewing stuff onto other stuff, although he can do the zombification-with-lightning thing, too. He tends to act as the medic if anyone gets injured while playing.
Neal- Probably the smartest of this generation of Umbras, he almost always knows everyone else's plots. Getting him to disclose them would be a pain, though. His specialty is rocketry with a decent emphasis on missiles. He's also pretty good with teleporters, although he had help with that. His current base is undisclosed. There are also a few issues trying to figure out if he is older than Edgar or not, due to an incident with a time machine when he was nine.

Children of Eliza Umbra

Claire- Considered AWOL until a few months ago, when Jennifer saw her at the Prix. At that point, she tried to distance herself from the family. Since everyone's stupidly proud, this probably would have continued if Crash hadn't tried to kidnap her. Everyone's talking to everyone else now. She's a hench, so she doesn't have a specialty, although she's good with teleporters and zappy things and splody things. You probably knew that already, though.

Between them, the cousins tend to swap ideas, blueprints, cake recipes, that sort of thing. They also tend to kidnap each other and throw each other in deathtraps. Claire and Burn are exempt from this because of their jobs, and Crash because he weirds everyone out with LOLcats references when he's in a deathtrap. If someone wants something they can't make, they'll usually call someone else and ask for it- blackmail is often involved. If there's something no one can make, they'll steal blueprints for it from someone else, or, in extreme cases, steal notes and try to figure it out themselves (this has somewhat limited success). Because of all this, Claire has a pretty good idea of how to read Mad blueprints, although it takes her a lot longer to build stuff. Because of the amount of swapping they do, their styles are all pretty similar, so Crash and Burn both tend to have an easy time recognizing styles in general (because everyone else's styles seem so distinct).

Some of them also tend to be a bit nervous around Xerox. Jennifer still remembers the newspaper thing. Edgar was trying to test Claire's limits for a while (in the 'I'll keep adding books until you collapse, then take one off' style, with a lot of 'drink this and see if you die' as well) which tended not to end well when Xerox found out about it.

Yes, Claire's family is psychotic. And big. Her dad's side of the family is a lot smaller, fortunately. Most of these people probably won't show up for a while (if ever) but I thought it would be nice to put down a bit of information on them.

Author:  Jingleheimer-Schmitz [ Tue May 12, 2009 6:16 pm ]
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chicgeek wrote:
Heh. A field doesn't have to be very big to have a magazine. Until I started working at a store that handled periodicals, I never dreamed there were so many magazines out there! You name it, someone's published it.
And as far as mad science? Y'know, making up magazines could be fun...

Some titles I'd like to throw out

Idioms - the reference on everybody else. Cover is based on the "for Dummies" series except the head is flipped to be a pointed headed guy with a beard. Chief Editor is Dr. Lipschitz from Rugrats as a spark. Divided into two camps. The main staff treat the magazine as a lighthearted look at the many quirks of sparks in fiction, with some theories added. However the magazine also has an evil marketing department. They function like an evil overlord list but with examples given in tabloid-style photo exposes and blatant adds for "villain enhancements."

Belle Curves - The Better Half of Science. Mainly marketed twoards women, it reports on new, relatively untouched fields of science where struggling scientists can establish themselves without competing with the big [ wigs ] for funding and recognition. As the name suggests, a large portion of the magazine is devoted to graphs and illustrations, as opposed to the text heavy mainstream journals. Of primary concern is the "ecclectic" rating of each field, which takes into account its practical applications, the specialized knowledge required to study the field, the specialized knowledge GAINED in the study of the field, and the number and TYPE of men in each field, just so the photo department has an excuse.

null - Powerfailure and Corruption. The "N" is lowercase allowing the title to be written using magnets or at least shapes easily recognized as horseshoe style magnets. The magazine is a kryptonite catalogue for saboteurs, mostly focusing on overcoming specific heroes and computer systems. You get the odd infiltration plan, but its mostly aimed at the people who own the secret fortress. Arguably the best articles are written by the corruption department, utilizing Riddler and Dr. Doom style "Nice Job Breaking It, Hero" plans. However, these articles are always, always done as part of a series spanning multiple issues.

