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The list of characters active in The Second Battle can be found below. Please post a profile of your characters here when you're ready.


Professor Zobot: Timothy Prast
Greystone: Anna Kimberly Finate
Baerdog7: William Strange
dyslexicfaser: Ellie Nguyen
Rei_Jin: Brian Johnson
Whiteknight: Jack O'Callahan
Toxic Avenger: Bruce Eccleston
The Snark: Nicola Hunt
SoItBegins: Tyler Harris + The CD Player, Lily Adams (head of The Narbonics)

More to come!

Welcome to the promised LAN.

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Mad Scientist Unbelievable
Mad Scientist Unbelievable
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Name: Timothy Prast

Disciplines: Breaking things, thinking on his feet, acting, knowledge of the past, knowledge of machines of the past

Title: Former Henchman

Alignment: ????


* STR: 21
* DEX: 21
* CON: 20
* INT: 12
* WIS: 12
* CHA: 16

Skills and History: Timothy Prast's most significant ability is one of experience: He's been around since the later years of Charles Darwin and personally served as a henchman for Darwin until shortly before he died. Timothy has lived a very, VERY long time and served as the henchmen for 3 significantly historical Mad Scientists during his lifetime. As such, he is perhaps one of the most knowledgeable people on the face of the planet in regards to the technology and behavior of the long departed Mads and the culture of their bygone age. He has an intimate familiarity with a lot of common ancient Mad technology, and has personally destroyed, or helped build, several of the more well known Clank models throughout history. Due to all this, he's acquired a bit of infamy, and many different groups would love to get their hands on him.

The reason they haven't yet is pretty much the same reason he hasn't died yet: Timothy Prast is a former Mad Experiment, and has a number of abilities that make him very hard to capture.

In Charles Darwin's last days he became obsessed with the advancement and continued evolution of the human species. Seeing the human condition he quickly resolved to take matters into his own hands and design the next step for the species. Young Timothy was used as the 5th test subject in Darwin's attempts to improve upon Man, and became the first and only member of what Darwin on his deathbed dubbed "Homo Superior." Simply put, Timothy Prast is innately stronger, faster, and hardier than most ordinary humans. Although he couldn't catch a falling building, he can punch through thin layers of metal with only a small amount of difficulty, and endure things that ordinary humans would quickly and easily die from. Beyond that Mr. Darwin also saw fit to endow his test subject with senses of smell and hearing comparable to members of the canine species, augmenting his already keen human eyesight.

He's also getting old. His hair started graying 10 years ago, and every morning he wakes up realizing that he's a little stiffer and a little more achy every day. After living longer than any human on the planet, Timothy Prast is realizing that he might only have 20 or 30 years left. If he has ever had any kids, he hasn't told anyone about them. Attempts to create a clone based off of his DNA have failed, and he doesn't seem interested in leaving a legacy behind at all.

These days, Timothy Prast more or less seems content to offer himself off as a Freelance consultant for various government or military groups having trouble with Mad-related technology. There are always anarchists willing to cause chaos using pirated Clanks or partially damaged death rays, and in situations like those, most people have found it pays to have his expertise on your side rather than against it. Woe to anyone who would attempt and capture him while offering his services, though...

As he is one of the more knowledgeable experts on ancient Mads in the world, a number of people have speculated that he may know something about why they died out. If he does possess such knowledge, he's not telling.

We've learned a lot, but this still isn't going to be easy. But I don't think the elder star's confidence in us was misplaced. I know we can do this! We'll set things right! ...somehow.

"There is a fine line between a good King and a Despot. A King is best when His subjects barely realize that He exists. When His work is done and His will is fulfilled, they will say, 'We did it ourselves.'"
-Xin Yun

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Subject: Anna Kimberly Finate
Codename: Chione
Status: Wanted in eight country's, from Russia to China, all with oppressive governments
Recommendation: Capture and Interrogate
Specialties: Martial Arts/Gadget making
ACR:* Agent Lucian Brisby
Physical description:About 5'4, with medium length red hair. Olive eyes, young at around 19, with a peachy complexion. Has been seen to wear a gray body suit with mask or blue science coat tastefully cut to open and reveal a black shirt with dark blue pants.
Backround: Ever since Anna was a young girl, she loved martial arts, her parents payed for classes and Anna advanced quickly. She always saw herself as the hero that saved the day, the one that people looked up to.

Then one day she finally got her chance and was picked up by GPA, Global Peace Agency. She went on missions to try to stop dangerous would-be mad scientists from threatening civilians.

One day, a henchman named Sheila VanGoh, who was a nemesis of Anna's, came and said her boss had been killed and she was being hunted. Though she was a criminal, Anna's heart bled for the injured woman and helped her while she tried to find who was responsible. She discovered that the GPA wasn't really helping the world, just furthering US scientific goals.

Anna was heartbroken, and promised the villainous that she would help actually save the world. Since then she has traveled in disguise country to country, trying to overthrow or help oppressed people, which of course makes her hated by the dictators and petty tyrants of the world.

She has been labeled a Mad Scientist under Regulation GPA 325 and is actively being hunted by the GPA. With her loyal Henchwoman, Chione as she likes to be called, have been lumped in since they began to dabble with the crazy world of mad science to pursue their ends.

Subject is dangerous with homemade Gadgets and martial arts.

More to be continued with further Research.

Quote: "The only way to stop villainy, is from within"
*Agent Compiling Report

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Good

Str-16- Strong and toned from her years of Martial arts training
Dex-16- Naturally fast and lithe
Con-16- Can take as much a beating and dish it out, still benefeits from a young constitution
Int- 14- Smart enough to get A's and B's in school, can show flashes of ingenuity
Wis-9-Rash and fool hardy, lacks common sense and occasionally acts dangerously
Cha-12- Is good looking, but sarcasm and a dislike for public speaking has cut back on this

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William Strange looked out across the City and sipped his scotch. He’d always enjoyed living in the City. He found that New York had a kind of energy to it, a feel that made it unique. It was, and always had been, a city of opportunities. People came to New York to follow their dreams, to make their fortunes, and to put their mark on the world. On a balcony forty stories up, with a cold scotch in one hand and the nighttime lights of the City spread out below, the sight was breathtaking. William took another sip of the scotch. It was good scotch. Of course, William never drank bad scotch.

