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 Post subject: The Xyon City Tourism Restoration Thread
PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:22 pm 
Mad Scientist Unbelievable
Mad Scientist Unbelievable
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(A word before we begin... I've mentioned what this thread is about to most of the people here, but for future reference it will be restarted here: This thread is for people to flesh out the places of Xyon City, by explaining them through the character's eyes. Essentially, various individuals in Xyon City, for whatever reason, have been recruited by the City Council to work as Tour Guides to show various incoming tourists the Attractions and Excitements of Xyon City. Whether or not they've been recruited WILLINGLY or not, however, is debatable. Please post information about the various places of Xyon here, through your character's eyes.)

The Xyon City Public Library

He stood before a crowd of people armed with cameras and fannypacks, looking over them, mouth bent into a frown. Closing his eyes and taking a light sigh, he folded his arms. "Greetings to day one of the Xyon City Tourism Restoration Project. The goal of this project is to give all of you a nice tour of the city and it's various interests, hopefully sparking more interest in Xyon City and it's rich heritage and culture. You know, the bits of it that haven't been blown up or transported to another dimension by now."

He paused for a moment, listening to the "ooo"s and "aah"s of the crowd. He raised an arm to the right. "So, for the next couple of days, myself and my compatriots (most of whom are stuck here doing community service for events which scared the tourist trade off initially) will be showing you the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells of Xyon City. I am known as Michael, and I will be your guide for as long as it takes to get Mayor Dean and the City Council off my back." There was a slight tone of bitter resentment in his tone. "Oh you lucky people." He turned away from the crowd. "Well! Let's get this train wreck rolling, shall we? Today we start with the Xyon City Public Library, which is right over there." He pointed at an empty field. "This is all that remains of the Library of Xyon City, commissioned in 1956 and then collapsed into a single singularity of book-learning in 1976 due to the results of Dr. Nuyen's experiments on converting knowledge into energy. The result was a single glowing sphere of tangible, physical knowledge that eventually departed from this world to parts unknown to share trivia, knowledge, and childrens books wherever it went."

He shrugged. "Yeah, I don't know why they haven't built a new one either. From what I can tell, most people looking for books these days go to one of the two college libraries, which are very well stocked and much better at keeping troublemakers from doing things to them. So, who wants snow cones?"

We've learned a lot, but this still isn't going to be easy. But I don't think the elder star's confidence in us was misplaced. I know we can do this! We'll set things right! ...somehow.

"There is a fine line between a good King and a Despot. A King is best when His subjects barely realize that He exists. When His work is done and His will is fulfilled, they will say, 'We did it ourselves.'"
-Xin Yun