Author:  chicgeek [ Tue May 12, 2009 6:50 pm ]
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Nice, Jing! Here's a few more mags that need fleshing out.
DreamLabs-Glossy, lots of pictures. It features established, impressive showcase labs. Like the Risk lair, perhaps.
Better Labs and Deathtraps-plans and tips for the beginner just establishing themselves.
The Hench Quarterly-Tips for the hench, of course. Available both as newstand and subscription. They like selling subscriptions-so many send in their payments, then after the check clears, they start coming back stamped 'deceased'.
IT'S ALIVE!!!-yes, this one's devoted to the various and sundry creations mads have created.
And if celebrities like Oprah, ect. have their own magazines, why not our own Dixie Deville? A celebrity gossip style magazine. Lots of interviews and photos. Embarassing photos. Which is why the photographers either are anonymus, or don't last long...
To continue a theme, we have cooking magazines by Paula Deen, Rachel Ray, ect. So, why not one featuring/edited by Tak Shing? This Mad chef was last seen during the Mad Scientist Convention, perfecting his radioactive curry.

This is fun!

Author:  Zobot257 [ Thu May 14, 2009 12:35 pm ]
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chicgeek wrote:
To continue a theme, we have cooking magazines by Paula Deen, Rachel Ray, ect. So, why not one featuring/edited by Tak Shing? This Mad chef was last seen during the Mad Scientist Convention, perfecting his radioactive curry!

Regrettably, Mr. Shing was defeated and brought to justice by his arch-rival, the perpetually awkwardly-teenage superhero, Freedom Fry. He's vowed vengence but is incapable of continuing his Mad cooking magazine while in jail.

It actually shouldn't take too long for him to escape, though. Some FOOL of a warden put him in charge of the cafeteria...

Anyways, I realized that while I introduced the 8 Zobot Masters, I haven't actually provided much information about what they actually DO. I intend to remedy this with another essay.

Let's start with Memoryman. Memoryman was based off of Megaman opponents such as Flashman and Centaurman, so it's quite reasonable to guess what his weapon does: it immobilizes opponents. Specifically, using the Flashbacker, he triggers anyone within a certain range to have a sudden and inconveniently irrelevant flashback, which distracts them to the point of not noticing what is going on around them. While this weapon isn't damaging in itself, I should point out that his other arm is a small yet functional gatling gun. He's quite well equipped.

Dyeman is based off of weaponizing sentient shades of color, specifically the Pink. After all the ruckus about the Pink last time it was around in-canon, some people would probably call Michael Mad for this, in which case he'd thank them for the compliment. It should be mentioned that Dyeman has no direct attacking power, but can turn any object he touches with his hands Pink and then control it remotely. He can only affect 3 objects at a time, but they can be as large as a tank or as small as an ant. His secondary ability, Color Camouflage, allows him to blend in with his background as if he was invisible.

Madman. Yeaaaah... just don't break the little yellow balloon of sanity that perpetually circles around him. Just trust me on this one. As long as you don't he's more or less invincible, but also more or less harmless. Mutters gibberish a lot and dresses like a hobo.

Coffeeman is also occasionally referred to as Caffeineman, (the two names are more or less interchangeable.) is perpetually hyperactive and speedy, and uses coffee (or any caffeinated substance) as a power source. He can get 12 hours of power from a single espresso. His highly caffeinated existence grants him super-speed (Also known as Caffeine Rush). While he doesn't have any particularly dangerous weapon, he is highly fluent in many different martial arts, which, when combined with his Caffeine Rush power, can make him a match for almost any living foe. If he were ever allowed to partake of Chic's lightning coffee, it's possible he'd ascend to some sort of godlike state.

Netman is a safari-esque man who fights with his steel butterfly net (using it like a cane or a battlestaff). Probably one of the least destructive of the Zobot masters. However, whoever gets netted by his battle net just abruptly...vanishes. Netman sends them to a small pocket-reality where he keeps his "catches" until he decides to release them. (Destroying him also empties this pocket-reality abruptly) His Stun Netter weapon fires an entangling web out of his arm cannon (which all robot masters apparently have) which both sticks to and mildly electrocutes whatever it hits in order to immobilize them until he can catch them with his net. Based off of Yamotoman, except without the code of bushido or any of the Asian mentality. Has a wire-mustache.