New York. Gotham City. A city where people came to follow their dreams. That was why William had come to the City in the first place. Lately, though, he’d been having doubts. Sure, he’d done very well for himself; making Chief of Operations in a leading biotechnology company by the time he was thirty-three was certainly a great achievement, but he wasn’t sure how to proceed from there. CEO was the next obvious step, but it was one that would be impossible at Helix Biotechnology as long as the current CEO remained at the company. Bah! Talk about a man with no business at the helm of a corporation. He had no vision for the possible applications of biotechnology and was perfectly content with letting the company’s scientists merely refine their current products. It seemed to William that the man was scared. The current CEO had led the company from its start to where it was today but had been scared off from pursuing new, revolutionary innovations somewhere along the way. Something would have to be done.

Oh well, nothing to be done about it tonight. He was tired; it was time for bed. With a final sip of scotch, William tears his gaze from the City below and heads back inside. Something would have to be done if William were to continue to pursue his dream. Something…something…but what?

Name: William Strange

Discipline: Business, economics, corporate law.

Alignment: Lawful neutral, leaning toward lawful good.

  • STR: 10 (William keeps himself fit, but possesses average strength.)
  • DEX: 12 (William possesses slightly higher than average reflexes and coordination.)
  • CON: 10 (William is about as durable and hardy as an average person.)
  • INT: 18 (William has honed his mind to the level of genius and holds several graduate degrees.)
  • WIS: 14 (William possesses strong instincts and a high level of common sense. He has learned to listen to his gut.)
  • CHA: 16 (William has a strong personality and is considered quite attractive. His ability to convince people to follow his way of thinking has served him well in the business world.)

William Strange stands about 6' 2" and weighs around 175 pounds. He has short black hair, blue eyes, and a strong jawline. His body is well-toned, but not overtly muscular and he maintains a nice tan complexion all year 'round. He wears impeccably tailored Italian suits (as is only fitting for a young COO) and possesses a very firm handshake.

Skills: William Strange holds a BS in Economics with concentrations in Finance and Global Analysis as well as an MBA with dual Finance and Multinational Management majors from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as a degree in Corporate Law from Harvard Law School. Because of his studies in finance and economics, William is a skilled mathematician and statistician. However, most of his mathematical knowledge is focused on business applications, not scientific ones. His law school experience has also trained him to be a strong speaker and debater.


William was born to a Scottish father and an American mother. His father, Robert, was a diplomat for the British government and his mother, Alice, was a high-level corporate manager in a time when most corporations did not hire women for high-level positions. Most of his time growing up was spent in Washington D.C. However, as he got older, William would accompany his parents on their various work-related travels. This travel, both within the country and abroad, opened William’s eyes to a huge and diverse world outside of his D.C. neighborhood. He often credits these early travels as being a huge influence on his career choice: he wanted a job where he could be a player on the international stage.

William had always done very well in school, even from a young age. Even though his parents weren’t always home, they were very supportive and encouraged him to pursue his interests. Despite his high intelligence (or perhaps because of it) William was very introverted throughout elementary and middle school. He had a few good friends, but not much of a social life beyond that. This all changed in high school when he decided to join the theatre club. Acting helped William discover his natural, hidden charisma. He became more confident, made more friends, and became more recognizable as the precursor of the man he is today.

After graduation top of his class, William set off for the Ivy Leagues. Deciding to pursue a career in business, he applied to and was accepted into the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. After finishing his undergraduate degree (a B.S. in Economics with concentrations in Finance and Global Analysis), he stayed at Wharton to finish his MBA. Finally “done” at Wharton, William then went on to Harvard Law School where he studied corporate law in order to round out his education. Finally, after nearly ten years of university, William moved to New York City to join the corporate world.

While William had spent most of his twenties in school, he still tried to gather as much real-world experience as he could. He worked in numerous summer internships and made contacts that made entering the business world full-time a lot easier. This network of contacts that he had cultivated helped give him a head start a few rungs up the corporate ladder. For the next five years, he climbed the ladder; moving from company to company wherever opportunity presented itself. Last year, he became Chief Operations Officer at Helix Biotech, a leading biotechnology firm. While William had never studied biotechnology in school, he appreciates the nearly endless applications that it has. Advances in biotechnology have, in his eyes, the potential to revolutionize agriculture, medicine, energy, and warfare. This is actually where William tends to come into conflict with his CEO, Ralph Eccleston. Where William seems to have a vision for the future of the company, Ralph seems reluctant to make too many radical advances in biotechnology. Frustrated, William knows that either he will have to leave the company, or Ralph will in order for him to become a major player on the international stage.

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Established Mad Scientist

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Name: Ellie Nguyen

Alignment: Neutral Good

* STR: 11
* DEX: 11
* CON: 9
* INT: 14
* WIS: 14
* CHA: 14

Description: An aged American of Chinese descent. Very active for a woman of almost seventy years. She keeps her long white hair tied in a severe-looking bun for formal occasions, but prefers a simple braid or ponytail when out in the field. She is also inordinately fond of straw hats.

History: Ellie Nguyen has spent most of her life crusading for various humanitarian causes. She joined the Peace Corps at 18 and never looked back. Her first post was in Mali, and she came away from it with two things; a deep and abiding love of the Malians who struggled so hard to eke out a living in a dry, dusty, land-locked environment, and an appreciation of just how many horrible ways there were to get sick and die out in the wide, wide world. Africa could be a very dark place, indeed; the Dark Continent did not need the remains of Madboy tech to be unwelcoming to visitors, though there was certainly some of that floating around, as well.

Over the next two decades, she travelled around several times to different 'hotspots' the Peace Corps had bases of operations in, going where she thought she was needed, but she always returned to Mali. It became a sort of 'home away from home' for her.

Later in life, she realized that the best way to make a difference for the people in Mali and elsewhere was in the political arena. She sometimes likens trying to wrest more funds from the UN to be akin to battling a tiger bare-handed.

But thanks to her efforts, two new schools and one new hospital were soon built in her adopted home.

But it was never enough: she could not erase poverty or expose corrupt government officials, she could not destroy disease, nor conquer drought.

One woman, no matter how passionate and determined, could not change the world.

Always in the back of her mind was the niggling thought, that there had to be a better way. Surely there was a way to do more, if she could just find it.

"Yeah.. well... bad things happen to people who kill their families with a hammer." -- Me, Myself & Irene

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Established Mad Scientist
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Brian Johnson

Brian was a security guard who worked the night shift at Berkeley. He never did very well at school, in fact, most people think of him as a retard. But he had a special gift, that is, he was good with machines.

Very good.