 Post subject: Re: The Xyon City Tourism Restoration Thread
PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 2:25 pm 
Mad Scientist Unbelievable
Mad Scientist Unbelievable
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Kid Atomic looks over his allotted group of tourists, his face deceptively calm. He hitches his thumb over his shoulder, indicating the cherry red rocket. "All aboard, cats and kitties. The aerial tour of Xyon is ready for take off."
The powers that be are insisting he waste his precious time on this bogus community service project. They want tour guides? Fine. But since they left the details open...
Be careful what you ask for.
The small group files in, chatting eagerly. And the second the last rear hits the seat, cthunk! Seat harnesses automatically appear, strapping in and immobilizing the startled group. The Kid is merrily plucking off anything loose-purses, cameras, commemorative Redding Tigers hats, and one particularly bad toupee-and tossing it into a locker.
A tourist struggles in vain, attempting to free his arms. "How am I going to take pictures like this?"
Kid Atomic shrugs. "All for your safety, daddi-o. I guarantee you'll have a memorable time. Besides, you don't want your fancy camera flying off in the slipsteam, right?"
"Oh, didn't you read the fine print?" The smile on Kid Atomic's face is innocent, but the glint in his eye is pure evil. "The rag top's open for this sweet ride. For the full experience. Everybody copacetic? Then let's grab some sky."
Kid Atomic makes his way to the sealed cockpit, turns on the microphone, and flips a switch.
A lance of atomic hellfire roars, not quite drowning out the screams.
"In front of you is one of our many skyscrapers. There's a surprising amount of them that haven't been blown up or crashed into by a rocket. But hey, it's only tuesday."
The rocket is heading straight for the building. So close that panicked office workers can be seen jammed into the door, pushing and shoving to escape, and one poor soul diving under his desk. A split second before impact, without any lessening of speed, the rocket shifts direction, the tourists flattened back against their seats as it zooms UP the side of the building.
"Even in the city, you will find abundant animal species not seen elsewhere. Heh, make that especially in the city. Note the flock of robo pigeon rats we are currently traveling through." Outraged squeaks and squawks are heard. The flock is heard too, chittering wildly as loose feathers and cogs fly about them. "Don't worry, they aren't poisonous. Well, very poisonous. Usually."
As they approach the roof, human forms appear, dangling on tethers.
"Well, look at that! Xyonites are crazy about sports, and it looks like we found some bungee jumpers! Dig those far out cats!" The Kid expertly dodges between them, making rapid fire turns. More screaming is heard, from outside the rocket this time.
"Speaking of sports, I saw we have a few Calvinball fans among us. Time to check out the stadium!"
Soon the rocket is circling over a gigantic edifice, resembling a space age Roman amphitheater.
"Gloom your peepers onto this! This is where the Redding Tigers duke it out with their rival, I.C.U., and yes, Xyon has two universities! File that away in your brainbox for your up and coming ankle biters. Even if they aren't mad, they could qualify for a minion scholarship. A free ride to college, isn't that a sweet deal? And so few recipients last all four years, there's always plenty in the fund! Brush up on those survival instincts-reflexes are as important as your g.p.a. But listen to me flappin' my gums when you want to see the sights."
The rocket goes into a power dive, through the open roof, and is soon skimming the field.
"Hey, there's a practice scrimmage going on now! Man, you squares are just drippin' with luck today. To your left is the quarterfullsideback running backwards and reciting the alphabet-yeah, it is tuesday, isn't it? And there's a squad racing to the treehouse. Wonder what's in the mystery box today? Oh, and that hep cat to the right? Team captain. See her flipping through the book, working the unexpected rocket ship into today's variables? Uh oh, cheerleaders on the field! Pedal to the metal time, campers!"
As one, the cheerleaders smoothly form a human pyramid, the one on top balancing an impossibly huge bazooka.
And a payload of silly string detonates above the open cabin.
"Sorry about that! Looks like I was a hair too slow." The Kid's voice is cheerful. "It's lucky for us the Glee Club wasn't there today. Now, scope out the complex of buildings to your left. No, that isn't the Xyon Mall. That's The Library. Anybody wanna play Dodge the Rockets? No? Well, maybe it's time for a little break. You're lookin' a bit worn around the edges. You lot want to freshen up?"
A weak affirmative is heard. The tourists are scratched up, covered with feathers and silly string, and let's just say more than one could have used an airsickness bag and free hands to hold it.
"Scenic Xyon Falls coming up!"
There's a reason the interior is water tight. Kid Atomic thoughtfully does a loop to clear any excess water out of the cabin.
"All right, looks like our time is up! We're landing at the Toffee and Coffee, Xyon's primo provider of java." The rocket glides to a gentle stop, right in front of a meter. The cockpit smoothly opens, and the Kid hops out. A quick rap of his knuckles on the side, and the seat harnesses retract. The lid to the locker pops open, and various hats, cameras, and the bad toupee are lobbed towards their bedraggled owners.
The Kid is relaxed, leaning against the wall, and the very epitome of Cool. He nods to the group as they shuffle out.
"Don't forget, tomorrow our aerial tour covers the local mad scientist lairs. Catch you on the flip side!"

.. not how Science works, love. 1st, you build the machine, then it tells you what it's for.
Do you think I had the 1st idea what a squidhole was when I invented it? Certainly not! I was just messing about! That's when the very best & very Maddest Science gets done. I thought,Why, this alabaster octopus looks like it wants a nice transmission inside it,& fairly soon I had a thing that obviously had a Use, though what that Use could be was a total mystery.
(Sameness Engine) I haven't the 1st notion of what it's for! That's not why I made it-I made it for the sheer joy of making something new! It's getting up to tell me what it wants me to do, though, I can just feel it. It's been giggling a lot at night.
The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland
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 Post subject: Her name's short for Virginia.
PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 2:07 pm 
Heh heh heh.
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Vin pulled up to the wall on her skateboard, frowning at the empty brick space. The Council’d confiscated the merge tab she’d made, so she was limited to physical transportation for the time being. They hadn’t confiscated her satchel, since she’d agreed to perform this sign project, but... ugh!

Rolling her eyes, Vin opened her bag, pulling out spray cans of paint. The City Council had said what to put on the walls they specified— but not how. She had her own spin on a simple directional sign.

The first step was a base coat; a massive blotch of black-and-blue in the background of the drawing. She’d get the brick/paint transition at the end of all this. Dots of iridescent white paint stood in for stars, and edges of two massive planets in yellow and green peeked in on different sides of the grafito. Good.