Limeman is another weird one. His entire body is essentially a giant lime with human-like metal arms, legs, and a head protruding from it for some reason. His primary mode of attack is firing bolts of lightning from his appendages (citrus fruits will offer a slight electric charge if you put rods of certain types of metal into them, this is just an extension of that principle on an enormous extent) and his secondary attack is his citrus cannon, his arm cannon which fires a spurt of highly highly concentrated citric acid strong enough to dissolve steel. (Note: I'm aware that Citric acid, even in a concentrated state, isn't strong enough to dissolve even human flesh, which is pretty easy to melt actually. Just go with it, I find it funny) No one knows how he doesn't start rotting. Probably best not to ask him.

Bureaucratman probably looks the most "Normal" of the Zobot Masters, but strangely enough he's also one of the more dangerous ones. He's perpetually dressed in a freshly ironed business suit and tie, with matching stain-resistant pants and suede shoes. He's lawful evil to the core. His primary attacking ability is the Red Tape Shield, which spontaneously generates a protective barrier of paperwork which circles around his body defensively as if it was caught in a tornado. As long as even one form in the vortex of paperwork remains unfilled out, he cannot be harmed at all (Blame poorly designed game mechanics) and filling out the paperwork is made difficult by the the fact that it's moving rapidly around him in a very chaotic manner. Anyone or anything that gets near him runs the risk of severe paper-cuts...unto death! He can even cut through a brick wall using his forms if given enough time (Again, I know it's silly but go with it). Once all his forms are filled out his shield vanishes and for a brief moment of time (about one minute) it's possible to harm him directly until he can reactiveate his shield and create new paperwork to defend himself with. His Triplication Technique, which is his secondary ability, makes this even more formidable: it creates 2 copies of him, making three Bureaucratmans for any opponent to fight and 3 times the paperwork to deal with. Unfortunately, they all share the same life meter, but still... 3 times as deadly. Based off the unholy fusion of Geminiman and Leafman.

Thunderwoman is the last of the 8, and the only one of the 8 who seems somewhat intimidating and not funny-looking in my opinion. She's quite obviously based off of Splashwoman (the only female robot master) and thus her secondary ability: lack of adherence to themes. Her primary ability is essentially weaponized sound: the Thunderclapper involves her clapping her hands together to create vibrating forces that can break anything nearby her effortlessly. She's quite dangerous, and although she lacks a secondary ability she just might be the most powerful of the 8.

Author:  That Guy [ Thu May 14, 2009 8:05 pm ]
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And who to defeat the Zobot Masters off screen but:

The Red Shirts!

A group of mercenaries held permanently on retainer by Madame Lachance. The reason they rock is because they BA as Thaddeus, but without the pesky code of honor.

They are tough, militaristic, brutal, cunning, brutal, smart, genre savy, good at teamwork, oh and did I mention brutal.

Author:  Zobot257 [ Thu May 21, 2009 1:27 pm ]
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Another thing to talk about:

Michael's Cell Phone.

This is a class 3 Mad Trinket, primarily a Teleportation-class device. This object, like most of Michael's technology, is based off of concepts he saw in a videogame somewhere. It has several different abilities, but it's primary function is Teleportation. This device doesn't operate using either of the two typical concepts of teleportation (the first involving converting one's body into data, transmitting it at the speed of light, and then rebuilding it at another point, and the second involving wormholes) but rather uses a different technique: Using the gravitic pull of a small piece of superdense matter, it creates a fold in the fabric of space/time and conjoins two points of the world that aren't normally connected together, shifting the holder from point A to point B. Michael opted for this technique, despite the problems inherent with it, because he wanted to secure his lab against conventional forms of teleportation and yet also wanted his own way to freely move on and off his island without difficulty or any waste of time. Any form of the two teleportation techniques described earlier that attempts to move onto Michael's island will end... messily... to say the least. There is a sub-function that allows Michael to affect the velocity going out of the teleportation effect: this is there as a safety measure (in case Michael needs to teleport while moving VERY fast, such as while he's on an airplane or something) and due to the nature of HOW it teleports, is unlikely to be able to be reproduced by most other means. Michael's cell phone also allows for the storage of up to ten "Contacts" which are preprogrammed coordinates that can be teleported to without any waste of time.