At the age of 5, instead of breaking his toys he was taking them apart and putting them back together, to try and work out how to make them better. Unfortunately, he could never explain to others how he knew what to do. Every time he tried, he'd stutter and get confused. Brian, unfortunately, has never been any good with people, or explaining things. So school for him was long, hard, and frustrating.

After Senior High (which he managed to pass thanks to Auto Shop and Football) he went on and did some training as a Security guard. His large size, natural density, and poor people skills would serve him well, as he worked his way up the chain of jobs. Starting at the local mall, he managed to get as far as being in charge of night security for the Berkeley science and engineering campus.

He's the eldest child in a family of 3. Dad works as a Real Estate salesman, and Mum is on the PTA and enjoys watching her soaps. His younger brother is still in junior high and is a pretty average kid, making Brian feel really dumb in comparison. His sister is in Senior High, and she's a cheerleader. Brightest one in the family, and hoping to go to Berkeley to study fine art.

Brian (or BJ, as he was known to the boys on campus) had some troubles with work recently, that culminated in him being fired. There were some unexplainable thefts occurring, and seemingly right under his nose. It started with small things - A ratchet here, perhaps a torsional wrench or ampmeter there. And as the thefts started occuring, he found himself losing his touch with machines. They no longer spoke to him the way they used to. He couldn't take them apart as easily as before, and when he put them back together, things went SPROING!

On top of that, there were periods of time that he had no recall of. Sometimes minutes, sometimes whole hours would just disappear.

He put it down to tiredness, and tried to shrug it off.

But then larger things started going missing. The final straw came when the spectrometer was stolen from the science lab, and the cameras failed to show a single thing happening. One minute it was there, the next it wasn't. And at the same time as this, he found he couldn't understand even how to change a sparkplug.

Brian copped the flak from it from head office, as he's the only one with access to the camera records, and as head of security he was given two options - Quit, or be fired.

He quit and took the severance package, miserable at the loss of his only skill and confused about his apparent blackouts.

That was about a week ago.

Since then, Brians been at home, and trying to work out why he can't get into his garage. Its locked, and none of the keys he has will work on it. He's loathe to damage the door, as his house is only a rental, so he's trying to distract himself by watching TV infomercials as he waits for the key to turn up.

Character abilities

Tough as oak

Having played football, and spent his life tinkering with electrical and mechanical machines, he has developed a resistance to electricity, heat and physical harm to the level that he doesn't have to worry overly about hurting himself when playing with his "toys". The odd minor electrical discharge, hot metal surface, or sharp steel edge is no issue to him. Of course, bullets, knives, lightning, and so on will harm him the same as anyone else. He just seems to have developed a thick skin in relation to the everyday risks of his life.

Split personality

Unknown to Brian, that part of him that has skill with machines has now become a seperate persona that comes to the surface when it wishes, and pushes the real Brian below. It refers to itself as John Bryson, and is responsible for the thefts from the University. It changed the lock on the door of the garage, and has been building and working in there whilst Brian sleeps.

Now, John waits for the right moment to confront Brian and explain whats been happening, and offer him a choice.

Work with him, or perish.

Since the split has occurred, the idiot and the savant part of Brian have become completely seperate, leading to a very unusual situation.

That amazing man and his wonderful machines!

John has an amazing aptitude for anything mechanical or related to machines. The scientists at Berkeley have likened it to be something akin to Machine Empathy. This seems to extend to computers as well, but not into other sciences. John is neutral, simply because he does not care for others and their needs, but also does not wish them harm. His thefts from the university stemmed from a need to further his work, and no-one was harmed in the thefts (asides from the Universities insurer)

Idiot Savant

Brian is like a small child. He stills marvels at rainbows, enjoys TV dinners, and loves cartoons. This leads to his neutral alignment, as he's too simple minded to decide to act for either good or evil.

Strength - 14
Dexterity - 12
Consitution - 14
Johns Intelligence - 22
Brians Intelligence - 6
Wisdom - 12
Charisma 8

Alignment - Neutral

There are hardly any excesses of the most crazed psychopath that cannot easily be duplicated by a normal kindly family man who just comes in to work every day and has a job to do.

-- (Terry Pratchett, Small Gods)

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They were the titans. Giants among men. There were so many nicknames for them so many words written about what they were. Some of them were creators, new Promethei who brought us wonders that our wildest dreams couldn't have conceived. And some of them were like Typhon, birthing monsters and atrocities out of darkest nightmare. Or perhaps that's the wrong way to put it. Perhaps they weren't gods nor monsters, but people - men and women given extraordinary powers by some force beyond our comprehension, just like us, but with a greater capacity to work their will on the world.

But whatever they were, they left an impression. Even though they may be gone, they are with us still - in our memories and in our history books. They propelled us forward in fifty years faster than the past five hundred. And all we can do now is sift through the ashes of their glory days and try to figure out what to do with what they left behind.

But I, for one, hope for something else - I hope that we, not just as a nation but as a planet can figure out what made the Mads what they were. I hope that we bring the spark down to earth, or perhaps that it returns of its own will - that the fire of the gods can be ours again. The Mads were dangerous, yes - but so are we. Look at what we're doing to the environment, to the planet as a whole. Are we really any better as a race than even the worst of the mads were as individuals? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But I think that, if anything can truly change the world once more, can give us what we need to transcend the problems that face us today, then its what drove us forward in the past. We need the Mads - Whether the best of us or the worst, they were undoubtedly the greatest examples of what humanity could become. - Jack O'Callahan, Gods and Monsters: The Legacy of Madness

(You'll note he's a bit of an optimist. This particular writing is a couple of years old; We'll see how long that lasts. You'll also note that I looked at both of the possible avenues to madness, then decided to be a real bastard and put Jack through both. It's not pain and suffering, it's character development!)

Name: Jack O'Callahan

Discipline: Physics/Engineering

Alignment Formerly Neutral Good, may be leaning a little more towards Neutral now (see history)


* STR: 11 (He works out, but he's pretty thin naturally.)
* DEX: 10 (Pretty much an average joe here.)
* CON:12 (He's always been healthy, but never remarkably so.)
* INT: 19 (Man's got two PhD's in sciences, what do you think? )
* WIS: 12 (Has good intuition, but nothing abnormal)
* CHA: 14 (Good-looking in a normal sort of way, pretty personable)

Skills: Graduate-level degrees in the above two fields, an almost
encyclopedic knowledge of various Mads, their methods and their inventions - or at least, such information as is available to him.