A wash in two colors of brighter blue formed the shape of her item. Drawing vertical, curved lines, the wash slowly transformed into a rough mockup of an animal— and then into a huge, recognizable whale. Some quick work with highlights and grey-and-white paint gave the whale a massive space helmet.

One more touch to please the Council. Brown paint in one flipper gave the whale a giant wooden sign, with white writing upon it. The text was graffiti-style, with the letters fused into an eye-teasing maze of interlocking arrowed lines. The text wouldn’t matter; it’d change as needed.

It had been hours, and the image was almost done. Vin carefully touched up the brick edges around the drawing, making it look as though the space was found behind the stones of the wall—then, she reached for the can of pure black spray paint.

Vin took her time drawing her symbol: A simple circle, and inside a dot. When it was complete, the drawing shimmered, and briefly flashed a rainbow of all colors.

Then, it came alive. The space whale gave a silent call, stretching and moving its tail and float-swimming off along the wall (the edges of the drawing went with it). The sign in the whale’s flipper changed to ‘Melanchion Building <== / Central Square ==>’, and then to ‘<== City Council and Gourmet Restaurant (try the sausage) / Melanchion Building ==>’.
Vin watched it go, waved goodbye, ran a hand through her short hair. Normally, she'd flip into the wall and skateboard along with it, but for now, she had to report back to the Council. They'd find the new floating sign... interesting.

At least she could try the sausage while she was there.

"My conscience is feeling all prickly."
"A bit of absolute power can remedy that."
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 Post subject: Re: The Xyon City Tourism Restoration Thread
PostPosted: Thu Oct 25, 2012 9:32 pm 
Heh heh heh.
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Jane Narbon checked her appearance in the mirror pasted to one wall of her stand. She wasn’t recognizable as herself, for the time being. Brown, wavy hair fell in place of her usual hairstyles, and a name tag labeled ‘Brenda’ surmounted a crisp tour-guide’s outfit. The sign on her booth (little more than a folding table with a professional-looking wrapping) read, ‘XYON GARDEN TOUR ~ $25’.

Tourists had been lining up slowly, enticed by the color photos of topiary and flowers. As they each paid $25 and stood to the side, Jane did a head count. There’d be enough in 3... 2... 1... good.
With one hand, Jane flipped a ‘NEXT TOUR AT 1:15‘ sign over her booth, and faced the assembled crowd.

“Nice to meet all of you!” she said, marveling at the profusion of sun-hats and comfortable clothing. “I’m Brenda, and on today’s tour we’re going to experience some of Xyon City’s loveliest gardens.”
Jane didn’t mention that she was doing this as community service for villainy. Some things were better left unsaid.

As the group began to follow Jane, she started her spiel. “Xyon City has always had a long history of Mads shaping public spaces. Even though the City may not have the time— or money— to pay attention to one location or another, you can bet some Mad’ll come along and switch things around. This is how the silver tree fountain from Karakorum was transplanted through time, and can be found, still working, in a small, quiet square of this city.”

She guided the group to a tall, wrought-iron fence set in a sunny square. An endless variety of plants were contained by the fence, from hedges to bright flowers to edible crops.
“This is one Mad’s dream; the Xyon City Community Gardens. Jared Byers was a humble horticulturist before he snapped, flattening an agribusiness skyscraper and erecting this garden plot. It was a popular success.”
Pushing open the gate, Jane invited the tourists in. It had indeed been a popular success, among Mads. Now, its popularity had waned, thanks to some space-bending garden technologies.
Everyone was inside, looking at the thick rows of glowing corn on their right, and the giant sunflowers to their left. It was time to liven things up.

“If you go through that archway, you’ll be able to see the central radial courtyard of the gardens,” Jane said, pointing at a stone portal covered with vines. As the tourtakers filed through, JN ducked to one side, behind a gap in two thin hedges.
“For this next bit, I’ll stay behind these hedges for safety,” Jane said, as the vines slowly overgrew and blocked the archway. “We’re going to meet the denizens of the Community Gardens... face-to-face.”

JN had spent months weeding out all the truly dangerous plants from the garden, but there was still enough in there to have some fun with.
“First off is snakeroot!” she said. “Snakeroot is a plant-animal hybrid made by the Mad Jonella White.”
Right on cue, as the tourists walked into the empty plot, dozens of snake-headed root tendrils burst straight up from the soil.
“Ms. White was trying to make a plant which could be used as pest control,” Jane explained. “There’s no need to run-- they’re not poisonous,” she said with a smile. A series of shrieks indicated the plants were making friends. “Snakeroot plants only eat small animals, like mice and rats.”

