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The Mad Scientist Wars [Volume 2]
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Author:  Snail [ Tue Nov 30, 2010 9:55 am ]
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It reminded Geneve of the submarine.

The submarine was probably the first thing she had done on purpose, and she had never told anybody about it. She was still used to thinking of Madness as something that kept you from being hired for fear you would turn your co-workers into algae monsters, something you hid if you wanted to be taken seriously on more mundane subjects or even wanted to offer someone a cup of coffee without people looking at you like you may or may not be holding a gun. You didn't let people know that you had "fixed" your simple refractometer by replacing its insides with something that you think used to be a member of the Hexactinella glass sponges but could now tell you the exact chemical composition of the water and relay it to your computer in exchange for brine shrimp.

She remembered that peculiar and wonderful moment of perfect clarity when the idea of her submarine first occurred to her, a rush like diving from a great height into the deepest part of the sea, seeing the depths illuminated. She remembered the weeks spent tinkering, growing things on plates and in tubes, taking scrap from junkyards and appliances from home. She stole a few of one coworker's pycnogonid tissue samples. And his hubcaps. He was a jerk, she told herself later, trying to justify it. At the time she didn't need justification. It was such a marvellous project, why should anything stop her from completing it as quickly as possible with the best materials possible?

In the end it was nothing extraordinary by Mad standards. Geneve did not have that strong a "spark", and at the time she was both inexperienced and repressed. However, with a calcium/silica composite shell grown over its metal frame and electronic controls implanted into the soft, partly bioluminescent inner cavity, large clear windows and a specimen collection method that was modelled after the predatory strategy of the formidable Humboldt squid, it looked like a cross between a polished opal and a cyborg nautilus, and Geneve couldn't imagine anything more beautiful. She took it out for the first time, in relatively shallow water, then in deeper, deeper, deeper...
It had been quite literally breathtaking.

In the end, foolishly and irresponsibly as she had told herself later, she had programmed some basic commands into it- try not to get eaten, try not to be seen, continue gathering data- and loosed it into the Atlantic. She didn't have a place to keep it. She didn't want anyone to see.

The whole event came rushing back to her with painful sharpness and detail, in this moment so like the moment when inspiration first struck, the weeks that spun by like dizzy dreams as she worked, that hour or two of euphoria past the point where sunlight reaches, all mashed together. It was not unlike being inside her half-living creation, looking out at the depths of a world far older and vaster than she, a world taunting and tempting her with secrets waiting to be learned...

Mimic cycled through brilliant colors in patterns she herself couldn't have explained, in a kind of synchronicity with the movement around her. Tiny soft blue lights trailed down her arms.

She gently floated off of David's shoulder, spreading fins to their full winglike size and gliding towards... whatever it was...
It was so pretty.

She felt dizzy, and happy for some reason she didn't fully understand. Everything was so exciting! There was so much of something like color and sound and vibrations and the water was warm and the tides were pulling-

She danced with a child's delight in the air.

Author:  chicgeek [ Tue Nov 30, 2010 4:00 pm ]
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Chic's mind is in a tizzy. Too many revelations-Rolf and ....Ravel's conversation. Even I know that half of us could hear that! Did he really think just lowering his voice....dear God, is it true?
Not to mention the bombshell the Heterodyne just laid on her, right when the world turned to black.
And the colors of madness swirl in the sky, the dancing moons and the the gleaming mystery and yes, oh, yes, the terrible joy when your cautious, shuffling mind throws away the pole and little umbrella and does a spirited jitterbug across the tightrope, where falling is just another part of the dance.
All she can do is stand, and breathe, for an undetermined point of time. Seconds or hours, the difference has become irrelevant.
Chic ignores all the warring impulses demanding her attention Right Now! and first turns to Eustace. "I suggest you grow a pair and tell...someone else, whoever you can. Sorry, sorry, I'm sorry...." Her expression changes from weird calm to sympathetic. "No, I understand why you haven't. And I am your friend. I will give you a helping hand or kick your ass, whichever is needed. Your faithful retainers, though..." She pauses, and doesn't finish her sentence, instead giving a rueful shrug. "Well, you know. But keep this in mind-I will do my best. But I have other loyalties. I have family here, the men I love are here, if I'm pulled too many ways at once...." She shakes her head. "But, for now-" She impulsively gives him a quick hug. "I hereby give my oath NOT to take the oath."
She walks over to Ravel, and reaches out and touches him on the arm, prompting him to turn around.
Chic looks. Looks again. Then hugs him soundlessly, tears pouring down her eyes despite herself. She pulls herself together, wipes her eyes, and in a casual voice-"Power source, huh?"

Author:  Demothesis [ Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:39 pm ]
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William almost didn't notice Fredic on his shoulder as he worked at his makeshift equipment, though once he did anyone observant enough would notice a slight flush at the edge of the band of cloth wrapped around his face. However the buzzing equipment quickly distracted him and he worked at it frantically for a moment before they all were dragged through time and space. "Almost go-"

"-ooood<Censored for content>" He finished as apparently his equipment was left behind and the reading he was working at with it. Then he 'looked' around and slmost had a panic attack. Blind blind blindblindblindblind!!!! It was almost as bad as the first time he had covered his eyes to prevent doing any more damage. He had found, almost immediatly, that he was terrified of the dark. Something about how sensitive he was made the things that made up the essence of the world talk to him, and it was never in a language one could understand. And without sight to focus on, his hearing was the sense that came to the fore. It had taken years for him to get used to the dark and learn that what being said was nothing ominous, despite the strange alien tone. Then he had invented a way to see without hurting anyone and had almost forgotten about the dark.

So for a moment, William's usually unflappable smile slipped as he grew pale, clutching Fredric's arm as if to remind himself he was still there. Then a breath later he had managed to calm himself and open up his other senses. He hoped with some embarrassment that no one had noticed.


Demothesis watched Michael's demonstration with interest. Something about the reversal of time on an object tugging at the very back of his mind.



AD 'woke' with a start. It stared out Demothesis's eyes at the phenomenon. He could bring himself back, he could bring them back too! He just had to incapacitate all the others nearby and tweak the machine some! It would be so easy, he'd have his, he'd have his family back!


<<No! nonononono!!!>>


Demothesis almost missed the shift to a new location, somehow distracted, another new sensation for the hench. But when they arrived he flinched, he saw the madness colors, just as clearly as any of the others, but something in his head knew they were madness colors without him knowing, and knew that he should not know, or see them. In an instant Demothesis couldn't see them, not consciously at least. He was looking up at something that stared back at him, back into him. He met the gaze unflinchingly, not sure what it was or if it would simply snuff him out, but he had no fear. He would wait and see what would happen, and do what was needed.


AD slid back into the recesses of Demothesis's mind. He/she/it'd have to wait until they were back on the island to spur Demothesis to action....

AD wanted his/her/it's family back...

So badly...


The swirling colors brought back memories of who he had been. A hero, of sorts, a man who had done everything in his power to stop evil without having to kill or maim. He had succeeded for a long time, had created many things to help... but none of it did any good against HIM The scarred madman, the writhingly scarred man had just kept coming and coming...

He wanted to sleep again...

better not to remember for now...

hurt too much....

Author:  Jane Narbon [ Wed Dec 01, 2010 2:29 am ]
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Jane looked up. And up. And up. And up and up and up, until it felt like she was either going to fall over or fall into the sky.

The colors... they spoke to her in some fundamental way, some way which she had half-forgotten. She felt something changing in her head, and something else, around it, unable to stand it as what she was seeing drilled into her mind, slip away.
Then, like a logjam breaking, something snapped.