History: Jack was always fascinated by the Mads and their works. He'd spend hours in museums just reading the plaques and staring at the marvels they wrought. They were his pantheon, his gods, and he studied them endlessly throughout his childhood. His parents were tolerant of his interests, as it seemed to drive him to work hard at school, almost as if he thought he could become like his idols through sheer effort and force of will. He graduated at the top of his class, and earned a scholarship to MIT, where he majored in Physics and Mechanical Engineering, fields he would later go on to earn doctorates in. After eight years of schooling, he had two PhD's and a rather large number of debts, despite all the grants and scholarships he had clawed his way into during his years. He had enjoyed his time at school, and had made a number of friends in his field, the best of which was his fiance, Gina Verner, a fellow physicist and devotee of the Mads.

The two were married a year after they finished schooling, and spent their honeymoon on a tour of the homes of famous European Mads. The only thing more intense than their devotion to their studies was their devotion to each other. After the honeymoon, both spent some time job-hunting and eventually recieved assistant professorships, Jack at his old Alma Mater, MIT, and Gina at Harvard. several years of domestic bliss went by, with the two settling in to a comfortable domestic routine. The couple remained childless, but neither was bothered overmuch by this. Jack's parent's passed a way in a car crash, but after a semester sabbatical, he recovered admirably - though without the presence of his wife, it's unlikely he would have born up so well. The couple were social, but in large part remained dedicated to their work.

Jack's biggest project was attempting to get funding to visit a particular ruin just outside of New York, the closest and most complete, yet relatively undisturbed ruin yet known. It had been gone over thoroughly by the military, then sealed and abandoned, but Jack believed that there were hidden sub-basements still left unplumbed, and hopefully untouched. At last, he managed to scrape together funding from a few wealthy friends and several endowments left for just such purposes, and set out on his expedition. Naturally, Gina accompanied him, along with a team of research assistants.

On their arrival, progress was slow at first. After almost a month of excavation and careful search, however, Jack's hunch paid off, and they uncovered a previously undisturbed level deep beneath the compound. Jack and his crew entered, awed by what they had found - one of the most completely preserved Mad laboratories discovered in recent history. Jack was able to disarm the security systems, and work began in earnest. Though the Mad who had owned the place had cleaned out most of the technology, Jack found several intact inventions. Things were going marvelously - until one of the research assistants tripped a previously undiscovered security system.

The team spent two weeks trapped in the now-sealed vault, hunted by automated robot hounds and other, less describable things in the inky blackness of the sub-vaults, illuminated only by the fitful glow of the occasionally-functioning lab screens. Most the company perish, but Gina and Jack at last discovered another way out - which, of course, was when the worst blow came.

Gina collapsed just as they were fleeing to the surface with a single prize - a strange orb, approximately palm-sized and of unknown function that Jack managed to smuggle out. As he carried his wife from the mechanical sephulchure, Jack cursed through tears his obsession that had brought them to this.

It was only two days ago that Gina died in a New York hospital. Apparently ovarian cancer, the only child she would ever bear, had finally metastasized into her other organs. He barely had time to say good-bye before she slipped away to where he could not yet follow.

The past few days, Jack has been holed up in a hotel room, barely eating and spending his days in bed with the shutters drawn, trying to avoid thinking at all, trying to avoid the pain. His gears are winding out, and something's likely to snap soon. Just what it will be remains to be seen.

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Placeholder for Bruce Eccleston. I'll have to get the rest of his info once the GitP forums come back up... *le sigh*

Bruce Eccleston

Rather than set-in-stone ability scores, I'll put them up as ranges (minimums are 36 point buy and assuming a level 4 boost to STR, maximum is 48 point buy with a STR boost)

STR: 18-19 (Bruce carries a 6'5", 245 pound frame, and is physically active to the extreme...)
DEX: 13-14 (Despite his size, Bruce is fairly agile, and is an expert grappler)
CON: 14-16 (athletic-muscular build, high pain tolerance)
INT: 13-14 (Far from genius level, but he is still a bit sharper than average)
WIS: 9-10 (Maintaining focus is sometimes...difficult for Bruce :| )
CHA: 14-15 (Fairly handsome, and quite persuasive when he desires)

Alignment: Chaoticish Neutral Goodish, but leaning less and less toward Good, and more and more toward Chaotic...

Areas of Proficiency:

Computer Science (Bachelor's Degree), Business (MBA), Unarmed combat (grappling is his specialty, but he is proficient in the martial arts as well), Various physical and athletic skills (rock climbing, rappelling, skydiving, etc.), small craft piloting, basic firearms (pistols/rifles/shotguns)


Bruce Eccleston was born in 1980, the only child of Ralph and Caroline Eccleston. Ralph is the CEO of Helix Biotechnology, and has been ever since he founded the corporation over three decades ago. Caroline Eccleston died of cancer when Bruce was 16 years old.

Ralph was a devoted father while Bruce was younger, and he took him out on various excursions (camping, hiking, hunting, climbing, canoeing, skydiving, flying planes, skiing, you name it) whenever he could, but nevertheless, he was just as devoted to his work - if not more so - and spent many an evening at the office instead of at home with his family. As such, Bruce grew a much stronger emotional bond with his mother, thus ensuring that he would be totally devastated by her untimely death. To fill the empty void left by his mother's passing, Bruce threw himself into his athletic activities with even more vigor, only spending a minimum amount of time on his studies. Meanwhile, Ralph focused more and more on his work.

Football and wrestling were Bruce's sports of choice, and though he excelled at both, he truly shined in the latter. During the off-season, he focused more on martial arts and outdoor activities. He and his father still would take extreme vacations on occasion, but it was not like it used to be; Ralph's age was beginning to show, especially so in the years after Caroline's death.

Eventually, the day came when Bruce was to go off to Harvard University and choose a field of study. Computer science appealed to him, so that is what he chose. As with his last two years in high school, Bruce continued to focus almost all his energies on extracurricular activities, while barely passing his general courses, and not much better in his computer classes.

Then came the day when he met the woman of his dreams - a fellow student by the name of Elizabeth Hawkins. Bruce and Elizabeth hit it off quite well, and soon found that they shared many interests in common (the love of skydiving, among others), not to mention the fact that they were both computer science students. With the long-empty void rapidly being filled again, Bruce was able to focus enough to finish his studies at Harvard - even spending an extra year or so to get an MBA. By that time, he and Elizabeth were engaged.

For their wedding ceremony, Bruce and Elizabeth had the crazy and dangerous idea of getting married in the sky. They had skydived together many times before, and all the preparations seemed to be in order. After the ceremony was completed at 12,000 feet, it was soon time to open the parachutes... But tragedy struck. Elizabeth's parachute failed to open, and her emergency chute only deployed partway. I shall spare the details, but at the end of the day, Elizabeth was lying in a coma at the nearest hospital.