Michael's phone has several other functions as well, and is typically his primary form of offense and defense unless he's had an opportunity to make special preparations ahead of time for a confrontation (Due to it's easy ability to be concealed and non-suspicious form) The second most notorious function is the Tazer mode, which projects two charged metal rods out of the tip of the phone, allowing it to administer a powerful electric shock. There are 3 levels of this function, all of them designed to paralyze their target: A) Housepet, B) Human, and C) Bull Elephant (Which apparently is powerful enough to paralyze a jaeger) Using a lower mode on something else will likely just be extremely painful, while using a higher level mode on something it wasn't intended on will probably be fatal. The "Bull Elephant" level has the undesirable side-effect of nearly completely draining the battery, so Michael uses it sparingly.

Another function of the cell phone is a shorter-range mode of teleportation: The Cell-Camera function. This switches the position of the person taking the picture with the position of the person/object in the picture. The advantage of this function is that it takes relatively little energy and can be used very quickly. The downside is that it doesn't actually take pictures. (For shame, Michael! For shame!) Another function of the Utility Cell Phone is that it allows Michael to select an object within the range of the Cell Phone's sensor and move it around, much like a computer mouse cursor. This function hasn't showed up in the main game yet because I'm not entirely sure how to write for it, but I like the idea a lot. It's also probably something Michael would use to fight with. It is also capable of wireless internet access, standard cell phone use, and, in a pinch, there is a pocket knife blade that can be ejected from the bottom if the buttons 1-3-3-7-# are pressed within 2 seconds of each other.

Most of this doens't apply to Frederic's version, of course. Michael was in a hurry while building it, and as such, Frederic's version of the Cell Phone can only do the standard form of teleporting. Michael rationalized this by saying that Frederic was dangerous enough on his own and didn't need a Tazer, a camera, or anything more than a teleporting cell phone. Sorry Frederic!

Author:  FriendlyTroll [ Mon May 25, 2009 7:44 pm ]
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An answer to a musing of Chic's, re-located here because for god's sake why do I keep *making* these side- bits if I don't use them to de-clutter the lounge?

chicgeek wrote:
And since they were grown and raising Eric before they knew about Io and Viktor, I wonder how they get along, what they make of it all....

The fact is, the Tinker Twins have actiually had a sort of rocky relationship with the rest of the family besides Eric and Andrew (and now, Chic). By all accounts Io *did* get to raise them for some time, so even if their memories of him are a little fuzzy they're very fond of him, and by grace of assosiation Dr. Viktor himself. It helps that Io looks very much like Eric and Dr. Viktor very much like Andrew.

But the tricky bit is *timing*: Andrew is responsible for figuring out Vladimir and Rasputin were his uncles, which re-united the family. (Eric had accomplished something similar after he went mad, by wont of Io stepping forward, but not completely.) This was when he was six, and in about eight years the family was slowly becoming just that.
Then Eric died.
And the Twins sort of... drifted off. They went on more and more missions, often much more dangerous than usual. And aside from the occasional trip back to visit Andrew and Katty, their house in Xyclon became nearly unlived in. The cause was clear- between the loss of their adopted son, Desius, and their beloved little brother they were, essentially, retreating from teh world at large.
Thus the schism between Viktor Twins and Tinker Twins- it was during this time that a basic Hero vs Villain battle became something much, much worse. A Family Row. The Victors confronted their younger brothers over their behavior, starting off a grand family shouting-match- mostly, it must be noted, between the respective Elder brothers of each set.

Now, no row, no matter how hurtful and loud, could ever *truly* cause a rift between any members of the Tinker line (possibly because of a little genetic meddling, we may never know) but there was a certain... distance, perhaps. Mostly because of the simple fact that Alpha and beta were *right*, which, as anyone who has ever argued with a elder sibling knows, only made it all the worse.

It must be noted that their *survival* during this period can, in fact, be attributed to an unlikely source: Octavius Malory. As Villians go Octavius Mallory is a bit of an odd duck to say the least: sensible as a pair of penny loafers, solid as a block of granite, and focused enough to put your average laser to shame. And, perhaps *most* importantly, completely nonviolent. Which means that every month spent trying to get Her Eternal Majesty's Runcible Scepter back or prevent him from opening portal to the Dungeon Dimension was a month they *weren't* being shot at.