Everything suddenly attained a perfect clarity. Everything suddenly made sense. A low cackle escaped Jane's mouth as she turned, staring at the space ahead of her. Her hands reached out by themselves, seeking something to mold, to work with. They found nothing, but the rush surfing through Jane would not be deterred; fingernails glittering with sudden sharp edges, she pulled air and light down into a little grey marble, glinting in a dozen colors.

"SHiNy!" Jane said, looking at the thing; then, she tossed it away, seeking something else to transform as she erupted in an outbreak of full-on maniacal laughter...

Author:  chicgeek [ Wed Dec 01, 2010 3:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars

Jess stares at the more than madness in the more than sky. The patterns too complex to be perceived as more than random, yet resonating on an inner level than randomness could not.
Jess. Shapeshifter by heredity, Chimera by experiments. The day her madness broke free, the day her shifting unlocked. She laughed and laughed, even gloated about how the fool would pay-until she saw her friend, wide eyed with fear and shock, and recalled herself. Quite easily, as a matter of fact.
No building deathrays. No reign of terror and destruction. No creating anything at all.
Put your sparks on a scale. Weighing it down at one end are your Heterodynes. The other side? Picture a cartoon of a child's teeter totter. A sumo wrestler on one side, and the 98 pound weakling on the other, the 'before' in the Charles Atlas ads, comically dangling in mid air.
Oh, the spark burns bright enough in her father. But ask Jess about her own, and if she likes you she just might tell you this. "I'm...comfortable around Madness. I think like a mad. But the whole muahaha and build things mad?" Then she'll shrug, and grin.
Jess isn't grinning now. She can see it, but...
"It hurts. it hurts....."
And she can't look away. So beautiful....
A whimper escapes her, and she shifts, involuntarily, to the size of a small child, the limit of her range.
Others around her are lost in madness, or remembrance. Some build with glee, some just staring in awe-some even capable of conversation, after the first shock has passed. Jess wraps her arms around her knees, and shivers, staring at the glorious, unnameable colors.

Rolf isn't mad. Not the least bit. Oh, it runs in his family, so any children he'll have may very well be. So what he sees is utter confusion. Blackness, a grey sky, everyone suddenly acting strangely.
"Oy, vey."
Like being in a room full of sparks, and they've all triggered at once. And as one of the few non sparks present, he's in danger of being seized as a test subject..
Well, not like it'd be the first time. He stays alert, and considers discreetly positioning himself by the more benign mads there. Rolf discards that idea, and moves to stand by Eustace instead. The Heterodyne may need him. Or need protecting. Or both. Rolf hears Chic's soft conversation with Eustace, and shrugs. Obviously a continuation of some earlier conversation. Sounds like she's promising to thwap him when he needs it. Well, the Viktor girl will discover the folly of attempting that if there's any jaegers about-and there usually are. Besides, when she's lived as long as he has, she'll discover there's other ways to...manage one. Not quite the right word....loopholes, that's the word. He dismisses it from his mind, and looks about, alert.

Chic was lost in awe. Recovered enough to respond to Eustace, flitted away to join Ravel. That was a revelation as shattering as the madness place of all madness places they're in, and the reason the colors haven't overwhelmed her. Not completely. Time/Dimension travel is still a fairly new concept to Chic. Part of her mind is still refusing to reconcile the image of her baby cousin with the stranger before her. She grew up mundane, and when her madness hit, it followed the mundane inclinations of the engineer.. Or, perhaps her mundane interests foreshadowed the waiting madness? Part of the reason behind her grief at Wally's vanishment-her mind found it more plausible to believe him dead when Andrew couldn't read him, than scattered in time and space.
But this....that's Eta, beyond a doubt. And the eerie Pier of Time seems almost a homey spot in contrast to this beautiful imcomprehensibility.
She's dimly aware of Jane's laughter in the background. Her attention drifts away from Ravel, even as she pats his arm. Looking up, up, so much up....
The idea of being forever lost registers, but doesn't stir more than an intellectual shrug, and is filed away. The random though occurs that she'll miss Christmas with her family, and she frowns. She pulls out her phone, an ordinary sight which is now jarring, or amusing. The vibrations sing to her, and she gathers them in, not knowing how. She will never be able to duplicate this. The phone isn't working-even madness has its limits. But, the idea of the phone...

Vladimir Viktor paces. It's early evening, and the winter sun is about to set. Worry for his oldest daughter has sent him, once again, to stand over the crib where three sleepy babies snuggle. One yawns, and he smiles.
A phone rings-or, the ghostly echo of a phone. Puzzlement crosses his face. He always carries the phone Chic made him-just in case-but this doesn't sound like that.
Slowly, he flips it open, not daring to believe he more than imagined it.
And Chic's voice, wavering and fading, and not coming from the phone-but from where then?-is heard.

"Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht,
Alles schläft; einsam wacht
Nur das traute hochheilige Paar.
Holder Knabe im lockigen Haar,
Schlaf in himmlischer Ruh!
Schlaf in himmlischer Ruh!

Frohe Weihnachten, Papa. Merry Christmas."

And the voice vanishes. He stares at the phone in his hand-no signal, never had one-and puts it back away. In the morning, he'll think he dreamed it.

Anyone not wrapped up in their own madness just hears Chic singing softly, to herself, and then falling silent again. Chic nods, and waits.

Author:  Zobot257 [ Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars


David is mad. Not very much, because most of the stuff that would make him more mad is reserved for keeping his mostly-empty brain able to get him walking and talking.

Suffice to say, though, what he saw up in this realm... had an effect on him. A significant effect, if not an immediately noticeable one. His head was full of IDEAS... concepts, collaborations, inventions, and their ilk. "OoooooOOOOoooooOOOOoooooo." He grinned. A pity he didn't have any tools on him... this was one of the rare times he felt like he could really make something on his own.

And Mimic started dancing in the air, and he looked at her in worry. He didn't know much about biology, but he had worked out that big things like... that thing above them... ate smaller things like Mimic pretty often. "Little one! Come back! It's dangerous!" He called, holding out a hand to reach for her tentacles.



...wasn't paying much attention to what was going on. He was doing SCIENCE!

Or at least, he HAD been... "Huh? Why did all the parameters suddenly change? Did we move somewhere?" He blinked, still focused on his calculations. "I don't get it... this place is all wrong! I'd need extra machinery and certain safeguards put in place in order to continue the time-reversal experiment here... without an atmospheric resonance like that in the Pier, it'd have to be created artificially... but that'd nearly double the power drain, and I'll have to create my own tools to even be able to make it POSSIBLE, and hm..."

He frowned. "No, it can't be done without getting more parts from the real universe. Wherever we are, I'm going to be very irate unless someone takes us out of here right-" Michael finally looked up and SAW.


Author:  FriendlyTroll [ Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars

Later, when remembering the moment- and the moment, somehow, managed to remain clear for many, many years where dramatic irony would seem to indicate that it should fade away like a dream- later, he would remember that he did not look up when everyone else did.

He had looked down. Away from the huge shining thing. Away from the colors. Away from the stars. He had looked down, his mind quietly trying to work out what they were standing on. It made him think of charcoal, or sand... or maybe this was what happened if the universe had some form of gravity. Somewhere all the debris would build up until they were solid, maybe.

...Jess was upset. He could hear her. He picked himself back up, realizing with a slight start that he had even fallen over in the first place, and went to her without hesitation.

"I got you...." what had happened, of course, was that he looked up... and simply fallen over. If the scale had the heterodynes on one side, and a 98 pound weakling on the other, then he was, sadly, still a overtaxed computer that had fallen off the table.

But right now, he was too busy to mind.
He usually was.