Over a year has passed now, and Elizabeth Eccleston still lays in a coma. When Bruce is not at his wife's side, he does whatever he can to forget about the painfully familiar void that has returned, oblivious to the fact that he has begun to spiral downward at an increasingly rapid rate...

"Ah, you miserable creatures! You who think that you are so great! You who judge humanity to be so small! You who wish to reform everything! Why don't you reform yourselves? That task would be sufficient enough." - Frédéric Bastiat

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Name: Nicola Hunt

Areas of proficiency: Computer science, and its related disciplines. She also has a grounding in theoretical neurology, as it helps to know how intelligence works before attempting to duplicate it.

Stats: Hmmm... this is tricky. I like Toxic's range systems.
Str 10-12
Dex 10-11
Con 9-11
Int 16-18
Wis 16-18
Cha 14-16

But I'm not really sure. Alignment is, currently, True Neutral. We'll see how long that stays true.

History: Born 1982, to middle-class parents living in Annapolis. Her father was a used bookstore keeper, her mother a jeweler, and both of them worked full-time jobs, leaving Nicola's afternoons to herself. She did all the usual middle school things: the sudden separation of the sexes, cliquiness, the sashaying-back-together of the sexes accompanied by giggling as teenage years approached. She was a good student, when she applied herself, and unlike most children described that way she applied herself fairly often.

The family fortunes took a turn for the better in the 90s, when the dot-com investments they'd made began to skyrocket; the Hunts were lucky enough, or shrewd enough, that their companies weren't among those that burst along with the dot-com bubble. They moved to a better house, and she ended up going to a private high school. Initial feelings of guilt were quickly overcome by the fact that the school was actually pretty cool. With most of her old friends gone, she had a bit of a harder time, but soon fit in solidly among a group of technical and engineering students.

College struck. Nicola was ready for it for it. Their successful investments had gotten Nicola interested in computers and the Internet, and she had set her sights on a technical university in New York.

Admittance. Nicola moved to New York, lived in college, majored in computer sciences, and found she wasn't really sure what to do next. There were always openings for technical support people, but a few side jobs had convinced Nicola that this wasn't what she wanted to do her whole life. She went to grad school as a way to put off the choice.

Amazingly, it worked for her. She attended a robotics convention two years in, became embroiled in a conversation on strong AI with some of the experts there, and had an internship secured the next year. The year after that, she was working for them, trying to develop circuits that could imitate the human synapses and change.

This is where she's worked for the last three years, defining and trying to develop real intelligence. The Mads had done it, with computers and strange beasts, but their work was for the most part inaccessible, owing to being hostile to any life that got near them, too complex to decipher, or both. Nonetheless, a frustrated Nicola has been looking over what few records they do have of Mad supercomputers. The breakthrough she wants has remained frustratingly out of reach—now, with the recent breakup with her boyfriend of two years, she's had a lot more time to throw into it...

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=4sight Interdimensional Profile [local dimension serial#: 492759375]=

Name: Tyler Harris

Disciplines: Stacking boxes, stocking shelves, checking groceries.

Alignment: Pragmatist.

Description: Tyler is an ordinary resident of New York City, working at his local Big Box Mart... or was, until about three weeks ago. That was when he bought an ordinary-looking CD player from a small junk shop a few streets away from his house. When he discovered that his new purchase came with side effects, he went to return the CD player before it could completely take hold of him.

Unfortunately, the shop had vanished, and no one he asked ever remembered any store being at that precise address at all.
Since then, Tyler's been learning to live with his new companion, and he has found occasional benefits...

Welcome to the promised LAN.

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=4sight Interdimensional Profile [local dimension serial#: 492759375]=

Name: (real name unknown, if indeed it has such a thing)

Type: Class IV Extradimensional Oddity (currently manifests as a CD player)

Description: Exactly what this thing is is an unknown. As far as can be surmised, the CD Player is a manifestation or topological extrusion of a higher-dimensional being into four-dimensional space. The Player itself acts as a rather ordinary CD player, with one exception: when in prolonged contact with a potential host, it initiates a process of potential symbiosis. The host only knows that it's hard to put it down. Eventually, the CD player and the host will be tethered together in full symbiosis.

Being bonded to this entity has a surprising number of benefits. The CD Player will protect its host from any serious harm, and can guide and even take control of the host's actions (though the latter two are usually considered a nuisance more than a benefit). Exactly what the CD Player gets out of the deal is unknown, though there are signs it considers the host human as something akin to a pet.

The CD Player's own abilities are mostly geared towards self-protection. It does not need to be carried, and can become unnoticed if such a thing is necessary. It does not interfere with natural hearing, instead acting as a passthrough, letting the sounds of the outside world in if needed. One small downside of this is that if the CD Player misinterprets the situation, the host may find it hard to hear what's going on. However, the CD Player quickly learns general habits of its host, and prolonged contact with the same host may bring out further abilities over time.

It also stores a lot more music than an iPod ever could, but that's just gravy.

Welcome to the promised LAN.

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Brilliant (but still Mad) Scientist
Brilliant (but still Mad) Scientist

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Ok her is mine

Name: Elijah Markey

Age: 28

Str- 10
Dex- 15
Con- 13
Int- 16
Wis- 14
Cha- 13

Alignment: Neutral Good

Specialties: Acoustics (Mostly defensive in nature) He can reproduce frequencies even the ones outsides of human hearing. He can direct these waves to target certain materials and basically shakes them up.

Appearance: Elijah Markey wears a brown fedora, a trench coat (where he keeps most of his tools of the trade) a white tucked-in shirt and blue jeans. He is 6’3 and weights 170 lbs. his skin is slightly tanned. His face looks chiseled with short black hair, brown eyes and a small beard.

background info: Elijah Markey grew up idolizing super heroes on t.v. and in comic books. He would dress the part and play as the hero. this went as far as actually trying to rescue a kid from a bully. Elijah would have been pounded if it was not for the timely arrival of a teacher to keep it from escalating. His parents were more down to earth kind of parents and discouraged his "make-believe" behaviors. Thus he had to suppress his creative and imaginative side while growing up lest he incurred the wrath of of his parents.

His parents made him take music lessons in an attempt to make him more connected with the real world instead of fantasying. Strangely enough the instrument that he finally settled on was the accordion. It was a strange choice but if it kept Elijah busy, the parents would not complain.

