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Author:  chicgeek [ Fri Sep 03, 2010 8:53 pm ]
Post subject:  MSW Sightings

In addition to having our own TV Tropes page-
We are all over the place on TV tropes. For example, features the family chart Wally scribbled on napkins, way back during the Mad Scientist Awards.
And many, many more. Post links here!

Have MSW sightings outside of TV tropes? Put them here, too! I was recognized on the Shadow Unit forum, since I go by ChicGeek there-a member casually told me that her daughter was a big fan of ours. My own kid had a friend ask her if she'd ever heard of this neat forum called the Mad Scientist Wars.
And I know that one comic a while back did cameos shots from everywhere, when they had a convention in the storyline, and SIB (I think) sent them some art clips.
Post away, people!

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