Eustace didn't notice what Rolf was doing. He was too busy staring out into the air, humming to himself.... honeyed toned rippling over and around themselves as he toyed with a piece of gear in his hands- bending the thin copper back and forth.

There was a faint sound... a few yards away, Andrew was staring up at the huge figure, meeting it;s eyes- if they were eyes. He was taking notes furiously. And he had begun to whistle, with a sound not unlike a saw being played... the tone in perfect resonance with the Heterodyne.
Between them, there was something like a melody.

Ravel startled as Chic touched his arm- the slight motions of one hand ceasing, and with it the tendrils of energy he had been swirling into a complicated pattern fell back away.... probably for the best. He looked down at his hands, and startled- that was right! He had to plug it in, somehow... he;d been expecting more of a nuclear reactor or something... but he could make this work. He trotted forward, jogging a bit like a man gone tipsy.

He looked up, and waved. Right at the Big Thing.

"Halllooo! Excuse me? Hy need to plug deese in somevere! Hyu mind?" he called out- his voice not echoing, for there was not enough time for the sound to bounce bakc off of anything...

And far above, the being blinked- slowly, ponderously. A piece of the massive limb that was touching a sparkling, huge moon separating- a thin, silvery tendril stretching down, down... looking slow, while surely it must have been very fast to reach them at all. Ravel smiled happily, holding up the power cord.

Above them, the shining ;moon' seemed to drift, bumping into another, fusing with it in a glittering sheen of light... radiating a little as the huge being stabilized it.

Fredric stared a little, his lips moving... he wasn't wholly sure how he was still conscious. Except that Will needed his arm, and he had to be awake for that. And that he was focusing, carefully, on making sure he did not unwind somehow.

Rando bent down and scratched the floor- which came away in a small, soft curl. He swallowed, and stood back up- putting his cloak over Teal in his hands.

"...I know where we are." he said, as the bit of scratched up material formed into a little blob, and rolled about aimlessly- floating into the air for a moment before landing on Jennifers hand- where it set about munching on her negative energy.

Author:  Zobot257 [ Thu Dec 02, 2010 6:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars


She appeared back in Ryan's lab, in the physics building. "I'm back! Sorry for vanish-" Men were pointing guns at her "-ing?"

A number of men, dressed in cat-costumes and with strap-on ears and tails were pointing weapons at her. Over in a corner, Ryan was tied to a chair. She sighed. "This day just keeps getting worse and worse. Ryan, did you get captured by a supervillian AGAIN?"

Ryan sighed. "Hm. It DOES seem to happen a lot, doesn't it?"

Sarcastic frowned. "Let me guess... Interpol was changing up who was bodyguarding you, these schmucks snuck in when no one was watching you, and you didn't even TRY to fight back?"

Ryan glared at her. "I'm a conscientious objector!"


Sarcastic turned her head as a man in a tiger-suit entered the building. "...oh god, this day just keeps getting worse. So you're the big bad in charge of these thugs?"

"YES! You are at the mercy of... Der Säbelzahntiger!"

Sarcastic sighed as she watched him strike a Dynamic pose. "...look, I know it's only gonna be like 30 minutes max before someone shows up to trash you and your rifle-toting goons, so can you just let us go?"

Der Säbelzahntiger chuckled condescendingly. "Oh ho. Such bravado! But no! You will only know woe! Cats, tie the new hostage up! If anyone shows up to stop us while we finish loading up the black hole machine, shoot one of them!"

Ryan glared. "For the last time, I refuse to help you fix that device! I only bought it to keep people more troublesome away from it!"

Der Säbelzahntiger grinned as his men started tying Sarcastic up. "Oh, you'll cooperate... unless you want your friends to be harmed for it! Step 1 has you fixing the device. Step 2: I HOLD THE WORLD RANSOM WITH MY TERRIFYING BLACK HOLE MACHINE! Step 3: Profit!" He cackled. "It's foolproof!"

Sarcastic blinked. "Wait, 'friends'? I thought I was the only one here-" She paused as she heard someone growling, and looked up. "Wait, why are YOU here, Khan?"

Khan the talking tiger was hanging from the ceiling in a net.

Sarcastic blinked. "...bwah?"

Author:  Kate [ Sat Dec 04, 2010 2:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars

Teal peeped excitedly about the shinies, then Dadee covered her with his cloak. It was warm... and dark... she blinked a bit, calming down now that she couldn't see the shinies anymore.

She curled up into a little ball, snuggling the cloak, and quickly fell asleep for a long-overdue nap.

Laitu looked up at the shinies. There was something... maybe one of Claire's memories? But she couldn't really remember... but it just FIT. It was a good feeling.

She looked around. Everyone else seemed to be having fun with it, too. Maybe Aunt Chic had made a zappy gun or something...

Jennifer blinked. Something odd... something about the stars. And Madness. But it didn't seem temporary-

Oh, wait. Instant conversion to long-term memory- gah. Well, hopefully that wouldn't cause TOO many problems. Although for the moment it meant she was a bit more able to cope with it than everyone else. Heh, Michael looked interested...

She looked down. There was a small something sitting on her hand, monching. "Um, hi?"

Shinies! Yay! I like this place! Although Prim and Miss Jess and everyone seem a bit freaked out by it... I don't know why...

I watch as Master goes over to a- wait, I know him! Eeeee! "Hi, Mister The Steve!" I run over to him. He's all nifty-looking! This is so much fun!

Author:  Jane Narbon [ Mon Dec 06, 2010 5:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars

Upon hearing Claire, things crystallized, but in a different way. It was The Steve up there? That would work. Jane felt she needed to do something, with this wellspring of creative energy flowing through him.

She needed to make something. Something to please him...

Jane looked around. Could she shape the air? The space? The ground? After looking around frantically for a few moments, she remembered her purse, crammed chock-full of random stuff, and much deeper than it looked.

Reaching in, Jane found items: a spring with a block on the end, a ribbon patterned in electrically conducive materials, a nail clipper, a safety pin, a peach pit from... somewhere. Sitting on the ground, she began to create, changing things in ways that were not supposed to be able to happen.
And the things reflected her will, as the items became disassembled, then were recombined in new ways, then bent, then reforged, then gone altogether as what had replaced them continued to be used.

Incommunicado, the sky reflecting in her eyes, Jane created.

Author:  Zobot257 [ Mon Dec 06, 2010 9:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars


He gazed upwards, watching a universe spiral in an endless dance across infinity.

Or perhaps it was all in his head.

For just a second, Michael understood everything. And nothing. And then everything again. It sputtered on and off, like a dying lightbulb, as he gazed up in awe.




"Ow ow ow ow ow!" His head was hurting after all this craziness... he was getting a ton of ideas, but the hurty brain was making it impossible to FOCUS on any of them. "Ow ow ow ow!"

Author:  Demothesis [ Tue Dec 07, 2010 8:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars


Demothesis rubbed his temple again, the look of discomfort on the hench's face somehow off, like it was an expression he wasn't used to making. "Can you two stop that?" He asked of Eustace and Tinker, "That music is loud enough without adding to it." Besides, you're off key He had no idea the music was all in his head, and probably wouldn't realize any time soon. However he was distracted when Claire called the... being in the sky The Steve. If she was right then the Progressors would have to adjust things... Because The Steve was apparently a much larger entity than currently estimated... or he was... or will be... Which reminded Demothesis how much he disliked time travel.


William wasn't mad, not quite. However, Gorgan's minds worked in a somewhat similar way. And so, while not driven to an inventive frenzy like some, he was still distracted by the sudden rush of ideas running through his brain. He recovered quickly and stuck close to Fredric, making a few mental notes and feeling rather helpless without his "sight".

