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 Post subject: David's Dream (A Writing Telephone Game! See details within)
PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 10:27 pm 
Mad Scientist Unbelievable
Mad Scientist Unbelievable
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(Ok, a note before the game begins: This is a writing workshop technique called "Story Telephone". The idea is that one person starts writing a story and then another writer comes along and adds onto it, and then another author comes and adds more to it, and then so on and so forth, until a full story is written. It's an exercise I did back in college a few times, albeit on a larger scale because there isn't a time constraint here.

The idea here is that, at some nonspecific time, David goes to sleep and has a crazy dream. That's pretty much all there is to it! I'm going to provide the starting sequence and then wait for someone else to add onto it. Feel free to take this in any direction you want, no matter what it is! Write David out, introduce a new main character, turn the sky into butterscotch, make it rain fire... etc; The only rules in this exercise is that the story needs to have a clear beginning and a clear end, and also that there is no "dibs" for story positions. It's first come first served!

And also note one final thing: Anything written here has no reflection on continuity or canon, even if it stops being a dream. Any interpretation of people's characters depicted here is purely for the sake of fun and not meant to be mean in any context. And now, I give you...)

David's Dream: A Wonderland Story?

He fell asleep the second his head hit the pillow.

And fell

and fell

and fell

and fell

He opened his eyes, not a single hint of panic crossing his mind. David had fallen out of the sky enough times that he considered himself quite the expert on it. He looked around. He couldn't see the ground, nor could he see anything around him. He seemed to be falling through a blackened environment, with no way of perceiving distance and no way of seeing where he had been or where he was going. All he could feel was the wind blowing his muddy hair up away from his head. "Huh." He raised an eyebrow, folding his arms at his front. "I don't know when I fell into a bottomless pit, but-" He paused, looking down at his arms in confusion. "Wait- TWO?" It was at that point that he hit the ground he hadn't been aware existed with an earth-shattering crash.

"Well it's about time." A tense voice said, just over the loud ringing in his ears.

A hand rose out of the crater David was currently embedded in, pointing up at the sky. "You be quiet, Mr. or Ms. Disembodied Voice. People don't get to be upset with me until I have an idea about what the heck is going on." He reached up with both arms, pulling himself out of the crater slowly, letting the ringing in his ears die down and his vision clear. As his head started to recover, he looked around. He had found himself in a small woodland clearing covered in green grass, same for the indentation he'd made upon impact. Trees were all around him, green leaves rustling in a light breeze. To his right a few red flowers were blossoming. Sitting in front of his crater was a small calico cat swaddled in an oversized green labcoat, with a set of spectacles perched on it's nose, sitting on it's haunches while looking at him, tail thrashing back and forth quickly. "Ok... Mister Cat, where are we?"

The cat shook it's head. "No no no. My name isn't Mister Cat. I am the Sarcastikitten! Please show me proper respect!" It snarled, pushing itself up to a standing position.

David tilted his head. "Ok, Sarcastikitten. Where are we?"

"The Land of Nod, of course! We've been waiting for you for a long time." The Sarcastikitten sniffed. "On behalf of Nod, I welcome you."

"Uh..." David stood up, stepping out of the crater. "So... why am I here?"

"To defeat the Nightmare Lord, of course!" The Sarcastikitten lifted a front paw and licked at it. "We needed a hero and that's you." It turned and begin to saunter off. "Farewell!"

David looked up. "H-hey! Wait! I'm still not sure what's going on! Where do I even find this Nightmare Lord, anyway?"

The Sarcastikitten looked back. "Follow the Conductive Yellow Road, of course." It said, as if it was an afterthought, scampering off into the brush.

David looked around, confused. Suddenly, he found that he DID see a yellow road made of some sort of unidentifiable metal stretching out before him, leaving the forest and stretching into a bright, lush plainsland and towards looming purple mountains in the distance. " did I not notice that before? I guess my head was just a bit fuzzy from the fall..." He shrugged, and began walking.

The story of ten thousand words begins with a single letter...

We've learned a lot, but this still isn't going to be easy. But I don't think the elder star's confidence in us was misplaced. I know we can do this! We'll set things right! ...somehow.

"There is a fine line between a good King and a Despot. A King is best when His subjects barely realize that He exists. When His work is done and His will is fulfilled, they will say, 'We did it ourselves.'"
-Xin Yun

 Post subject: Re: David's Dream (A Writing Telephone Game! See details wit
PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 5:59 pm 
Mad Scientist Unbelievable
Mad Scientist Unbelievable
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Shrugging, David approaches the yellow conductive road. As his left foot descended the road ...rippled, scooting back a few inches.
"Huh." Another step. The road wiggles back again.
That won't do at all! How else is he supposed to find this Nightmare Lord and free the Land of Nod if the road keeps scooting away from him?
David strolls away, whistling nonchalantly. "la de do do da...that's right, don't mind me....just innocently walking along, that's me." Suddenly he turns, and in one swift movement wraps both his arms around a medium sized boulder, heaving it up and tossing it right at the road!
That should pin it down!
The boulder sails through the air, straight for the recalcitrant road. Which suddenly resembles a snake in how it rises up, then wraps itself around the boulder. The boulder's momentum pulls it back humorously like a cartoon slingshot, then is launched right back at David. David is soon flattened against the front of the boulder, and zooming through the air.
There's now a matching crater next to the one he landed in.
Groaning, David pulls himself painfully out of the hole. "Great. Now what? I have to follow the road, Sarcastikitten said so!"
The boulder opens an eye, and somehow despite the lack of any other features, looks disgruntled. "Follow. Not walk on, follow. The instructions were simple enough! Now get after that road and save us allready!"
The road makes a 'pbbbtt!' at David, then settles back down docilely.
David sighes, then walks up to the road again. It moves back. Like a hall rug that has someone on the other end, tugging it. Then it starts zipping away in earnest, forcing David to run for all he's worth just to keep it in sight.
The boulder's voice echo's after him. "Shouldn't have thrown a rock at it! Now move it, ya whippersnapper!"

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