Unbeknownst to the parents, Elijah just buried his fanciful tendencies, for now, but still thought about them. In the mean time, while he grew up, Elijah turned his creativeness towards music. He actually had a good knack for it. He learned to play on the piano, harmonica, the flute, the guitar and the drums.

After high school, Elijah wanted to be a private investigator so he joined the police force for training. Elijah thought he would have more freedom then when he was a kid, he was wrong. In a lot of ways the police force rules where more strict then when he was growing up. This compounded his anguish for being confined.

Elijah stayed just long enough to get enough training to be a private investigator but the time spent there placed a heavy toll on his hold of sanity. He managed to set up shop in New york called "Last Chance Detective Agency" Elijah thought he would have more freedom and he was right to a degree. But red tape is hard to get through and is placing even more strain on Elijah. It won't take much more to make Elijah Markey snap.

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Mad Scientist Unbelievable
Mad Scientist Unbelievable
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Some current NPCs of note:

Angelo, Amy, and Julie-Sue are a trio of would-be terrorists that started the whole mess in New York when they attacked a local neighborhood with a stolen Gear Spider model of mecha-tank. (The situation that started the entire game in particular) Of the three of them, Angelo is the whiny, prettyboy de facto leader, Amy seems to be the cynical smart one, and Julie-Sue is the muscle that never seems to have a reason to speak. They seem mostly harmless, but have been known on rare occasion to display moments of surprising competence, such as managing to have an escape route planned for hiding themselves from the entire U.S. military detachment that had been sent to capture them.

Angelo is a somewhat snide emo-boy with a vanity complex and a slightly puffed up ego. While he's willing to do whatever needs to be done for the sake of whatever his current mission is, he seem fairly harmless on his own. Yet his motives and inner thought processes are murky. He may be connected with some sort of Canadian terrorist group, but this has not been directly confirmed by anyone in the cast as true or not. He seems to have a grudge on the U.S. May be in some sort of relationship with one or both of his female compatriots, but that is mostly irrelevant to anything.

Amy is the only member of the three with a college diploma, and is ostensibly the smartest member of the group. She's displayed some proficiency with Mad technology, and it's speculated that she was the one responsible for making the Gear Spider theft feisible to begin with. However, she's not a Mad herself, and slightly envies what they were able to build and accomplish in their day. Of the three, Amy is probably the most normal, and seems to take sympathy on anyone who seems fairly normal as well. Seems to get exasperated with Angelo easily, and it's possible that the only reason she's still working with him is because she is attracted to him for some reason. Also functions as the rarely-listened to common sense of the group. Her biggest flaw is a lousy work ethic which prevents her from getting anything done without a lot of prodding.

Julie-Sue is the perpetually inexpressive muscle. A tough grrl with a silently evident attitude, she beats up what needs beaten up for Angelo and Amy. Definitely tougher than she looks, although she's nothing beyond the normal human range of capacity. Little is known about Julie-Sue, and since she never seems to have any reason to speak it's unlikely that much will ever be revealed about her. Or perhaps not...

We've learned a lot, but this still isn't going to be easy. But I don't think the elder star's confidence in us was misplaced. I know we can do this! We'll set things right! ...somehow.

"There is a fine line between a good King and a Despot. A King is best when His subjects barely realize that He exists. When His work is done and His will is fulfilled, they will say, 'We did it ourselves.'"
-Xin Yun

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New Madsci

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Name: Randall Edmonds
Age: 44 years old
Character Stats:
Strength: 18. A former wrestler, Randall has continued to keep himself in as good a shape as he can.
Dexterity: 11. He was more agile when he was younger, but has slowed down a lot in recent years.
Constitution: 13. During his wrestling years, this was closer to 16, but the 90s lets it’s mark.
Intelligence: 12. Randall isn’t a genius, but he was never a “dumb wrestler”.
Wisdom: 9. While he has studied, he isn’t that hard to fool, and the contracts he signed as a wrestler plague him to this day.
Charisma: 13. Affable and likable, and part of the reason he lasted as long as he did as a wrestler.


Born in the middle of the 60s in southern Ontario, Randall often accompanied his parents (who were part of the hippie movement in the US) on their travels. He isn’t sure, but he thinks he might have been to Woodstock. He doesn’t recall it in any event. In fact, he recalls little of his parents, though they left their mark on his path. He lived a normal childhood, complete with headaches induced by homework, but more than anything, he loved physical stuff. And he did well at much of it, making most of the sport teams he tried out for. And his grades were good enough to keep him on those teams, too.

So when he turned 16, he surprised everyone by dropping out of school. He managed to get his hands on a fake identity, made his way down to the US, and started wrestling for a living. It was hard work, but he was strong enough and healthy enough to attract some attention. But he was worried that he would get caught with those fake papers, so he adopted a persona (as many wrestlers did), and a mask. Thus was the Great White Question Mark born. Yes, it was a silly name, but if nothing else it stuck in people’s minds, and while he was never a superstar, once he made it into the WWF, everyone knew who he was.

His timing couldn’t have been better. His career started just as things were taking off, and he was a big enough star to get a good sized following, especially in his admitted homeland of Canada. But while everyone knew his mask, he never took the mask off, and that hurt him a bit. He was one of the many secondary stars, known and capable, but never quite the hero, and never a big heel either. Still, in 89 he was given a title shot and permission to win it, even if he was only supposed to hold it for a short while.

But as much as he enjoyed that life, something bothered him. He had spent a lot of time working on his body, but had hit a peak. Try as he might, he just didn’t have the time to get past it, so at the top of his game, and with potential left in his career, he left once more, disappearing from the radar entirely (since he stopped using his fake identity as well). The 90s were spent working his body, as well as learning the up and down sides of chemical enhancers, often first hand. Still, while he pushed himself to near super human strength (his peak would have been about 22), he still found there were limits to what a human could do. So, he turned his mind on once more, and studied biology and genetics.

It’s been years since he started, but the time has been well spent. The learning process has caused him no end of headaches, often literal, and it was never easy, but he has learned. Three years ago, he received his Bachelors Degree, and while the headaches got worse, the study got easier. A few months ago his thesis was finished, and he is now waiting on his official Doctorate papers. His paper, titled Overcoming Evolution: A Stronger Human has garnered much attention, some of it less than good, since there were a few mysterious disappearances near his work area a number of years ago. Still, there is no hard evidence, so Randall isn’t much worried about that.