Gregory Barnes Colier

"Bored..." A man with black short hair sat on the roof of Mama Gikta's. He was dressed in a formerly crisp suit, now well worn and comfortable, fraying a bit, but not scruffy. His frame was thin and tall and he sat in a manner that reminded one of a tiger at rest, relaxed, but ready to whip into motion with dangerous grace. A short goatee dusted his chin and a small smile seemed to always tug at the very corner of his mouth, pointing up towards his eyes and placing a small crease from his nose to chin. His eyes had a few wrinkles at their corners, the eye itself arched a bit with mirth. Overall Agent Colier had a look of a favorite uncle, a bit worn, a bit old, but always ready with a joke. He rolled his fingers along his knee as he looked down at the streets idylly, a strange jewl seemingly, and in reality, melded to his skin. He had been sent here by Agent Dortan to keep an a eye on the Heterodyne years ago. So when he up and disappeared, it was little surprise, Gregory'd been dealing with that for years. Eustace knew how to take care of himself, so he wasn't worried about that, and the kid was mostly safe. Their first meeting had been fairly amicable, tea and conversation about the nature of their individual artifacts. However it was always boring when the kid disappeared.

Oh well, with a shrug and wandered off towards the castle. Lady dot would be having her tea party/war council soon, and he was sure she had saved a particularly large hat for him. It'd be rude not to show up.

Author:  Jane Narbon [ Thu Dec 09, 2010 8:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars

Finally, with triumph glittering on a pair of pink shades she'd pulled from somewhere, Jane finished working on her miniature masterpiece. The device appeared dark at first, as it settled into its new form.
Light began to gleam on a glassy ball, nestled on a wood-like pedestal. It was like a snow-globe; however, instead of a house inside, or a farm, nestled on the ground, a planet floated in space, a brilliant, fragile marble of blue-green.

With a childlike grin, Jane shook the globe. As she did, little micrometeoroids came flying at Earth from all sides, burning up in its atmosphere in a brilliant light-show.

Jane nodded, then, with a cry of, "Here you go!" tossed the globe up at the entity in the sky. It fell upwards, and soon vanished from view.
She could only hope The Steve would like her gift...

Author:  Snail [ Fri Dec 10, 2010 2:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars

Geneve gently pulled Mimic away from the edge of this strange space, stroking her back and murmuring incomprehensible things, then pulled her towards the center of the group and let her go. Geneve raised a hand, fingers and palm changing colors and patterns like Mimic's skin. One still bead of red dotted her wrist- a drop of blood left by the prick of a needle.

<Stay here for now, and be good. Mommy needs to do something important, okay?>

In fact, Dr. Beard wasn't sure what she was doing. This place, this creature, spoke a little too strongly to her own interests, though there was not so much as a tidepool of real seawater in sight. At the same time, this was a golden chance, perhaps her only real chance to... to correct an oversight in an old design of hers.

With the walls between spaces in time and times in space all bent-looped-dissipating and what a magnificent creature it was no focus focus ammonites the ammonites were the answer so close the Silurian seas the perfect chance what marvelous mindscapes might it possess, so different the thoughts of the deep-sea ancient no FOCUS the ammonites the ammonites Mimicmimic is more important! More important but what is she if not an interpreter? Why is she if not to bridge the unbridgeable, translate the untranslatable? Later. Later. She must live if she is to learn and how long has a creature such as this lived?
Dr. Beard was not fully aware of what she was doing, but her brain was buzzing with all she wanted to do and might never be able to try again.

And so

Mimic, who perhaps understood a little of things in a way no one else present could, flew forward to pull her human creator back.

Author:  FriendlyTroll [ Fri Dec 10, 2010 10:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars

The huge figure- Steve. For as Claire had indeed guessed or known or sensed, the enormous figure would, someday, become the person known by, simply, 'The Steve.' It was not aware of this then.... or perhapse it was. Time worked in strange ways here.

There were little things, like pinpricks in darkness... making sounds. Perhaps, it considered (in thoughts that occupied strange places, no doubt), they were singing. He had not, in all of his time in he dark spaces of the Abyss, run across something so small that sang... or indeed, was so bright.

Was it some sort of communication? It was almost a little like... speech.

A silvery tendril reached down, down... curious about the little figures. The globe Jane made met it half-way, and was yanked up into something not unlike orbit. The little silvery strong stretched down and down, the apparent thickness of a wire as it came down... brushing justpast Dr. Beard, before it touched the power cord.

Light flashed, and they were back on the Peir- the machine attached to the tree humming and glowing now. It was more then a little disorienting as the intense field faded away. Andrew had to sit down, blinking a little... taking off his glasses to polish them a little as the other recovered, in various ways.

Xerox seemed more solid away from there, Random was relaxed more... Eustace seemed not to have noticed they had left. Cutename was still giggling and dismantlement some gadget, Fredric still had poofy *fur*...

Mostly there was a general sense of dazed recovery, as the huge burning *energy* lipped away, leaving behind a fain, excitable tingle. BBC even poked his head out, and sneezed- expelling excess magical energy...

Two tiny figures were punched into the Mad Scientist Wars universe by the tiny sneeze, at the same time Sarcastic stepped out of a universe that was, already, rather nebulous when it came to solid reality, and thick on artistic indulgence.

They were approximately the size and shape of BBC, only one was pink, and the other green- both instinctively clung to the back of Sarcastics shirt- the pink one giggling happily, as the green one grumbled. He was, the green one, already feeling as though he had stumbled into something awfully silly.

-He;s probably Right-

Ravel shook his head a few times, trying to get his mind back together.
"...Right. Vell. Ve... got the power source..." he managed, wobbling on his feet a little.

During all of this, Mimic had enough Float left to settle back down to her mother... who had, in an outstretched hand, a single, small, shining pearl- all in strange, beautiful colors. A number of little items like it were left from the trip, in the odd grass and stone of the Peir. Shining bits of bizzare detritus, from the dimension that held dimensions... from the point of time from before the universe was made.

The little dark blob had come back with Jennifer, and seemed to decide to break the tension- namely by emitting a little poof of colorfully, shimmery bubbles, and giggling.

Xerox blinked, glancing at it. "...and that sort of sums *that* up."

Author:  Jane Narbon [ Tue Dec 14, 2010 3:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars

Jane looked around. She was back at... the Pier. Yes. That was where she was. What had happened? She remembered, mostly. A transcendent sky, matching the lights in her head. A burst of inspiration. A gift. The memories were unclear, but the general idea remained.

Jane's head had cleared once more, but she was richer for the experience.

Slowly getting up, Jane picked the remnants of a nail clipper out of a pocket, resettling them back in her purse. Getting to her feet, she looked at the machine, now energized.

"Okay," she said, dusting herself off, "that was... interesting. What happens now?"

Author:  Zobot257 [ Tue Dec 14, 2010 5:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars

-Sarcastic's REALLY bad day-

"It's basically just a matter of center-of-mass." Ryan was staring upwards as he spoke. "If you want to hit a target retreating from you at a low velocity, relatively speaking, then you aim for the largest point of that object."

He was probably staring at Khan, a Bengal Tiger who at present moment was suspended, upside down, in a large net hanging from the ceiling. Three things distinguished Khan from another member of his species at present moment: The first was that he could talk. Pontificate, even. The second was that he could and indeed recently HAD written a term paper comparing Pratchett to Marlowe. The third was that there was a tranquilizer dart, long since worn off, stuck in his butt and he couldn't presently remove it. The tiger himself snarled and squirmed, his tail thrashing, and his body attempting once again to resist both the force of gravity and the tensile strength of the net. "Yeah, I get that. But the butt, man! The butt! You wouldn't like it either!"