Some of the tourists were having enough of it, and dashed through the next archway that separated the exhibits. Jane strolled leisurely along after them. “Another of the community garden’s showcase plants are the walking nettles. A mad named Benny Thompson tried to create these ambulatory plants as guard dogs, but they proved far too friendly to be of any use in that field.”
She peeked through a gap in the hedge, noting the nettles’ behavior. “Ooh, looks like they want to play tag! If anyone gets stung, the giant plantain-weed in the corner will give you a sap that’ll ease the pain.”

After watching a few rounds of tag and hearing various yelps and trips to the plantain bush, Jane decided to advance the tour. The yellow vined archway let the tourists through, but held the nettles back.
“The next series of plants are more friendly,” Jane said, smiling gently. The field was planted with stout trees, with thin paths winding their way between them. The tourists were starting to get genre savvy and hesitant. “Don’t be shy,” Jane added. “There’s nothing in there that can hurt you.”

The tourists were about halfway across the plot when the spiders struck. Giant arachnids the size of dogs spun down from the trees, pulling the tourtakers upwards. Jane called, “They’re known as tea-spiders, and the tree they live in is the tea-spider tree.”
Before anyone could start panicking, Jane hastily added, “Just to be clear, tea spiders cannot and will not hurt you. Instead, they merely want to have guests over for a proper tea break. I have no idea how they manage to boil the water, but I imagine all of you could use the refreshment.”

As the sounds of chittering, rustling legs, and clinking crockery filled the grove, Jane took the opportunity to stop and eat her lunch: a meaty-pickle sandwich. The cucumbers also grew here, pre-pickled thanks to a Mad’s culinary efforts, but they were difficult to tend. A horde of tourists could wreck the plants. They weren’t on the tour route, for that reason.

When the tea break was done and the spiders had deposited the tourists safely back on the ground, Jane stood up and led the way forward. “Refreshed? Good! We’ve only got a few more stops.”

The next archway’s vines looked a little stronger than usual, and the plants inside looked strange. Every leaf appeared to be the purple-blue of a photoelectric cell, while the stalks and buds were full of stars. The area around the plants was unnaturally shady.
“Meet the suncannons,” Jane said, gesturing at the plants. “Have you ever tried growing something that loves sun in a shady area? This was a mad named Sara Jakes’s work. She attempted to solve this exact problem... and created something extraordinary.”

Responding to the presence of things in the field, the plants began to uncoil, and get taller. Swelling buds raised and centered.
The first glob of brilliant gold liquid missed one of the tourists and splashed against the ground.
“Suncannons are exactly like their name suggests,” Jane explained. “They store sunshine, converting it into a golden liquid within themselves. Then, they fire it at anything that needs more sun.”
At her words, all the other suncannons began firing.
“Try not to get hit too much,” Jane called, as liquid sunshine flew everywhere. “You can get a pretty bad sunburn if you overdo it!”

It was harder than it looked to dodge the sun, especially as the plants were aiming. The tourists, which had already run from the nettles, now ended up running from the globs of sun aimed at them.
I should advertise this as a health and exercise tour, Jane thought to herself, opening the next archway’s vines early. Many tourists now had deep tans, but fortunately, none of them had complete sunburns.

“I have one more plant to show you,” Jane said, indicating a wide lawn. The ground was full of a blaze of flowers, and Jane’s hedge had come to an end; she was now with the group once more. The tourists were more skittish now, but they still followed her to the center of the field.
“Everyone here?” Jane said. “Good. It’s time to meet…. Arthur.

The ground cracked, split, and whirled inwards like a maelstrom. A massive flower rose from the entire field; the small flowers were growing upon it, it was so huge. Everyone, Jane included, was standing on it.
“We’ll conclude this tour with a view of our fair city!” JN said as the flower rose higher and higher on a gigantic stalk. The edges of the petals curled up, forming makeshift guardrails. “Arthur is a Giant Elevator Magnolia. He’s one of the tallest of his kind. It took a team of Mads ages to re-engineer Arthur, and others like him, for building work.”

The tourists were enthralled. Arthur had risen higher than most of the buildings of Xyon City, and the view was spectacular. “This is his full height. I’ll let you have a look around.”
Jane couldn’t resist partaking of the view herself. Xyon City glimmered like a misshapen jewel, chrome and steel of the downtown clashing with the dark broodingness of the Abandoned Warehouse district. Teams of construction companies hovered like ants around recent (unintentionally) demolished areas, the rubbled ground making way for something new.