Areas of Expertise:

Randall is a geneticist and a biologist. He understands the limits of organisms, and more importantly, the ways those limits can be raised and how far. While knowing these limits is not useful on their own, knowing the biology of creatures, and having a willingness to expand them does. He has studied some drug methods (and often has access to some of said drugs) but prefers genetic methods, primarily cross species blending.

"Evolution made man smarter for one single reason: to speed up Evolution. And I'm more than happy to help."

Most fun character to make in a long time.

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New Madsci

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Name: Thomas Hemdill
Age: 28, young and full of shiny new ideas.
Character Stats:
Strength: 6 (He's a bit of a wimp to be honest. Comes from hanging out inside all the time reading books.)
Dexterity: 5 (He can trip over a pile of dust on the floor and never give him a sharp edged object unless your prepared to give him first aid five minutes later.)
Constitution: 14 (You wouldn't think it to look at him, but he's never been sick a day in his life. And he's not too sure why people seem to care about what temperature it is.)
Wisdom: 14 (He is an excellent observer and can easily determine what options to take to get the outcome he desires. It's just too bad his mouth is apparently disconnected from the rest of his brain.)
Intelligence: 18 (Give him a book and he'll be finished reading it before you've finished saying what it's about.)
Charisma: 4 (To put it bluntly the only way he can get people to believe he's sane is by keeping his mouth shut.)

Thomas's parents were engineers who worked for a large international company. In order to do their jobs they moved around a lot. This left Thomas very little time to get acquainted with anyone. His parents were not unkind by any means and they always tried to make time to be with him, but the constant moving left Thomas without enough time to learn the local language much less make friends. His parents realized he was lonely and tried to find things to keep him occupied. The obvious answer was to give him books to read. So from a very young Thomas kept himself busy by reading books, unfortunately since they moved so often the amount of books they could bring with them was extremely limited. By the time he was 6 Thomas had gotten through what few fictional books they had so they gave him the engineering manuals they brought along for reference. At first they simply intended to keep Thomas occupied until they could find material more suited for his age, but then they noticed that he was fascinated by the manuals.

Thomas read every engineering reference he could get his hands on. At first he understood very little of what he read. But as time went on he gradually understood more and more of what the books were saying. Eventually his parents started taking him with them to work to watch actual engineers at work. Thomas was thrilled by what he saw and soon began trying to think of ways to improve the machines he had seen. Unfortunately for him none of his suggestions were ever followed because as the engineers told him "leave this to the engineers kid." Thomas could never see the difference between what he knew and what the engineers knew, but he soon came to the conclusion that if he was going to get anywhere he would have to get a degree just to prove he was engineer too. So he went to college. And there Thomas saw something that changed his life. One of the professors had a collection of old machines made by mad scientists. They were all broken and he would always challenge the new students to give repairing them a shot. No one ever managed to, and Thomas was no exception. Still the attempt left him with the goal to keep trying till he could. Thomas had always firmly believed that if a machine could be built by a genius then a competent team of engineers could take it apart and reverse engineer it. The machines made by mad scientists were almost like a personal affront to his core beliefs.

So Thomas made it his goal to eventually discover the principals behind the mad machines and maybe even the madness itself. The fact that there were no more mad scientists in the world didn't phase him. There were plenty of devices left for him study and he would eventually figure them out even if it took the rest of his life. He studied every scrap of data he could about known mad scientist devices, and after graduation landed a job as an engineer at a company trying to reverse engineer mad tech. Although the position was only a junior one and the company didn't have any really interesting machines to reverse engineer, Thomas saw the job as being the first step in the path to eventually discovering all the secrets that had been left behind when the mad scientists died out.

Areas of Expertise: Thomas has studied almost his whole life to be an engineer. As such he can disassemble, repair, and reassemble any normal machine he comes across. He might not understand exactly what it does, but he can understand the principals that the machine is based on and work it out from there. The fact that mad machines don't seem to follow basic principals is what makes them so frustrating for him.

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New Madsci

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Thanks for the invite. I'm smuchmuch from the GitP forums.

Name: Molly 022
Age: 1
Favorite quote: Squeek

Moly is a lab mouse. A norma lab mousse. She doesn't try to take over the wold every night with an hilarious cockney accented sidekick, she is not part of a conspiracy of Pan-dimensional aliens that experiment on people by eating wrong bits of cheese, she doesn't want to become a cook in a famous french restaurant and she hasn't been injected with a super genius serum as part of a experiment destined to cure mental retardation. Yet.
(okay the first three references were easy . You get a cookie if you find the last one.)
But this particular small mammal (of the Mus musculus variety) has one little thing: it will be exactly at the wrong place at the wrong moment for everything to go wonderfully wrong.


Force : 1/2 (well it's a mouse. she bites surprisingly hard, though)
Dexterity : 6 (those little buggers are suprisingly fast, you know ?)
Constitution : 2 (With to all the crap that has been injected to her, Molly had to be pretty resistant to survive that long.)
Intelligence: 4 (Molly breed has been cross to be smartest the rodentia genre can offer. She won't win a nobel prize (Yet.) , that's for sure, but she's a devil with labyrinths.)
Wisdom: 8 (Good sense of orientation and better senses of smell and hearing thana human, crappy vision, though)
Charisma: 6 (She's a small white fury animal with big eyes. She naturally oozes nauseating cutness.)

Area of expertise::
-Running through mazes
-Gnawing stuff

It's more a roleplaying concept than a true character, I'll admit.
The idea is simply to play a character whose personnality and characteristics will complely change thourough the game depending of what the other players do to it.
So please do feel free to experiment on her, mutate her, cybernetize her, bainswash her, decerebrate her, clone her, maim her, kill her and bring her back to life !
As long as it's for science .

An other way to play the character could be "the blind mouth of fate", making her the mousse wich is alway in the wrong/good place at the wrong/good time.
-"We should be fine as long as nothing the experiment !"
-"squeek ?"
sound of roddent running and falling glasswork
-"Oh crap"
"ah ah now my doom laser is complete, I shall take over the world !"
sound of laser charging up
"Feel my wrath !"
Sound of laser powering down
"Uh, wha ... hey why are these cable cu.. chewed up ?!"

Anyway it should be very fun to play.