Sarcastic was, admittedly, ignoring her friends. Something had been clinging to her back, and when she craned her head she could just barely see... She raised her eyebrow, her voice dropping to a quiet whisper. "Are you guys related to that Cleese thing that Frederic takes care of? Could you sneak away and get to Professor Tinker's home and get an army of grues to come help us?" She watched as the two of them stared at her blankly. "Er... um... drat. Ok, then at least go hide somewhere, quick. This isn't a safe place for little blobby things to-"

"Ey, vinnie... what are those two lumpy things on that goil?" Two minions of Der Säbelzahntiger, the bad guy currently on the phone making weird demands to the U.N, had noticed what she was doing. Sarcastic douldn't decide if she was more disappointed in herself or frusterated that she'd been found out by people whom she admittedly was pretty sure weren't very bright.

"Yew daft, mate? Dose's boobies, ain't dey? Two lumps 'angin' offa 'er?"

"But woi'r they on the back? An' christmassy colored?"

At this, Der Säbelzahntiger scowled at them. "Hey! I am ON the PHONE here! Can you all keep your voices down for just a MOMEN-ohheywhatarethoselittlethingsyou'restaringat-ok-U.N.-guys -I'm-going-to-have-to-call-you-back." Der Säbelzahntiger examined the two little blobs and smirked. “Feed them to the tiger!”

Khan scowled. “Even if I WOULD, I'm kinda HANGING FROM THE CEILING WITH A DART IN MY BUTT!” He yowled. “Why am I even here, anyway? I didn't know Ryan was in trouble and you caught me before Sarcastic even showed up.”

Der Säbelzahntiger glared at him. “All my plans involve tigers in some way! All of them!” He looked over at his minions. “Take these two blobs and put them in some containers with tight lids. We'll feed them to the tiger later!”

A group of minions walked off to look for some sealable containers while one of them, the minion named Vinnie, picked up the pink blob and the green blob, each in one hand.

Sarcastic scowled. She had been working herself loose from the ropes tying her to the chair, but all of these minions had guns. Not to mention that that Der Somethingorother guy had access to all the mad technology that Ryan had in his lab. Even partially dismantled, Sarcastic didn't want to risk being caught on the wrong side of it by herself. She looked up at Khan. “Hey, um, what are the odds of a super-powered lioness showing up to bap all the bad guys and help us out?”

Khan blinked. “Er, um, well, you see I'm still working on getting back on Sahara's good side, and there's that other guy she's with, and it's sorta complicated, so it might be-”

Sarcastic glared at him. “Darn it, Khan! Have you even TALKED to her since she started seeing that Mr. Hobbes guy?”

Khan whined. “It's not my fault! I keep trying to find that smug jerk and fight him off, but he's really elusive! And Sahara won't tell me anything!”

Sarcastic closed her eyes. “Have you tried just being, you know, ROMANTIC? You don't need to fight anyone, just convince Sahara that she likes you best!”

Khan paused. “Er... I kinda do have to fight him. It's a guy thing.”

Sarcastic sighed. “Arrgh.” She turned to look over at Ryan. “Ok, ok... this sort of thing happens to you like every other week. What do you USUALLY do?”

Ryan thought. “Well... I might be able to talk them out of it, but usually someone from M or Interpol shows up.”

Sarcastic looked at him. “How long does that take?”

Ryan smiled. “Oh, it won't be long. I hit the silent alarm when this all started, and it turns an alarm in Primary Xerox's office!” He nodded. “We'll be saved in-”

Sarcastic groaned. “Primary Xerox is off in Mechanicsburg on vacation. Great... so this means that absolutely no one in M is coming... probably Interpol either.” She scowled. “I can't HANDLE this myself! And now you're telling me that absolutely NO ONE who would bother saving us even knows we're here?!?”

Ryan looked at her. “Why would you even consider handling it yourself?”

Sarcastic looked at him. “We can't just sit here!”

Khan looked at Ryan, who exchanged his glance. “Sarcastic, aren't you the one who usually just sits back and makes snarky comments?”

Ryan nodded. “Back in high school this was the sort of thing you'd have told everyone else to stay out of.”

Khan nodded. “It just seems kinda... uncharacteristic, I guess?”

Ryan paused. “Ever since you started doing that side-kick thing, you've... changed.”

Sarcastic blinked. “...changed?” she shook her head. “That's neither here nor there. I can't believe that no one's even coming to rescue us! No one even cares!”

A minion dropped two Cleeselets into a couple of jam-jars they had found...


-Just outside-

“Bye everyone! See you at rehersal tomorrow!” Natalie started walking home from the Xyon College drama building, in a good mood.

Then she saw two men wearing cat-costumes and holding rifles outside the entrance to the Physics building. They looked suspiciously like...

She sighed. “<Censored for content!> it, Ryan...”



“Ok... ow.” David shook his head. “Does anyone else have this monstrous headache after that...whatever it was?”

He looked over at Ravel. “Wait, you still need help, right? What can we do now?”



Michael was so full of IDEAS... he had plenty of ideas for how to make things better and better... he was sure if he modified this device just SO, it'd be much less power-draining... he had to test it on something!

He looked around... Xerox had just lit a sugar-cigarette...

Michael inputted some coordinates... a localized field began to form around Xerox, as the sugar-cigarette UNBURNT itself, the smoke pulling itself back into the unburning cigarette, as Xerox moved up and lit it, and the cigarette went out, fully unburnt and unblemished. As quick as it started, it ended. And Michael grinned evilly. “MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Time itself will be mine to command! Eventually!”

Author:  FriendlyTroll [ Thu Dec 16, 2010 9:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars

-Inside of Regular Reality-

The little green blob- or Cleeslet, since both little things were the striking image of BBC, at least in general shape (the greens eyes were more narrowed, the pinks actualy longer and more open)- looked up at it's captor, as it was dropped into the jam jar. It;s little eyes narrowed a little furthur as the lid descended- and with an angy hop, head-butted the lid some ways up into the air- making the henchmen blink a litte as the creature hopped down to land next to his ankle.

"Wrr! Grr!"

"Huh... tough liddle guy, hu- uh?" the tiny green blob had neatly grabbed his shoe, and lifted him a full inch or two off the ground, hopping determinedly, and slowly, with him towards the nearest window, or failing that, just the nearest wall...

The pink one, on the other hand, was pretty content to giggle in the jar- although occasional poofs of sparkles seemed to emit from the top before the lid was put on, which raher got everywhere.

Meanwhile... A litle outside of reality.

Xerox snorted a little, and glared at his cigarette... this place was doing weird things to time. Compared to the... four dimensional *kaleidoscope* they had been in, this place was relitively calm.

Ravel was fiddling with the device on the tree, opening up the mechanisms- which seemed to unfold to be much larger then it was on the outside, all told- and twitching and shifting out the wires.

"Well, vhat heppens *next*, is dot ve need the right pars. De goot think is, hy ken get it to foucus in on de right peices... but hym not sure if y trust it to keep runnink smoothly. Might be best if each trip, someun stays behind to keep en eye on it. Nize think is, though, hy tink it;ll be easy enuff to get to de right plaze, this time... und ess, hah... overvhelmink." the machinery seemed to form out into something like a clock, pulled out into a few extra dimensions, all hands and ticking bits that he was adjusting and pulling.

He worked with care, as andrew looked up, over his machinery... eyes fixing on something with curious, quiet interest.