Dr. Malory's part in keeping the Tinker Twins out of serious harms way has come to a head as of late- the man can now be potentially held responsible for the reconciliation of Richard Gamma and Richard Delta with their family, and even their home. No necessarily singlehandedly responsible, mind- the honor is shared with the true point of the matter: Eta.

Consider this: Since the arrival of little Eta, the Twins have gone on a hiatus from active Hero work, returned home to Xyclon, and most importantly Alpha and Delta have reconciled. Although, some credit for the last part may be given to one Emily Lopez Viktor, who seems to have encouraged her father to reach out to his little brothers.
(One could easily suppose, then, that with every new member the Tinker family only gets stronger...)

As such it is extremely likely that as time goes on the Twins will finally make peace with their slightly-estranged family members. Although, just what sort of relationship might arise between them and the father of their child, Octavius Mallory, remains to be seen (and speculated wildly about by one Lady Drezebel and her friend/rival Elizabeth).

Author:  Zobot257 [ Mon May 25, 2009 7:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Sci Notebook

Interesting... and somewhat touching as well.

I can only speculate as to how the family dynamic will be altered when/if Andrew ever has another child. I can't NOT imagine Andrew's uncles as not doting on Frederic, so it's only natural that they'd dote on his little sibling as well. And Eta's just old/young enough that a new family member as a playmate would work in about 5 to 8 years...

Author:  FriendlyTroll [ Mon May 25, 2009 8:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Sci Notebook

The way I imagine it is that the Tinker family is kind of like a cloth- a patch-work cloth, but a cloth nonetheless. When Eric died, a big piece was torn out of the middle, and each new kid kind of repairs the cloth a little more.
The way I see it, the discovery of Chic and the arrival of Eta have mended the tear. So when (not, as far as I'm concerned, If) Andrew has another child the familly will finally begin to thrive again.
And you know, in about five years Andrew will finally stop looking like a teenager, so...

Author:  chicgeek [ Mon May 25, 2009 9:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Sci Notebook

Eh, who knows which family member will have the next child? But yeah, new kids, niece/nephews, grandkids ect. work wonders, don't they? And it's funny how Gamma told Eta "It's a clank Auntie made for you" when Chic's Eta's cousin and Gamma's niece. But she is the only female in the family so far, with the exception of Vladimir's bride, so I can see it. Heh, my own mom is Aunt Ginny to people she's not related to at all!

Author:  FriendlyTroll [ Mon May 25, 2009 9:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Sci Notebook

Yeah, my family works in a similar way- 'Auntie' is more of an honorary term than much to do with relation.
And from Gammas point of view it makes more sense- for one thing 'Cousin' is nigh-unpronounceable to a toddler, and Chic is much older than him anyways. For these reasons she's probably doomed to be 'Auntie' to any new kids in the family not her own. But, then again Eta's bount to make Andrew 'Uncle'.

Author:  FriendlyTroll [ Mon May 25, 2009 11:29 pm ]
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Possible Chronology Of the Mad Science Wars

Please Note: This is a very, very, *very* rough estimation of events. Mostly due ti the fact that the two series the Mad Scientist Wars uses the back story of, Narbonic and Girl Genius, and both series are rather.... vague as to their timeliness.

But after careful searching there are, for both series, a sort of rough 'Zero Date'- the rough intenal date when the respective strips started. Thanks to the good people at Girl Genius Wiki here, and the very first strip of Narbonic I have two important starting dates.

Girl Genius has 1892-1894 19 years after the Attack of the Other, the only firmly established date in the comic (1873-1874, if you were wondering).
And for narbonic we have 200X- in thefirst two strips Dave's graduating year can be just made out on a banner and two balloons, with the last digit covered (of course).

So, from here we can extrapolate the current date of The Mad Scientist wars, as well as the *past* localized history of the Universe it takes place in by an easy enough way- namely, Jane Narbon and Dr. Florian Viktor.

Jane Narbon I assume to be born 5-10 years after the series proper, thus setting her birth date as, say, 201X at the least. By this note we can easily get the current date of the mad sci wars- 203X-204X. Which sounds about right, if a little vauge- certainly a date that matches the level of common technology of our Mad Sci Wars (Robots, AI, etc but there's still regular cars and mp3 players and so on).