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Mysterious Stranger
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"For the children, you know, herr, herr"

"Herr, the kids, you know, little buggers love fire. I remember, herr, back when I was just a wee johnson, about this high, herr, herr, whenever aunt Maisie came over I used to tie ribbons to her cat's tail 'n put 'em on fire. Oh, how the little furry creature used to run and crawl and miaow and hiss, herr, herr. Kids love kittens, right? Just the other day, that little bugger was in here, Andrew, Andy me and his little friends call him, and I showed him this game I used to play as a kid. I took one of the pigeons I catch from the rooftop of the school, I catch 'em by sticking wet tar on there, and the flying vermin just flap and flap, herr, herr. Well, one of these pigeons I took, now these things are feetless, cause I has to cut 'em off the tar, so little Andy was all amazed at that strange and magnificent sight, but you should have seen his little face light up when I told him that was not the surprise. I took some of them firecrackers the school makes me confiscate from the kids, and I shoved them up the lovely little thing's bum. What a bang that was! Ho, ho! And how that little boy squealed in joy, and ran off to tell his little friends all about uncle Reiniger. Herr, herr, I like to think of myself more as their friend and person to confide in than the janitor, herr. These kids love me"

Okay, so Edwin Reiniger is not the kind of guy you'd want working at your kid's school, but that doesn't mean he's a bad guy. I mean, he really truly likes those kids and wants nothing more but to entertain them, but he doesn't quite understand "the little buggers". This doesn't mean he's quite mad yet. He's extremely socially disfunctional, sure, but he'd never kill anyone. Not anyone.

Name: Edwin Reiniger
Age: 34, too old to be hanging around with kids the way he is, but too young to have all the ailments he has. Those mouldy boilerrooms just aren't good places to live in.
Character Stats:
Strength: 16 (Enough to maintain a school on his own, but affected by his poor health. Expect frequent breathing breaks in between lugging around vending machines)
Dexterity: 18 (Here's a man who picks locks on forgotten basements every day and fixes broken plummage with bits of string. He can do just about anything with his hands)
Constitution: 9 (Poor, very poor. Every bone in his body aches, he's got fungus in between his toes and there's something alive under his armpits. The one thing we can be sure he doesn't have though are sexually transmitted diseases)
Wisdom: 9 (He never went to school and was raised by his mother in their mansion, secluded from the rest of the world. He hasn't even figured out kids abhor him)
Intelligence: 16 (Surprisingly high for a janitor, but his poor choice of career was more due to a liking of children and lack of a degree than anything else)
Charisma: 8 (A brief conversation is enough to send people running, though perhaps only to go get their pitchforks and torches)
The first thing Edwin Reiniger was told as a kid was that "Daddy was a bad man". This was repeated at infinitum until Edwin sort of believed it in the same way people used to belive the earth was flat: as a given truth rather than anything logical. Daddy, so momma told him, was an awful man who hurt children. How could anyone hurt something so precious as a child, she had asked Edwin. Edwin, at the time, hadn't realised he himself was a child, but his mother sure had. After having seen what dad did to those kids in his toolshed, using them like labrats for his inventions, momma had run away with Edwin, and they'd settled in a mansion her parents bought for her. Luckily the Markham family was rich enough to afford a huge mansion with an elaborate security system, because daddy wouldn't quite give up on Edwin. Mr. Reiniger frequently turned up at the gates, begging to see his son, but the dogs and the turret guns always managed to scare him off. Mr. Reiniger tried many methods, from coming by miniature airship to breaking in through the sewers, but the security system was just too elaborate to circumvent.

However, that did leave Mrs. Markham with one problem: Edwin couldn't leave the house or his father would snatch him away. Well, this was more Edwin's problem than Mrs. Markham's problem, really, because she loved having the kid at home. She spoilt him and let him do anything he liked, to make up for his lack of toys and friends. Edwin didn't get to go to school. Edwin didn't get to play outside. He became a horrid little kid, resorting to the most awful things as his primary source of entertainement. He picked on the dogs, vandalised the house, set rats loose on visitors and put mothballs in the stew, but momma indulged it all, and laughed at his every little prank. Then one day, when daddy was no more but a distant memory, Edwin looked out of the window, and spotted some children playing. He'd never seen such creatures at their isolated mansion. These were the children momma spoke of, those lovely little things. They were almost like fairytale creatures to Edwin, and he knew immediately what he wanted: he wanted to play with them. He wanted to make friends. He wanted to be like them. Of course, by then it was too late for Edwin. He was twenty-three years of age and absolutely hideous. He'd never felt the need for a mirror and momma kept telling him he was the fairest lad she'd ever seen. He asked to go out, but she advised against it, knowing that they wouldn't understand. She forbade him, not wanting him to leave the house, to go away from her. Edwin accepted this, but inside resentment grew. They were just outside, and all that was in between him and that careless happiness those creatures enjoyed was momma. In Edwin's little world, when something didn't move when you shoved, you just shoved harder. Edwin's next prank was perhaps the only his mother didn't laugh at. As she entered her room late at night an almost inaudible click startled her, and moments later the floor shifted. Mrs. Markham was impaled on a series of spikes and subsequently buried in her own floorboards, that slotted back in their original position as she gave her final groan.

Edwin later learned murder was wrong and hesitantly accepted this fact. Of course, by then everything that had occured before his return to society seemed like a vague dream. He never lost any sleep over momma. What worried himmore was that these kids kept running away from him. If only they could get to know me he thought as soon as someone informed him he was too old to play with them. Edwin applied for a teaching position, but was turned down on the grounds of being completely unknowledgeable on just about every subject. When he applied for the next best thing, a janitor's position, it turned out this was not true. All those years Edwin had been the one keeping the house in working order, and he'd learnt a lot. All that tinkering he did as a hobby helped too. The little clockwork creatures and the rather larger traps he built were good practice for all the mechanics a janitor would need.

Edwin got the job after on the first try not only fixing the principal's fan but also improving it. Ever since then he's been trying to make friends with the kids, something which he believes is working quite well. He's also started dabbling in courses by post-order. These courses are supposed to make his real dream come true: he wants to make toys. He wants to have a little toystore with homemade toys which all the children will happily visit. Of course, what Edwin doesn't know yet is that his idea of toys may just be slightly unethical and just plain scary for the average kid...
Areas of Expertise: Reiniger likes to tinker. The things he can do with the contents of a cleaning closet are amazing. His knowledge on boilers is just frightening.
Then there's the stuff he's learned from the courses, which are technically for making toys, but Reiniger has odd ideas about what a good toy should do. Very few people would agree that flamethrowers are a good idea in toys for kids under five. None of the courses seemed to focus on raw theory, which makes Reiniger sort of a savant. He has no idea how things work, he only knows how to make them work.

From my heart and from my hand
Why don't people understand
My intentions

Not what teacher said to do
Makin' dreams come true
Living tissue, warm flesh

Oooh, weird science!!

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