There were little green buds upon the enormous, strange tree. They weren't *ominous*, exactly... but they smacked of narrative metaphore. Still, a bit of color wouldn;t hurt the place... he supposed.

Rad hadn's said much for a while- between the landing, and the... *place*, he was pretty firmly gobsmacked. His head felt like ti was ringing still, and he had gone to have a sit... and he blinked, and did a double take.

"...You know, I;m pretty firmly sure that the island was a little smaller, before. Wasn;t it?" he asked, glancing back at everyone. Indeed, the sharp stop had gained a few feet which sloped down... a sort of sandy material had been revealed, rather a little like a beach.

"Oh... it does that. I call it the tide. We... will want to be gone before it comes in. But if we've been here that long, it'll already be a little on the late side. I think I have the right location! We need a certain material for de insulation... but luckily, I found a pretty good sign of a concentration somewhere in Italy. Au- Chic? Can you check my calculations?" he asked, stepping aside from the clockwork tangle.

Author:  chicgeek [ Fri Dec 17, 2010 5:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars

Chic waves a hand absently at Ravel. "Just a sec, 'kay?" She firmly elbows Eustace, who's still humming away next to her. "Snap out of it-we're fixing to go traveling."
Then she gives Wally's arm a quick squeeze, and trots over to look at the device.
She and Ravel are soon engrossed in a short technical discussion. "Looks good. But, how will whoever stays behind to watch this know what to do, and when to do it?"

Author:  Zobot257 [ Mon Dec 20, 2010 6:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars

-Michael and Other Michael-

"Mouhahahahahaahahahaha!" Michael grinned as he reversed the flow of time just around Xerox just as he'd gotten his sugar cigarette lit again. "...GOD I love this device! I'm pretty sure I know how to refine the process to work in normal space, too... I just need more power... maybe I could highjack a nuclear plant, ooo that might work..." He cackled. It was bad, when someone like him cackled. "I AM A GENIUS! MWAHAHAHAHA!"

Other Michael smirked. "Maaan, I ain't believen' yah."

Michael turned. "Eh, what? What do you mean, inferior original of me?"

Other Michael rolled his eyes. "'m jess sayin' is all. Yer' actin' like this is your first REAL invention..."

Michael scowled at him.

Other Michael blinked and then laughed. "Ha! Oh moi gawd, it is! What, yew've just copied other peep's s<censored for content!> before now? Lawl!" He grinned. "So those "Zobot Masters" 'r whatever were just a rip-offa other junk, weren't they? Man, you got no reason to hold yer head up high, chicken<censored for content!>!"

Michael glared. "What do you mean?"

The other version of him folded his arms and swayed his hips. "I mean I'd bet yah dollah's fer donuts someone's already made a device like that somewhere. Look... yew wanted ta' know 'bout the blood in our veins, right? Well listen up 'cause I'm only gonna drop this once." He started to look irritated. "Our mamma's Celeste Noire, better known as da feminist, and our dah's an accountant in Idaho, no insano-fluids in his veins. Got it?"

Michael looked confused. "...Celeste Noire? I've... never heard of her..."

Other Michael spat. "That's b-cawse she ain't in the New Journal o'Maddology's registry. 'r on anyone's radar, knowwhatt'msayin'? Naht even those foo's in Interpol." He looked away. "'r line goes all the way back t'a Heterodyne 'r two. But nonna' us've done anything worth rememberin' since the days when old man Wulfenbach snatched up mad pups, got it?"

Michael blinked. "Are you... are you saying that..." He started to look creastfallen.

"...yeah." Other Michael scowled. "We're the Mad equivalent a'tha Sackville Bagginses. The ill-bred mongerls a'the Crazy Underbelly fo society. The Mads what don't do anything noteworthy and end up workin' fer other, bigger Mads." He clearly wans't happy to admit this. "An' me name's Johnny, got it?"

Michael looked away. "...what? I'm... a mongrel?"

At this, the Time-Reversal device near him began to pop and hiss, steam rising from it. Michael blinked. "<CENSORED FOR CONTENT!> " He rushed to it. "The Imitation Cubic Zirconium I had to improvise in the Cambrinth Chamber isn't holding togehter anymore! Cheap imitation garbage!" He snarled, momentarily forgetting his angsy-worthy revelation. "Gah! This thing won't work at ALL unless I can get my hands on some REAL Cubic Zirconium and recalibrate the-"

And at that moment, his device, which was now making ominious popping sounds, exploded in his face.

Other Michael, or "Johnny", sighed and started walking off towards the frozen ocean. "An' that's what ALWAYS happens wit us, jerk. We screw up. Good luck buildin' another one of those, prick."


-At Liam's place of employment...-

A woman clad entirely in gray, bloodstained chainmail, with a helmet over her head and a blade strapped to her back, knocked on the door. If people around her noticed her, they didn't seem to bother responding. "Son of Loki, I would have words with you."

Sváfa looked around, trying to discover Liam, whom she assumed would be fittingly resplendent as the son of a god.


-Inside Der Somethingorother's hostage situation-

The Minion that the green cleeselet was lifting up looked down in shock. "BOOOOOSSSSS!"

Der Säbelzahntiger frowned. "Hold on, UN guy. I have to take this." He looked back towards his minion.

The minion was standing on the ground, and a little green blob was sitting there in front of him, making grumbly sounds and looking innoculous. Der Säbelzahntiger rolled his eyes. "You know, I'm trying to have an important extortion-conversation here. Don't bother me for no reason! Just do what you're told and put that little pile of goo in a container!"

The minion looked at him. "But-"

Der Säbelzahntiger snarled. "DO AS I COMMAND!" And he turned back to get on the phone.

Upon which, the green blob immediately picked the minion back up and threw him at a wall.

Der Säbelzahntiger's eye twitched. "AND QUIT MAKING NOISE! Anyway, UN guy, where were we? Oh yes... the Extortion..."

Behind him, a group of minions were having a slight bit of difficulty overwhelming an angry green blob-thing, but finally managed to put it into a jam jar and seal the lid.

The man on the other end of the line paused. "Um... are... are you gonna stop calling me UN guy?"

Der Säbelzahntiger smirked. "No."


-Hey, what's this?-

Shemyazza was not a happy demoness. She watched Sarcastics situation in a magic mirror, from the firey depths of the seventh lair of the Abyss. "SHEESH! Come on, mortal! Sell your soul already! The situation's gotten so bad... why aren't you even CONSIDERING it?" She frowned. "One wish could save your butt right now without even wasting it! Grr..." She scowled. "Most mortals are so foolish they just waste it five seconds after getting an offer such as that... hmmph." She frowned. "I'm going to have to put more thought into this. I may even have to meddle more to goad her into a situation where a friend of hers dies unless she wastes it. Assuming no one from Upon High sticks their over-washed noses into it..." She fumed.

"Shemyazza. Greater D-d-demoness of Pride. I b-b-beseech yo-you."

She blinked. She was getting a call on the other line, and flashed it onto her magic mirror. "Hm? Oh... I see. You're summoning me for information? Intriguing... been a while since I've been besought by a non-mortal..." Suddenly she was somewhat amused. "What is it, entity?"

"I s-seek a way to cause promote a pawn into a qu-que-e-e-e-een."

Shemyazza thought about it for a moment. "Ah. I see... so it's almost time then. Hm... well, I can certainly tell you a way to make this Michael Toboz snap and take a shot at Jane Narbon, but you know it'll cost you..."

"Manifest and we will discuss t-this cost. I am pre-pre-pared to pay. Upfront."

"Ooo... fascinating... give me a moment to get my business attire on..." A demoness licked her lips, as she began to get dressed.