Now, going earlier presents us with a much more complicated problem: The birthday of one Florian Viktor. Florian is, as has been mentioned, a direct descendant of Tarvek Sturmvoraus (one way or another) so we work from there. (Recently I've taken to assuming a wee bit of, *ahem*, *unofficial capacity* being involved in the lineage, as Tarvek's continued survival past the end of GG is not exactly guaranteed.)

In our continuity, Tarvek has a child (again, one way or another), so we can safely assume that such an event would happen within ten-ish years of the starting date of Girl Genius. Draw your date depending on just how you imagine our Tarvek fathering a child... I have my own, somewhat unflattering theory.
(Warning! Lose continuity ahead!)
Tavek has a daughter (somehow), who marries out of the family Name and becomes a Mrs. Viktor, who then gives birth to Florian Viktor's father and brother.
.... *headache*. You know what? At this point it's actiually easier to declare that Nikola Tesla was either born several decades later in the MSW universe than in ours, or had assess to time travel. beleive what you like. ><

So- The Timeline of one Florian Viktor's life.

1930's-1940s- Born. has been known to be decidedly coy on the matter of the year, and a number of Historians have gotten *rather* an earful when questioning the math via his Great-Grandfather....

Some Point in the 60's- founds the league of Villains with dear Friend Nikola Tesla. The fact that, historically Nikola is supposed to have been dead by them diddn't seem to stop them...

1990: Temporarily captured by the US government, Florian agrees to aid a young Dr. Io with his project. The pair become very, very close over the course of the next ten years, working on the Tinker Project.

Here you know the rest, and specific dates are just too tangly to bother with. It;s a good starting point at any rate. I should mention that this places Dr. Viktor as in the ballpark of 100 years old, with an outward appearance of fifty- an appearance, I should add, that he has been established to have because he wanted to match Io. Not because he actiually would have aged, we must presume.
And it places Io at around 60, give or take a little. His appearance is that of a healthy, well-aging late 40's man through some unspecified action on Dr. Victors part. Probably best not to ask.

And that's all for now. Join me next time for my *next* feat of continuity untangling, as I try and map out the timeline ofteh game proper! Frankly, it'd be easier to just wrestle a shark...

Author:  chicgeek [ Mon May 25, 2009 11:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Sci Notebook

Hmm, so Dr. Viktor looks 50-ish only to match Io, and is really around a hundred...he and Farnsworth may be closer in age than I thought.
And shark wrestling! Yay! Or maybe we could just put one in a tank with an ill tempered mutated sea bass...

Author:  FriendlyTroll [ Tue May 26, 2009 3:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Sci Notebook

Yeah, I always assumed Dr. Viktor was older- but this time line makes more sense, really. He was around for most of the recent major social changes.

Author:  chicgeek [ Tue May 26, 2009 3:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Sci Notebook

Now that it's nicely figured out, I have a monkey wrench. Da Boyz from Girl genius are reported to be around 300 years old or so, with Maxim being the youngest at around 250, and Dimo being the oldest at 300. And they look pretty darn young.
So-we have the jaegers made by the Heterodynes, by giving them brau. We have the jaegers created by Io and Viktor, who are born jaegers, and produce the brau naturally inside their bodies. Who seem to be pretty much like the heterodyne jaegers, except for looking more human. Which is explained by the first generation being lab made instead of born the old fashioned way.
And we have Farnsworth and Viktor. The 'half' jaegers. Viktor's mama, a jaeger being given carefully measured doses of brau while pregnant. And a human father.
Farrnsworth. Jaeger father/human mother-which results in a human baby. But he stole brau. Probably gave it to his infant son-which was reckless. Since his mother is never portrayed as anything but human, she wasn't given brau during her pregnancy-since that would have affected her as well as him.
So-perhaps due to the circumstances of their creation, Viktor and Farnsworth age a bit quicker than other jaegers?
The other option is that Viktor is indeed as youthful as Da Boyz, but has drastically artificially aged himself, instead of slightly increasing his age. And that Farnsworth is far, far older than I'd originally decided.
Any bright ideas, Tinker?

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