In a way, Xyon was itself like an ecosystem, Jane thought. Everything had its place, from the craziest of Mads to the ordinary people who put up with them.
Even tourists were part of it, even if some of her fellows who had gotten this guide job wouldn’t agree.
Jane turned away from the view of the city, calling to the group. “When everyone’s gotten photos and memories, there’s just one way down from Arthur. This may be the reason he hasn’t caught on for buildings.”

A gap appeared in the center of the flower. The leaves of Arthur’s elevating stalk came together to form a long, twisting slide, looping around the whole of the block as it flowed smoothly and steeply downwards. “Come on!” said Jane, jumping gleefully onto the slide. She’d done it enough times that she felt comfortable zooming down headfirst, on her stomach. The tourists were less confident, slowly approaching the chute and sitting down on the edge.

“Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~” Jane said as she plummeted down and around the buildings. The slide was narrowly missed by both a group of bungee-jumpers and a rocket-powered tour bus. Jane looked up at the jumpers. The guide seemed… familiar. Where had she seen him before?

Finally, the slide reached the ground, after twisting and turning in opposite directions to avoid its riders getting dizzy. Jane was waiting for it, grabbed the edge of the final leaf, and flipped to land on her feet. Most of the tourists fell in a heap, instead. The exit gate to the garden was just ahead.
“And that’s all for the tour!” JN said. “Photos of you in the garden will be sent along in a day or two.” She pulled open the gate, and everyone filed out.

It had been a fun tour. For variety, she’d use the second route for the next group. There were many more secrets for everyone to discover in the Community Gardens…
…and Jane, as ‘Brenda’, couldn’t wait to reveal them.

 Post subject: Axels shares a hobby
PostPosted: Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:33 pm 
Established Mad Scientist
Established Mad Scientist

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A group of people wearing hard hats cautiously leaned over the hand rails. Axel smiled cheerfully at them. Relatively new to the city himself, instead of bothering to show people around he’d instead taken them to the tallest building he could find – Xyon Tower.

“Has everyone got on a harness? And all the clips? And the cord? ‘Cause it could be messy otherwise.” He looked at the highrises below. Yep. Splat. There was a chorus of nervous assent.

“Alright, then let’s go! And if there’s time, you can have a go with this!”
The guide-for-the-day pointed a thumb at his back. Mounted on his own harness, a contraption of folded metal spars and cloth had made getting up to this height difficult and was in danger of bruising anyone who got too close whenever he turned around. Nobody thought it looked anything like safe.
He didn’t seem to notice the dubious glances at it and clapped his hands, rubbing them together.

“Who’s going first?”

His grin faded a little at the corners when there was no definite response.

“Ah, fair enough.” He walked over to a middle-aged man who looked like he was severely regretting this decision. “You can just look at the view! It’s a great view. See that satellite dish over there?”

And then Axel pushed him over the rail.

“Try to face away from the building or you won’t see it!” he called helpfully over the yells of terror. Once the bouncing subsided he produced a winch and clamped it to the rail and then the cord itself, hoisting the dangling man back onto solid metal. A distinct stench trailed behind the man as he made a run for the ladder and the facilities that would have been more helpful twenty seconds ago.

Axel beamed at the remaining would-be bungee jumpers. “Who’s next?”

A short while later when things were proceeding nicely, Axel joined in himself. Passing the winch to a surprised teenager, he jumped on to the railing, and leaped off with a dopplering noise of glee. He waved at a tour bus that passed close enough to make his fellow jumpers scream even more than they were already. While vaulting back up via the cord’s elastic power, he unclipped it, moving upwards without it for a few seconds before plummeting again. He started fiddling with the struts on his back, attempting to shove them outwards , and they were not being cooperative. Below him, a strangely organic slide had unfurled from a giant tree. Like his skyscraper, it had a group of harried-looking tourists on top.

He caught sight of the first slider down, and they were strangely familiar... The train of thought was derailed at the station as the metal spars finally extended and immediately caught a thermal rising from the asphalt, jerking him sharply upwards. He sailed the air right back to the skyscraper, laughing, and botched the landing, his shins hitting the rail and tipping him face first into the steel mesh.

“I’m fine!”

When it got too dark to continue, the tourists were torn between making use of the Tower’s casino and bar, or just making it back to terra firma so as to never stop kissing the ground.

In other words, he'll look like he was thrown into a rummage sale at high speed and came out wearing whatever stuck, because to him, "hero" means "costume" and "costume" means "dressup" and "dressup" means "whatever the hell I want".
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