Author:  Demothesis [ Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars


Demothesis arrived back at the island with a stagger, mind reeling. He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts, that music still pounding away behind his eardrums, making him feel like he'd forgotten something important. He watched Michael and Johny argue over the time dilation device, something about it seeming important, but unsure of what. He stared at it intensely as he tried to work out it's importance, reaching that point where you're staring at something so hard you're not really seeing it any more. Which explained why he didn't notice it start to smoke until it had exploded. However something else grabbed his attention at that point, the device had shorted out in it's last moments... and had affected it's field upon something in the area, or more accurately someone, or even more accurately Demothesis.

In the blink of an eye the large agent had been reduced in size and age to that of a child, barely old enough to be a kindergartner. He looked himself over then looked up again. "...This wiww be pwobamatic..." The somber looking child stated calmly, standing in a pile of his adult clothes.


William gave a happy grin when he was back on the pier, glad that he could see again. However he immediately pulled out a small slip of paper, releasing what looked like a tiny ball of flame that faded into and out of sight every few seconds. "Bossman, where'd you sense that other caster before we went off to see the Ste-buh?" He faltered as he noticed the now child Demothesis, completely derailed.


"Huh?" Liam stuck his head out the garage door and looked over the woman at the front door of the repair shop. "oh. Riiiight..." He swung back around the corner out of sight and considered running away. This is why he had avoided all the supernatural nonsense for all these years. Well... they knew where he worked now... and this really was a good job. Besides he didn't want to leave town. He'd never see Natalie again. So with a sigh he stepped around the corner, wiping the oil off his hands. "My name's Liam ma'am, not son of Loki." He was dressed in a mechanic's jumpsuit, stained with spots of oil all over. He stuck out a hand still a bit grimy even after the wiping down. "A pleasure I suppose."

Author:  FriendlyTroll [ Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars

Eustace blinked, emerging slowly from the world of music and ideas and symphonies... he had to rather dizzily blink, and wave his hand in front of his face a little before he got his bearings again. Back to... the timless all time island with the creepy tree. He poked Andrew in the shoulder, rubbing the back of his head as he looked around- noting the slight shifts, and listening a little to Chic speaking to Ravel.

Ravel. Mad Jagers. Well, he guessed it was bound to happen eventually... the numbers worked out. Of so many bravest soldiers were so many soldiers made, and, hell, the process alone could have caught a unaware Spark... some poor kid, maybe never knew his dad, or mum as it could be. Or just never said... and back in the bad old days? Eeeyeegh.

"Andy-pants, why do these things always happen when you come to visit?" he asked, mock glaring as Andrew rolled his eyes up, innocently.

"I haven't the *faintest* Idea of what you mean." he said airily, letting 'Andy pants' go without comment, for now. Some people got a free pass on nicknames. In this c ase it involved a complicated Nexus of 'Respected Figure' and 'Has seen me at my worst'. Which was why the Dean got away with it, too.

"Really. The hing with the cake? The Seelie Court fiasco? Your tattoo?"

"Hmm? Whats that? I;m a little deaf in one ear... speak up, now." he cupped a hand to his ear, smirking a little at him.

Ravel ignored the friendly bickering, pointing at a big red lever. "This iz de automatic recall. If de machine starts to flash, or seem like iz breakink, den pulling this will yenk us all back. And if the green light goes off here, chust pull this yellow lever- it releases exess quantum build oops. Und *this*... well, whoevers stayink DUN touch *dis*, which is the... well, I;d need a blackboard anna coupla weeks to explain, but it;s basically the emergency shut down. This goes off, then the machine goes dead... and strands anyone on the other side where they were." he thought a moment, and tapped the wood of the tree.

"...Come to think uff it, I don;t suppose enny vun has experience mit time und space contractink fifth dimensional foldink devices?" he asked, a sort of desperate cheerful hope in his voice... the kind familiar to anyone who had ever been, say, holed up behind a wall as the opposing army brought out the *elephants*, and heard someone ask if, somehow, perhaps someone had a REALLY big cannon they might have forgotten about....?

But sometimes, fate and chance smile upon the unrealistically hopeful, and *every* now and then the fellows up on the elephants are driven, with no shortage of trumpeting and commotion, back up the alps. For as it happened, Rudolpho 'Rad' Atomic raised his hand, grinning cheekily.

"Yeah- I do, actually... five years worth. It was a different set up, but the basics should be the same, right? Make sure it;s not steaming, keep the metal cool, and if cats in boxes or a wasp in a top hat show up, hit the emergency breaks." he said, nodding a little.

Cutename looked up from the little device she was building, her hair all curled this and thatways around her as sparks danced in her eyes. "I Can help! I helped repair M;s doorway systems~! And daddy used to keep a time machine around to find his keys~!" she chirped.

Random looked up, and wondered if he should mention he sorta did... seeing as how he;d helped build the device that got them there. "...I think Ill stay... since Teal is pretty overstimulated already. And she'll... need to be fed." or he could be a coward about it, for a little while longer.

Ravel grinned, and dialed a knob. "In dot case... we;re ready to go!"

Fredric's ear twitched up, and he walked over to Micheal... he didn't quite know what to say. He put his hand on his shoulder a little, wondering if he should say he heard even? Okay, yeah, he could tell Micheal bloodlines didn't matter... but clearly they mattered to Micheal. And it wasn;t like Fredric could talk...

It was perhaps lucky, then, that BBC teleported up to his 'Daddy's shoulder, and hugged his cheek- his tiny arms sort of pressing against him as well as he could.

Author:  chicgeek [ Tue Dec 21, 2010 7:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars

Chic nods. "Want me to bring you back some takeout from Italy, Rad?" She grins. "Although Wally makes the best spagetti. Maybe when we get back. For now, let's get this show on...the..." Her voice trails to a halt as she sees the new mini Demothesis.
And blinks.
"D'aww..." She reaches out and tousles his hair-she can't help herself. Who knew Michael's somber, taciturn henchman made such an adorable toddler?

Author:  Zobot257 [ Wed Dec 22, 2010 7:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars


David watched Ravel as he started things up. "Right... what do you want the rest of us to do while Chic's off? How can I help?"



He sniffled and hugged BBC back, his distraught feelings near-overwhelming...

...until he saw Lil'Demothesis. All of a sudden he totally forgot what he'd been angrily morose about. "...huh." He looked over at Lil'Demo. "It appears that there was some sort of chronoplastic discharge from the device." He stood up, not really letting go of BBC. "I'll have to take some readings to be sure, but I'm pretty sure this is temporary. At least I hope..." he stood up. "Hm. I could see if I could use the device to reverse it's own effects, which might prove interesting, but it's slagged. I still have all my notes, though... I could rebuild it, but without the proper parts I'm just gonna have to wait until we can resupply. Until then, you're probably stuck like that. Sorry."

He grinned. "But once we get out of here... oooh... I'm excited! We can try all SORTS of experiments on you to restore you to normality... you should make a PERFECT specimen." he grinned, his eyes glinting. "After taking all these readings from the Pier, I've got so many ideas... but don't worry, I'm sure your physical structure should be able to withstand most of them..." He was almost drooling with excitement, causing Johnny to look a bit unsettled.

Author:  Kate [ Tue Dec 28, 2010 8:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars


"D'awww... so you're Pogome?" That was what the colored bubbles had looked like, anyway. "I'm Jennifer... hang on."

She pulled out a large silvery mallet and bapped the Michael doppelganger-y person. Why he and Michael weren't trying to kill each other, she wasn't quite sure, but it might have been some weird family thing. "Although I'm still going to laugh at you when Michael shows you all up even WITH your genetics."

And oh dear Michael's hench was LITTLE now. That wouldn't end well.


Awww... I wish I remembered how to think about useful stuff, and I could help Master...

Laitu raises her hand. "Umm... I can remember some stuff... like, a whole ton of multidimensionaltemporal information and all that... I could stay and help?"

Darn it. I poke at a rock. Maybe I can explode something at some point. I'm kinda not horrible at that. "So are we ready to go, then?"


Was fast asleep in her Dadee's pocket, sometimes peeping a bit in her sleep.


Was looking for Ashely. He felt like he was forgetting something. He had to look for Ashely, then do SOMETHING, then grab him and take him out on a date again and this time figure out what was going on... Hmmm...

Author:  FriendlyTroll [ Tue Dec 28, 2010 10:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars

Andro and Secondary quickly elected to sty behind as well, to look after Laitu. Rad kissed Chic and Wally each- on the cheek, with a rouge wink apiece. "You two behave, okay? Don;t do anything I wouldn't do... okay, don;t do those either." he joked, spinning a screwdriver as Ravel did a double take at the suddenly tiny henchman.

"Ooh... whoops. Heh... hy ken fix dot! It;s *backvards*, not *forvards* so dots de easy direction... should undo it;s self, in time. Or mit de travel.... maybe?" he left the machine for a moment, crouching to examine the little-demo- taking out of his pocket a thin, crystaline discus. He flipped it up into the air, and twirled it on his claw-tip, holding it closer, and furthur away- examining the difference between the speeds.

Over the years, he had become very good at working with devices that could fit in your pockets, tucked inside belts, or the lining of a hat. And sometimes the old ways really wer the good ways.

"Well... de bed news is, dot hy dunt know how to fix it... gut news is, hy tink it;s temporary. Hyu still carryink hyu time mit hyu. Problem is, hyu brain dun know dot... it migd svitch to mind hyu had at dis age. Somevuns chust gonna wanna keep a close eye, hy tink." he said, standing back up and pocketing the little device. He turned, to adjust the machine to not include the kid...

When the machine 'pinged', and flashed- suddenly. This time it was not a blink and transport. It was a suddenly sense of the surrousdings boiling away all at once, condensing ino mist, and re-forming. It re-formed, in fact, to a large, open stone room. Ravel froze ,and calmly let his head lean against the wall.

"...haw, great. Vhen hyu *need* it to vait a minute... vell. Velcome to Italy, volks."

Location Two: The Crypt

The group of those traveling had entered into a large stone room, filled with quiet stone rectangles, a few feet off the ground, about six feet long. Some had carvings. Some, decorations. Ther were two doors- one to the north, and one to the south...

And more importantly, many pockets were suddenly lighter. Ariel was nowhere to be seen. As a matter of fact, any technology that would be too advanced for about 1970, by Mad Standards, was just then falling in a soft rain onto the grass of the Peir, in front of the eyes of those who had stayed behind. Including a likely nonplussed Android Girl.

Author:  Jane Narbon [ Wed Dec 29, 2010 12:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars

Jane looked around, then patted her pockets (including the secret ones), suppressed a mildly freaked-out expression as she realized a few things were missing, then finally looked around.
"Where are we?" she said, before realizing her mistake. "No, scratch that. When are we?"

Italy, huh? It would be interesting to see what opportunities they had here. Though, what Jane was going to do about (not) speaking Italian, she had no idea....

Author:  Kate [ Wed Dec 29, 2010 1:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars


Buh? Eep! Why's some of my stuff missing? Where's my blaster? Where's my calculator? Eep eep eep!

...granted, Jennifer would probably yell at me if I tried to do any math, but still. I go to the door to the north, and try to open it.


...darn it. Why was so much of her stuff missing? Her PENCIL? Why would the time machine have a problem with that? Rrrrr...


Ok, working with Rando. It was ok, he wasn't doing evil stuff... but she was still holding her wiffle bat...

This might be challenging.

Author:  Zobot257 [ Wed Dec 29, 2010 7:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars


It should be pointed out that David Toboz's mechanical prosthetic arm is not "Plugged in", so to speak, to the rest of his body. While The original Zobot Arm was hooked directly into his Nervous System, the most recent model was designed to be strapped to his neck and chest for support, and respond to measured fluxes in the nervous system near the cauterized stump on his shoulder. David had begun insisting on this setup ever since he found out that his first robot arm, which he was foolish enough to tolerate sentience in, hijacked his nervous system and used it to brainwash him.

So the modern model wasn't directly attached, and there was no blood or gore resulting from the fact that David had now been separated from it by the mysterious forces of time travel. However, to help in keeping it from falling off, it WAS attached to his stump by a mild coating of adhesive... which unfortunately wasn't something David had had the opportunity to clean off before the time-travel occurred.

So, when David left but the arm DIDN'T, the result was a rather strong STINGING sensation... and a bit of a loud "Pop"ing noise. David winced. "MOTHER OF PEARL! OW!" He rubbed his stump... "Sheesh. Owie... Ok... so what are we looking for here?"

Michael and Johnny, on the other hand, had completely missed that they'd lost most of their high-tech gadgets, and had gone back to trying to kill each other. Somewhere along the lines of the two of them wrestling on the ground Michael's shirt had gotten torn and Johnny's shoes had been exploded. The two showed no signs of really being aware that anything had happened around them, aside from Michael having set BBC a safe distance away on that Rando guy's shoulder before they left. They were both probably going to be completely useless unless someone figured out a way to get them to stop trying to murder each other.

Author:  Demothesis [ Wed Dec 29, 2010 7:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Mad Scientist Wars


The small hench stared evenly at Chic. "I wouwd appweciate if you did not do that ma'am." He calmly put up with the examinations and talk of experimenting. He was a hench after all, he knew what he'd signed up for. And, at least he'd be of some use to his employer like this.

"I wiww not be staying behind siwr. I have a job which wequiwes me to assist my employew and I wiww not slack in that duty fow some simple chwonowogicaw issue." He protested, ptetulantly, almost with a whining tone, a bit of Ravel's warned childhood slip, not that he noticed. He nodded when he arrived with everyone else, satisfied that he had not been cut out of the loop. However he soon discovered that his pile of clothes contained none of his guns, a rain of weapons appearing on the pier. With a grimace the child pulled one of the only weapons left out of the pile and shoved it into his tightly cinched belt. He was wearing his jacket like a robe, belt secured around the midsection to keep it from getting away, now a large combat knife decorating the belt and looking out of place on the tiny child.


William spent several minutes stifling laughter as he watched the tiny child Demothesis put up with Chic and everyone's attentions, hiding behind Fredric every time the child looked his way.

When they arrived in Italy he looked around with interest, nothing missing from his equipment. Italy eh? We going to run into Ezio Auditore da Firenze?


Dr.Kinestro was currently in the middle of trying to build a kinetic car, whatever that might look like. So far it'd mostly been him just throwing mechanical parts together. It had worked for the kinetic blaster when he had decided to build them, why it wasn't working with the car was a confusing subject. Getting frustrated he began ranting at the heap of steel. "Foolish car! I, DR.KINESTRO!(TM) has made you perfectly! Now work for DOOM!(TM)'s sake!" When that didn't work, yelling even more was his only recourse. "DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!(TM)!!!" He yelled as he wrenched his kinetic blaster out to shoot the uncooperative car.

It's about this point when Isaac realized what the next step was. He was supposed to look for Ashley, then find him. He may not have figured out how to pull that next step off, but the reverberating yell of rage had set things in motion to bring Isaac to Ashley. Isaac's teleporter would glitch suddenly and next thing he knew, he was standing right next to Ashley.

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